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PostPosted: Thu Jul 29, 2004 4:14 pm
by Daimyo
G-12 Loc: City of Firemaw

THE cloaked man sat hunched next to the potter's stall, his chipped scimitar shoved into the ground. His head was draped in a red cloth that hid his face, and black-green eyes stared out hauntingly from under it. A suit of obsidian armor, forged in the style of Ninjara was on his chest, and a black cape was pinned on his neck. His name was Akira Kiyamoto, but that name had been long forgotten. Now his name was the Daimyo. Simply the Daimyo.

RADJAR Kath sat at the main tbale. It had been a week since the victory at Daggerfall, and though he planned to make a trip to Orion for the Emperor's acceptance, he was nagged on by the fact that Bjarn the Forester was now the ruler of the Forestmen. Though he had never met the old warrior, he immensely respected him, though his father and Bjarn were bitter enemies. Gereld walked in. In the battle, his eye had been put out, and he wore an eyepatch. He'd been promoted to Commander-in-chief, and his armor was bedecked with medals from the war.
"Sir, news from our northern outposts. A week ago sir, while we were at sea, a band of rogues opened the northern passage and traveled through us. Among them was Willem Blackcloak and his aide Graygon, and a beautiful woman assumed to be a princess of the Wolfpack."
"Hmm? What are you suggesting, Gereld?"
"That you find a queen, milord!"
Radjar shuddered at the thought. He had little skill in wooing women, yet he felt intrigued.
"First things first. We head to Forester lands, to show honor to the leader of the Forestmen."

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by Lord_Of_The_LEGO
Grid: M-8
Location: living quarters

Shainya and Rosa were hungry, but they did not go down to the dining hall until after everyone else had left, and even then it was only Rosa who went down to fetch her companion a bowl of cold soup. When Rosa returned she found Shainya quietly crying on to her pillow. Rosa set the tray down on a bedside table and sat next to Shainya.

"I-I can't stop remembering....the lo-look of his f-f-face..." she snuffled into her pillow.

Rosa paused, and then asked quietly, "Why do you still grieve for Dale?"

"I-I don't kn-know..." stuttered Shainya

She paused, and then said, "He..he saved my life...Dale did. That's a debt I can never repay..."

Rosa did not say anything. After a moment Shainya asked, "Have you...I mean...ever loved someone?"

Rosa's face stiffened. "No. Too many beasts have attacked me, and all males have lost my respect."

"What about Rodurik?" Shainya's question was barely a whisper.

"He's...different..." replied Rosa.

"And what about Bjarn, and Willem, and Graygon and..."

"What about Reno?!" snapped Rosa, annoyed.

Shainya's face paled. She turned away from Rosa, and said nothing.

PostPosted: Thu Jul 29, 2004 5:27 pm
by Formendacil
Grid: F-11
Location: Dragon Master/Royal Knight border, at the Bombardier

Captain Broadside was getting more and more worried.

Supposing the Sorceror-king never returned? What would he do then? Would he and his men be taken for slaves by the Dragon Masters, just like those poor Crusaders that had been taken away? Suppose they learned he was a Crusader? Would he even survive? Would he want to?

What if he was able to leave? Where would he go without a ship? How could he buy a new one?

Worse, what about when the Sorceror-king DID return? What terrible location would he want to travel to now? Would he ever be free of the evil king? Would he have to spend the rest of his life serving as his ferry captain?

What if a sailor deserted? Would he be punished for it?

Deciding that he had had enough of being sober, Captain Broadside called for his cabin boy.

"Boy," he said, "fetch me a tankard of that Black Knight wine." The cabin boy looked quite startled. Captain Broadside had jealously hoarded his fine Black Knight wine, and hadn't opened any yet, for fear of it going bad. He must be in a particularly depressed mood. The cabin boy sped off.

While he waited for his wine, Jacques Broadside went on deck. A column of dust was rising to the northeast. At its head road the Sorceror-king. Captain Broadside gulped: now he needed his wine more than ever.

