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Postby Mark of Falworth » Mon Jul 09, 2012 7:27 pm



Long ago, a king by the name of Karlamac ruled Roawia. His rule was just and fair, but also one of the sword. Roawia was still a young unity, and many rebellions and brigands still needed to be crushed. The sword that King Karlamac wielded into many battles imposed fear on all his enemies, and lifted the spirits of all who were his allies.

Some say that the sword was given to the King by the gods themselves, and that it had true supernatural powers, but there was also a catch: The sword could only be possessed by the one to whom it is given by its previous owner. Anyone else who has tried to wield this weapon has often had its mythical powers fail them at a most crucial time.

Duke Wirklich Nervig of Lenfald, the most recent owner of the sword, fearing its power, hid it in a remote location for safe keeping. Unable to produce an heir, he failed to disclose its location before his death, and the sword has been lost for nearly 100 years now. Since its master never gifted it to a successor, the power of the sword is believed to belong to anyone who can find it. Many treasure-seekers and those who yearn to utilize the powerful weapon still search for it to this day, but it may never be found, for it is rumored that the Duke left many false clues and planted counterfeit swords throughout the land in the hope that the sword would remain hidden forever. There are questions that perhaps none can answer about it. Where is it hidden and what does it look like? Does it still posses the magic that once made it the most powerful weapon in Roawia?

In his continuing effort to unite the land, the King has offered a handsome reward for anyone who can procure the true sword and will turn it over to him. He plans to use it to squash the outlaws in the south, as the Loreesi and Lenfels have been encountering fierce resistance despite their best efforts. Of course the outlaws, hearing this news, are eager to locate the sword for themselves. Some would sell out for the treasure reward, but others with greater aspirations see it as a way to seize the power for their own dubious uses.

Who will prevail? Will the sword be returned to the King, or will it be used for a power-grab?


Build 2 MOCs – The first showing your character gathering clues about the whereabouts of the sword, and the second showing him/her finding its location (though there is no way to tell if it is the true sword…..yet!)


Each participant will be awarded 5 points for entering. Each faction’s finalist will receive a 5 point bonus.

The overall winner (who will also be deemed to have located the true sword) will have two options to choose from: Either give the sword to the king, and receive another additional 5 points, or take your chances and try to wield the sword for yourself. If the second option is chosen, a 6-sided die will be rolled to determine the outcome. If the roll is a 5 or a 6, you are able to use the sword’s power and will be awarded 10 points. If the roll is a 3 or a 4, the sword has lost its magic, and you will be awarded 0 points. If the roll is a 1 or a 2, it means your greed has betrayed you, and the sword fails you at a key moment, resulting in a loss of 10 points.


The creation must include your LCC character and your faction standard and/or colors. There are no size or base limitations.

Submit your entries in this thread, using thumbnails and/or links.

The GC2 finalist selection is up to the particular faction. Such as a inter-faction vote, or a FO selection. etc...

Deadline: August 12th, 11:59pm PST

This thread is for posting submissions only!
For discussion, asking about rules, etc please use the Discussion Thread.
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Postby Crazycrownieguy » Tue Jul 10, 2012 7:20 pm

Here's part 1 of my entry

Here's part 2 of my entry
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Postby Teherean » Wed Jul 11, 2012 3:48 pm


Teherean ventures into the library of Varria, a place where he rarley treads, as he cannot read or write. The old librarian picks out a few books on the topic of the sword and the duke. One in particular stands out... "Chronicles of Duke Wirklich". It tells him to look for clues where he would least expect to find them. A sketched map on the last page marks a location deep in the wandering woods.

Teherean, his friends Johannes and Wladek, and a company of soldiers to protect him, travel to this location, only to find a ruined old farmhouse in the middle of a small clearing. In the farmhouse, hidden under a crate, they find a small box. Inside is a map, marking another location in the Dragonskull mountains...

