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Classic-Castle Roleplay: October

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Classic-Castle Roleplay: October

Postby Lord_Of_The_LEGO » Fri Oct 01, 2004 5:37 pm

Greetings, Roleplayers!

Additions to the continuing epic should be posted here. Any questions regarding the CCRP should be posted in this thread.

Let the adventure continue!
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Postby Lord_Of_The_LEGO » Fri Oct 01, 2004 6:01 pm

Formendacil wrote:"Dragon Masters," said Sir Dractor briefly. "The chance seems better to me. And we might be able to help our cause by aiding those loyal to Lord Void, should the opportunity arise on our way."

"Now, we just need Radjar and Graygon to come back, and we can get going," said Fraun.

Grid: H-9
Location: Entering Dragon Master land

It had been several days since the confrontation between Graygon and Radjar. Neither were talking to one another, and each took every chance they could get to glare at each other. Sir Dractor and the Stormspear twins had given up on trying to get them to talk civily to one another, but Rosa refused to be defeated. She walked between them, coming up with all kinds of conversation topics, vying for their mutual attention. Her plan was failing. Graygon would not talk to Rosa when Radjar was present, and Radjar would not talk to Rosa when Graygon was present. Rosa decided if they would refuse to talk to each other, she would not allow them to talk to her, either. When one or the other found her alone, she clamped her mouth shut and would not say a word.

Sir Dractor, for his part, thought the entire act was getting childish. He found it odd that while he, a forigner, was trying to save Dametreos, three natives of this land were scrabbling among themselves like children.

After one particually violent agrument between Radjar and Graygon, Radjar stalked off in a fury to brood by himself.

Suddenly, Radjar heard marching...

Peering over the side of one of the rocks, he spotted a company of Cavaliers, emblazoned with the mark of the Cross Knights.
"Hurm." he whispered. "Cross Knights in the back country..."
They were on a dusty road flanked by two columns of endless trees, save for one mottled and worn wooden sign that, written in long-dried, overly fanciful letters, read Fasburg: 2 Miles. Radjar looked closer at the Cross Knight company. At their head, a soldier stood in full silver armor, extravagant Cavalier helmet propped open. He had aristrocratic features; High cheekbones and ice-cold blue eyes. Whisps of fair hair were fluttering in the breeze, barely visible against his pale face. Radjar could tell he must've been some sort of noble, but the one beside him was obviously the leader. He had the same silver armor and attire, as well as helmet, save for a crimson cape and epaulettes. He had high cheekbones as well, and piercing eyes and a forked beard.
Radjar dashed back to the group, through the brush.
"All of you... there's a company of Cavaliers... And they're headed for a nearby village."

Graygon turned away, glowering. Sir Dractor looked up.

"Cavaliers? From the Yellow Castle?"

Radjar nodded. "They might be able to aid us, if they are friends fleeing from BloodVaine..."

Keavur shook his head. "We have no way of knowing they are foes of the necromancer. BloodVaine is powerful, he would be able to mask his allies to appear as Cavaliers and my brother and I would not be able to detect it."

Rosa said firmly, "We should continue onward, the more we delay, the longer it will take to reach the Ninjas."

Sir Dractor agreed. "We should clear out fast and get to the Dragon Master land as soon as possible. I'll take the rear and wipe out our track, we don't want to take any chances..."

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Postby Daimyo » Fri Oct 01, 2004 8:19 pm

Location: Gates of Farsburg.

Lucius Van Demorte sat astride his white war-horse, blue eyes gleaming with a thirst for blood. Behind him were forty of the finest Cross Knights, equipped for battle and specially named by The Imperial Princep Aezazel to desolate any village deemed unloyal to his Sovereign. And very much so this was what he intended to do.
Standing at the gates two sentries rushed up to meet the soldiers. Lucius pulled out his sword and spurred his horse. The silver blade was wetted with crimson blood as he hacked into one of the sentries, then turning to the other and slitting his throat.
"Open the gates," he ordered coldly.
The Cavaliers slammed into the oaken doors, slamming them onto the ground. Immediately the affair dissolved into chaos as the Cavalier men slaughtered the City Guards. Entrails spilled onto the ground before Lucius as he dismounted. The captain, a young fellow who seemed to be fighting the best, charged at him.
"Ah... A sporting prize, hmm, indeed..." Lucius sneered, holdign his sword defensively as the soldier charged screaming. The captain got near and for a split-second he lifted the sword over his head... This was Lucius' chance. With one hard blow Lucius threw his arm strength into one sweeping motion. The shiver of steel hitting bone at such strength jolted up Lucius' arm... he loved that feeling. The captian's head tumbled onto the ground, a lifeless corpse hitting it soon after.
Lucius looked around. Farsburg had been purified.