PostPosted: Thu Jul 29, 2004 5:53 pm
by Barbapple
Barbod smiled grimly and without humor. "No, my friend, when I became King, my father was dead, my army was gone, my lands seized, and my people slaughtered. Consider yourself lucky."

Grid: M8
Location: Dinning Hall

Bjarn patted his freind on the shoulder,smiling.
"your a good freind, Barbod." Bjarn said, with a chuckle.
Shortly after, a forestmen bekoned Bjarn into a warroom of sorts, in which Barbod was not aloud.
He searched for the Lone Falcon, but he also was not in plane sight. So he bekoned to a Forestmen.
"Those two girls that were here with Bjarn. Sosa and Rosana, what rooms are they in?" Barbod asked politely.
"You mean Rosa and Shainya?" The forestman replied after a short pause.
"Yes! Them. What rooms do they reside in now?" Barbod asked.
"Up these stairs, down the hall, too the 9th door on your left." The forestman said with a smile
"Thankyou" Barbod said, following the man's direction.
I may as well try and make peace with them, Barbod thought, Besides, any freind of Bjarn's is a freind of mine.
He stayed on that thought untill he arrived at the room. It wasn't unill he cracked open the door that he realized how bad of an idea it really was.

PostPosted: Thu Jul 29, 2004 9:48 pm
by Lord_Of_The_LEGO
Barbapple wrote:Bjarn patted his freind on the shoulder,smiling.
"your a good freind, Barbod." Bjarn said, with a chuckle.
Shortly after, a Forestmen bekoned Bjarn into a warroom of sorts, in which Barbod was not allowed.

Grid: M8
Location: Conference Room

Bjarn would have liked to had Barbod at his side to support and advise him, but rules were rules. Gonderin shut the door and beckoned Bjarn with a nod of his head. Bjarn approached the table around several men and a woman sat waited silently.

"Kellenwyn, have you determined approimatly were this incident occered?" Bjarn asked a tall, blonde, pale-looking man as he sat.

Kellenwyn pointed to a location on a map spread out infront of him, saying "Yes, my lord, according to the surviving scouts, they were on the very edge of where the Delvarden Gard swamps ends and the Warblewood Forest begins. It's unpopulated and there all almost no paths."

Bjarn assimilated this information and then turned to the female.

"What is you opinion on this stranger who can dissapear in flashes of light, Bella?"

Bella Turnleaf was a druid, and was well versed in all types of earth magic. She also knew a great deal about other types of magic, from faerie to black.

Bella shrugged in reply to Bjarn's question, "Any person who has any inkling on how magic works can create flashed of light. This stranger could be a High Wizard of the Dragon Masters, or a necromancer from the Fright Knights, or even a lowly mage from Knight's Kingdom II. He could even be from the other, less magically-endowed factions, like the Royals or Black Falcons."

"Then we must treat this stranger as someone with large amounts of magical power until we know otherwise." stated Bjarn firmly, "Alert all Foresters of this stranger and order them NOT to fire upon or threaten him. If this stranger is willing, I would like to know his intentions before we attack him."

The other people in the room nodded and murmered "Yes, my Lord..." as they filed out the door. When they had all left, Gonderin smiled one of his rare smiles and said "You are a natural leader, my Lord."

PostPosted: Fri Jul 30, 2004 1:25 am
by Daimyo
Grid: M-7 Loc: Delvardan Gard Outskirts.

