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LCC moc index

PostPosted: Wed May 22, 2013 4:42 am
by Crazycrownieguy
Hey guys, so I decided that it's about time we got a moc index to keep track of all of the amazing LCC builds that have spawned from this project.
I will be giving each faction a post in this thread, because if I did just one post, it would be huge. Also I will be able to organize by builder, instead of just lumping all of the builds from each particular faction into it's designated spot.
Now, this will be an ongoing project (well duh) until LCC either ends, or if I am unable to update it anymore, at which point, I'm sure someone else will end up taking over. I plan on updating the list twice a month, though it may end up being once a month, because I do have a very busy life, so I not sure I will be able to do twice a month very often, but I will try.
I would like to keep comments to minimum, so no meaningless comments, like "hey dude this is so cool!"#1 or "hey man, can you add my new build to list?"#2
#1. This thread is for keeping track of the huge amount of LCC builds, that are out in the moc forum, so I really don't want comments on how cool this is or other similar, meaningless chatter.
#2. As I said above, I will only update this thread twice a month at most, so please, no comments asking me to add your build that you just posted, to the list, it is a waste of my time to update the list for one build. But, if I happen to miss your build in a update, then please, PM me with a link, and I will make sure it makes it into the next update.


P.S. The lists for Garheim, and Lenfald, will be up by sunday, and the lists for Loreos and the Outlaws, should be up by the following sunday.

LCC moc index: Garheim

PostPosted: Wed May 22, 2013 4:57 am
by Crazycrownieguy
I will add builds soon, I just wanted to get the list over with.


Angus the Bold aka (Brother Steven)
Angus braves the storm
Brother Steven visits the fort
The siege of Rothburg
Sir Angus' band
The Rothburg mines
Tundra geyser
A feast at the great hall of Rothburg
Sir Angus feeds the poor
Double attack!!
Dogsled race
Sir Angus' childhood home
Sir Angus finds the sword
Watchtower of Rothburg
One year contrast
The arch of Ran Gor
Cave bears!
Mikithdar goverment arsenal
The battle of snake river
A quiet getaway
The battle of fort Quzar

Kroth Stonegrinder aka (gurusql)
Cave living
Ice fishing
Havenhill feast
The robbery
Leaving Havenhill
Mouth of the Dragansruth river
Dragansruth river cure
Bandits on the way to Rothburg
Repairs during the race
Dreams of freedom and unity
Havenhill in ruin
Battle with the serpent
Agmund's hidden lair
The search for King Karlamac's sword
The black watchtower
Presenting to Jhirian Eindrik
The Krokrslenta
Dire wolf hunt
The new ballista
The battle of Mushroom hill
Operation: mincemeat, and rebuilding the wall
Battle at the gates of Granhaven

Leif Thorstein aka (Eklund)

Svea Oresund aka (konze)

Rufus Song aka (Crazycrownieguy)

Rayth Wul0fsbayne aka (AK_Brickster)

Athalus of Southcliff aka (Athalus)

Ingvar aka (Daken the Bladesmith)

Slikver Ayleth aka (Tastymuffins)

Sir Tharkin Oakstar aka (Sir Tharkin)

Jaykob Tannerson aka (andhe)

Sir Cedric Archer aka (Ronin Dragonslayer)

Lodi Winrun aka (RichardAM)

Mattias Strongarm aka (Mattias)

Berengar the Hunter aka (Berengar)

Grey Hammershot aka (Blaze Ryder)

Njordson Grimslayer aka (jedirimlighter)

Nigus "Mac" MacGreaves aka (Azaghal)

Marykk Torennson aka (EmperorMarkusI)

Piotrek Lodowicz aka (Sniezka)

Reahon Greamfor aka (ODSTalex)

Jarl Fenrison aka (SPACE MARINE)

LCC moc index: Lenfald

PostPosted: Wed May 22, 2013 4:58 am
by Crazycrownieguy

I will add the member list later

LCC moc index: Loreos

PostPosted: Wed May 22, 2013 4:59 am
by Crazycrownieguy

I will add the list of members later

LCC moc index: Outlaws

PostPosted: Wed May 22, 2013 5:00 am
by Crazycrownieguy

I will add the member list later