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LCC- Knight Orders, Special Forces and Outlaw Clans

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Re: LCC- Knight Orders, Special Forces and Outlaw Clans

Postby AK_Brickster » Mon Nov 25, 2013 7:38 pm

Keep chatter in this thread to a minimum please. This applies to all LCC threads, but just as a reminder, comments like "looking forward to it" and "cool!" do not contribute to the discussion and should be avoided.

Please don't reply to this comment with, "Oops, sorry!" either :P

It is bothersome to see that a topic has a new post only to find out that there isn't really any new content.

Thanks guys!
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Re: LCC- Knight Orders, Special Forces and Outlaw Clans

Postby mpoh98 » Thu Nov 28, 2013 5:14 pm

Faction: Lenfald

Name: Lenfald Guardians


Lenfald Guardians by mpoh98, on Flickr

Lenfald Special Forces, formed by Andar of Lenfald and unveiled after Mark Erickson invaded Lenfald, they were made to counter-act the power of the Areani knights. Sworn to protect Andar, they will protect him from any danger that might threaten him. Armed with a light calvary sword, it is made to withstand the heaviest of blows, and yet be so light it feels like an extension of your arm. Also armed with a broadsword, just in case things get ugly. They are also armed with a longbow, able to mow down enemies before they even come close. Their armor is perfectly designed to allow full freedom of movement, meaning they can run and fight with perfect agility and ease. Their training is the best imaginable to the point where complex maneuvers are instinctive.
Whether it be the top of the highest cathedral, or the deepest darkest swamp, they know where you are.

Faction: Lenfald

Name: Lenfald Rangers


Lenfald Ranger by mpoh98, on Flickr

Lenfald Rangers, the invisible. Trained extremely in the art of unseen movement, you will not see them until it is to late. Received the same training is the Lenfald Special Forces, they are extremely deadly to their enemies, but fiercely loyal to their leader. Armed with a broadsword, and throwing knife, and especially camouflage cloak, they are the deadliest of all the troops under Andar.

So here are my special forces, I had a lot of fun making them! :) If my fellow lenfels want to use them in their creations, feel free to.

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Re: LCC- Knight Orders, Special Forces and Outlaw Clans

Postby TTrooper » Thu Jan 02, 2014 8:52 pm


Order of the Questing Knights


A group of Loreesi knights devoted to finding ancient weapons, treasures and conquering the enemies of Loreos, they are deadly and skilled warriors some times referred to as the Loreesi paladins. They ride under a Golden banner with a dagger on it.
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Re: LCC- Knight Orders, Special Forces and Outlaw Clans

Postby ObsidianGrey » Wed Jan 15, 2014 4:04 am


Order of the Black Cloaks

Black Cloaks by ObsidianGrey, on Flickr

The Black Cloaks are an organization of specially trained knights and rangers specializing in stealth, reconnaissance, combat, and assassination.
The current leader of the Black Cloaks is Roland Lorkaer (who recently inherited this title from his father).
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