Where you'd least expect it... by teherean, on Flickr


The location marked on the map from the farmhouse turned out to be an access shaft to the burial tomb of Duke Wirklich, not far from an old keep. Teherean and his men venture forward into the darkness with makeshift torches, and finally enter the burial crypt of Duke Wirklich.

The scene. by teherean, on Flickr

That's it! :D
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Postby theboywarrior » Thu Jul 12, 2012 5:39 am ... 554156360/

Marius, his best friend Drakkar, and his lady friend Jayne of Loreos discovered an old staircase in Shieldkeeper Castle that led down to the old castle armoury and weapons storage rooms. Inside the wet chambers, they stumbled across something very interesting indeed...A sword

EDIT!!! PART 2! ... 632854676/
The engraved sword Marius & Co. found led them to an old fortress, where they search for the Sword of Karlamac...But there is a surprise in store for the trio...
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Postby krzyzak » Sun Jul 15, 2012 9:07 pm

Here is my entry for the Global contest.

Edit : part 2

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Postby Highwayman » Mon Jul 16, 2012 11:25 pm

Part One:

In his quest for the sword of Karlamac, Arlis Wolfstar has journeyed deep into the unforgiving swamps of Southern Roawia. He seeks out a trio of powerful wizards there, hoping to locate the sword. He finds the wizards in the ruins of Fort Quagmire and realizes that the quest for this sword will be more perilous than he imagined... For the FULL story please click HERE!


See my MOC thread for a couple of more pics. I will edit this post to include part two soon!

EDIT: And now for part two!

After the wizards of Fort Quagmire revealed the location of the sword, they transported Arlis to the mountains west of Fangwood Monastery. The smuggler ascended the mountain in order to retrieve the sword from its resting place. Now the Guardian, an ancient force Duke Wirklich Nervig employed to protect the mystical blade, stands in his path. Will Arlis be successful in obtaining the sword of Karlamac and reaping the reward? Will he fall to the Guardian's dark blade? And as before for the FULL story please click HERE!


For more pics please see my MOC thread (which include my faction banner ;)). Also you can check out the Brickshelf gallery (when public) for even more pics.
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Postby Tastymuffins » Sun Jul 22, 2012 7:21 am

When Slikver heard about the kings quest for the sword of King Karlamac, he knew he had to undertake this quest! An adventurer at heart, Slikver wanted to get started imediatly but he did not have a clue where the sword could be. Hoping to discover more information about the sword and its possible locations Slikver went to Ayleth castle's vast library to begin looking for clues as to where this wonderful sword could be located. After consulting with the librarian-monk Philbert, Slikver decided he knew where the sword was to be found.
The sword of King Karlamac rested in a stone deep in a cave under the Dagger Stones mountain range. The sword sat in a rock on a small island surrounded by calm water. But when Slikver approached, some old magic sprang to life in the cave as water and wind began to swirl around the sword. The vortex cirlcing the sword sprayed and splashed Slikver but did not harm him when he retreived the sword. Slikver left the cave not knowing whether the display was caused by the imense power of the sword itself or if it was a simple enchantment left by Duke Wirklich to scare away thieves. Either way Slikver left and began to make his way home, astounded by the magic he had just seen.

So thats both stages of my entry :D
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Postby Thomas Arrowford » Mon Jul 23, 2012 11:37 am

The first part of my entry for this challenge.


The accompanying story is a little long so it's on the flickr page

Edit - A the 2nd part is now finished.

Accompanying story is on the flickr page

The Blade of Karlamac gave the power to reign
Until the rude knave put Nervig’s arm in pain.
Made of glass, to be its protection
For all those that look will see only refraction.
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Postby Brother Steven » Mon Jul 23, 2012 5:17 pm

My Entry...

When Sir Angus heard of the quest for the sword he and his squire Erik anxiously set out to find it. And he knew the perfect pair of guides to help, Yalmar and Job the dwarves. two of the finest geological experts in Garheim. They faithfully led Sir Angus to a small cave which they believe holds the king's sword.