ASTRIDE his horse, Radjar was dressed in his finest, the samurai armor on his chest, and a plumed helmet on his head. Delvardan Gard as a city of towers made from majestic toweroaks, thick, huge trees that were tunneled out over hundreds of years by the ancient and presumed extinct Elves. The entire city was a testament to the elegance and beauty of nature, and Radjar was suddenly reminde dhow, though the same, the cultures of his land and Bjarn's were so different. Trevelayn looked despairingly at his chipped, rusted saber.
"Bloody Meph," he moaned, "I sure hope that this tree-place has got a weapon shop."
The Dark Forest convoy strode through the gates. The swamp was emerald green, and the setting sun cast an orange glow over the lush waters. The men filed intot he boats, elegant, white flatboats. Soon, the ship-like facade of Drullen Bell Keep appeared, surrounded by towering trees. The ancient fortress was overgrown with lushness, ramifications of greenery rather than stone.
The men docked and jumped out onto a beautiful stairway carved out of solid rock. The gates were heavy, adorned with stolen Crusader gold, and showing nary any sign of wear.
"This is it," Radjar said. "Ancient monument of Sarra Elkhorn, warrior queen of the Foresters."
The gates threw open to reveal a magnificent hall. Pikemen awaiting the arrival of Radjar lined the lincoln green carpet, giving him the sign of the Elk. Radjar went in, into the throne room. The throne was absent, yet emissaries from allied kingdoms lined the halls, talking amongst eachother. A heavyset Forester, jeweled pendant on his neck and a glistening suit of scale mail adorning his breast, stepped forward. He wore the traditional cap of the Forestmen.
"King Radjar Kath, of Hemlock Shire?"
"Yes, sir?" Radjar replied.
"Jythemite Gladwheel, the Tree-Guard's steward. You have come to see the leader, have you not?"
Gladwheel's face was straight and stern-looking. Curly black locks fell below his shoulders, and he had a striaght black beard. He stood with his chest out.
"Yes, where might I find him?"
"Your Highness, he has just left Council with the League. You may find him in the Council hall, speaking with the Ranger steward, Gonderin."
Gonderin. Rajdar had heard the name dropped by Fraun several times. Fraun himself had gone with Voolmark and Dordrot to Cesphas in the North, to settle there.
"Thank you, Steward of the Guard. Will you lead me there?"
"It would be an honor, King Kath."

In the Council chamber, Gonderin and Bjarn stood speaking of political matters. Radjar walked in unannounced.
"Congratulations, Bjarn!" yelled Radjar.
Bjarn turned around.
"So this is Radjar Kath. A fine ruler you've made, lad."
Radjar beamed embarassedly.
"Well, you compliment me, but you yourself, sire..."
"Radjar, I appreciate your support. I trust you will make a good stay here?"
"Erm, well, I do hope so..." Radjar said awkwardly.
"Come this way. Your quarters will be next to Rosa and Shainya's... Fit for a king!"
As they walked down the hallway, Barbod the Bull was just walking out of the room.
"Everything all right, Barbod?"
"Of course Bjarn. I told you I would make things right."
Radjar passed the room, two women were inside. One's eyes were tear-streaked, the other was sitting on one of the beds.
"Er, what seems to be the problem, milady?" Radjar asked.
"Oh, nothing, nothing at all," sobbed the bright-haired woman. "Who might you be?"
"Ummm..." Radjar paused.
The dark haired woman rose up. She looked irritated at his presence.
"Are you at a loss for words, sire, or are you simply named Um?" she quipped in a heavy Crusader accent.
"Radjar Kath, miladies. Radjar Kath."
Bjarn chuckled. "Be wise now, ladies, this fellow can swipe 'eads of a Werewolf and run a kingdom at the same time. Radjar smiled weakly.
"Alright Radjar, enjoy your stay. Breakfast first thing... We'll have a full course in your honor. Pleasure for you to be here."

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by The Green Knight
Grid J-10
Location... The capitol of Classic LEGOland.

"I can see you."

"What!" Said the man. "That's impossible. You're blind."

"I know." Said Thenais. "I mean, I'm blind to everything else but for some reason not to you."

"But that's impossible." The man said again. "Surely you jest."

"I assure you that I don't. I can see your sword and buckler, remember."

"That's true... Then you must come with me."

"What! No, I can't just leave."

"Listen, you want to know why you can see me right?"


"Well I can't answer that but I might know someone who can. Now, grab your money and lets go before they close the gates."