"Alright Kif, let's show these freaks what a bloated, runaway military budget can do"
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Postby Lord_Of_The_LEGO » Fri Oct 01, 2004 11:25 pm

Lord_Of_The_LEGO wrote:Bjarn, once again occuping the box reserve for the Elk Man, rose and said in a booming voice, "Greetings, factions of Dametreos. We are here are to discuss a plan of attack on the necromancer BloodVaine and his minons and allies."

Grid: M-8
Location: Forge, Drullen Bell Keep

Rodurik was not at the council of war. He had his own duty. Streaked with sweat, wearing nothing save trousers and his blacksmith's rope, the dark-skined Crusader pounded away at section of metal, shaping and reshaping, until the lump had been tranformed into an carefully molded breastplate. They weren't the prettiest Rodurik had made, but he wasn't making these armors for a presentation, he was making them to withstand a battle.

Trad, his son, worked beside him, fetching hammers and contantly slaping a wet rag across Rodurik's bare back to keep him cool. A Wolfpack member also assisted, keeping the fire well stocked with wood. Wood was a rarity now it the Forestdweller Factions, but already a flatboat and many interior tables had been sacrificed for a greated cause.

The tables would not last long, however, and so a daring expedition into Black Falcon land was underway. The Black Falcons had plety of trees, thanks to their protective barrier they had set up prior to the Great Wildfire, and all the Black Falcons were busy gloating over the defeated Royals and Classic LEGOlanders to be bothered to watch thier borders carefully.

Fifty-six breastplates made so far. Many more needed. It would be a long night.


Grid: O-22
Location: Bull Isle

Gerrik was preparing for bed when two sharp knocks resounded from the oak door. Gerrik, cursing, pulled his pants back on and called, "Come in!"

A young female Bull entered. "M'Lord Gerrik," she said breathlessly, "The ships Fleetwood and Barbarian Blood have returned. Peter McSornely carries grave news from the north!"

Gerrik surged forward. "Where is Lord Barbod, what has happened to the Rose Marie and Bull's Revenge??"

"I don't know M'lord, Peter wishes to speak with you immedietly!"

Gerrik rushed out of his room. Thoughts raced though his head Has Barbod died, were the other two ships lost? Not looking where he was going, he ran straight into Peter.

Not appollgising, Gerrik snapped out, "Report, soldier, now!"
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Postby lemon_squeezer2 » Sat Oct 02, 2004 1:28 am

Location: Glondur

It had only been two days, but for Frederick it had seemed like years. The wind had died down, but the Black Knight galley sped along just the same, no thanks to those chained to the oars. For now though, they were at rest for the ship had reched its destination: Glondur.

The rowers were given an extra ration of food and water that morning, and many expected to go out to sea again, following a seemingly endless and hopeless exsistence where the world was confined to the immediate vicinity of the ship. That afternoon though, the knight with the white plume came aboard with a scowl on his face. After talking awhile with a few of his officers, he turned to the unfortunates at the oars.
"It would seem this war is more serious than I thought. Half of you will come with me - there is hard work to be done." The man pointed to Frederick. "You especially. The irony is too great. A Black Falcon to be working against his own country", he chuckled. Frederick found himself being unchained along with some fifty others. Lined up in a row on the warf, the Black Knight addressed them.
"My name is Peter. I will be overlooking your work. Previously I have been lax, but now you will find your labors redoubled. We are to march to a location undisclosed to you, and we will aid those who are at this moment fighting those" he cast a dirty look at Frederick - "Falcons", spitting out every syllable with contempt.
"Now move!" We have a long walk ahead of us."

