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PostPosted: Sun Jul 25, 2004 9:16 pm
by The Green Knight
Quickly Thenais stood up. "Where was the light?" Franticly, he tuned around, looking everywhere. There was no light, not even a speck. All Thenais could see was darkness, total, complete, darkness.

Grid J-10
Location... The capitol of Classic LEGOland.

Oof--Thenais hit the ground again. Someone had bumped into him. He tried to stand up but was knocked over again. Finally he found the wall and pulled himself up. He was safe now. He knew by the bricks where he was. Slowly he made his way out of the busy street and back to his tent. What had he seen? How had he seen it? Thenais reached his tent still wondering. He sat down and scratched his head. Then he felt it. His blindfold...of course. That's why he hadn't seen it clearly. But what was he saying? By all accounts he shouldn't have seen anything. Thenais removed the blindfold. It was a useful piece of cloth in that it let people know he was blind. Most of the time he forgot that he even had it on. "It's not a very thick cloth" he thought as he pressed it between his fingers. A normal person could probably see right through it. Could it be that his sight was retuning to him? Just like he had remembered the stories. A spark of hope leapt within him. He gazed around expecting things to pop into focus.

But nothing did. Darkness again and a cold reality. "I must be going mad." Thenais thought to himself. Of course he wouldn't see again. What had he been thinking? Still, a spark of hope is a hard thing to put out and Thenais didn't put the blindfold back on. Just in case.

PostPosted: Sun Jul 25, 2004 9:20 pm
by The Green Knight
"Great." thought Gib "more things to worry about." He ran quietly across the road were he found the knights tracks. They were heading east, away from dragon land and straight into the neverwood.

Grid H-10
Location… Somewhere in the Neverwood the forest.

"Hold still."

Gib had finally cornered his prey. It had taken him the better half of the evening but he had done it. The trail had been easy to follow but the knight had been moving at a surprisingly quick pace. Gib was sure he must have been at the end of his strength when he fell into the trap.

"Hold still." Gib said again. "If you struggle the vines will get tighter and suffocate you."

The knight was a mess. His face had numerous cuts from Griffin's talons and he was covered in dirt from his stay in the pit-fall.

"You!" The knight shouted. "Come out where I can see you, you old wives tale. Yeah, that's right. I'm not afraid of you! Some forest Guardian you are. just an old hermit with a little bird. Come on out baldy! Bargon and me almost had your smelly head, you know that?"

Suddenly there was a sword at Marus' neck.

"Is this yours?" Gib asked "You know if I were the one entangled in a bramble trap I'd be more courteous to my host. Especially since he's never been too fond of knights, let alone Dragon Masters." Gib paused but the knight didn't say anything. Smart. "Now," said Gib withdrawing the sword. "you are going to answer some questions. For starters--"

Gib stopped. The knight was laughing at him.

"Curse you for a fiend and a falsehood. Do you think I will even hear your questions? You speak very boldly of courtesy and such. Easy to do with a sword held against my neck, but lose me from this vile bush and give me a sword. Then shall we talk."

Gib remained immovable. He knew that he would stand no chance against the knight were the grounds even, but he didn't care. Keeping his cool, he knelt down to the knights eye level and said. "Heed me now knight and heed me well. If you do not cooperate I will personally walk you back to Dragon Master land and deliver you to sergeant Targon myself."

Marus was about to make another snide remark but before he could he realized, by the look in Gib's eye that he meant business. A slow realization spread over Marus. He was trapped and they both knew it.

PostPosted: Mon Jul 26, 2004 2:47 am
by The Green Knight
Location: Dragon Master land.

Caimlin scanned the horizon. No sight of the ships yet. He gave a signal and the men moved forward. It was actually quite a procession. Four hundred men including those driving the carts. All of them were under his command. Caimlin thought about Targon.

"Shame about him. Still I did warn him even though he gave me no heed. And why did he have to talk back to Lord Void?" Targon always had been too bold for his own good.

Even so It was his aspirations that had really gotten him into trouble. Targon only had two that Caimlin knew of. One, to get the highest rank he could. And two, to demote his brother as much as possible. Caimlin himself was a man of few aspirtations. All he ever wanted was to be a sergeant and now all he wanted to aspire to was the age of ninety.