The man grabbed Thenais' arm and pulled him down the street. It all happened too fast for Thenais. He hadn't even gotten over seeing things and now he was stumbling down the street leading to the city gate. Just before they got there Thenais called a halt.

"Wait, how do I know can I trust you? I don't even know your name."

"Well, why shouldn't you trust me?"

"You said you were a tinker."

"Oh... Well I guess you're right there. I can't think of a reason in the word that you should trust me. But you better make up your mind quickly because those gates will close any minute." The man waited a minute while Thenais thought, and then... "Well, what's it gonna be?"

"All right lets go." Thenais said.

"Great!" Said the man. "And by the way, my name's Iirick."

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by The Green Knight
Grid H-10
Location… Somewhere in the Neverwood the forest.

"All right" said Marus "cut me lose."

Marus was free of the bramble trap now, but he was not free of the forest. And his only hope of ever getting free was in Gib. They had been walking for a while now, with only one stop for Gib to blow his horn.
He hadn't really blown it of course, it wasn't made for that. Instead Gib had yelled, or bellowed into it and it had carried his voice over the whole neverwood. Gib, of course, knew that he was calling Griffin but it must have looked strange to Marus.

They were walking in silence now, each thinking his own thoughts. Gib was beginning to wonder why he had bothered to rescue the knight. Marus was a knight and a dragon master. Both things that Gib despised. And he had tried to kill Gib that very day, not to mention bringing that dragon back.

Still Gib knew that he needed Marus' help if he was going to take down the dragon. And what about that dragon? There was some mystery about him that Gib hadn't figured out yet. "And where is Griffin?"

No sooner had Gib thought this then the hawk came flying through the trees and onto Gib's arm. Marus recognized the bird and at once flew to fury. He would get revenge for their last encounter. Quickly Gib turned about and stopped Marus' advance.

"Stop right there knight. You come one step nearer and I'll leave you to the will of the forest."

Marus hesitated but he eventually backed down, allowing Gib to continue with Griffin.

"Where's the dragon?" asked Gib. The hawk proceeded in his usual manner, completely baffling Marus. "Good work Griffin." Gib said. "Now, I have one more job for you today. Go tell Grizzle and Jackle that I don't need them after all and that I'll meet you all back at the castle."

The hawk nodded and darted off through the trees. The two men were alone again and with a word from Gib they continued.

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by The Green Knight
Grid: F-11
Location: Dragon Master/Royal Knight border

While he waited for his wine, Jacques Broadside went on deck. A column of dust was rising to the northeast. At its head road the Sorceror-king. Captain Broadside gulped: now he needed his wine more than ever.

Captain Broadside was not the only one who noted the coming procession. A certain sergeant Caimlin was also present at the site of the ships. Of course, to be perfectly truthful there was only one ship and a pile of useless or broken parts. Caimlin's men had made short work of the ship, stripping its vital and useful components and loading them into the wagons.

In the beginning there had been some confusion as to which ship Caimlin was supposed to bring back. They both looked like crusader ships to him. Captain Broadside had been little help in the matter, only pleading for the life of his ship. Caimlin was about to telaharm Lord Void when the captain suddenly remembered some extra instructions he was given. Caimlin didn't know if he believed the captain and suspected that he was only trying to save his ship. Not that it mattered. Caimlin was in no hurry to bother Lord Void especially after what happened to Targon. So the Bombardier was saved and the other ship(the right one) was dismantled.

Caimlin had dispatched the slaves as soon as he arrived. They might have been useful in dismantling the ship but his men were soldiers, not slave drivers and Caimlin didn't feel like organizing them all. As it was, they were almost ready to leave now. But as Caimlin looked to the horizon it didn't look like they were going to be able to.

As much as Caimlin wanted to avoid Targon, he knew that the politic thing would be to welcome the Sorceror King and give him the lords best wishes on his journey. Besides, Targon might not be as mad as he thought and deep inside Caimlin did want say goodbye.

And so it was with these thoughts that Caimlin grimly awaited the arrival of the Sorceror King.