Peter mounted a horse that was standing there and led the group. Frederick soon saw that any chance of escape was unlikely for some ten other mounted Black Knight soldiers arranged themselves to the rear and the sides. "This is a far cry from what I expected" he thought to himself. "At least the war is well under way - from how that Peter sounded, the situation must be good. I might be freed within the next day or two"
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Postby lemon_squeezer2 » Sat Oct 02, 2004 1:48 am

Day 2 of the siege

The situation was far from ideal for both sides. The previous day had been bad for the Falcons. First, two of the tunnelers had been shot when they came too close to the walls, forcing Randolph to draw them back farther. Then, some of the pre-cut pieces for the siege equipment had not been formed properly and as a result, only half of the expected equipment had been set up. Furthermore, a group of Black Knights had made a sortie, and killed a few dozen Falcons burning some of the seige equipment as they drew off. The previous night, a group of Black Falcons had gone to the moat in attempts to fill it up, but before they had filled a few feet, one of them had fallen in the water, alerting the Black Knights who drove them off with arrows, rocks, and a few well-aimed javilins.

Today seemed to be going much better though. Eight of the trebuchets had been set up, and they were directing a continuous bombardment on the walls. One well placed hit had even plowed though a section of the battlements, killing some 12 Black Knights who had at that moment been there. The tunneling was making progress, and four large siege towers were being constructed as planned. Frederick looked over the situation.The Black Falcons had to take the city - and he would make sure of that.
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Postby The Green Knight » Sat Oct 02, 2004 9:43 pm

Gib was in some kind of trouble. Or maybe I should say that some kind of trouble was in him. I don't how he must have felt. I have never been possessed you see, but from what Gib told me I can gather that it wasn't very fun.

It was torture. Pure and utter torture. There was the pain of course. Every moment Gib felt like he was dying. Like he was being engulfed in fire or had been stricken with an unbearable illness. It piled upon him, filling every inch of him with an empty deadness. But that wasn't the worst of it. Under the pain and within the fire surrounding him, was a terrible sense of evil. It was like Gib had been cut off from every good thing. Even his memories of such things, now faded into darkness. Already Gib had lost his sense of sight. His eyes, now rolled back in his head, only served to add to the demons terror. His ears however, were working fine. This is what he heard:

"Ah Aezazel, It is good to have you back. Though what is this new instrument you have found?"

"It was a man named Gib before I took him. With it's help I was able to infiltrate the councils of the enemy and learn their plans."

"And what news of the battle? Have you crushed the last of those Bulls?"

"No. As a matter of fact we were utterly defeated."

"What! How?"

"It wasn't my fault, BloodVaine. What did you expect with Lord Void and that Bourne person there?"

BloodVaine was furious. "Do you mean to tell me that all my dragons were defeated by two performing magicians?"

"I'm afraid it was more then that. Some twist of fate that I cannot fathom helped those rebels through the entire battle. I would have had the Bull King's head at least, if not for that elf. The wolf wouldn't have stopped me if he hadn't shown up just then."

"What are you talking about?" BloodVaine snapped. "What of the battle?"

Aezazel shuddered. "There too I witnessed a shameful twist in all laws of probability. The mage produced a shield which l expected, but then... He was weakening too. I could feel it! We would have had them all if the fates had favored us even slightly! They got Del Grakken. It was some freak accident, I'm sure. He was hit by a barrel of burning oil and... Oh, I would have torn that man's soul out if only Lord Void wasn't there. Of course the dragons scattered. Even as we speak they are roaming throughout the south eastern kingdoms."

BloodVaine's eyes lit up in a furry of anger. "BESTLOCK IT ALL, AEZAZEL! Do you have even a morsel of good news to give me?"

"Have a hope BloodVaine, for I have seen and heard many things in my time spent among them. I know much of their plans and of more use to us, I have this..." Aezazel reached into Gib's sack and produced a small black box.

"What is it?" BloodVaine asked.

"It's a weapon. They said it could kill you."

BloodVaine raised an eyebrow suspiciously. "We will see about that." The wizard closed his eyes, concentrating as he placed his hand over the box. BloodVaine remained motionless for a few minutes and then, suddenly drew back in horror.

