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LCC - GC V - "The Coronation"

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LCC - GC V - "The Coronation"

Postby AK_Brickster » Sun Aug 18, 2013 9:18 pm

"The Coronation"

The Land was bustling with activity; the Lady Galainir had finally been confirmed as the true heir to he throne of Roawia! Never before had a people been so united upon a single wish, their burning desire and commitment to Galainir was ultimately the impetus for the decision of the Leaders to grant her the crown. Celebration feasts were prepared throughout the land, and as a show of thanks for their support, Galainir proclaimed that there would be a grand banquet for any and all who wished to attend. This would occur at the Royal Palace following the coronation ceremony. The leaders of the Factions were to be the guests of honor.

After much anticipation, the day of the coronation finally arrived. Droves of peasants, knights, and lords from across Roawia donned their finest garments and flocked to the palace. It was truly a spectacle to behold. There was an eye-watering assortment of vivid blues and reds, greens and yellow, and even the occasional sparkle of gold. The crowd gaped and gasped in astonishment at the myriad of lavish decorations that adorned the great hall.

Around mid-morning, everyone found their seats and the ceremony began with the trumpeting of gleaming silver horns by the Royal Guard. Galainir, looking utterly majestic and beautiful, sat at the throne as Prince Lorean presented the crown to her (it was decided that he should present, as a good-faith gesture after the speculation that Loreos was behind the assassination of the previous king).

01. Coronation by AK_Brickster, on Flickr

As Galainir placed the crown on her head, she smiled at the shouts of, “Long live the Queen!” that shook the rafters of the royal hall.
The trumpets sounded off again, as the newly-crowned queen exited the hall, followed by the three faction leaders. The room became abuzz with activity, as gossiping guests filed out, and servants began to set up for the celebration banquet.

A few hours later, as the guests began to trickle in and find their seats at the long table, the Queen arrived and took her place at the head of the room, along with Triphian, Lorean, and the Jarl. It appeared that the leaders had perhaps taken it upon themselves to sample some of the wine, for Lorean and Triphian were arm in arm, chucking like a couple of old friends. The normally steady Jhirian seemed to be having an easier time holding his liquor, though even he admittedly did not walk the straightest of paths as he made his way through the crowd.
When the hubbub had finally subsided a bit, Galainir stood up to address the people. “My fellow countrymen, it is with great pleasure that I welcome you all to dine with me and our beloved leaders.” She smiled broadly as she surveyed the multitude of distinguished guests in attendance.

“Let us all enjoy ourselves, for tonight is for you, the people of this great land!” The Queen raised her glass and proclaimed, “For Roawia!”
“For Roawia!” the people chorused back, drinking deeply in salute to their beloved Queen and Country.

02.Feast by AK_Brickster, on Flickr

With that, the feast began! Waiters appeared at the mighty oaken doorway to the hall, laden with dishes of mouth-watering delight. Platters of roast venison supplied by the great huntsman of Lenfald, plates of fresh fish brought by the efficient fishermen of Garheim, and beautifully browned turkeys from the southern grasslands all filled the room with the most delightful of aromas. This truly would be a banquet to remember!
The volume of the room gradually began to rise with talk and laughter, as the people gorged themselves with food, and guzzled wine. The Queen seemed pleased to see everyone so enjoying themselves.
“You must eat, your Majesty!” declared Triphian, whilst gnawing on fat a drumstick with intense fervor.
Prince Lorean joined in, “Yes, have you tried these potatoes? Marvolish!” It was a wonder he could even give such an appraisal, as most of the potatoes seemed to be finding their way down the front of his ruby red robe. Jarl Eindrick, ever stoic, simply chuckled and poured himself another tall glass of wine.

03. Drinking w Queen by AK_Brickster, on Flickr

Suddenly, the sound of barking dogs and a large clamor in the corner of the room drew everyone’s attention. Startled, the crowd looked to the source of the noise.
A moment later, the room’s tense atmosphere dissolved into a roar of uncontrollable mirth! It seemed that one of the guests had become so intoxicated that he had managed to stuff his entire head into one of the large Loressi turkeys!

