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The Heroica RPG

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The Heroica RPG

Postby Forestboy » Mon Aug 15, 2011 3:10 am

Hey everyone,

So over on Eurobricks, Sandy, has been hard at work making a Heroica RPG. From reading the rules over once it seems pretty interesting, and a lot like Dungeons and Dragons.

Anyway, head on over if you're interested in playing. There's already about 6 pages of discussion going on, but I don't think the actual game has started.
EDIT: The game has started here. And applications are on the same thread from I can tell.
Or, I was possibly thinking that we might ask for permission to do our own mini-version here if we get enough interest. The place hosting the CCRPG ran out this July (although, I was never apart of it), so I'd thought I'd throw out the idea. I'm pretty sure Eurobricks is 18+ (I here they let it younger users on occasion) and I don't really want to sign up for another forum, soooooo...yeah (I think I might have to anyway!)!

Anyway! There you go, what do you guys think? I haven't posted on the Heroica thread yet, but I find the Games quite entertaining, especially for younger kids (they say 8+, but my 6 yr. old brother can play it no problem), and the RPG game seems like a pretty good adaptation. The Rules I'll probably have to re-read, but I bet it will do fairly well!

See ya around!
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Re: The Heroica RPG

Postby klorox » Mon Aug 22, 2011 9:46 pm

cool! me and my brother love D&D! I might have to look into this. thanks for posting this! :D
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Re: The Heroica RPG

Postby SevFalcon » Sun Aug 28, 2011 12:03 am

Seems like this has taken off quite well. Those threads are just filling up. Interesting read....
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Re: The Heroica RPG

Postby Jebediahs » Tue Oct 04, 2011 7:04 am

Since Forestboy's first post there have been 4 quests completed and 4 quests in progress with more being released soon. Quest selections aren't first come first serve. As long as you sign-up before the quest's posted sign-up deadline, everyone has a chance to be chosen! The game appeals to medieval fantasy fans as well as creative writers. With all the talent here it'd be a shame not to join Sandy's game or start one here at CC. There are many creative characters here of all races and the beautiful MOCs posted here would make for magnificent settings for quests if you story tellers choose to host a quest.

Even if your real life keeps you too busy for questing you can still introduce your character and sign into a quest when you have the time.

This is a sample quest for your viewing pleasure. I chose this one because it is the shortest quest at 9 pages (other quests have been 20+ pages) and it's my first quest. :P I look forward to meeting you in HEROICA RPG. It's fun. :wave:
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