"What is it?" Aezazel asked. "What did you see?"

"Vengeance. Retribution. Judgment. That box is the very thing that could undo me. Even now it seeks to bring it's justice upon me!"

"Then we must destroy it."

"No! Don't even attempt to! You would only unleash the spirits upon me."

"Then at least let us burry it in the depths of the sea. There where it cannot harm us."

"Us? No, it will not harm you, Aezazel. And we cannot attempt to hide it. She would only summon it again to herself. No, you must keep it. Keep it with you always. Till time or damnation take me."

"As you wish sir. They will have to destroy me in this man's blood before they wield it again."

"Very good. Now you must return my dragons to me. Del Grakken told me that the command has been altered from Coal Blood to a dragon named Kirfang. Unlike Coal Blood he is a normal dragon. You will be able to control him with ease. Now, I must take council with these Black Falcons. Eroth Gamus will put a quick end to this siege..."
Let us stop for a moment and ponder the signiture...

Ok, enough of that!
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Postby Lord_Of_The_LEGO » Sun Oct 03, 2004 5:32 am

Lord_Of_The_LEGO wrote:
Lord_Of_The_LEGO wrote:Bjarn, once again occuping the box reserve for the Elk Man, rose and said in a booming voice, "Greetings, factions of Dametreos. We are here are to discuss a plan of attack on the necromancer BloodVaine and his minons and allies."

Drullen Bell Keep

After eight straight hours of talks, debates, disputes and aguments, it had been decided. A plan of attack had been finalized. There would be no retreating, no hiding, no subterfuge. There would be one final all-out attack, to decide the fate of Dametreos, whether it would succumb to the rule of BloodVaine, or whether the resistance would prevail. It was the final stand, between death and life.

Drullen Bell Keep had never been busier, even when the wildfire was licking at trees only several meters away. Blacksmiths from Wolfpack and both Knight's Kingdoms were aiding Rodurik in the creation of weapons and armor. Forestmen, Dark Foresters and Wolfpack members supplied arrows, bow and quivers to troops. Lord Void trained his Fright Knight crew continually, perfecting their skill at firing the ballistas and other matters on the airship. Bulls and rebel Black Falcons dissasembled the Forestmen flatboats and the Bull's Revenge to convert them into carts, wooden shields and chariots, the Bull's favorite vehicle of choice when going into battle.

Bjarn surveyed the frenzied work grimly, knowing death and destruction was just around the courner, no matter who won. If they were defeated this time, Dametreos would be lost, for there would be no warriors left, only women and children hiding on Bull and Fell Isle. Dispite the odds agaisnt them, Bjarn felt they had a fighting chance. Men on the fastest horses these allied factions could provide had been sent out to alert Sir Dractor and the others to the immeniate battle, and the Lone Falcon had left to rally the rebel Falcons. Also, Lord Void had been able to send off a quick teleharm to Caimlin, ordering him to prepare for uprising. Yes, the Allied had a fighting change, a megabloks good one.

A few meters from Bjarn was Jack, who felt a lot less encouraged than the Forestman leader. He had just discovered the spirit-box's dissapearance, but he had not alerted any about it.
Keep it to yerselft, Jack-me-lad he told himself, If anyone knew out most powerful weapon had gone amiss, moral would be as absent as dander on fish's back. We might still prevail without the box, better not to worry 'em. Unfortunaltly, that ment he had to carry all the worry himself.
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Postby Loneranger » Sun Oct 03, 2004 6:20 am

Sorry for the bad post and all the confussion. but it is 1:22AM and people keep asking me to post. so here you go...

Two days had past and sirion was un-able to get to the Citys main castle that sat in the middle of the city. Attacks were made. And plans had been passed by Sirion. Sirion only had one glass of ale. He didnt eat for two days, or sleep. Finally he signed and fortafide all his walls with his men.

“My Lord. He calls upon you and yet you do not come?” a Black Knight said to sirion just as sirion was about to lay down.

“Tell him---.”

“Do not worry yourself. For I have come to you.” a old man with a cracked voice said.