Caimlin hated to admit it but he missed Targon. In spite of his rash and hateful nature Caimlin felt that Targon was one of the few men that he could talk to as an equal. Of course he might have felt bad about not sticking up for Targon, but Caimlin liked his job and if he had said anything then, he might have wound up exiled like Targon.

Suddenly there was a cry as one of the scouts came riding back.

"We've found it sir. It's just over the next hill."

"Very well." said Caimlin "Lead on."

PostPosted: Mon Jul 26, 2004 5:50 am
by Loneranger
Grid L-7

“I wish I knew, I wish I knew what I'm supposed to do, why I am here, on this lonely path to darkness...”

Yelling out into the dark woods making the birds fly into the air. 2 hours have past since then. Walking along hearing the birds sing and gather food for there yuung, the Loneranger was forced to put a smile on. smiling was old to him, many people saw him with a grin and a glare in his eye's. But this smile did not last, his smile dropped from his face when he heard a bow getting ready to shoot.

“What is it you want?”

“go back from where you came from and we will not fire upon you”

as he heard more bows being pulled tight.

“I cant do that, for this is my path.”

they let loose, with arrows flying at him. All of a sudden, a flash that blinded all the hunters.

“I suggest you go back where you came from” While he pushed his samurai sword into the man neck. All of the hunters bows where fixed on the Lone ranger. Waiting...waiting for the order to fire.

“put down your sword or I'll order them to shoot”

“Go ahead...”

The men let loose and with a flick of the wrist all the arrows flew everywhere hitting two of the hunters in the chest, And not one on the Lone ranger. With a shock his the leaders eye's , Logan pushed the sword into his neck.

“You asked, I delivered” Lone ranger replied.

All the hunters revealed themselves as forest men. They slowly took out there swords getting ready to charge at the Lone ranger. But he side stepped before they could do anything and cutting the belly of one of the forest men. The Lone ranger disappeared without the forest men knowing where he went...

P.S I typed this at 1:30AM I'm tired and I dont really care what it sounds like (Crap, I know) but I thought I would post something :p


PostPosted: Mon Jul 26, 2004 5:22 pm
by Formendacil
Grid: D-2
Location: Kingston, a Royal Knight port on the northern-most coast.

With the statue's crown in tow, Elwen and the Old Man made their way swiftly to Kingston, the Provincial Capital of the island's Royal Knights, and the only port of consequence on the northern side of the island.

"I hope we haven't kept Sir Dractor waiting too long," said the Old Man, as they entered the city. "He should have made it here two or three days ago, assuming he met with no serious difficulties."

It was late in the evening, so beyond checking for the great warrior at the first inn they found, they did nothing that night save sleep.

The following day, however, they searched the town extensively, but not a trace was to be found of Sir Dractor. Indeed, no one had seen or heard anything of someone like him. None of the inns or hostels had put up anyone like that.

It seemed that the great warrior had never made it to Kingston.

PostPosted: Mon Jul 26, 2004 9:47 pm
by Lord_Of_The_LEGO
Lord_Of_The_LEGO wrote:Lord Void turned back to the scowling Targon. "I hope you serve the Sorcerer-King better than you have me. It is said the Sorcercer-King punishes disloyalty with death. Consider yourself lucky I do not have that same policy."

Lord Void returned to his quarters, poured himself more wine and began pacing.

He was pleased with his trade with the Socerer-King, a ship and two hundred slaves were nothing to scoff about. He also had been able to get rid of the insolent Targon, which was a bonus. However good he felt about his deal, though, he was still seething over his loss of prisoner Reno Regga. He had been this close to unleashing the Eroth Gamus upon the world and his chance had slipped though his fingers!

At least I still have the Eroth Gamus itself and the Twin Pendants... he consoled himself as he opened the cubboard to look upon his prizes.

He froze. The cage that had held the little lizard that was supposed to be the Eroth Gamus was gone, as were the Pendants. Someone had stolen them.

Events flashed before Lord Void's eyes. He knew who had them.


PostPosted: Tue Jul 27, 2004 5:32 am
by Lord_Of_The_LEGO
Lord_Of_The_LEGO wrote:He froze. The cage that had held the little lizard that was supposed to be the Eroth Gamus was gone, as were the Pendants. Someone had stolen them.