04. Wolfgang Turkey by AK_Brickster, on Flickr

Someone stumbled over to the door and cracked it open, escorting the dogs out of the room. “Are you alright, good man?” He asked on his way back to his seat. “Errm… yes, just fine!” A coarse but muffled voice came back through the side of the bird. “Just enjoying some of this delicious fowl!”
The raucous din of laughter died back down to a dull roar, as people turned their attention back to their meals, drink, and conversation.
Well on into the night, the people dined on, celebrating their new queen and the prospect of peace that her presence would ensure. A few diners began to doze, head rested on folded arms of the table, happy with food and liquor.
Near midnight, a cool breeze caused the candlelight to flicker, a second loud noise came from the far end of the room. “Goodness man, haven’t you had enough to eat!?” Eklund turned to say to the turkey-headed man in the corner. “Oh!!” He yelled, stumbling backwards in drunkenness at the sight before him.
The room suddenly fell quiet, the cool night air combining with sheer terror to give the entire attendance goose bumps. Somewhere in the room, a woman screamed.

05. Soldiers Enter by AK_Brickster, on Flickr

Through the now-open doorway of the great hall, a darkly clad wizard, with over a dozen formidable-looking men were entering the room. The Royal Guards who had been guarding the entrance did not appear to be anywhere in sight, having been brutally slaughtered, the noise of the conflict drowned out by the din of the feast and the thickness of the mighty doors.

06. Troop Slaughter by AK_Brickster, on Flickr

Shocked, unarmed and too drunk to fight anyway, the crowded room as a whole slunk back from the soldier’s menacing approach. All, that is, save one.....

07. Schmidt by AK_Brickster, on Flickr

Schmidt was having a grand time at the banquet. Never before had he enjoyed such incredible food, but the wine was otherworldly. Never one to pass up free drink, he’d had a few bottles of the stuff by this time, and as always happened with him when he drank, he was getting a bit feisty.
Like everyone else, when the doors burst open, he was caught off guard by the men storming into the room. Unlike the rest of the attendees, his reaction was not fear, but blind rage. As everyone else stepped back, he strode forward. Once he reached the edge of the crowd, he took a deep breath and bravely charged headlong toward the menacing foes, his mind set on protecting his fellow countrymen!

08. Schmidt Charge by AK_Brickster, on Flickr

“FOR ROAAAWWWIIAAAA!!” He shouted, targeting the biggest, meanest-looking intruder, and sprinting forward with all his strength and speed.

Just as he was about to drive his shoulder home into the enemy, the soldier, unencumbered as Schmidt was by several pints of hard liquor, deftly stepped to the side, leaving brave Schmidt, who was expecting to make impact, suddenly off-balance and tripping headlong onto the wooden floor.
In almost the same moment, the soldier took a powerful swing, felling his sword onto the back of Schmidt’s neck, and the tussle was over even before most of the dazed crowd could process what had happened.

09. Schmidt Death by AK_Brickster, on Flickr

As Schmidt’s blood began to mix with the wine that had been spilled on the floor, the crowd parted in terror as the wizard strode straight for the queen! In a show of selfless Garhim bravery, Jarl Eindrik moved to block the wizard’s path, but a commanding voice from the throne platform froze him in his tracks. It was the voice of Galainir.

"Jarl, make way."

Turning their gaze away from the soldiers to the other end of the room, the audience gasped, many rubbing their eyes in an attempt to clear the fog of booze from their vision. There stood Queen Galainir, surprisingly clad in a dark dress and draped in a blood-red and black cape, the result of some sort of enchantment. A shadow seemed to pass over her face, masking her beauty, her eyes gleaming with a yellowish tinge.
The three Faction leaders, utterly amazed, took a step back from the woman with whom they had now seemingly too-hastily invested their trust, and the wizard strode past them, joining the new Queen on the platform.

10. Galainir Speaks by AK_Brickster, on Flickr

In a dark and commanding tone, she began, “Too long have I waited for this moment! To long have I sat in the darkness, as droves of mindless buffoons ran amok across the continent! What have your leaders done to mitigate the violence? What have they done to serve their people? They are unfit to rule, as were those who came before them!
“They turned against my own ancestor, Princess Rosethorn, and banished her on nothing more than trumped up charges. My family has suffered ever since, struggling to survive on that infernal island for generations!
“Fortunately, your foolish plan to “purge” my island worked to my advantage, as I manipulated the campaign from the very start of the invasion. Sabotaging Lenfels here, Loreesi there, making sure that the three factions would blame each other for the mess. This, of course, brought on the inevitable civil war, which granted me the perfect opportunity to return from exile undetected and endear myself to all of you simple-minded fools. Rest assured, I will make you SUFFER for the crimes against my family, just as my family and I have suffered for generations!”

