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Postby Lord_Of_The_LEGO » Wed Nov 17, 2004 8:49 pm

Lord_Of_The_LEGO wrote:"Do the Bulls return to Bull Isle, or to confront the Black Falcons about your right to the land. Now that the Classic Emperor has degreed you a legitimate faction the Black Falcons cannot deny your demand."

Barbod's brow darkened slightly. "For the present, the Bulls will stay here, under the protection of the Classics with Berson and the other rebel Falcons. When the time is right, we will make our move. I trust Gerrik will be able to hold down the fort for a few more months."

Yellow Castle

Barbod, King of the Bulls, was bored, bored out of his skull. After two weeks of lazing about the Yellow Castle, he and the remainder of the Bull Knights were ready for some action, any action. True, they had had a respite from the dullness while they helped rebuild Orion, but not much could be repaired until wood for timber could be harvested and ships sent to the Black Falcon Isles to quarry some more rare Yellow Stone returned.

Also, the Yellow Castle itself was starting to annoy Barbod. He really had nothing agaisnt it, it was just so...well..yellow. Yellow stone, yellow wall hangings, yellow-painted doors, yellow bedcovers, even yellow chamberpots! Barbod had been tempted to take a can of pink paint the rebel Black Falcons and Dragon Masters had left behind and repaint all the garderobe seats just to add a little deversity. He chuckled at the thought, then smiled a bit wider when he realised it didn't pain him to do so. The gash in his side had healed up nicely, as had the other wounds he had recieved, thanks to the skill of the Classic LEGOlander's skilled healers.

They were one of the good reasons to stay a while longer at Orion. Some of Barbod's men were still teetering between life and death, but they would have already been dead if it hadn't been for the healers. Barbod sighed and shrugged. The Bulls would stay a while longer at the Yellow Castle, dispite the boredom. Besides, Barbod mused, These Classic LEGOlanders sure can cook a mean breakfast...
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Postby Loneranger » Wed Nov 17, 2004 10:46 pm

It was morning and the sun was shining on Sirion's face. He opened one eye seeing a Soldier with Yellow plumes standing infront of the bed.

“My Lord.”

“What is it.” Sirion said with a tiriering voice.

“I bring sad news from the Black Knight capital.”

“Go on.” Sirion replied.

The man took out a paper and read it


Today we sent convoys to the surrounding villages and city's to gather food. What we found was the city's had been robbed of there stores and the village crops had been burned. Food has now become scarce and I hear that the locals are now eating rats that were left behind and using there skins for wormth.

The main walls are now crumbling because of the Black Falcons skill of aiming and using siege weapons. They have successfully hit the weaker parts of our walls with accuracy.

The main capitals water supply is poisoned by Black Falcon's throughing dead animals into our waters which they have also successfully filled up part of it.

My Lord. I fear we will not make it through this winter.

From Commander Quinzen Charey

Sirion got up and walked out of the room without saying anything to the Knight.

“Many years of war are now taking there tole on our king” The Knight said to himself.

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Postby Commander Redbeard » Thu Nov 18, 2004 2:14 am


Forestman Caravan

Arardan had searched for hours with the Forestmen under his command for any trace of Bourne. Now he scoured a sunlit glade, searching, although he knew it was in vain. "A last gift, a wonderful gift... Trees of fivescore years sprouted in majestic glory in but several hours..."

The caravan soon reached the remains of their home. While the forest was revived in splendour, Bourne's powers spread not to the reformation of the petty wood and stone creations of Humankind. The cellars of every remaining fortress were searched, the woodlands scoured, and the bowstrings of the Forestman archers twanged to bring meat, bread, and ale to the tables of a feast. Such a feast was sung of by bards for generations to come, and such a toast was made on good ale
in honour of the blessed woodlands, the gallent fallen Forestmen, and the last contribution of Bourne that the last kegs of brown ale ran dry. The Forestmen set aside their weapons and replaced them with goblets and platters in a heartfelt Thanksgiving for all that they had, for all that they lost, and for all of the good encompassed in their world.[/i]
Sitting in a midnight glade
Firelight dancing off burnished blade
A Forestman sits
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But after three mugs of ale
Let it bring what it may.
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Postby forester3291 » Thu Nov 18, 2004 3:18 am

Commander Redbeard wrote:J-8

The Forestmen set aside their weapons and replaced them with goblets and platters in a heartfelt Thanksgiving for all that they had, for all that they lost, and for all of the good encompassed in their world.[/i]

Fraun Downed another goblet of fine Forestmen Draft and asked the *wine giver for more. He thanked the man and set out to find Radjar.

