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C-C Roleplay Recap: June

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C-C Roleplay Recap: June

Postby Lord_Of_The_LEGO » Thu Jul 01, 2004 9:41 pm



Sooooooo much happened in the month of June! The end of the Fell War! Bjarn; leader of the League of Forestmen! Romantic tension between Reno, Dale and Shainya! The entrance of Sorcerer-King! The CCRP's first elf and dwarf characters! The reappearence of the Bulls! The death of Sheath! The re-entrance of Alex Funt and Faolan the Assassin! And the entrance of Rosa, Rodurik, the Lone Falcon, Sir Dractor, Elwen, Capt. Broadside, Searil Chordate, Gib, Thenias, Marcus, Yariyakah and Voolmark!

So, without further ado, the Recap of June:

Trevelayn, Fraun and Dordrot enter the Chamber of Ash and are attacked by a Golem. Fraun saves them by blasting the Golem with a shot of magic. Voolmark, Fraun’s teacher, suddenly appears. They then all teleport to the final battle between Radjar and Defoe.

Radjar discovers he has fangs and learns from General Vos that Willem and Graygon have escaped. He then orders the attack on Defoe. Trevelayn, Fraun, Dordrot and Voolmark appear. They and Radjar attack Defore, who turns into a werewolf. Radjar turns into a tiger and attacks Defoe. After a grisly battle, Defoe is killed and the Fell War is over.

Sheath enters the Wolfpack city of Siastrakahn and meets Yariyikah. After a long battle, Sheath is killed and Yariyikah escapes into the night.

Willem Blackcloak and Graygon sneak away from Radjar. They reach a Forestmen dock and meets Marcus, a ship Captain. They pay for passage and reveal their goal. Marcus then sails to a Crusader port.

Rosa the barmaid and Rodurik the blacksmith enter the epic. They both meet Reno, Aros and Luxus. Reno suddenly has a vision and is shaken badly. While he recovers, Willem, Graygon and Marcus enter. They are soon all attacked, but they fend off the attackers quickly. Then suddenly Bjarn and Dale, carrying Shainya, enter the inn. Reno gives Shainya a healing potion and Bjarn warns everyone of an attack. Rosa’s master overhears and stabs Rodurik with a spear. Rosa kills her master just as Crusaders surround the Broken Mast Inn. Rosa leads everyone into a secret passage and Reno deflects the Crusaders with an explosion. They escape into an underwater tunnel but before they can get to the other side they are attack by some Crusaders. One of the Crusaders is Alex, who recognizes Aros and saves Aros’s life before Reno seals off the tunnel with another explosion. They all rest, and Reno and Dale compete for Shainya’s attention. Bjarn then relates some of his troublesome past to Dale. Bjarn then learns from Willem that Isaac, Bjarn’s cousin, is dead, which makes Bjarn the leader of the League of Forestmen.

Sir Dractor, Old Man and Elwen enter the epic in the Crusader port of Leidenheim. They head for the land of the Royal Knights, but are held at the gate for questioning. They escape, but are soon attacked by knights. The Old Man wards them off, but exhausts himself in the process. They reach the Royal Knights city of Leonville and the Old Man and Elwen enter.

The Sorcerer-King enters the epic, enters the Wolfpack port Porto Logo and meets Captain Jacques Broadside. The Sorcerer-King hires Broadside and heads toward Dragon Master land.

Helmeir and Nevfang enter the epic, bent on revenge.

Lord Barbod heads towards the land of the Black Falcons and meets the Lone Falcon. They enter a pub and some other Falcons attack Barbod. Barbod is saved buy several men in cloaks, who reveals themselves as Bulls. The Lone Falcon explains that there is an underground movement to overthrow the Falcon King and that both Falcons and Bulls are in the movement. Unknown to all, Faolan the Assassin lurks in the shadows.

Lord Void learns from Majisto that he must capture Reno to make the Pendants work. Lord Void, exhausted, goes to bed and Majisto sneaks off, determined to capture Reno for his master. At the Classics border, he turns himself into a boy to avoid detection.

Logan meets a slave named John and is robbed. They then are both attacked and barely escape with their lives.

Searil Chordate enters the epic.

Thenais enters the epic.

Gib enters the epic and meets some Dragon Masters.
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Postby Formendacil » Thu Jul 01, 2004 10:45 pm


That's a lot.

And that's the very bare bones.

At least with regards to my guys, and memory (that insufferable know-it-all) claims that the same is true for the others.

I'll have to reread them! :D

PS> Good Job Nathan!
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Postby Daimyo » Sat Jul 03, 2004 5:15 pm

Aaaaaah... So good to be free of the burden of War.
I'm impressed, Nate, really. Great job :D . I feel humbled that the month of June was chock full of Dark Forest stuff!

Well, let's just say I'm glad the war's over. I have other plans for Radjar, and he'll be going through some BIG changes.
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