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LCC - Free Build - Return to Ithil

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LCC - Free Build - Return to Ithil

Postby SirAidan » Wed May 15, 2013 1:42 am

LCC Free Build - Return to Ithil by SirAidanofLoreos, on Flickr

The Journal of Sir Aidan of Ithil: Part II
After our unexpected encounter at the border watchtower, I decided to go back to Ithil and make it secure against Lenfel attack. I was worried, as any major attack headed toward Toberg would have to pass directly nearby, and Ithil is less defensible than some larger towns.
So we rode directly home, sparing no time. Fortunately, all was as it should be, and we rode directly in. I proceeded to summon all of the Ithilen Guard to decide on a plan of defense in case of attack. Before we were ready, though, a messenger on an exhausted and sweaty horse arrived…

The messenger rode through the gate of Ithil, both he and his horse breathing hard. He dismounted as he reached the group of armed men just inside.


Sir Aidan stepped forward. “I will take it.”
“This message is for Sir Aidan only.”
Aidan smiled slightly. “I am he.”
The knight smiled at the messenger’s look of surprise at the youth of the one for whom he bore the message. Despite his surprise, the messenger quickly handed the sealed letter over. “I come from Lord Tathan.”


Aidan ripped open the letter and read it. He looked up to the messenger.
“I will answer his call.” He looked to one of his men. “Fetch a fresh horse.” He turned back to the messenger. “Return to Lord Tathan with this message: I will ride south with a group of men, and will expect to meet him within a few days.” The messenger nodded as a horse was led up to replace his nearly spent one.


“I will return in haste. For the glory of Loreos!” With that galloped away. Aidan wasted no time.
“Ready to ride! We ride south to meet the forces of Lord Tathan, and aid his attack on Lenfald.” He turned to his right hand man, Cole. “I am leaving you in control of Ithil with a detachment of men. If Lenfald attacks, fight if you must, but do not waste life. If there is no chance of holding them back, flee to Toberg.” He turned to the young man who had brought the horse for the messenger. “Bring me parchment.”
When the man returned with parchment, he quickly wrote a message, and sealed it with his ring. “Ride south to Toberg, and deliver this to Master Benjamin Toft. Inside is a request for sanctuary in the case of attack from Lenfald, and also the pledge of what men are here.”


He finally turned to the men who remained. “I know you are tired and in need of a good meal and nights rest, but we must leave with haste. Say your goodbyes and then ready to ride. We leave ere the sun sets.”
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For the glory of Loreos!
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