Events flashed before Lord Void's eyes. He knew who had them.


Grid: G-10
Location: Fire Breathing Fortress

Lord Void remembered BloodVaine well. BloodVaine had been a compainion of his, a powerful necromancer who had no home to call his own, though Lord Void suspected he had come from the Rainbow Lands of Knight's Kingdom II. BloodVaine was powerful, extremly powerful. He was an expert dragon, for Lord Void had taught him himself. Lord Void ran his finger along a line of books, searching. He found the one Majisto had read from and wrenched it off the shelf, leafing thought it quickly. He found the passage that Majisto had read from earlier and read it out loud to the empty room.

"...And so the lord shall find the single eye,
And the loyal one shall burn, and the lord lose what he values most,
For the one eye will not comply,
The king will come, and arms exchained,
Blood will flow again,
An elk will rise, and meet a bull,
And the necromancer will return,
With the Eroth Gamus at his side
A loss will become a becon,
And unity achived between a pair..."

Lord Void stared at the words 'And the necromancer will return, With the Eroth Gamus at his side'

This is not good... thought Lord Void

PostPosted: Tue Jul 27, 2004 4:02 pm
by Formendacil
Grid: D-2
Location: An Inn in Kingston

Formendacil wrote:It seemed that the great warrior had never made it to Kingston.

Elwen sat on here bed in their room at the Lionhead Inn, the best inn in Kingsport. Not unlike many high-quality inns in the Royal Knight, Knight's Kingdom, and Crusader territory, it chose the lion as its mascot.

The Old Man was laying on the other bed, flat on his back, limp as a board. His eyes were open, but he wasn't seeing. Elwen eyed the door uneasily. She didn't expect any enemies to be in Kingsport, but if some should happen to attack them, she wasn't sure if the Old Man would be able to help in his current state. Elwen wasn't sure how his magic worked.

The Old Man was in a trance, searching mentally for Sir Dractor. He didn't make a sound, and didn't move at all, save for his eyes roaming slowly back and forth unseeing.

A loud crash came from the bottom floor of the inn. Shouts rose up to the higher storeys. Elwen threw on her helmet, and went into the hallway. The commotion was growing, and was climbing the stairs.

Elwen drew her sword.

The noise burst up the stairs, and turned out to be a dozen or so men, ruffians all, and probably blood-thirsty.

They caught sight of Elwen.

"There's a pretty one," said the man at their head. "Come here, my love, and give us a kiss." He leered at her unpleasantly, and drew nearer to her. He pointed his jagged cutlass at her menacingly.

"Put down that pretty sword, poppet," he said, "it won't do you no good against me." He reached forward to remove her sword by force.

Elwen stabbed him in the gut.

The ruffian dropped to the floor like a stone. His companions, no thoroughyly roused, rushed at Elwen. Faster, even in her armour, than the potbellied louts, Elwen took off down the hall, electing not to try and fight them all in a hopeless battle, for she was no Sir Dractor, and led them away from the Old Man.

PostPosted: Tue Jul 27, 2004 6:05 pm
by Trevman
The Shikozu Mountains- Ten Years Before Current Times