He soon found him laughing with Rosa, Reno, Shainya, and ... Was that Frayla? It couldn't be...Or was i? Yes. It was Frayla.

He tried to turn around not wanting to re-visit those sad times when Radjar caught notice of him and called him over.

"Ho! Fraun! Come over here! I haven't spoken to you since we set out."

"Yes, well I've been somewhat busy." Came the reply. Fraun wasn't happy about being this close to Frayla.

" Do you know Frayla?" Radjar asked " If you don't here she is. Frayla this is my good friend Fraun, Fraun this is Frayla. We(gesturing to Rosa, Shainya and Reno.) found her sitting in a corner all lonely so we thought we would invite her to talk to her. You know. Ask her about her family, what she thinks of the recent war...."

"Yes yes. I know her." Fraun said somewhat un-nerved.

"Well okay there sourpuss. Don't have to get y about it now do we? What's got'n into you? And how do you know Frayla?" Radhar said. Surprised by Fraun's rashness.

"Nothing has got'n into me. And Frayla and I just knew eacthother a while back, we grew up together....sorta." Fraun didn't like this at all.

"Oooh." Everyone but Frayla and Fraun jested.

"So you were boyfirend and friend, How sweet" Shaniya said.

" Yes! Can't you get that through your thick skulls?!?!"

With that Fraun stormed off leaving five peopel behind. Only one knowing the reason for his behavior.

*Is there a better word?
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Postby The Green Knight » Thu Nov 18, 2004 7:01 pm

It was evening. A Black Falcon corporal led his tired troops through the classic castle country side as they marched south to reinforce the main army.

"Sir," said one of the scouts, returning on his horse. "We seem to have spotted some sort of a strange creature up ahead."

The corporal arched a suspicious eyebrow. He was tired of the long march and was ready to except anything that would bring some diversity to the monotonous journey. "A strange creature eh? Well lets have a look."

The Green Knight wrote:"That's right! What happened to Grizzle?"

It didn't take long for the bird to relay the tale of what happened to Grizzle. The bear and the hawk had left the neverwood on the same day as Gart had.

~"Hawk, I go now to war. Now it is left to you, to come or go. You know the place of the battle, as I'm sure the birds of the air have told you. And if you dare to leave these woods, you may yet see your master." ~

They did leave, but before they were out of sight of the neverwood, there was trouble. Grizzle, decked out in his dragon hide armor, was spotted by a small detachment of Falcons.

Their curiosity led them to investigation which in turn led them bringing out their swords and trying to capture whatever creature it was that had strayed into their path. Of course Grizzle didn't go down without a fight, but he was out numbered and lost in the end.

"Well........ What the blazes is it?" The Black Falcon corporal stood leering over the body of the fallen bear.

"Why it's nothing but a bear sir. A bear dressed up in dragon hide."

A loud growl came from the mess at the falcon's feet.

"What, it's still alive?"

"Yes sir. See its caught up in the dragon hide. Should we kill it sir? The men would enjoy some bear meat, for a change."

The corporal was silent for a moment and then... "No. I have a better idea."

So they sent him north to Royal land and Griffin, not being able to help, sought out Gib.

Now Gib was faced with a dilemma. Should he go and try to rescue Grizzle or stay and try to fix whatever was wrong with the neverwood?

"Maybe we're over reacting." Gib thought to himself. "The neverwood seems anything but worse."

"Oh come on Gib. This is simply the calm before the storm. You know that."

"So what if it is? We've always lived with the forest's dangers. Why should this be any different?"