With that, she gestured for the guests to be taken away. Still trying to totally grasp what had happened, they stumbled out, passing Schmidt’s now lifeless body, a reminder that any resistance was futile.

11. People Captured by AK_Brickster, on Flickr

The leaders, too enraged at the incredible betrayal to even find words of protest, were shackled and led off to the highest prison tower in the castle.

12. Leaders Captured by AK_Brickster, on Flickr

Galainir smirked in satisfaction as they exited, her well-laid plans coming to fruition. “Finally, I am the true leader of this land now.” she cackled, her beauty hidden behind the darkness of her intent.
“Maldrake, let’s get this place cleaned up, shall we? Those stumbling pigs have turned my new throne room into a sty!”

The wizard, known as “Maldrake the Silent”, nodded and stepped down to the main floor and began to wave his staff in circles above his head, arcs of energy coursing through the room as he did so. When the clouds of ethereal smoke had cleared, the mess had vanished, and shields adorned with snorting dragons had replaced the existing Royal Lion sigils, banners of red and black now fluttering from the rafters.

13. Room Transform by AK_Brickster, on Flickr

“It is time,” she began, her eyes soulless and devoid of expression, “to put the next phase of my plan into action. Send out troops to occupy every stronghold in Roawia. Make it clear that any resistance will result in the slow torture of their beloved leaders and family members. If the surrender is not immediate and complete, their loved ones will pray for death to save them.”

With that, Maldrake made a deep bow, and exited to carry out her commands.

Up in the prison tower, the rulers of Roawia could only stand and stare at each other, the alcohol and shock combining to cause the room to spin before them. What had just happened?? They could not believe how utterly deceived that they had been. They agreed that Galainir must have used a subtle spell to influence them, as well as the people. Looking around, the cell seemed to be inescapable. They had no choice but to wait to see what would happen in the coming days.

(LCC) In the dungeons of the Queen. by Mark of Falworth, on Flickr

Without saying a word, they shared the same thought; Roawia would soon be plunged into darkness....


IMPORTANT NOTE: If you signed up to attend the ceremony, you are now captured and being held in the castle with the rest of the prisoners. Details regarding what you are to do next are part of GC V (see below)

By virtue of attending, you've also earned a signature banner, which you can proudly display in your profile signature block. (Please make sure you comply with terms of use regarding images in your signature.)


Info on how to add signature banners can be found in the FAQ THREAD

Story by Friskywhiskers and AK_Brickster. MOCs by AK_Brickster and Mark of Falworth.
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Re: LCC - "The Coronation"

Postby AK_Brickster » Sun Aug 18, 2013 9:21 pm


The newly-crowned Queen, Galainir, has proven herself to be treacherous, having imprisoned the leaders of Roawia, along with dozens of knights, nobles, their families, and even outlaws! She has sworn to terribly torture her captives if any resistance is made, and we certainly don't want our leaders to have to go through having their fingernails extracted, so for now, we must comply with her demands.

The Challenge:

Group A: "Escape"

Task: if you signed up to attend the coronation, the figure you sent is now captured (no exceptions, ie "well, it wasn't MY character, it was his body double who was captured", or "my character sneaked out early" are not permitted), and you belong in "Group A". Your challenge is to show your attendee escaping the castle. The emphasis is on stealth, since any direct assault will result in serious harm to the other captives. This applies to outlaws as well, because even if you don't have any real "loyalty" to anyone else being held prisoner, you certainly don't want to anger someone like Burlough by causing his lady-ork to come to harm!

You may escape on your own, or have a little help from the outside. You may NOT do any of the following:
-You may NOT directly liberate anyone else. Escaping in large groups will arouse suspicion.
-You may NOT storm the castle with some overwhelming force or "elite ranger squad". This will surely result in all prisoners being executed.
-You may NOT use magic to escape. Maldrake is extremely powerful, having somehow figured out how to transfer his magic abilities from the Magic Isle. He will surely sense any magic use and is far too dangerous to risk drawing his attention.