The band of fearsome samurai rode through the misty forests, above them loomed the tremendous gray statue that was Mount Shikozu. Kanto Tellaran, his black hair wipping behind him, gripped his horses reins. Next to him rode the Daimyo warrior Akira Kiyamoto, slayer of the warlord Renzi. Eagerly the samurai galloped, through rocky hills, past towering trees, and through the cracked mountain pass of the Wishendu, in Dragon tongue, "Path of the Wind." The samurai ground to a halt to stare at the radiant, sun-cooked dunes of the Dragon Masters, red-bronze sand glowing from the heavy light of the golden orb. Kanto dismounted, prying the demon's mask from his Kabuto helmet.
"Samurai of the Imperial Shogun," he started, voice filled with unshakeable courage, "You have come here as warriors. You will leave as Daimyos."
Akira grinned.
"Through the Path of Wind we will seek the blood of the unclean," growled Kanto, "To chase out the evil spectre of the serpent with the tip of the sword. These Dragon tamers defile the law of Buddai by controlling the free power of the Dragon."
Kanto knew this was a lie, fabricated by the Shogun to rally the samurai into a blood frenzy. In truth, the Shogun seeked the Dragon Master's fortune of obsidian.
"We go down there," Kanto continued, "Into the belly of the beast, to attack the village of Yuushuni. For Buddai! For the Shogun!"
The samurai group repeated the cry with a unique fervor. The group charged down the slopes of the mountain, mad with zeal. Running over the dunes, sand rushing up with every step, the samurai charged, egged on by eagerness to spill blood and confidence of victory.
"YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!" shrieked the entire band.
Obsidian arrows flew from behind the patch of rocks nearby. The battle cry was ruined with sickening gurgles, as arrows plunged into the necks and chests of the samurai. The men charged on, Dragon Master dragonriders flying out to counter the charge. A samurai gripped his naginata, ready for the assault of a dragon soldier. The spear shoved through the fiery maw of the beast and skewered its rider.
The riders kept coming...

To Be continued

PostPosted: Tue Jul 27, 2004 9:23 pm
by The Green Knight
"I must be going mad." Thenais thought to himself. Of course he wouldn't see again. What had he been thinking? Still, a spark of hope is a hard thing to put out and Thenais didn't put the blindfold back on. Just in case.

Grid J-10
Location... The capitol of Classic LEGOland.

It was dusk in the capitol city and Thenais was tallying up the days profits. It had been two weeks since the incident with the light and business was great. "38...39...40...41. Forty one trigs. That's over ten cobbles." Thenais said. "Not bad for a days work." He smiled as he put the coins into his small purse.

"Excuse me." said a voice from outside the tent. Thenais shuffled out, bag in hand.

"Can I help you?" He asked.

"Yes," the voice responded "I believe that I left something here when I came round before."

Thenais didn't know what the man could mean. He didn't even recognize the voice. "What did you leave?" Thenais asked.

"This." said the man and before Thenais could think, his purse was wrenched from his hand and the man was off and running down the street.

"Stop! Thief!" Thenais shouted. But no one heard him. Thenais stared down the street as he listened to the mans footsteps grow slowly fainter. Then he heard what sounded like a scuffle and to his surprise he saw something. It was a man, Thenais couldn't see the exact details of the man but it was a man's shape, he was sure of it. Thenais watched silently, in amazement as the man walked towards him.

"Hello there," said the man. "I believe this is yours." He held out Thenais' purse and to his surprise, he could actually see it. The man placed the bag in Thenais' hand and it vanished. It was still there of course and Thenais could feel it but... he couldn't see it any more.

"Who..." Thenais started. "Who are you?"

"Me? Oh I'm just one of the tinkers from down the street."

"No you're not. You have a sword and buckler. You must be some kind of knight."

"What! How do you know that?"

"I can see you."

PostPosted: Tue Jul 27, 2004 9:27 pm
by The Green Knight
A slow realization spread over Marus. He was trapped and they both knew it.

Grid H-10
Location… Somewhere in the Neverwood the forest.

"Now," said Gib "your name's Marus right?"

"Right." Said Marus rather unhappily.

"Ok Marus, you want to tell me what you and your comrade were doing, transporting a slave dragon though my lands."

"What! We weren't transporting nothing. We were escaping."

"Really. So what was that about getting a reward in crusader land?"

"Oh. You heard that did you? Well that was... All right fine, I'll tell you. It was Bargon's idea. He said that he knew someone who would pay a kings ransom for the dragon."


"I don't know. Some outsider. Bargon said that he'd been in contact with him for weeks."

"But why would someone pay so much for a slave dragon?"

"I asked the same question myself but... to tell you the truth I don't know. Bargon would't say and the strange thing about it was that it had to be that, very dragon. Nne else would do. I was against bring the dragon. I don't like dragons and I figured that he would slow us down but... well, the reward convinced me." Then as if he was afraid that he had given away too much information he added. Why? What's so special about that dragon?"

"He's an old friend of mine." said Gib. He paused for a moment and then turned to Marus. "All right Marus, here's the deal. I'm going to cut you free and give you your sword back. Then you can either try to find your way out of the neverwood alone, in which case you'll most likely die in another trap. Or you can attack me, in which case you'll either kill me or I'll escape. Either way you'll still be stuck footing it out of this forest alone. Or... you can follow me."