"Dangers? There weren't any dangers for us. We know the forest or at least we did and we what to stay away from.
Stay away from the spiderling's lairs.
Stay away from the bogs.
Stay away from the pit falls and barbed vines and root triggers.
Those were dangers we could pass by. But if- when this storm brakes, the dangers will be the ones that seek you out and hunt you down. We have to do something Gib."

"Like what? What can we do to stop this? And what about Grizzle? We have to rescue him first. Maybe once we find him and Jackal we can do something, but until then our best strategy will be to regroup."

There. Gib had finally made up his mind. Now it was time for action.

"Griffin, I want you to find Jackal. We're going to rescue Grizzle."
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Postby The Green Knight » Thu Nov 18, 2004 7:04 pm

Grid: J-11
Location: The border of Black Knight land.

Freedom. It's a good feeling. It means that you're independent. That you can do anything you want and have no one to answer to. It's a privilege that can't be fully appreciated unless its worked for. And for some people it's something that poses a serious dilemma.

"So what am I gonna do now?"

It had been days since the battle for Orion's gate. days since Marus had fought in the allie's ranks. And days that had been well used by a certain deserter to distance himself from those who might identify him.

So it was that Marus stood at the Black Knight border, puzzling over what he should do with his newfound freedom. Marus had spent his entire life trying to escape his surroundings and now that he had, he didn't know what to do. He didn't really know any trades. But he could fight, and if he billed himself as a highly trained mercenary, maybe he could make living.

But Marus's freedom was short lived. As at that moment, the ground beneath him began to shake. There was no one around to witness the strange phenomena as there had been in Targon's case, but Marus vanished just the same. The earth had claimed another victim.
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Postby The Green Knight » Thu Nov 18, 2004 7:20 pm

Grid H-10
Location: The ruined castle at the center of the neverwood.

"Griffin, I want you to find Jackal. We're going to rescue Grizzle."

The hawk did as he was told and left the clearing, flying eastwards.

Meanwhile Gib made his own preparations. He restocked his pack with provisions from his store room and grabbed a new walking stick.

The "store room", as Gib called it, was really part of the castle dungeon. The first room you came to at the bottom of the stairs. In it Gib stored his food and fuel, as well as some cloth and a trunk of gold coins that belonged to the castle's previous owners. As for the rest of the dungeon, Gib had never really explored it. Not since the time long ago when he and Gart nearly got lost in the endless underground passageways. Also, Gib always thought that it was just the place where a spiderling might live.

As Gib resurfaced from the dungeon staircase, he heard a loud and inhuman cry that made the trees seem to shudder.

"So it begins." Gib said. "The storm has broken."
Formendacil wrote:Still, it was very hard not to turn and run, especially when they were set on by a great, growling monster.

The horses panicked, and galloped onwards. Elwen clutched tight, hoping they would make it.

Jayko had never been so scared in his life. The beast behind them meant business, he was sure, and now it seemed there were noises of more creatures in the trees on either side. He urged the horse onward, but it needed no prompting. It ran with all it's speed and soon they were out distancing their pursuers. They were going to make it! They almost did.
Gib was about to leave the clearing when the noise of hoof beats reached his ears. He waited for a moment, trying to place the direction they were coming from. As the hoof beets grew louder it suddenly became clear. Almost too late, he realized that the horse was headed straight towards him.

At that moment the horse and it's two riders burst from the trees. Gib jumped to the side and narrowly missed being trampled. When he got up the horse was gone. The riders weren't.

It was Gib's fault. If he hadn't been there the horse wouldn't have shied and thrown it's riders. But he couldn't think of that right now. Something else was coming from the woods and Gib didn't want to be there when it did. Without a second thought, he raced towards the newcomers and the other side of the clearing.

There were two of them. One, a knight with strangely colored armor and the other, a lady wearing a golden crown.

Just then, things went from bad to worse. Out in front of them jumped a pack of Iondels. More appeared on their sides. And from behind, came the largest one of them all. Obviously the one who had been chasing them. The clearing was surrounded.

"Quick," cried Gib. "Follow me!"

They ran.

What followed was something rather like a nightmare. One where you need to get away and yet seem to be going in slow motion. Through the ruins Gib led the strangers, Iondels right behind.