Your entry can be a single scene, but I'd encourage you to tell your tale in storyboard fashion, much as we've done with the story above. Three scenes should be plenty to show your escape, and they can utilize the same MOC, or three different MOCs. It's up to you! You are only eligible to participate in "Group A".

Group B: "Seizing Power"

If you did not attend the banquet, you belong in "Group B". With the Queen's armies seizing control of major strongholds all across Roawia, you must show the transition from a peaceful life to one controlled by evil forces. This could be showing surrender of arms to the incoming horde, fleeing with women and children into the countryside, dark armies marching through Roawia, etc. REMEMBER: resistance to the new queen is not wise at this time, as it will result in harm coming to our beloved leaders and family members. Any harm befalling the captives as a result of resistance could result in the deduction of personal status, since you will anger a lot of people if their loved one or faction leader is harmed as a result of noncompliance.

You are only eligible to participate in "Group B".

We purposefully gave Galainir the new dragon faction's sigil because those troops are cheap and readily available, so we encourage you to utilize them if possible. However, you may also use the CMF Evil Knight's boar shield, the KKII Shadow Knights scorpion, Fright Knights, or any troops with a color scheme of black and red to portray her forces.

Determination of Winners:
As in past Global Challenges, once the entry phase is closed, a “finalist” from each faction will be selected by popular faction vote. Since there are two groups, each faction will select a finalist from each group. The finalists from each faction will be entered into a global vote. Finalists should be selected based on the following criteria:

- MOC Quality (this should go without saying)
- Story Telling (LCC is, at it's heart, a series of interwoven stories. Be sure to include at least a short narrative with your MOC)

Whichever faction's finalists receive the most combined votes (Group A + Group B) will be awarded the Global Points for winning the challenge.
Each finalist will receive a prize*, based on how many votes they receive in the final voting round.

*see "personal rewards" section below


Faction Rewards:

Each entry will earn 5 global points for your faction. The faction who wins the final vote earns an additional 10 global points.
The faction who wins this challenge will be featured prominently in an upcoming story development. :eyebrows:

Current faction standings are (GC1+GC2+GC3+GC4 = total):
Lenfald - 45+30+75+80 = 230
Loreos - 40+40+42.5+85 = 207.5
Garheim - 55+45+60 +35= 195
Outlaws - 25+40+32.5+20 = 117.5

Personal Rewards:

Entry into the contest earns you 6 personal points.
Faction Finalists will receive an additional 10 personal points.

Our awesome sponsor from GC IV, Custom Minifig Syndicate (CMS), has returned to again supply prizes for this challenge! In addition, we welcome a new sponsor, "Custom-Crazy", who will also be supplying some goodies, which I've yet to receive details on. :eyebrows:



1st Place: 1 lot of undisclosed 3rd party goodies, approx value $30, supplied by Custom Minifig Syndicate!
2nd Place: A selection of custom items from Custom-Crazy! (TBD)
3rd Place: A selection of custom items from Custom-Crazy! (TBD)
4th Place: A selection of custom items from Custom-Crazy! (TBD)

Additionally, Custom Minifig Syndicate will award a "Sponsor's Choice" mystery prize to an entry of their choosing, regardless of finalist standing or vote tallies!

Please be sure to support our sponsors by checking out their websites and ordering lots of awesome weapons and accessories from them!! :D

Custom Minifig Syndicate (CMS) -
Custom-Crazy -

Deadline: Sept 16th 11:59:59 PST

Questions may be asked in this thread. Entries must be linked in this thread to be considered for points / voting (either a linked image to your full entry thread / Flickr, or just a link). It should be fairly obvious, but please indicate which "Group" your entry is for when submitting your MOC.

Ready, GO!
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Re: LCC - "The Coronation"

Postby mpoh98 » Sun Aug 18, 2013 9:25 pm

What a surprise! I am shocked! Fantastic stories and builds guys! I am pumped for the next GC!

One question, am I in the feast? If not, I have son stuff to post, but if so, cant wait for the next GC!
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Re: LCC - "The Coronation"

Postby AK_Brickster » Sun Aug 18, 2013 9:31 pm

If you signed up, you - or whoever you sent to represent you- is captured, even if your fig didn't get built.