Marus considered this. On the one hand he didn't trust the man. But on the other hand he really didn't have a choice. "All right" said Marus "cut me loose."

PostPosted: Wed Jul 28, 2004 12:45 am
by Formendacil
Grid: D-2
Location: An Inn in Kingston

Formendacil wrote:Elwen took off down the hall, electing not to try and fight them all in a hopeless battle, for she was no Sir Dractor, and led them away from the Old Man.

At the end of the hall, a pair of doors opened onto a balcony overlooking the King's Avenue. Not slacking in pace, Elwen burst through the doors, and leapt upward, catching onto edge of the balcony above her.

Not expecting the doors to open onto the balcony, and driven on by their own momentum, the less agile ruffians rushed down the hall, and right across the balcony, slamming in the railing, their heavy weight smashing through it. The four ruffians nearest to the edge falling over, and into the cobblestones below.

Elwen dropped from the higher balcony, and shoved two more over the edge, and gutting a third as they turned. She was behind them now, and as the remaining four turned to fight her, she fled back into the inn, dashing into the fourth room on her left.

The ruffians gave chase, and as the first entered the room, Elwen sliced open his belly. The second stumbled over his fallen companion, and was crushed as Elwen drove her pointed shield into his shoulder. Elwen parried the thrust of the third man, stabbing him in the ribs. He fell, and she saw the last man start to run in terror. She threw her sword, and he fell, skewered.

Drawing her shield and sword out of her fallen opponents, Elwen started for the the Old Man's room. She was just unlocking it when she felt cold steel at her throat, and heard an ugly voice behind her.

"Drop your sword, missie, and slowly turn around."

Elwen did, only to see another band of ruffians leering at her.

PostPosted: Wed Jul 28, 2004 6:04 pm
by Formendacil
Grid: D-2
Location: An Inn in Kingston

Formendacil wrote:"Drop your sword, missie, and slowly turn around."

Elwen did, only to see another band of ruffians leering at her.

Elwen was quite certain that there wouldn't be an easy way out of this one, and the ruffians seemed to agree with her assessment, to judge by their leering grins.

"Now, my sweet," said the one with the sword, "you're going to pay for those men you chopped up. They were quite valuable to us. But first, do you know which room is the room of a man called Magarus?"

Elwen shook her head, glaring at her captors.

"Won't talk, eh?" said the leader. "No matter, we can just burn to the whole inn. On with you punishment then."

Elwen never found out what her punishment would have been, for the door to the room opened, and the Old Man stepped out, his staff brandished before him.

"Let her go," he said, his free hand pointing at the leader.

"Are you Magarus?" asked the leader. "Then drop the staff, or she dies." His rusty sword pricked Elwen's neck. The Old Man mentally shook his head at the ruffian's stupidity, and before the ruffian was even able to demand an answer, his staff shot up, and a deafening crack of thunder shook the building.

The ruffian's knife shot out of his hand, and clattered to the floor at the Old Man's feet. Everyone except the Old Man fell to the floor, knocked over by the vibrations.

The thunder stopped. Elwen jumped to her feet, and grabbed her sword. The ruffians tried to rush her and the Old Man, but the sorceror thrusted his staff at them, and they collapsed unconscious.

"Tie them up," ordered the sorceror. Elwen proceed to do so, using the inn's linen for lack of anything better.

The Old Man went to the leader, knelt beside him, and revived him. The ruffian tried to escape as soon as he was awake, but the Old Man held his bound form down easily.

"Tell me," he said to the ruffian calmly and coldly. "Who hired you? And what, precisely, were you told to do with me?"

The ruffian looked up in terror, but didn't dare disobey.

PostPosted: Wed Jul 28, 2004 11:35 pm
by Lord_Of_The_LEGO
Lord_Of_The_LEGO wrote:Barbod nodded. As he and the Lone Falcon follow the elf, he thought to himself It has been to long since I slept in a proper bed...