“Have the shadows driven you out of your cage. Wizerd.”

a Blue Wizard walked into the room. He slowely lifted his head up. As light shined on his face. Instead of seeing a old and tired wizard. Sirion saw a skull.

“So. The curse is true.”

“If wasent for that black cup and---.”

“Do not worry yourself of old” Sirion cut the Wizard off.

“Then let us get to more important discussions” The Wizard replied

“What couciling did you bring from your hole.”

The Wizard grinned at Sirion.

“How is Beleriand doing?” The Wizard said.

“He is licking his wounds.”

“I find that you are more plesant to talk to when you have had a good meal.” The Wizard replied.

A long puase fallowed as both the Wizard and Sirion just looked at each other. The Wizard was the first one to break the silence.

“I have lived a long and short life. This curse is killing me. Me and Beleriand wont live long.”

“So it is true?” Sirion asked



“Do not wast my time with HMMMMS! Sirion!” The Wizard snapped.

“Then why have you come back from your dark hole.” Sirion asked.

“I have come to face what I have become.”

“So fate has brought me here.”

“So you plan to ride on Beleriand one more time?” Sirion Asked the Wizard.

“The way the battle is going. It seems so.”

“The Black Falcons wont be able to get past our defences. My father and elves both built this castle.”

“indeed. But I know most of bloodvaines plans. A great dragon is headed this way Sirion. And Beleriand will be weak without me”

Silance fallowed as they both fell into deep thinking of the days to come...

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Postby the_great_one » Sun Oct 03, 2004 9:06 am

Drullen Bell Keep - Druids Quarters

Reno hurried to the druid quarters. Great flowers and leaves covered the walls, it was beautiful. I water fountain trickeld as Reno attempted to find someone of aurthority.
A tall man with a long white beard stood at a table, studying a book carefully. Reno approached the man.
"Hello" Reno said stupidly, the man looked up, then went back to his book.
"Um... i require some new ingredients for a new set of potions..." reno muttered to the man.
The man looked up, but didnt return to looking at his book.
"Re... Reno? is that you?" The old man said
"... yes...?" Reno was clearly confused.
"Reno you dont remember me?!?! Its me! Agua Herbwinder!"
Reno looked on, then grinned, and embraced Agua.
"Reno howve you been?" Agua said seriously
Wiyhout giving reno chance to talk back, Agua lead reno away to the herb cupboard.


Drullen Bell Keep - Armoury

Ark was standing in the armoury, with people bustling to grab armour. There was a dark skinned man working in the corner, with a wolfpack man and a younger person beside him.
Ark hurried over to him, and watched him batter out the breastplates and Platelegs.
Bjarn was looking on the work of Rodurik.
"Ark!" Bjarn hurried over to Ark
"Well done on finding Keavur." Bjarn smiled.
"Trad" Bjarn shouted, and a voice came
"yes Lord?" Trad answerd back as he slapped on a rag to his fathers chest.
"I need you to do something important for me. I need you to make this man here, Ark, some fine armour. with an accompanying sword. It has to be of the finest make." Bjarn explained.
Trad nodded, then lead ark to another anvil.
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Postby lemon_squeezer2 » Sun Oct 03, 2004 10:35 pm

Day 2 of the siege - late afternoon

"Report your situation Randolph", Adolfus said.
"We experienced some unexpected delays yesterday, but we are nearly back on schedule. Just over half of the siege equipment is up and running, but the rest will not be ready until two days from now, due to the unexpected raid last night."
"What do you have to say for yourself then?"
"The attack was completely my fault. I did not expect the Black Knights to attack. I assumed that they would be tending their wounded like we are now."
"Listen to me." Adolfus said in a terse voice. "Never assume anything in wartime. On your watch, nearly eight thousand Black Knights slipped into the city. The sentries that were placed on the opposite side were not nearly enough. Don't let something like that happen again."
"Yes sir"
"Now I want you to continue with the plan. However, effect a complete siege. I want the city surrounded. Also, put an advace gaurd of about 10,000 men ten miles to the east. That is our weakest flank, and besides, too many men in one area is not a good policy to continue. How is the tunneling going?"
"Excellent sir. They are thae one part that is ahead of schedule. They will be under the city walls by three days from now."
"And a formal report on our siege weaponry?"
"We have 17 trebuchets up and running along with 21 onagers. The wall is well pitted, but due to their thickness, a breach cannot be made until a week from now at best. The bombardment has also nutrelized a good portion of that area. I am sending a large body of diggers to fill in the moat tonight and tomarrow."
"You have a good head on your shoulders, Randolph. But remember what I said to you. Now go and carry out your orders."
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Postby Formendacil » Mon Oct 04, 2004 3:45 am

