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C-C Roleplay Recap: May

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C-C Roleplay Recap: May

Postby Lord_Of_The_LEGO » Wed Jun 02, 2004 10:31 pm

Reno and Aros rescue Luxus and capture the kidnapper. They learn Lord Void is after their Pendants.

Lord Void discovers he needs the Pendants to turn his lizard into a dragon. He sends Majisto off to find the Pendants, but Majisto does not return. Lord Void teleports to where Reno is located and stabs Reno in the shoulder. Lord Void takes Reno’s Pendant and summons some Deathers. While Luxus defends Reno, Lord Void attacks Aros, steals the other Pendant and disappears.

Bjarn reaches Olgendale and discovers Dale and Shainya.

Sir Terrance enters the story. His ship is attacked by a sea monster and he kills it, but not before falling overboard and being separated from his companions.

Judas Nightblake and Trevelayn duel. Judas is killed by General Vos.

Lord Barbod continues to seek the misfits.

Logan reenters the story, imprisoned in a jail.

Sir Wacker enters the story.

Sheath enters the story. He arrives in the Dark Forest lands seeking revenge. He kills a guard and Hynium before fleeing north. He hijacks a ship and is soon captured by men of the Dark Forest. He saved from execution by Radjar Kath and allies with him. Radjar sends Sheath on a mission to defeat the Wolfpack.

Fraun, Dorodot and their 200 men meet up with Capt. Radjar. Capt. Radjar discovers Valus in the ruined city of Loughton and learns that Grimtongue had attacked before Valus dies. Fraun, Redjar and Trevelayn capture Willem Blackcloak, Graygon and Isaac. They all talk and decide to join together as a team against Defoe. Fraun leads an army with Isaac but is surrounded and shot. Fraun, Trevelayn, Dorodot, and Isaac battle Matsuiji and Baron DeCanis. Isaac and DeCanis are killed. Fraun, Dorodot and Trevelayn continue on to the village of Dernhal, where they battle a group of undead skeletons. They then are attacked by two Vampires who kill most of their troop.

Daner Pluto, in a trance, realises he must reunite the misfits. He teleports to where Ramorsa and Jones Arley are dueling, breaks up the fight and inquires about the misfits. Suddenly three Deathers attack and Daner fends them off. Daner and Remorsa and Jones teleport to the Plains of Magic, where Daner explains their prediciment. They then teleport to the battlefield where they discover Capt. Radjar and the dead Valus.
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