Grid: M-8
Location: Dining Hall

Bjarn, Barbod, the Lone Falcon, Gonderin and the other high-ranking Forestman officials sat at the large head table, eating their breakfast with varying degrees of wakefulness. Bjarn had slept deeply and without dreams, and he was now eating his mushroom soup steadily with comment. Barbod, on the other hand, had slept barely a wink, and when he did sleep, he had horrible nightmares revolving around Reno, who had blood on his hands in the dreams. Therefore, Barbod was continually yawning over his soup, and once or twice he nearly drowned in it when he fell asleep and almost plunged face first into the gray mixture. Luckily the Lone Falcon was sitting right next to the Bull King and was able to poke him from time to time.

To Bjarn's discomfort, neither Rosa nor Shainya had come down to breakfast. He decided to not worry about it, and returned to his meal.

After breakfast, Gonderin gave Bjarn, Barbod and the Lone Falcon a tour of Drullen Bell Keep. The tour lasted for almost three hours, and by that time Barbod had woken himself up enough to ask when lunch was served. They were just about to return to the kitchen to get Barbod a snack when a breathless Forester rounded the corner and gasped out, clinging to the wall for support, "My Lord!"

Bjarn waited until the youth had stop heaving to ask what was the matter.

"Sir, a group of scouts have just returned to Drullen Bell Keep, but something terrible has happened!"

Barbod and Bjarn looked at one another, but said nothing.

The youth continued, "When they had set out, they were a party of twelve, but when they returned they were naught but nine! Three men called Harris, Flaud and Jascus were killed, according to the others!"

"Take me to the surviving scouts!" snapped Bjarn.

The youth rushed off, and Bjarn, Barbod, Gonderin and the Lone Falcon followed.

They soon entered the infirmary, where two Foresters, a man and a woman, lay on bunks, bandages over their eyes. The rest milled about in the corner, muttering to themselves. There was also three motionless on the floor, sheets covering them.

The milling Foresters snapped to attention when their leader entered the room. Bjarn surveyed the gathering and snapped, "What has happened here?"

A woman stepped forward. "Sir, we were on a designated route through the swamps when we came across a trespasser. We surrounded him and order to return whenst he came, but he would not obey. Suddenly a bright light flashed and the next moment this person had Flaud pinned by his sword. Flaud ordered us to fire, but another flash erupted from nowhere and blinding Jex and Myl here pretty bad. After we recovered, we found Harris and Jascus shot by our own arrows and...and Flaud...had been stuck though by a thin blade..."

The woman began to shake, her eye glistening. The other scouts around her make noise of remorse.

She continued, "You see, Flaud was my man an''' we were going to get...hitched this week..."

Bjarn stepped forward and placed his worn hand on the woman's shoulder. "Get some rest, all of you. Our Forestmen kin died in defense of our lands, and this unknown foe will not stay hidden for long..."

Bjarn exited the infirmary, as did Barbod and the Lone Falcon.

"Barbod," asked Bjarn, rubbing his head, "Did something like this happen on your first day as leader?"

Barbod smiled grimly and without humor. "No, my friend, when I became King, my father was dead, my army was gone, my lands seized, and my people slaughtered. Consider yourself lucky."

PostPosted: Thu Jul 29, 2004 1:14 am
by Trevman
G-11 Dragon Lands, Ten Years Before Current Events.

The Dragons numbered at least fifteen, bowmen riding on their backs. The samurai viciously defended themselves. Akira's katana sliced through the neck of a dragon, blood spilled over the sand. Soon the infantry came. They wore red tunics that were baggy and flamboyant, and over them breastplates of obsidian. Adorning them were golden dragons, on their obsidian black helms wing-shaped plumes flapped. Kanto knew he was doomed. One of the infantry ran screaming at him. Kanto grabbed his katana with two hands and shoved it through the warrior. Blood and spittle fell out of his mouth. The samurai were being slaughtered. Akira turned to face a soldier rushing at him. The axe broke his katana, and Akira slit the soldier's throat with a wakizashi. Akira looked at his shattered katana and the chaos around him, and he turned and fled.
"AKIRA! NO!" shouted Kanto. "YOU COWARD!? YOU LEAVE US TO DIE!?" he cursed him. The Dragon Masters closed in. All the samurai were dead... Kanto fell to his knees, and the Dragons took his weapons...