Deep inside the cavern, they found a pillar in the center of a strange lake. Sir Angus nimbly jumped from rock to pillar when he reached the sword, He was surprised to find it so simple in design, almost plain... He studied it more closely to find it was made of ABS plastic, a Sword of the ancients, the foundation of all Lego warfare!
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Postby Mark of Falworth » Tue Jul 24, 2012 12:02 am

My Entry ~

Mark of Falworth returned from the Outlaw crusade in low spirits. Although at first the the allies were ever victorious, the enemy proved more stubborn then expected.
So, in this gloomy state he returned home.
wondering to himself...
"What now?"

It was at this time that rumors of the fantastic Sword of King Karlamac were circulating about. Mark immediately set out on a quest to find the wonderful sword, and gain fame and glory! For the Glory of Loreos!!!

On entering Lenfald, Mark of Falworth politely paid his respects to the High Lord Godfrey Wenseclaus II and Lord Teherean at the capitol of Stonewald. After which he searched through the ancient records of Lenfald for the location of the lands once held by the Duke Wirklich Nervig, the last known owner of the Sword of King Karlamac. Mark discovered that the area he was searching for lay south of Armendahls Mountains and he set out with his companions thither.

Upon arriving, at the area previously described, Mark and his followers inquired if there were any persons of great age that could be found nearby, the peasants however, refused to cooperate and only by a gift of some Loreesi silver were the peasants willing to answer the foreigners questions.
The locals told Mark that a very ancient Hermit by the name of Everwinus bolso could be found on the coast a few miles away.


Truly, no better spot for a hermit could be found, situated on a pinnacle of rock, miles from any other habitation sat the hut of the old man.
Mark told his companions to wait a ways off while he talked to the old recluse.

The conversation starting with Mark
“Hello there good sir! I bid thee good day!” (Mark had to speak somewhat loudly for the ocean crashed underneath them.)
“Who be the likes of you!?” Replied the hermit.
“We are knights of Loreos, and we’ve come to ask yo…”
What did you say you were!? Interrupted the hermit.
“We are knights of Loreos!!”
“There’s no need to yell laddie, I ain’t deaf yet. Wait! What be Loreesi doin’ this far north!?” “Is there war!?” He said, clutching his knotted staff with both his hands.
“No, No! In truth, an alliance was announced many months ago.”
“Oh, that be something!”
“Yes, Well, I would like to…”
“So why be ye here!?”

“I was just getting to that good sir…”
“Directions Perhaps?”
“No. I wanted to ask you about the sword of King Karlamac, once owned by Duke Wirklich Nervig.”
“Do you know anything about it?”
The hermit was silent for a minute. “No, I don’t know what you’re talking about.”
“I think you do.”
“Maybe I do, Maybe I don’t.”
“Good sir, If I were to find the sword I would immediately return it to the king who would use it to bring peace to this troubled land.”
“However, if I do not find the sword it may fall into the wrong hands and plunge the realm into a terrible war, worse than ever before seen!! Worse than can be imagined!!!”
The hermit’s eyes grew very wide.
“And do you know who people will blame for this calamity.”
The hermit swallowed hard.
“Unless you can help me, I fear the kingdom will be undone.”
“Well, when you put it that way...” “I guess I will be glad to help you.“ The hermit said with a nervous grin.


Mark of Falworth continued on his quest, the directions given by the hermit were precise, in a certain cave only accessible at low tide on the west coast of Lenfald just a few miles away form the Hut previously seen.

It was there that Mark found the fantastic sword of King Karlamac. He would return it to the present king as quickly as possible,
For the Glory of Loreos!!!