Grid: N-24
Location: Talistran Palace

Formendacil wrote:The Sorceror-king smiled. He would not waste this time, even if he couldn't talk to Quorandis. Checking to see where the Old Man was (he was trapped in a deep conversation with King Valentius and a courier who appeared to be wearing the Imperial colours), he made his way over to Sir Jayko.

Bernard Quorandis had left Elwen at the door to their suite, and had sought out the Sorceror-king, in order to discuss their upcoming journey to the Old Ruins. They were just finalizing the details of their expedition, standing in the halls, when King Valentius came towards them from one direction, and the Old Man from the other. King Valentius looked extremely troubled.

"Captain-general," he said when he reached Quorandis, "I have very grave news from Orion. An Imperial Courier has come from the imperial city." A frown flickered over the Sorceror-king's face, knowing as he did what news the courier had brought.

"Indeed?" said Quorandis politely. His mind was mainly on getting to bed now that the ball and his work was done.

"Yes, and he brings grave news," said Valentius, his face haggard. "The Emperor is dead. The imperial city is in the hands of an evil sorceror named BloodVaine. The Imperial court is either slaughtered, subverted, or scattered. The Imperial Cavaliers have been scattered or killed."

"What of the countryside?" asked Quorandis. "What of the other knightly orders? What of the vassal kings?"

"Chaos rules all," said the Old Man. "The vassal kings were in Orion at the time, and are dead. Most of the orders are leaderless. The Cross Knights, however, have gone on a rampage, "Purifiying" the countryside. While BloodVaine holds an absolute sway on the imperial city, the countryside is almost completely orderless."

"What of those members of the Imperial Court who escaped?" asked Quorandis.

"The courier didn't know for certain," said Valentius, "but it seems that they have taken sanctuary in foreign lands, mainly in Royal Knight territory, although that land is in a sorry state too. The Dragon Masters have been giving it trouble."

"The Dragon Masters?" said Quorandis, raising an eyebrow. "Surely Lord Void would keep them neutral..."

"Lord Void has disappeared," said Valentius, wearily. "His general Del Grakken has been crowned king, and sworn allegiance to BloodVaine, as has King Falconis XXVIII. However, the rumour is that 'king' Grakken died in a recent battle, and a successor has not risen to conclusively take his place. BloodVaine seems to have, temporarily assumed command of the country, but he dwells in Orion, and it seems that an insurgency movement loyal to Lord Void has taken command."

"The Emperor dead. The Dragon Masters allied with Orion. The Cavaliers dispersed. The world is now stood on its head," said Quorandis, shaking his head.

"Upon the valid and reasonable assumption that the high commanders of the Imperial Order of Cavaliers are all dead or turned traitor, and with the death of the Emperor, I, Bernard Quorandis, Captain-General of the Cavaliers, and interim commanding officer of all Imperial Forces loyal to the true Emperor, whomsoever he may be; do herewith assume command and authority over all Imperial possessions, territories, and statutes within the Legoland Empire until such time as the law be restored. I name those present as witnesses in this act."

Quorandis turned to the Sorceror-king. "My apologies, sire, but access is now restricted to the Old Ruins, due to national crisis. Once it is over, I will be happy to allow you there again, but for the moment I mustn't permit you to enter those dangerous ruins. You are free to leave the Empire, if you so desire, but your assistance would be much appreciated if you would stay and aid us."

The Sorceror-king remained calm on the outside, but inside he was seething. He had forseen this, and he had hoped to get out of the city before the Black Falcon quarantine was broken, and the news of the Emperor's death had leaked out. Unfortunately, that had not happened. He swallowed his irritation, and said:

"It would be a pleasure to assist the Empire in any way I could."

