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LCC-Unofficial Religions of Roawia.

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LCC-Unofficial Religions of Roawia.

Postby Elderon » Mon Mar 25, 2013 1:29 pm

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Welcome to the Library of Stonewald! I'm Boldric, they call me the Wise, but what do they know!? I'll be your Librarian for today. I heard you were looking for the different religions that are found in Roawia, well as it happens, I know a great deal about the religions. Here are the most common religions in Roawia:

During the Dawn of Mankind there were a people that lived and prospered on an island called Aronia. They were a civilization none of Roawia had seen and the people of our continent were regarded by the Aronians as mere savages. At a point in their history it was said that they got hold of wisdom, some say an artifact, of such power no man could fathom its possibilities. It is said though that the Elves knew how to wield the power, but they denied the very existence of the wisdom, or artifact if there ever was such a thing. The Aronians somehow got to know how they could harness the power and even use it as a weapon. The Gods, not really happy with this development, decided that the Aronians should be brought to a halt. They flooded their island and only a few could escape. The mighty island of Aronia was swallowed by the waves and only few mountaintops are poking through the waves displaying ruins of the civilization. This would be known as the Great Collapse.
The few people that survived made it to the continent of Roawia and founded a new place where they could start over again: Lico Aronis, which means as much as New Aronia . Over the centuries they shortened it to Licaronia the small island at the west coast of Loreos. The story goes that a smuggler used his seamanship to guide them through the many maelstroms that were forming in and around the sinking island Aronia. He is honored by the blue crystal he took from one of the many temples that sunk in to the deep sea. The captain who lead the small armada of surviving Aronians to Roawia is honored by the presence of a red crystal because of the ship he sailed most of his life, the Red Ruby. The last of the Aronians claim they saw a hooded figure on top of their highest mountain. Some think he was the King of the Gods others say he was the Elven King but they knew he was the one they should fear. Therefore they pray to him and hope he won’t lay them to ruin once more. The Smuggler is prayed to for wisdom and commerce, while the Captain is prayed to for safety and health. Over time the people of Licaronia sailed to the coast of Roawia and took with them their beliefs and rituals. Therefore through most of Loreos the Smuggler, Captain and Stranger are worshipped by the Loreesi.