(Schmidt being the obvious exception. Sorry, Schmitty!)
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Re: LCC - "The Coronation"

Postby soccerkid6 » Sun Aug 18, 2013 9:55 pm

Sschmidt is dead :twitch: That was the only part that surprised me, as it seemed somewhat obvious that Galainir was up to no good. I'm looking forward to Global Challenge V :)
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Re: LCC - "The Coronation"

Postby readallaboutit » Sun Aug 18, 2013 10:11 pm

What a thrilling read! It was well paced, with a lot of the humor that I've really come to appreciate in many LCC builds. I went back and forth on whether or not to RSVP for this I feel very fortunate that I decided my character was too recent and lowly in status to attend! Like everyone else, I am very excited for the global challenge - I'm hoping this turn of events will give me more opportunities to use my bandit minifigs, the only soldiers I own besides Garhims.
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Re: LCC - "The Coronation"

Postby Caelan » Sun Aug 18, 2013 10:16 pm

Well I had expected a "coming out" party but I thought we would have an opportunity to escape, and not be used as extortion-torture bait :shock: . My fellow Lenfel's Schmidt's passing is also a bit of surprise (hope there was some prior-planning there :o )

BTW, the only photo viewable as of Sunday at 6:00 pm Eastern Time is #1, all the others are still private on Flickr.
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Re: LCC - "The Coronation"

Postby AK_Brickster » Sun Aug 18, 2013 10:22 pm

Yep, I'll be leaving them private for a whole so as not to spoil the surprise.

And don't worry, we wouldn't kill someone off without their consent ;)
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Re: LCC - "The Coronation"

Postby Brother Steven » Sun Aug 18, 2013 10:25 pm

I knew it!! I KNEW it!!! That dirty female, how dare she capture and kill our leaders! :mad:

(But great job on the story guys! :) )
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Re: LCC - "The Coronation"

Postby Mark of Falworth » Sun Aug 18, 2013 10:32 pm

Dun Dun Dun!

Bad news folks! Party's over. The Queen is evil, as many of you smart-alecks previously thought. ;)
Do not resist or your leaders and friends will be horribly tortured! :twitch:
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Re: LCC - "The Coronation"

Postby ZacharyIslazy » Sun Aug 18, 2013 10:33 pm

Hate to be that guy, but I'm not at all surprised. That's not to say that I'm not excited for the GCV! Great work guys. Oh and sorry Schmidt :( . May you be know across the land as "The Martyr of Rowia".

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Re: LCC - "The Coronation"

Postby AK_Brickster » Sun Aug 18, 2013 10:35 pm

Woah, woah! The leaders aren't dead!! (Yet... :twisted: )

Glad you guys are enjoying the plot twist, even if the general premise was a bit expected. We tried to add some unforeseen twists to it, and I think it turned out well :)
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Re: LCC - "The Coronation"

Postby Andared of Lenfald » Sun Aug 18, 2013 10:37 pm

Okay so I'm pretty much bubbling with excitement over this new GC, as it really presents a unique and thought-provoking storyline thus far.

First off: Sschmidt DIED?? :twitch:

Second: I totally called what was going to happen: (look at my last comment when I address Caelan/Gary the Procrastinator) :lol:

Third: Want. More. Now.
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Re: LCC - "The Coronation"

Postby Rifiröfi » Sun Aug 18, 2013 10:52 pm

Oh my goodness, that evil queen is, well, EVIL!

I really liked how you involved Wolfgang. :) To his defense, he hasn't stuck his head into the turkey because of his drunkness. He wanted to show the new queen his magical abilities by performing the awfully complicated illusion trick "here's the werewolf, where's the werewolf".

Furthermore, the best bits of a turkey are inside of it, so it seems logical to start with them, isn't it? There is an old werewolf saying "he chickened out", which just describes this approach. (there are other versions of the saying, like "he pigged out", but only the mightiest werewolves have been "elephanted out").

So Wolfgang is imprisoned... I am rather curious what happens next.

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Re: LCC - "The Coronation"

Postby theboywarrior » Sun Aug 18, 2013 11:09 pm

I was in favor of the Queen! :cry: What is this trickery! When Shieldbury hears of this, the finest warriors will march on the capitol! To arms, my countrymen! We must revolt! :mad:

In all seriousness, fantastic story, and great builds! I don't necessarily appreciate the fact that the great Sir Marius, Captain of Shieldbury, is drunk and locked in a cell, but what happens happens.
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