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Postby Burlogh » Sun Jul 29, 2012 8:11 pm

- I prefer hammers over swords but if all the lords are looking for that blade, I couldn't keep away - grumbled Burlogh O'Rohal into his mug. So tell me the price of your information - pointed at the map on the table. And give me a real chair instead of this...
- Stay calm, my friend - the small leprechaun smiled. - This map is not for sale, not even for you.
- Then what do you want?
- You know, I'm a merchant. A very rich one
- he had a look at the chamber behind the troll. And I want much more wealth! He sipped a drop of wine and smiled from ear to ear. - I want to be your partner. If you find the sword, you will be the most powerful lord around. Hundreds of warriors will come to fight under your flag. I give you this map as a present, and you will protect me. Since those Loreesi dogs invaded our territory, this place is filled with so-called treasure hunters They always chase me through the forest because of those infantile legend. You know, leprechaun, rainbow, pot of gold and so on. Meh, I need some sharp axes to keep them away from me! Then we will talk again about business when the sword is in your hand.
- Deal, my old friend
- laughed the troll. - Your bodyguards will be here in a few days. And I hope this map leads to the real sword!



Leprechaun's map lead Burlogh to Loreos territory. His loyal companions suffered a lot in rocky desert. Jungle troll live their life among the trees, lack of water and the dry air made them weak and careless. A Loresian patrol surprised the warband and after a hard battle both sides suffered serious losses. Burlogh made a hard decision. He sent his remaining troops back to the outlaw border and asked them to lure their attackers away from him. He left his armor, tried to disguise himself as far as possible and continued the journey alone.
He had a lot of time to think about the future of his clan. His people deeply trusted in him but he is planning to do something unworthy for them. The leprechaun's words echoed in his head: - You will find a sword in the desert. It is not what everybody looking for. You know, my friend, I'm not sure that piece of steel even exist. But don't worry, your men don't need a legenday sword, then need a legend! Just get that blade and cut a few heads off with it. At the evening in the tavern a new legend will born. Everyone will think that is that sword. You will be even more famous and notorious. Just bring it back and let it work.

Power sometimes makes his owner to do things which he don't want to do. The day when Burlogh finally reached his destination changed a lot of things. He found the long lost statue of Bloodteeth the famous freedom fighter who led the trolls out from the human's captivity and made them a proud, independent nation. The young warchief bowed his head in front of the hero and picked his scimitar. - I did what interest of my people required. I will follow your path and protect all the inhuman races.

Statue of troll freedom fighter
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Postby Elderon » Mon Jul 30, 2012 10:38 pm

The Inn. by ElderonEldar, on Flickr

Velaryon and his friends are having a meal when an announcer comes in the tavern to tell about the duels in Lenfald and the search for the Sword of Karlamac. they hear from the innkeeper that there is a man in town who had seen this sword! It is none other that the blacksmith next door.

The Smithy by ElderonEldar, on Flickr

The blacksmith tells them he saw it a long time ago during a hunting trip. It is still in the cave he left it, guarded by the skeleton of Duke Witklichs most trusted knight.

My first entry to the Global Challenge, more of the story on my Flickr and in the stories thread :)


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Postby jedirimlighter » Thu Aug 02, 2012 7:27 pm

Hello all,

This is my first time taking part in an LCC challenge, and I'm definitely excited to be able to add to the lore of this land. Both of these entries are listed seperately over on flickr, and I do have a few photos of these MOCs taken from different perspectives. I'm not sure what the rules are about posting the stories on here. If I am posting too much, please let me know.