The strange apes were everywhere. Above them, behind them, all around. Finally Gib reached what he was looking for. An arched doorway leading into a ruined tower and beyond that, the stairs to the store room. Pausing for a moment, Gib turned to look behind. Jayko and Elwen rushed passed him and into the tower.

The bulky Iondel was scarce steps behind. It was hideous. Blood covered fangs, fiery red eyes and massive hands that looked like they could squeeze you into juice. Without a thought, Gib threw himself through the doorway and down the stairs. It was a ruff journey down the stone stairs, but above the sound of his awkward dissent, Gib could hear another, more defining sound. The tower was collapsing behind him.

Just then Gib's head hit a stone and he blanked out.
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Postby Formendacil » Thu Nov 18, 2004 7:33 pm

Approached the Neverwood

Colonel Elbadar halted his forces outside the village, and went to confer with Quorandis.

"Well," he said, "it's apparent that they went into the forest. About two days ago."

"Then we must go after them," said Quorandis.

"Into the Neverwood?" said Elbadar, incredulously. "Pardon my saying so, Commander-General, but that is insanity. The Neverwood is growing dark. All my me can feel it. The Neverwood is hostile to Dragon Masters at the best of times. And these are not the best of times. Look at our dragon: it is straining to be free of its chains, to go and join in the hostility of the forest."

"Then there is all more the reason to go in," said Quorandis. "I will not see Elwen endangered. It's bad enough that fool of a rainbow knight has kidnapped her, but there is no way that buffoon will be able to protect her, should anything bad happen."

"Then you shall be going virtually alone," said Elbadar. "I cannot force my men in there, and our dragon will turn on us if we go any farther. He's uncontrollable as it is."

"Then go back to Orion, or Talistrand, or the Dark Dragon's Den," snapped Quorandis. "I care not! I, at least, am going on."

"The Lady Elwen means that much to you," said Elbadar. "You love her?" Quorandis was silent for moment.

"I do not know if it be love," he said at last, "but I am enamoured of her, and I would cherish the opportunity to know her more, and, indeed, to love her. At the very least, I cannot leave her in the hands of that Talonjain clown. She deserves better than that, at least."

"I will go with you," said Elbadar, "but I'll send my men southwards, to the Dark Dragon's Den. Perhaps Caimlin can use some aid."

"You have my thanks," said Quorandis. "Let us be off as soon as you have given the orders."
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Postby lemon_squeezer2 » Fri Nov 19, 2004 2:48 pm

The three men began walking down the corridor and entered another hallway, larger than the one they had exited. Looking briefly behind him, Frederick saw the main room, more packed than before, the voices and loud exclamations wafting down towards him. The floor was made of some polished stone while the walls held reliefs of famous incidents in Black Flacon history. Durlass spoke again as he stopped at a door and began to open it with a ring of keys he had on him.

“I’m afraid I have not introduced you to my friend here. Frederick, this is Salodin. A good friend of mine.”
Salodin smiled at Frederick and shook his hand.
“Glad to meet you”. His voice was unusually deep for his thin figure.
“Likewise”, Frederick responded. He was still confused about this new development as Durlass opened the door.

The room they entered was somewhat large and massive mahogany bookcases towered some nine feet up to the ceiling. Opposite the door were two tall windows with heavy drapes tied at each side. Looking out, Frederick saw that they faced a small garden, walled in on all four sides by the palace. Frederick saw that the stone on the opposite end was newer looking and realized that this was one of the points where the new palace merged with the old in a beautiful but somewhat haphazard manner. To the right of the door was a large desk, carved with figures that he could not quite make out. Durlass then took his seat there, motioning for Frederick and Salodin to sit down.