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by Lord_Of_The_LEGO
Daimyo wrote:Bjarn chuckled. "Be wise now, ladies, this fellow can swipe 'eads of a Werewolf and run a kingdom at the same time. Radjar smiled weakly.
"Alright Radjar, enjoy your stay. Breakfast first thing... We'll have a full course in your honor. Pleasure for you to be here."

Drullen Bell Keep

Bjarn' comment had not helped things, even though he meant it entirely as a joke. Shainya just turned her face away from them and Rosa gave Radjar a withering glare before shutting the door in their faces.

Bjarn, his mind still on the stranger who was lurking around uninvited in his lands, did not bother to explain the situation to the confused Radjar.

"Do not mind them, Lord Kath," shrugged Barbod, "They...well...a friend of theres has been killed..."

Radjar nodded in understanding. Many of his friends had been killed in his lifetime, each very painful to bear.

"Shainya and Rosa have both had very difficult lives. Shainya's entire village was insinerated by the Dragon Masters, and have not treated her well over the years..."

"But isn't she a Wolfpack princess?" asked Radjar, remembering what Gereld had said.

The Leader of the Forestmen and the Leader of the Bulls looked at the Leader of the Dark Forest.

"" replied Bjarn, "As far as I know, Willem Blackcloak doesn't have any daughters."

Megabloks intellgence.. thought Radjar.

Barbod smiled at the thought of Willem being a father. "I do wish he was here..." he said, "It has too long since I have seen him and Graygon."

"I'm afaid the Fell War has ripped the Forestdweller Factions to pieces, Willem and Graygon have to patch up of what is left of the Wolfpack."

Turning, Radjar addressed Barbod.

"So, Lord Barbod, why have you come to Drullen Bell Keep?"

PostPosted: Fri Jul 30, 2004 4:52 am
by Barbapple
"So, Lord Barbod, why have you come to Drullen Bell Keep?"

Grid: M-8
Location: Drullen Bell Keep

Barbod smiled, and patten Bjarn on the back.
"As it so turns out, Lord Kath, my kingdom wasn't all destroyed." Barbod said, grinning
Radjar looked at him, quizzicly, "Barbod, all the bulls were killed in the great Falcon war, were they not?" He asked
"Follow me, Lord Kath" Barbod said, walking to the Balcony over the dinning hall. Radjar obayed, and Bjarn followed close behind.
"Look," Barbod said pointing over the balcony.
8 Bull soldiers were sat at a table, laughing and drinking.
"There are so few..." Radjar said, gazing.
"Yes. But few as they are, there the finest troop of soldiers I've ever seen!" Barbod beemed.
"But you still havn't answered my question, Lord. Why come here?" Radjar asked.
"My good freind Bjarn," Barbod began, "Has greatiously offered to keep my men under protection, for the time being." He smiled at Bjarn
More steps approched on the Balcony.
"Ah, Lord Rajar Kath," Barbod began, "I would like you to meet The Lone Falcon."

PostPosted: Fri Jul 30, 2004 5:47 am
by Loneranger
Grid L-7

He had some blood on him from his last meeting with the forest men, he could see them watching his every move from a distance...

“Why are the fallowing me? Haven't they learned there lesson?...”

in the distance he heard two horses. He looked to see if they where forest men.
All he saw two men loaded with armor, he stopped, just looking at them. Then he saw a forest men get in there way, the horses where fare, but moving so fast, the forest men yelled.


the two men didn't stop, but they heard the forest men alright...
the forest men readied his bow.


the forest man fired but couldn't get out of the way, the power of the two horses crushed the poor mans rip cage. Making it a quick and painful death...

The Lone ranger took out his samurai sword, with a glance in his eye he ran at the two horse men. All the forest men where firing there bows at the two riders but there arrows couldn't do a thing with all that armor on the two riders.

Holding his sword out ready to attack The Lone ranger jumped right in front of the two horse men cutting the horses front legs off. The two men went flying off there saddle. One of the riders hit the ground so hard it crushed his spine killing him, the other got up and took his sword out, the forest mens bows where still shooting at the rider.

