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Forum guidelines

PostPosted: Tue Apr 16, 2013 2:09 am
by Bruce N H
Welcome to the newly re-titled Roleplay and LEGO gaming forum. This forum is for topics related to:
-Role playing games like LCC or CCRP - please note - the LCC is renamed the LOR and has moved
-Heroica and other LEGO-produced games
-LEGO video games
-Any other use of LEGO in gaming

Some guidelines:
-Note that general discussion of video games is not included on the list above. I know we've been a little lax on that in the past, but we'll try to keep a closer eye on that.
-Also notice that I didn't include MOCs based on games in that list. E.g. if you built a MOC version of Link from Legend of Zelda, that would probably best fit in the castle MOCs forum (or the customs forum if it involved customizing). MOCs based on non-castle games (e.g. your latest Halo MOC) would go in general LEGO. OTOH, a playable game built out of LEGO could go here, as being a 'use of LEGO in gaming' - for instance, I've seen a couple of great LEGO versions of the Settlers of Cataan game board. Playable chess sets would be another instance of this sort of thing. Or you could always post MOCs in either the Castle MOCs or General LEGO forums, whichever fits best.
-Cross-posting - As discussed in this thread, we certainly encourage you to post any MOCs in the MOC forum, even if they are related to the LCC or other RPGs. When you post there, be sure to give a proper description and context for the MOC, as people reading that forum may not be familiar with the RPG.

Thank you,
CC staff

Re: Forum guidelines and LCC table of contents

PostPosted: Tue Apr 16, 2013 2:09 am
by Bruce N H
Please note - the LCC, now called the Lands of Rowia, has moved. I will leave this TOC up for historical reasons, but for active LCC/LOR roleplay, please follow that link.

Thank you,

LCC Table of Contents

Welcome to those of you who have come here to join in the Lands of Classic-Castle, or LCC. If you want to learn more, you should first check out this thread:
LCC General Information and FAQ
You can ask questions in that thread, and also take part in the ongoing:
Lands of Classic-Castle - Discussion Thread
Once you've checked out what's going on, you're ready to join in. Proceed over to the:
LCC signup
Note that when you sign up, you'll be asked to join one of the four factions, representing different regions of the world. Each group has their own activities and discussion threads:
Garheim Official Faction Thread
Lenfald Official Faction Thread
Loreos Official Faction Thread
Outlaws Official Faction Thread
Once you've become established as a citizen of a faction, you might then want to take up a trade, and enter one of the guilds - heroes, masons, merchants and mages - which cross borders and are found throughout the world. These have their own challenges and ranks. You can learn more about these in the:
LCC Guild Hall - Information and Submission thread
MOCs that have been created for the LCC have been gathered in one place for your perusal:
Lands of Classic Castle Flickr group
Also, each of the factions has their own private Flickr group. You must be a faction member to see these. Links are here:
Reminder about LCC Flickr Groups

LCC Story Line Summary

Thanks for joining in, and play well!

Re: Forum guidelines

PostPosted: Tue May 13, 2014 4:03 pm
by Bruce N H
Hey all,

Here are some helpful links for those interested in Castle-themed LEGO gaming:

Lands or Rowia - collaborative roleplay previously known as the LCC, now found on Merlin's-Beard
Guilds of Historica - collaborative roleplay on Eurobricks
Lands of Mythron - collaborative roleplay on MOCpages
BrickWars - site devoted to tabletop LEGO war gaming (from ancient to sci-fi, including castle)