“If I am not mistaken Frederick, it has always been an interest of yours to join the imperial guard. Am I right?”
“Yes, that is true.”
Leaning forward somewhat Durlass spoke again. “And just earlier, you hinted at your concern over Martin’s attitude. Let me tell you now, you are not alone. I fear that he is power hungry and he may try to do something drastic. I can not be sure, but it would seem that thing are directed that way. I need him monitored, studied, analyzed. That is where you come in. Salodin here has already planted a mole. That was hard enough. I need you to relay information from this man to Salodin. Will you accept this position?”
Frederick paused, searching for an answer. He knew that he would accept, but the sheer suddenness of what was unfolding had struck him hard and he was still reeling from it. “Yes, I can do what you ask. Sir.” He paused. “Why did you choose me though?”
Durlass smiled again. “It is simple really. I know you and your father more than you know for one. Secondly, you hold the same views of Martin as I do. You are above the crowds, the masses. You think for yourself. Martin knows you to a degree so that you will be able to get near him yet he does not know you personally. Lastly, you are convenient. You happened by me at the right place at the right time.”
Before Frederick could open his mouth, Durlass continued.
“Now, I would like to talk more, but there is a coronation to attend. I want to meet you here tomorrow – as soon as possible really.”
Durlass then reached down, behind the desk.
“I know that you will keep your mouth shut about this, but here is a little incentive.” Frederick heard a drawer being opened and the clinking of a few coins. Durlass then let eight large guineas fall on the table.
“This is your payment for the next month in advance. I thank you for your co-operation.”
“I – I am dumbfounded!” Frederick exclaimed in weak astonishment. “I should be the one thanking you.”
“It is no problem at all. Just do as you are told, and all will go well.”
Getting up, Durlass walked to the door, with the other two following.
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Postby Lord_Of_The_LEGO » Fri Nov 19, 2004 7:13 pm

Lord_Of_The_LEGO wrote:"Dragon Masters, we have won! Let us return in glory to the Dark Dragon's Den!" Lord Void shouted.

The Dragon Masters let out a roar, then began to head south to the new capital.

Dark Dragon's Den

Lord Void's keen eyes darted over the hulk of the Dark Dragon's Den as he and Caimlin approached it on horseback. Why it had been chosen as the new Dragon Master capital, Lord Void was unsure. The Dark Dragon's Den wasn't even a fortress or castle, it was the main dragon breeding center. The Den was nothing more than a hollowed out mountain with a tiny tower set on top to serve as the living quarters for the breeders, herders and laborers. The Den was very large, and virtually impregnabl., but it was an ugly mass of rock and wood, and Lord Void wrinkled his nose at the prospect of living there, even temporarily.

When the Dragon Master army had marched into sight of the ever vigilant watchmen atop the tower, a cry was sent up that soon echoed through the stone caverns of the Den. The Dragon Master army had been victorious, and Lord Void had survived! Frantically, unused sub dragon caves were cleared out to house the lowly grunts of the army while the Master Breeder's quarters with hastily cleaned and prepared for the Lord of the Dragon Masters and his new-appointed Brigadier General. A feast commenced, a jolly affair, where all Dragon Masters, regardless of rank, devoured a barbecued dragon and swigged wine in celebration. The feast went well into the night, but halfway through it Lord Void left and motioned Caimlin to follow. The Brigadier General did so, and followed Lord Void into the empty Master Breeder's quarters. With introduction, Lord Void said, "Alright Caimlin, it is time you knew my affliction."
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Postby Formendacil » Fri Nov 19, 2004 7:18 pm

Grid H-10
Location: The ruined castle at the center of the neverwood.

The Green Knight wrote:The strange apes were everywhere. Above them, behind them, all around. Finally Gib reached what he was looking for. An arched doorway leading into a ruined tower and beyond that, the stairs to the store room. Pausing for a moment, Gib turned to look behind. Jayko and Elwen rushed passed him and into the tower.

Foolish though he might be, Jayko did not lack courage. Foolish courage, but courage nonetheless. However, it did not seem to be in evidence as they fled the Iondels. Neither of them recognised the stranger who had led them to the ruined Castle, but they didn't pause to worry about that.

Gib directly them into the tower, but did not follow. For a moment or two, Jayko and Elwen seemed safe enough in the tower, but then the tower began to collapse.

"Into the cellar!" cried Elwen, pointing a hole in the floor, where a trapdoor had once led downwards. There was no stair or ladder, so they jumped.

Fortunately, the fall was relatively short, and no bones were broken. Stones were falling on them from above. Then it was silent, save for a rough growling above them. The Iondel seemed to have forgotten them.