Holding up his samurai sword, and pointing it at the rider.

“Why did you kill that poor man. He did nothing to yy....”

Before he could end that sentance he was shot by a forest men in the shoulder.


the rider relaxed, making him vurnerable. Without waiting another second he through his samurai sword at the rider, the sword was so sharp it went through the rider, killing him. Falling to his knee's and passing out, He won the fight...


PostPosted: Fri Jul 30, 2004 9:52 am
by the_great_one
Grid :- N10
Location :- wreked inn in the small crusader port.

Luxus, aros, and Reno sat at the bar of the inn slowly sipping a beer.
"Reno, when can we see Bjarn again? And Marcus? and Rosa? and Shainya? and Dale?" Luxus asked.
Aros looked on and sighed.
"We wont be seeing them for a long while... Luxus, go over there and get me another beer please." Aros muttered. Luxus walked off to get a beer.
"Reno, they think you killed Dale." Aros explained
"huh? Dales dead????? i killed him????" Reno said stupidly.
"your sword was found at the scene. It was impaled in Dale."
Megablocks Majisto... Reno thought to himself.
Luxus walked back with a beer in his hand.
"luxus...Aros... we will go and see them now."

PostPosted: Fri Jul 30, 2004 4:55 pm
by Lord_Of_The_LEGO
lone ranger wrote:the rider relaxed, making him vurnerable. Without waiting another second he through his samurai sword at the rider, the sword was so sharp it went through the rider, killing him. Falling to his knee's and passing out, He won the fight...

Location: forest
Grid: L-7

When the Loneranger awoke he found himself surrounded by Forestmen, but he was not worried. His powers were much greater than theirs, and they did not apear to be hostile. One of the Forestmen stepped forward and said, "Sir, we owe you are lives. I am sorry you were caught in our line of fire, but the wound is not deep and it will heal soon."

The Loneranger examined the wound. It was wrapped with a clean cloth and only a dull throb issued from it.

The Forestman continued, "Sir, we do not wish violence, but it is against Forestmen rules for anyone to trespass on our lands. We are aware of your...powers, and if you wish to come to Delvarden Gard, we might be able to come to an agreement. Lord Bjarn is willing to allow your passage if you explain you situation..."

The Forestman trailed off. The Lone Ranger considered the offer.

PostPosted: Fri Jul 30, 2004 5:24 pm
by Daimyo
"THE Lone Falcon? Can't say i've heard of you," said Radjar.
"Well, 'tis of no concern. I'm just a humble soldier trying to make a living."
"And what would drive you to associate with Lord Barbod?"
"The virtue of justice and the end of war."
Radjar bowed. "I've come to think that I respect your virtues, Sir Falcon. I've known war far too well in my lifetime." he complimented.
"As I," added the Falcon.
"And I." sighed Barbod.
"And though we be destined ta see more, me lads, May we 'ope to see it in ways we see fit." preached Bjarn. At that moment, Gonderin walked in. The moonlight glinted off his gold trim, and shadowed his long tattooed face.
"Lord Bjarn, you're needed at the Council Room."
"Again?" grumbled Barbod.

"SIR," Captain Gladwheel reported, "Our scouts engaged the intruder near the Dark Forest border, close to Hemlock. Apparently the fellow killed a few glademen... and yet another was trampled by unknown cavalry."
The mood in the room was one of unease. Even the normally calm Gonderin was perpetuated by an aura of uncertainty.
"What could this mean? Who is this stranger who threatens our men?" shouted Kellenwyn.
"Soon enough we will find out. My Glade-band captured him earlier this evening. It seems your earlier conference saved a lot of time for our search." It was Glade-Sergeant Halfpad.
"Excellent work, Sergeant. You'll be given a new command, if all turns out well." commended Gonderin.
"Thank you, sir."
"With this, the meeting is adjourned. Sergeant, where is the intruder now?"
"Waiting for your approval sir. At the Delvardan Gates."