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LCC- Why did you choose your Faction?

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Re: LCC- Why did you choose your Faction?

Postby Mark of Falworth » Mon Mar 17, 2014 12:59 am

Sir Erathor wrote: Those builders were Mark Erickson.....

GyustSil wrote:I found LCC quite by accident. One year ago, I guess, I decided to search from LEGO Catle on Google, and came across Mark Ericson (Mark of Falworth) gallery. I have simply found it amazing...

mpoh98 wrote:I remember how I first found LCC. I found Mark Erickson on MOCpages, and was totally awed by his creations....

gid617 wrote:....It was mostly through Mark of Falworth's builds that I discovered LCC......

Buurli wrote:......Mark was a great inspiration for me, so I liked to be in the same guild as he is.

Andared of Lenfald wrote:I found out about the LCC by Mark of Falworth.....

Gavin of Lockwood wrote:I found out about LCC through Mark of Falworth, as many have I imagine.......

Wow! Cool to hear that I've helped to bring so many cool builders together! ;)

Great Topic! Well, I was one of the guys who helped start this thing years ago. I wanted to join whichever faction had red guys with a lion emblem. I was initially disappointed when wobnam suggested (in the KC) that the red guys get the desert... But I looked into some of the desert/eastern medieval history and suddenly I was really interested and I saw some serious build potential. I took off from there!

I few things I've noticed is that once people decide to join a faction they tend to really enjoy it and become very patriotic. :)
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Re: LCC- Why did you choose your Faction?

Postby tsone » Wed Mar 19, 2014 2:45 pm

So, I didn't know Mark of Falworth before I heard about LCC. :o
I'm a member of the german board "Imperium der Steine", but most od the MOCs there are about Star Wars. So, one of the best builders I know is part of IdS, too - Disco86, our new Master Builder.
I remember one of his older posts which says "I'd like if you join LCC, but you have to join Lenfald".
Sorry, Disco, I didnt. :)
I looked after my Castle sets.
I like that theme since I heard about it, but I never bought sets. But fortunately I had got three big moving boxes (I hope this word exists :D) of a relative and there were some Fright Knights and Dragon Masters - my favourite factions of classic sets.

I hadn't figures for Lenfald and not enough for Loreos or Garheim. I really liked the outlaws because they are free and they can't lose a war because they aren't a country with borders or structure. And I like black.
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Re: LCC- Why did you choose your Faction?

Postby Mattiusxavier » Thu Mar 27, 2014 4:05 pm

Well...I joined Loreos originally for one reason and one reason alone. Mark made me do it. LOL

Okay Okay...he didn't exactly make me...he persuaded me with information and explanations as to why Loreos was the best fit. At first I didn't agree because I was told the land was an arid desert...but over time Mark said "Its not all desert...a big chunk is grassland and other regions that are diverse". He also explained the fundamentals of LCC, why Loreos was unique over the other factions because of its diversity of regions and also how the style of the faction seemed to be in with the direction I was going. Not only that he was preaching to a Prairie boy about the Prairies of Loreos and frankly that sold me then and there...even though I had at the time plenty more Crownies than Lion Knights...but the Priaire was pulling at my heart strings and that was the ticket for me.
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Re: LCC- Why did you choose your Faction?

Postby BrianofBrick06 » Wed Aug 13, 2014 5:50 am

OHHHH now THIS is so great. I've been wavering on the rebuilding process and frustrated from the idea of starting from nothing, but this whole faction thing is so inspirational. Is this a long standing group game? I'm only curious because if it is I think I've found the only remaining bit of inspiration I need to rebuild a lego collection. I'm just making sure that I don't start tomorrow and this turns out to be an old game that people are starting to lose interest in. FURTHERMORE, am I allowed to play along with you good folk? I mean, I don't have anything to offer at this point, but id like to be a part of it-and of a faction. Assuming I'm allowed to participate...could someone elaborate on the specifics of what types of minifigs fit into each of the four armies? Id rather not buy minifigs---when I can---later to find out I've been collecting wrongly for whatever group I'm allowed to be in....for example, I think either a lion knight type army or a forest based army seem most appealing to me at first glance but I'm just curious what fits into the categories specifically- id like to go headstrong in support of whatever group I'm allowed to be in/whatever group wants me so id like to help out as best as I can as I begin the rebuilding stages......thanks for your time everyone.
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Re: LCC- Why did you choose your Faction?

Postby Brickninja » Wed Aug 13, 2014 1:54 pm

You totally should join, as long as you join Garheim. But, it's no longer taking place here, it's moved over to the similar forum at :)
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