"You have my resources in this matter as well," said the Old Man.

"And you already know that the Kingdom of Talistrand, and the Order of Club Knights will continue to serve the Empire," said King Valentius.

Quorandis acknowledged them all gratefully, then dismissed them for their beds. They would meet again in the morning. He sighed. In one night he had gone from a captain to an interim emperor. Fate was cruel.
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Postby lemon_squeezer2 » Mon Oct 04, 2004 1:21 pm

Grid: H-14
Location: Black Knight countryside

Frederick was exausted. Peter was no easy taskmaster, forcing Frederick and the others to march from sunrise to sunset with only a few minutes break inbetween. Frederick had several oppertunities to escape, but his sheer exaustion kept him from doing so.

Tonight was his chance though. Half of the Black Knight soldiers had rode off to the next village, perferring to stay at the inn there and have a few drinks. As usual, Frederick and the others had fallen asleep as soon as they were able, but something had woken Frederick up. The sky was perfectly clear, and a full moon shone overhead. The feild of wheat opposite the road shivered a bit as a steady warm wind blew from the south. Frederick and the others were lying in the forest, just off the road. He felt better now that he had gotten some rest. Getting up, he started to walk onto the road. Then he remembered that he had forgotten something. Carefully walking to Peter whose body was lying parallel to a fire he had made, Frederick reached over and took his sword that was lying beside him.

Taking off his shirt and the armor that was underneath, he carefully rolled them up and slung it across his back with the sword concealed in the middle. He grabbed a pack that was lying beside the Black Knight and put that below his roll. Walking away, he grabbed a stick that was lying on the forest ground. He put his hat back on and walked in the same direction he had come. The eastern sky was becoming lighter. Dawn was coming. It fitted his situation perfectly. A new day, a new start.
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Postby Formendacil » Mon Oct 04, 2004 6:03 pm

Grid: N-24
Location: Talistran Palace

Formendacil wrote:Quorandis acknowledged them all gratefully, then dismissed them for their beds. They would meet again in the morning. He sighed. In one night he had gone from a captain to an interim emperor. Fate was cruel.

A council of war was called the following morning in the Throne Room. At its head sat the dual thrones of Emperor and Vassal King. Valentius IV sat on the lower, less ornate throne set slightly to the left. The Great Throne, which was very rarely visited by its true owner, lay empty, as always. Bernard Quorandis sat before it on another chair.

Ferdinand Quorandis was among those at the council, which included most of the nobles and captains of the Kingdom of Talistrand. He had never been more proud than he was now, seeing his son, respendent in the armour of the Cavaliers, taking command of the remnants of the Empire.

Also among those present were the Old Man and the Sorceror-king, both somewhat awkward at being on the same side in this strange fight. Elwen, Jayko, Blackheart, Broadside, Targon, and Elbadar were also present at the council.

First, Quorandis had the courier deliver his messages again to those present, and then he had them confirm his temporary rule over the loyal portions of the Empire. Then he turned to the Old Man, who had news of his own to share.

"As many of you know," he said, "I am a sorceror, a sorceror of not inconsiderable power. Among my gifts I have the ability to see, if I so desire, things that happen in distant lands.

"Here is some of what I have seen: the long-dead kingdom of the Bull Knights have been refounded. There is a council of war being held at Drullen Bell Keep, in the lands of the Forestmen. And alliance of Forestmen, Bulls, Dark Foresters, and Wolfpack is preparing to assail Orion, and drive out BloodVaine. The Cavaliers there, as you know, are no longer a force to be reckoned with, and there is no force to stop them ere they reach the Golden city.

"BloodVaine's allies are engaged in war. The Dragon Masters fight the Royal Knights, and themselves. The Black Falcons are nearly completely occupied in war with the Black Knights. But BloodVaine is not so weak as you think. He has devastated the Royal Knights, the Crusaders, and the Forestdwellers with fire and repeated attacks. Their mainland holdings are tired and weak. The Fright Knights and Knight's Kingdomers of the east and west have been ravaged with freak blizzards. And BloodVaine controls the Eroth Gamus, the god-dragon. If you choose to fight him, as surely you must, you must choose very carefully how you will go about it, lest you bring about your own ruin as well."