Finally, the growling ended, and the sounds could be heard of the Iondels making their way away. There was no way Jayko or Elwen could toll what had happened to Gib.

Jayko fumbled about in his sack, and found his matches. He lit one, and took a quick look around the cellar. There was nothing there but stones and dust, nothing that could be lit to provide lasting light.

The match went out. Jayko lit another, and looked around for a way out. A tunnel led off to their right, downwards under the castle. Jayko and Elwen set off down the tunnel. When the match went out, he didn't light another. He'd wait until the need was pressing.
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Postby The Green Knight » Fri Nov 19, 2004 10:51 pm

Location: Knights Kingdom

It was night time in Knights Kingdom. Thenais could tell by the drop in temperature and by his own yearning for rest. They had made slow progress that day, but at least it was progress. Thenais and Mac had now entered into the Knights Kingdom. It was a peaceful land, with a just ruler and happy subjects. It did have troubles. Such as the great snowstorm which had harassed the inhabitants for a good month. But the storm was gone now, leaving the last traces of it's destruction in the patches of muddy road. This added to the slow progress, but as I said before, it was night time and the two men weren't traveling.

"Another night under the stars." Thought Thenais as he listened to Mac make camp. They talked for a while, about what they should do once they reached a town and about whether Thenais wanted to continue traveling afterward, but they eventually grew tired and resolved to call it a night. Soon enough, both were asleep.

In the middle of the night, Thenais awoke. He sat up rubbing his eyes. Had he heard something?

There was a noise behind him. Thenais turned and nearly jumped out of his skin at what he saw.

"Hello Thenais, I'm back."
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Postby Daimyo » Sat Nov 20, 2004 6:14 pm

J-10 Orion (Might I note that this post is not for the faint of heart... just a warning)

It was midday. The white-hot sun settled in the cool blue sky, undeterred by gray blankets of stratus clouds approaching from the west. Searil adjusted the brim of his weather-beaten roundhat, and turned towards the grim skyline of the western outer city. A battered spire, schorched by fire and scarred by siege machines, pointed upwards like a profane and vulgar symbol of power. The Tower of Wind. Ancient ruin that had been built, far, far before the first Imperial Dynasty. The intrepid Classics had came upon the spot where they were to build Orion, and hastily constructed a city. Over the centuries, the tower became surrounded by urban sprawl, remaining a grim reminder to the dark days of heretics and pagans. The Tower of Wind, where long ago Satanic druids would sacrifice pitiful sinners to call on the evil face of the Wind Demon himself. His name would not be mentioned here.
Now that the western and northern outer city was overrun with ritualistic Dragons, from the mystic Southern isles where tribal chieftains worshipped pagan gods, the ancient evils of the tower might be awaken once again. It was Searil's intention to stop it, at all costs. There would be Dragons everywhere. But in Yahweh's eyes, they were but pebbles on a path of mountains.
Searil strolled casually into the outer city, past the vigilant Cavalier sentries keeping watch. Past their gaze, he was alone. Alone in an unholy world. Along his way, he saw nothing but wrecked buildings and streets littered with rotting flesh, desicatted corpses bloated from days under the cruel sky. Once near the grotesque obsidian entrance of the tower, he walked over to a stinking mound of mutilated dead, a cloud of black flies flitting around it hungrily, eager to plant the eggs of their disgusting young into the decomposing meat. One of the bodies still bore a violet tunic, stained with blood and entrails. Others were clad in similair attire. These bodies had been put here within a few days.
"Cavaliers..." Searil muttered, looking around warily. He turned every way, eyes searching for the killers. He was not afraid- Not a bead of sweat graced his skin- but when they finally came, it was almost a relief. They came, and they came brandishing razor-sharp scimitars, faces painted crimson and striped with evil patterns. Their black armor was plated layer upon layer, their black or red hair pulled together with blue leather bands. They were a terrifying sight, but not to a man of God.
Searil immediately unsheathed his sais, gracefully dodging the full force of their attacks. He stabbed the first through the neck, sliding the blade out of his esophagus with and wiping it off perfectly on his skin. The two others who came at him made the simple mistaked of not blocking their lower bodies- they fell quickly, almost immediately. The next few were also dispatched using swift and graceful attacks... not boastful, and modest, yet graceful like a beautiful dance. The Dance of Death.
Finally it came down to one last man. He was wounded considerably. Searil didn't waste time, simply delivering a heavy kick to his face, breaking his nose and giving enough power to send his head swerving around fast enough to snap his neck with a bloodcurdling crack. Searil approached the black doorway to the tower. Gargoyles, toothy faces staring at him, stood on jagged pedastals. Dark Nehimite runes covered the door, and after he placed one finger on it, they lit up with a blood-red glow. Searil walked into the pitch dark of the tower. The doors shut. A cold wind swept down upon him, but he was not sure from where. What was that? A lick of deep blue flickering across the floor? Searil could feel sweat dripping over his face. He trembled. His breath grew heavy. The cold wind drew closer. Don't fear, he thought. Mephistar gouges on fear. Mephistar lives with fear. The palpable tension gripped him, a tremendous pain. Whispers hung in the air. In the dark, something moved. Something opened.
In the dark, the pale stare of a face opened up from the midnight cloud, framed by the grip of a black flame. Evil eyes stared from their white sockets, sharp teeth and white face locked in an eternal grimace.
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Postby The Green Knight » Sat Nov 20, 2004 11:39 pm

