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LCC Character Introduction Challenge

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Re: LCC Character Introduction Challenge

Postby ndcompton99 » Tue Dec 17, 2013 2:52 am

Faction: Garheim

Name: Sir Cedric Forthwind the III of Rothburg

Untitled by Octavian43, on Flickr

Story: Sir Cedric grew up in the fishing village of Rothberg. His father always told him that he would one day take over his fishing fleet, but as much as Cedric enjoyed fishing it did not appeal to him to do it for the rest of his life. The military is more what he had in mind, but he needed a quick way to receive command such as a noble deed. For he had studied every battle tactics book he could get his hands on; and he didn't want to be put under the command of some incompetent general and get killed before he had even got a chance at a promotion. So when he was seventeen he went down to the wharf, hired a few of the men hanging around the tavern, borrowed one of his fathers fishing vessels and set out into the harbor. Now at that time there was a serpent the bay that the people had named Withertooth. This enormous serpent hindered trade and was a threat to al who ventured into the bay. The beast soon found them, but got caught in a ghost net they were pulling giving Cedric and his crew enough time to make it to a large mass of floating ice cakes. No sooner than Cedric had jumped off on to one of the ice cakes than did Withertooth burst through flipping him underwater. The beast not seeing him plunged back into the sea, but the pulling force of the eel-like creature disrupted the ice and gave Cedric an opening in the ice to crawl through. When he had made it back on top of the ice cake he saw the tail end of Withertooth slipping underwater He got to his feet, raised his sword above his head, and was about to bring it down with al his force onto the beast when the slipperiness of the ice combined with its rocking back and forth caused him to loose his balance and come crashing down on the ice. A muffled thud and a the faint sound of medal on ice is all withertooth heard but it was enough for him to resurface. Through the ice, Cedric saw the looming shadow of the beast coming back towards the surface. With his sword in hand he stood poised for the challenge that was about to face him. Then suddenly an explosion of ice and water appeared before him. And in the midst of it all towered his terrible foe. But having misjudged he came up in front of him, leaving his underside exposed. With all of his might Cedric drove his sword into the heart of the beast. The dead carcass of the once mighty creature fell into the sea taking the sword with it because he could not pull it out in time. Without a ship all Cedric could do was wait. It was almost an hour before a merchant ship sail by and saw him. They took his half frozen body to the city of Rothburg to the tavern where his whole adventure started. Just by chance his father happed to be there at the time, and was quite shocked to see his son be carried in by a six foot seven sailor with a bread that comes down to his shoulders. After taking his son home and unthawing him he and his wife listened to his tale. After he was done his father gave him a lecture about being truthful, and how a simple life is just as good as one filled with glories. Obviously they did not believe him. after all he did not have a crew, sword or even a war prize from the dead creature. All he had was a cold, that could have been caught by just falling in the water. A week or so went by before the huge carcass of Withertooth wash up on shore. with Cedric's sword in it! Several months later he turned eighteen, and was old enough to join the army. Having several people confirm his account that he did in fact kill the beast he has started out at a higher rank. Not as high as he dreamed went he was a boy, but eventually he worked his way up in rank. On account of his heroism and valor in battle he was put in charge of a well respected infantry unit who commander had been killed in battle.
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Re: LCC Character Introduction Challenge

Postby AK_Brickster » Tue Dec 17, 2013 4:46 pm

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