"The most important thing to do," said Quorandis, "is to ensure that Talistrand is not destroyed or damaged. In this regard, military force is not going to be of great help. We are fortunate therefore, to have the aid of the Sorceror-king and Magarus. Together, they are a near-match for BloodVaine, and he will think twice about attacking us if they remain here, as they have said they would.

"If the city be protected then, we should stand idle. The Kingdom of Talistrand boasts some five hundred Imperial Cavaliers. We have the entire Order of Knights Clubs, some two thousand horse. And there are the Dragon Masters who serve the Sorceror-king, and the thousands of regular soldiers of the kingdom.

"It is my intention therefore, to lead a military expedition to the continent. I will take some two hundred Cavaliers, some thousand Club Knights, the Dragon Masters under Marshal Targon" - Quorandis sniffed - "and such men and ships as are required to transfer us to the continent. The rest of our forces shall remain here as a last resort, and as a deterrent should the colonial Black Falcons seek to attack us."

"Where will you strike?" asked one of the nobles. "In Orion? Will you join Bjarn's Alliance?"

"No," said Quorandis. "We will help them by distraction. It is my intention to invade the Dragon Master mainland. There are many dissidents there who will rise to help us, and our invasion will be somewhat legitimized by the presence of Marshal Targon and his Dragon Masters. In doing so, we will likely not only subdue the Dragon Masters, but bring relief to our Royal Knights allies."

Elbadar spoke up.

"Captain-general," he addressed Quorandis. "It would be wise to seek the aid of Governor Jarvick and the island Dragon Masters. They will be loyal to Lord Void, and not to Del Grakken, and if Jarvick or his brother Drock accompanies you, then you will have not only more military and legitimate presence, but a sorceror's aid as well."

"An excellent thought, colonel," commended Quorandis. "Now, gentlemen, I think we shall set about preparing for this departure. King Valentius, I leave you in command of your kingdom. Admirals Broadside and Blackheart, I would have your aid in the transport of my army."

The two sailors looked at their respective wizards. The Sorceror-king nodded sharply at Broadside. The Crusader would be another check to ensure that Targon returned to him once the invasion was over. The Old Man gave Blackheart a look that said to do as he pleased.

With the Throne Room buzzing with noise and movement, the council was adjourned.
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Postby Lord_Of_The_LEGO » Mon Oct 04, 2004 10:46 pm

Lord_Of_The_LEGO wrote:Also, Lord Void had been able to send off a quick teleharm to Caimlin, ordering him to prepare for uprising. Yes, the Allied had a fighting change, a megabloks good one.

Grid: M-8
Location: the airship Arklyndelys Vulondur, on the grounds outside of Drullen Bell Keep, preparing to take off

Lord Void, at the helm of his prized airship, surveyed the Fright Knights lined up on his deck with a grim satisfaction. They were not Dragon Masters, but they were tyco good men, and well versed in the ways of an airship. They had only spent less than two days on the Arklyndelys Vulondur, but they knew her almost as well as he did. They would fight well, and to the death if need be. Lord Void, too, was prepare to battle, but he had no intention of dying. He had to goals; live through this final battle that would decide all, and kill the Del Grakken with his own hands. Lord Void flexed his muscles and touched upon the Mana with his mind. Yes, he was ready.

His head buzzed, a teleharm was coming in. Lord Void instantly completed the connection and asked


Yes. We are ready. Uprise at your signal. Luck.

Luck, Caimlin Lord Void cut the connection. He did not want BloodVaine to detect any scrap of conversation. Speed was crucial.


Lord_Of_The_LEGO wrote:the Lone Falcon had left to rally the rebel Falcons.

Grid: J-7
Location: Warblewood Forest, Black Falcon/Forestmen border

The Lone Falcon, stride his horse LEGO pounded through the undergrown, making headway under the cover of the trees and the dusk. The Lone Falcon had considered to leave his cart and gray chest behind, but he felt at a loss without them. He would have never survived in the realm of the Ogre without LEGO, his cart, gray chest and hook. He continued his journey across the border, praying he would arrive in time.
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