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LCC: Timeline of the City of Fangroth/Calmonn (Complete)

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LCC: Timeline of the City of Fangroth/Calmonn (Complete)

Postby royalbrickcustoms » Tue Mar 05, 2013 2:23 am

Hey guys,

Here is a timeline of the major events of the City of Fangroth/Calmonn.
I patterned it after Elrond's Timeline of Roawia.


2nd Era, year 999
The City of Calmonn is founded by Lord Calmorre.

3rd Era, year 3
Lord Calmorre is crowned as king and ruler of the city of Calmonn. He reigns until the 3rd Era, year 23.

3rd Era, year 7- 3rd Era, year 17
The City Calmonn and the its allies fight against the orks and goblins that dwell in the Black Caves in the Battle for Black Caves (Ten Years' War).

3rd Era, year 9
Queen Ziria (King Calmorre's wife) gives birth to a son. She names him Telmonn.

3rd Era, year 13
Queen Ziria gives birth to a second son. She names him Toberg (his real name is Toberg I).

3rd Era, year 16
Young Prince Telmonn is begins training as a Knight of Loreos.

3rd Era, year 17
The Battle for the Black Caves ends, the ork king is murdered and the City of Calmonn is once more free from invaders.

3rd Era, year 18
King Calmorre creates a special order of knights known as the Knights of Calmonn, who protect the city and surrounding areas from enemies.

3rd Era, year 22
Prince Telmonn is knighted and appointed as the first Battlemaster of the Knights of Calmonn.

3rd Era, year 23
King Calmorre's reign ends. Prince Telmonn succeeds him as king of Calmonn.

3rd Era, year 25
King Telmonn is crowned king he reigns from 3rd Era, year 26- 3rd Era, year 40

3rd Era, year 26
Lord Calmorre dies at the age of 65.

3rd Era, year 27
King Telmonn goes on a journey to Lenfald and meets Delronn, who gives him a great silver elven bracelet as a token of their friendship.

3rd Era, year 29
Prince Toberg I becomes jealous of his older brother and murders their mother Queen Ziria at the age of 61. In fear of being caught, he departs for the barren waistlands of the North.

3rd Era, year 30
King Telmonn marries a Loresi princess named Tameira.

3rd Era, year 31
Queen Tameira gives birth to a son and names him Vestavis I

3rd Era, year 33-3rd Era, year 36
Prince Vestavius I grows up in the Palace of Calmonn.

3rd Era, year 38
King Telmonn and the Knights of Calmonn travel to the Isle of Lost Souls and confront Davarus the Mad, a black sorcerer.

3rd Era, year 39
King Telmonn and the Knights of Calmonn return home to the City of Calmonn after a one year conquest of the Isle of Lost Souls.

3rd Era, year 40
King Telmonn's reign ends. His son Vestavius I succeeds him as king at the age of nine.

3rd Era, year 41-3rd Era, year 142
There is a hundred-year Golden Age of peace throughout the Kingdom of Calmonn. During the Golden Age there are four kings that each reign for twenty five years:

Vestavius I: 3rd Era, year 41- 3rd Era, year 66

Vestavius II: 3rd Era, year 67- 3rd Era, year 92

Calmorre II: 3rd Era, year 93- 3rd Era, year 118

Vestavius III: 3rd Era, year 119- 3rd Era, year 142

3rd Era, year 145
Outlaws attack the City of Calmonn. The siege lasts for a year, much of the city is destroyed
during that time.

3rd Era, year 146
Work begins to rebuild part of the city that was destroyed during the Outlaw-Calmonn Conflict.

3rd Era, year 149
Miners first discover Calmite ore in the Black Caves under Calmonn.

3rd Era, year 150
Vestavius IV, son of Vestavius III, and grandson of Calmorre II, is born.

3rd Era, year 170
Vestavius IV succeeds his father Vestavius III as king of Calmonn

3rd Era, year 182
Raiders from the North attack the City of Calmonn. The conflict is known as the Battle of Calmonn. During the battle King Vestavius (Vestavius IV) is killed, as well as the Battlemaster of the Knights of Calmonn. The City of Calmonn is burned to the ground and left in ruins.

3rd Era, year 183-213
There is a Thirty Year Darkness for the kingdom of Calmonn. During this time the Knights of Calmonn go into hiding. The area of Calmonn is ruled by a few wealthy merchants and some desert nomads.

3rd Era, year 217
The Toberg School of Warfare is founded by the Knights of Calmonn. It is named after the Crown Knight General Toberg VI, who destroyed the City of Calmonn in the Battle of Calmonn. They named it after him so that they would never forget why they are training in warfare and to prevent it from ever happening again.

3rd Era, year 220
The Knights of Calmonn and some of the refugees return to the ruins of Calmonn. Within a few months are made to rebuild the ruined city. The rebuilding proccess will last five years.

3rd Era, year 225
After five years the city is finally rebuilt. Refugees from the old city begin to return to the new city.

3rd Era, year 227
Outlaws from the mountains attack the city. During the fight two brave warriors named Fangorn and Roth rally the defenders and successfully drive back the invaders, liberating the city. The city is then named Fangroth after the two young warriors.

3rd Era, year 230
Keldore I a local noblemen rises to power as the first High Lord and ruler of Fangroth.

3rd Era, year 233
Keldore I and his wife Lady Antia first son, Jesuan.

3rd Era, year 235
The people of Fangroth accept the Golden Sun as the official sigil of Fangroth. Dark red and gold are adopted as the official colors of the city.
During this time the Fangroth City Guard is established.

3rd Era, year 237
Lady Anita gives birth to a daughter. They name her Garlinia which means Golden Lily.

3rd Era, year 240
The elf lord Delronn visits Fangroth.

3rd Era, year 242
Fangroth establishes trade with the rest of Loreos.

3rd Era, year 252
Lord Keldore dies at the age of 57. Prince Jesuan I
succeeds him as High Lord of Fangroth at the age of 19.

3rd Era, year 253-3rd Era, year 347
There is a 95 year Golden Age of Peace in Fangroth.

During this time there are three lords that rule Fangroth:

- Lord Fangorn II (3rd Era, year 254-284)

- Lord Leminiire I 3rd Era, year 285-318)

- Lord Jaklell (3rd Era, year 319-347)

3rd Era, year 349
Prince Jesuan II, son of Lord Jaklell succeeds his father as High Lord of Fangroth at the age of 28.

3rd Era, year 355
Tathann I (who later a High Lord of Fangroth) is born to a poor merchant and his wife in Loreos

3rd Era, year 362
Tathann and his father are attacked by Outlaws on the Loreesi-Lenfald border. Tathann's father is killed and young Tathann flees into the forests of Lenfald after stabbing one of the Outlaws.
In the woods he meets High Lord Jesuan II who takes him back to Fangroth and adopts young Tathann as his son.

3rd Era, year 372
Prince Tathann is declared the new High Lord of Fangroth at the age of 17

3rd Era, year 373 3rd Era. year 383 (present)

High Lord Tathann rules Fangroth and the City is at peace.

Comments and Feedback appreciated. :)

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Re: Timeline of the City of Fangroth/Calmonn

Postby Aeridian » Tue Mar 05, 2013 4:18 am

Interesting events there. Funnily enough I was going to ask if you had matched this with main one... no need. :tasty:
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