LCC GC2 - The Search for the Sword: Part 1 by jgg3210, on Flickr

“ Thus it came to pass that my lord, upon returning from a campaign deep into the southern wilderness of Lenfald, received a challenge from the High King of Roawia. He and his warband had been asked to retrieve the sword that was once in the employ of the legendary King Karlamac for the High King as a symbol to unify the feuding factions of Roawia. Grimslayer, never one to back out of a challenge, summoned his most loyal comrades and left to seek out the sword at once. My lord knew from the legends told by his father’s clan that a tomb lay far in the unforgiving north which contained a sword of untold power. Caring little for the details, Grimslayer and his red-handed band set out on foot with only a map and his ancient folklore to guide them. After days of wandering upon the tundra, Njordson pulled out his map and in scanning the horizon located a far off point in the distance. A rocky spire, cleaving a glacier in twain. That is what his sharp eyes settled upon, and that would be their goal. According to his father’s tale, an ancient and gloomy tomb lay beneath that glacier. The remote tomb was reputedly the final resting place of a revered jotunn warrior from the mist shrouded past. He was of a race of giants that had since passed with the coming of man. Though Karlamac‘s Sword was not a weapon forged of jotunn steel, Grimslayer saw no better hiding place for a sword of such immense power. Besides, even if Duke Wirklich Nervig, the last owner of the blade, had not hidden the sword in the jotunn tomb, the grave would doubtless yield unimaginable treasures and the promise of adventure. So, onward they pushed through the blinding whiteness to the base of the glacier and the promise of a glorious bounty. ”

Mimir, skald of Njordson Grimslayer
~ “The Chronicles of Njord: The Search for Karlamac’s Sword”

LCC GC2 - The Search for the Sword: Part 2 by jgg3210, on Flickr

“ The seal to the moldering tomb had been breached some time ago. T’was a promising sign! Njordson Grimslayer, ever the practical north-man, surmised that either bandit raiders had plundered the riches of the tomb long ago, or that the seal had been breached by the errant duke of Lenfald who sought a doom haunted sanctuary for his enchanted blade. The latter more likely, since few outlaws or brigands could survive the harsh conditions of northern Garheim. The Garhim lighted their torches and strode forth into the darkness, Grimslayer confidently leading the way as he and his men left the light of the surface behind. The tomb was little more than a natural cleft in the rock, a crevice where the dead could brood in infinite silence. Then, at the end of the winding and oppressive passage, the tunnel widened out. In the center of this natural cavern sat a grim throne cut from the very bedrock of Garheim, and upon the lonely throne sat a sole occupant. A jotunn warlord, or what remained of him, still clutching his gilded axe and shield. Atop the his decaying brow sat a gleaming helm. Yet, it was what lie before the corpse that caught milord’s eye… a stone table, thrust through by the silvery blade of a two-handed sword! ‘Could this be the great sword of King Karlamac?’ pondered Grimslayer as he lifted his torch toward the stone table to examine the glinting blade. Just then, noises could be heard, movement in the darkness! The rhythmic scraping of bony feet upon cold stone. ‘What evil lurks in the darkness?’ yelled the stout men of Grimslayer’s band, losing their composure in the face of the unknown. ‘What foul and unholy host have we awakened in this place of unnatural darkness?’ Grimslayer steadied his men, knowing that a fight was near. With their swords at the ready, the brave Garhim lashed out at the shadows, their blades crunching bone. Steel on steel, the sparks thrown from the clashing blades eerily illuminated the dank sepulcher. The undead still guarded the tomb of the great jotunn warlord. Even in death, these servants loyally defended their master. Grimslayer and his men fought on, boldly pushing back the specters until none were left to oppose them. Only silence remained to accompany the triumphant Garhim. Then, with little effort or ceremony, Grimslayer removed the blade from the stone table and examined the expert craftsmanship of the ancient sword. ‘T’was this the legendary sword of King Karlamac or merely some imposter?’ Grimslayer and his men took the sword and a few other treasures from the tomb, and respectfully acknowledged their fallen brothers. It was decided that the time had come to return to the land of the living. Leaving the pit of death behind him, Njordson Grimslayer and his warband trekked back home across the wind swept snowy plain, glad to once more be bathed in the light of the sun. More adventures surely lay ahead, but these are a story for another time. ”

Mimir, skald of Njordson Grimslayer
~ “The Chronicles of Njord: The Search for Karlamac’s Sword”

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Postby DarkTemplar » Fri Aug 03, 2012 2:34 am

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Postby petturik » Thu Aug 09, 2012 4:40 pm

Here's my entry to GC2 :

viewtopic.php?f=4&t=22427 (story + pics)
viewtopic.php?f=3&t=22428 (just the pics)

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