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GC4 The Capture of Mark of Falworth.

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GC4 The Capture of Mark of Falworth.

Postby Mark of Falworth » Tue Jun 11, 2013 1:53 am

To better explain this thread. GC4 - The War, A Major Development
I've placed the multiple pictures and stories together of Mark's capture so as to be much easier to understand. :)

May this be your last Battle!

Mark of Falworth gazed across the waves of Everlyn's Tears Lake.

Mark wondered why anyone would give such a beautiful expanse of water such a poor sounding name...

But Mark was not here to see the lake. Mark's target lay on the opposite shore... Stonewald, the huge capital of Lenfald, could be seen in the distance.
Mark had, with his army, crushed his way right through the heart of Lenfald,
leveling strong castles and sending thousands to an early grave.
He and his battered forces would try to win one more battle in front of the very gates of the city.
Mark was alone, scheming as to how he could draw the Lenfels from the walls into the open where the remnant of his cavalry could act to best advantage.

Mark's thoughts were interrupted when, with a tremendous rumble, the cliff he stood upon suddenly lurched, rocked, and shivered beneath him.
Mark whirled around to find himself staring at the teeth of a monstrous dragon!
Mark beheld with horror the largest creature he had ever seen. The black beast eyed him menacingly, and emitted a growl so deep it shook Mark to the core from 20 feet away.
Before Mark could utter a sound
the fantastically attired rider called out.

"I've got you now Mark of Falworth!"

"It seems you have the advantage of me, Sir. And to whom do I have the pleasure of speaking?"

"I am Eðelborn, Champion of Lenfald."

"Self-proclaimed no doubt...
Well, Eðelborn, what would you like to speak to me about?"

"Do not trifle with me, Loreesi!
I've come to..."

"That is quite a fine beast you have there!"

"...I will not be interrupted!"

"Where on earth did you find him? I've traveled the world for a long time and never seen anything to rival him. "

Bewildered and frustrated by the questions, the Lenfel replied.

"I read the ancient scrolls, and they told me I would find a cave north of the spearheads of Garheim. I found him in an icy slumber. And by building a great fire I awoke him to save all of Roawia!"

"Ah! Then you believe as I do that the evil Lord Triphan must be deposed!"

"Your impertinence is almost unbearable, Loreesi!
It is your kind who will be the doom of the land!"

"Oh that is too bad, I had hoped we could come to an agreement..."

"Resistance is futile!"

"I've slain dragons before, you know..."

"Fooling one young inexperienced dragon does not make you fit to beat the mightiest of mortals!
Why, with one claw this dragon could..."

"Tut tut! There's no need to be vulgar, Lenfel. But if you are as you say, "Champion of Lenfald"
why do you fight me from atop a dragon? Are you afraid of being beaten by a pampered Loreesi?"

"NO! I will not give you the slightest chance of escape! You must be brought to face your crimes!"

"Then you'll have to fish me out of the lake, you infectious hedge-born clotpole!"

And with that... Mark hurled himself of the cliff!


Mark of Falworth blacked out after he hit the water. Minutes later, he was awakened by a blast of hot air on the back of his soaked head.
The monstrous dragon must have dived into the lake right after him!
Mark then realized he was dangling above the waves, his cape firmly gripped in the clenched teeth of his adversary.

Mark was very glad his cloak was attached to his armor and not his throat.
He was also relieved to find himself still alive.
But then he realized how this posture must be ruining his mantle...

This WAS my best cape!!
Argh! It is not to be helped..."

The beast replied with a snort that almost took off Mark's head.
Then, with enormous strength, the dragon raised himself from the waves, and spreading his massive wings, he was soon hundreds of feet in the air.

Mark couldn't help but smile at his most inglorious situation.

Well done! You've got your prized captive, Lenfel. Though, I must admit, I'm not used to being so roundly chastised...

Mark turned his head to see Eðelborn's reaction.

But he was nowhere to be seen.