Grid: J-10
Location: The capitol city.

"Oh, Walf," Jos sighed, putting an arm over the his shoulder. "It's not your fault. Walf, when I escaped the city, I came across your father's shop. It was destroyed. Collapsed on top of them. If you were there Walf, you would have been killed too."

"At least we would be together then!" Walf shouted. And he raced out the door and disappeared into the crowded tavern.

Logen ran after him of course, but by the time he reached the main hall, Walf was already gone.

"Where would he go?" Logen thought to himself. "Jos. Jos would know." And Logen sprinted up the stairs and into their room.
Walf raced through the damaged streets of Orion. He knew where he was going. The place he never should have left. The place where he was born and where his parents had died.

Walf was going home.

"Where are you going Walf?" There was a voice in Walf's head. "You should go back. Talk to Jos and Logen. They'll listen."

It took Walf a second to realize who was speaking. "You're wrong Dale." Walf said pulling the sword from it's sheath. "They don't understand. And neither do you!"

"Walf hurled the rusty saber into a near by alley and started running again. He knew that Dale could follow him but he didn't think it likely. The sight of a sword floating down the street would draw too much attention. Still, Dale had more to say before Walf was out of ear shot and the voice returned once more before fading out.

"Come back Walf. You need to talk."

But Walf didn't stop. Not until he reached the pile of rubble that was once his home.
"I'm sorry, but the emperor cannot see you now, He's terribly busy."

Alex was standing in the great hall of the yellow castle. "I don't need to see the emperor. I just want to know if anyone's seen my friends. There was Aros and-"

"I'm sorry sir I cannot help you. You're not the only one who's looking for friends you know. Now I would advise you to take your animal and leave." The official strode off with an air of distain.

Alex sighed. "Excuse me," said a voice from behind him. "I couldn't help overhearing. Did you say Aros?"

"Why yes," said Alex turning to look at the Bull knight behind him. "Do you... know him?"

"I think I do, or at least I can take you to someone who does. My name is Dodrot. I think you should come with me."
Let us stop for a moment and ponder the signiture...

Ok, enough of that!
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Postby Daimyo » Sat Nov 20, 2004 11:59 pm

The Tower of Wind

The white stare looked Searil in the eye, penetrating into his skull, casting an evil trance into the deepest raptured tendrils of his mind. He felt himself fall backwards. He landed on the black floor and an unearthly voice bellowed-
Searil looked up. He felt the air, cold embrace wrapping around him.
"Child of Satan! Who called you forth to the mortal plane?" he answered shakily. The demon laughed.
"I asked you a question, human!"
A heavy fist grasped Searil's neck, he struggled for breath, writhing, screaming, but nothing came. Nothing but blood from his ripped throat. The demon laughed more. Searil coughed.
The demon laughed.
Searil stopped writhing, plunged the sai into the hand. Nothing. Nothing there at all.
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