The Garhim as well as the Highlandfolk that live in the Airgid Corónaigh in Lenfald have many gods they prey to. But above all there is Lothoric the Eagle, the highest of Gods. It was him who created his children: Orthor the Wild, who some claim was more beast than man they pray upon him when they go out hunting to become one with the animals. Fyrla the Frozen, who is at all times surrounded by a freezing atmosphere, creating ice where ever she passes water, who is prayed upon to secure a mild winter. Dragor the Tempered, whose flaming personality led to the creation of Dragons, they pray to him before going in to battle and to keep the cold outside during the harsh winters. Taurlund the Wise, who is credited to inventing the runes and a sense of logic found in nature everywhere. Mrothwind the Cunning, always wearing his black robe, blacker than the night sky and yet made from the purest of fabrics, spun wires of ice. He is a master spy and not well loved by his siblings. He is prayed upon seldomly and mostly by outlaws. And last there is Eldmar the Claw, the most loved by all of his siblings and in favor of inheriting the Throne of Gods when his father passes. He is prayed upon before every meal and every ceremony together with his father, because it was him who defeated the Wrothling King at the great Battle of Fallen Spears. He travels everywhere with his wolf Acknif and wields a great spear made of a branch of the Mortlunk Tree, the three where the Throne of the Gods has been cut out.
During the beginning of time it was Lothoric who created his children out of the pillars of the Great Halls of Borglyf. His children soon began creating things of their own, such as paintings and sculptures. Lothoric saw this and decided he wanted to give these creatures life as he once did with his own children. Seeing how much bigger a place he needed to house all these creations, however, he decided to make a world where all these creatures could live. He gave his children the job to make something, an orb, big enough to house all the creation they made so far. They did so and so the world was created, named Deil-Aranquil. Orthor planted the animals as wolfs, snowcats, bears and almost everything with fangs and claws. Fyrla made sure to have as much water on the orb as possible, to temper her husbands, Dragor, fiery personality. Dragor made sure there was fire to bring light and heat to the animals. Taurlund missed something and thought that they needed a negative for every positive, a bit like Fyrla opposed to Dragor. He created all the other animals and also trees because he liked the color green. Taurlund is the main God to the Lenfald, only there he goes by the name of Aldrin. Mrothwind contributed nothing to the world, except hatred amongst his siblings. He was found mostly in the deep caves underneath the forests and deep inside the mountains. Eldmar helped all of his siblings with their creations and contributed a spirit among them to remain a family as long as possible. A rift soon emerged however between Mrothwind, Dragor and the rest.
Mrothwind persuaded his brother Dragor to create creatures full of his fiery personality, yet with the strength of the world and thus the Dragons were born. They were used as a weapon against the other children, and resulted in the War of Elements. The War was won by Eldmar, Orthor and Fyrla and Dragor was banished to the Bear Jaw Mountains along with his Dragons. There he remains as the Dragon Keeper, once in a while sending his Dragons in to the real world, to see what’s happening there.
Mrothwind saw a chance to escape and in the depths of the world he plotted revenge. It was in the deep caves that he created a creature vile and rotten: the Wrothling. He made an army and appointed a King to rule the Wrothlings. He sent his Army against his siblings, but what he did not know is that Eldmar asked his father for advice on how to defeat his brother. Lothoric seeing his favorite son was desperate, created man, as an aide for Eldmar. His own personal army. In Man he embedded the personality of Eldmar, the fire of Dragor and the curiosity of Taurlund. They called the army the Spears of the Children. Many men died the day of the battle, but more Wrothlings were killed and Eldmar thrusted his spear through the hart of the Wrothling King, thus ending the Battle of Fallen Spears. Again Mrothwind escaped and in his fury and rage he cursed his siblings and father. In a feat never before seen he created the stars and planets with them in such a vast space that not even the Children could fathom its size. Mrothwind is still amongst the stars, hiding and running from his siblings. Eldmar and Orthor still hunt him down as kan be seen in the Starsigns The Beast and The Warrior. Taurlund remained on the Planet and started to teach Man his knowledge. Fyrla wanted to remain close to her exiled husband so she too stayed on Deil-Aranquil visiting her beloved every hundered years, for he would not let her break his exile.
That is the history of the world as told by the old Garhim scripts.

Lenfald believes in the wood spirits. They are herded by Aldrin, the sacred being the Lenfel call Féantúri. He is not only worshipped by men but more prominently by Elves. It is believed that Aldrin gave the Elves the gift of long life and of knowledge. Also it was him who gave them a writing, runes, which they perfected and made in to their own Elven language. Aldrin is found in the soul of every living being and therefore Lenfel respect every living being as an equal. Except for the being they call Druic. These creatures are created by Daedeloth, with the sole purpose of raving havoc upon Deil-Aranquil. In the end of times it is said that Féantúri will harness all the power from the energy of souls an vanquish the Druic along with Daedeloth. The Elves still hold certain ceremonies, but the Lenfel themselves don’t anymore. They are however in peace with the forests and live with the world not in it. Scolars now believe that the person of Aldrin, commonly known by his Elvish name Féantúri,is actually the garhim God Taurlund. Since Taurlund above else loved the woods and the animals that lived therein. He is credited by creating the Elves which he taught everything he knew. Scolars also believe that the being of Daedeloth is actually Mrothwind the Cunning, trying to take the world for himself.

I hope this is the informatin you have been looking for, if not, well, ask me a better question!

Hey guys,

Since there was a question about it in the FAQ thread, I decided to ask the rest of the KC once more what we should do with the religions in Roawia. The stories I posted above were written down in the beginning of the LCC but I didn't post them yet because I did not hve approval from the KC. We decided however that due the fact that many of the LCC participants are religious and would not nescessarily agree with this, I could post it as unofficial. So this is mainly to help you if you need inspiration in your build or as a basis to get started with one. It will however not be part of the official lore or be used in official challenges. So I repeat: these are NOT the official religions of Roawia, but if you need it, you can certainly use them :)


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Re: LCC-Unofficial Religions of Roawia.

Postby pyro guy » Tue Mar 26, 2013 2:22 am

Thanks man. This is just what I was looking for. :D
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