The dragon circled the cliff where they had fallen, no doubt searching for his absent master.

Finally with a snarl of disappointment, the mighty beast soared across the lake, and the city of Stonewald came into view...


Mark of Falworth awoke to see the wooden rafters of a ceiling.

Looking around he found himself in a small, sparsely furnished room with one stained-glass window and a strongly built door.

Rising and moving to the door he found it was securely locked, and of immense strength.

Mark took a few steps around the room, "How is it that I find myself here?" he thought to himself.
"I must have passed out from the extreme altitude." He mused

"But that still does not explain where I am now..."

It was then that Mark recognized the style of the woodwork and the shape and color of the window. He had seen architecture like this before...
In the Highlord of Lenfald's palace!

Mark was now quite terrified at the prospect of being a forced guest of his arch-nemesis.

Moving quickly towards the window he was about to bash through headfirst when the door opened suddenly behind him.

Mark whirled around to find three huge steel-clad soldiers with swords drawn!

With nothing more dangerous then a belt buckle about him Mark felt this might be the end...

A Meeting with the Highlord.

When we last left Mark of Falworth he was confronted by three guards, who, instead of attacking him, said,

"The Highlord of Lenfald will see you now, Sir Mark."

Seeing no other viable option, and wanting to disguise his anxiety, Mark cheerfully replied.

"Ah, Excellent! Lead on, good soldier!"

After a short trip through the corridors of the palace, Mark was led into a large, richly decorated room. Mark remembered visiting this very room during the days of the late Highlord Godfrey Wenseclaus II.
But now a different person sat upon the throne, Triphian I.

Only one guard had continued into the room with him and after bowing to the Highlord, announced:

"May I present to you Sir Mark of Falworth, High Councilor of Loreos."

Mark made a respectful nod in the Highlord's direction as Triphian rose from his seat.

"It is good to meet you at last, Sir Mark." The Highlord said lightheartedly. "I finally have a glimpse of the fierce warrior who has torn a gaping hole through my domain!"

Mark smiled.
"It could have been much worse for you...
This palace and all that surround it would be nothing but ashes if you hadn't had the good fortune to remove me from my command."

Triphian laughed.

"The reports of you did not exaggerate! Your optimism and boldness in the face of your great danger is quite admirable."

"May I ask you something, Lord Triphian?"

"Ask away!"

"How is it that I find myself in your palace, when I last remembered careening towards the city in the teeth of a dragon?"

"Aha! That is quite a tale! The mighty beast that brought you here had the great cheek to drop you right on top of a large anti-war protest! As soon as your identity was discovered, complete pandemonium broke out!

Mark's smile widened.
"it must have been quite a scene! I'm only sorry I was unconscious!"

"It was indeed, quite a scene! My men were lucky to get you out unharmed. As the story goes, three battalions of my best troops couldn't restore order, many in the streets are still chanting "Death to Falworth!"

Mark chuckled.
"It seems I've made myself unpopular in these parts..."

Triphan nodded.
"The animosity is not to be unexpected. "The bane of all outlaws" is now "the hammer of the Lenfels"

"Then I suppose you intend to appease the populace by having me drawn and quartered publicly?" Mark reasoned.

"Certainly not! While that action may make me more popular here, the fury of your countrymen would be unparalleled. Loreesi troops still prowl the woods and the best way for us to stop them is to keep you alive and well. So long as your friends stay away, you shall be my guest, if they venture to attack us again your life is forfeit. And they have been made well aware of that.
I have sent a message to your uncle, I hope that by your presence here, we may find a way to end this terrible war."

"I see."

"But until then, you are my honored guest!
I would advise you not to try to escape from the protection of these walls, I wouldn't want anything bad to happen to you outside..."

Mark smiled again.
"I quite agree with you. I have a particular dislike of angry mobs."

"Good, I will see you tonight at the banquet. Farewell, Mark of Falworth."

"Farewell, Lord Triphian."

And with a bow, Mark left the audience chamber...

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