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Classic-Castle Roleplay: January

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Classic-Castle Roleplay: January

Postby Formendacil » Sat Jan 01, 2005 6:38 pm

Greetings Roleplayers!

Having already lived through posting in an outdated Roleplay thread once before, I have taken the liberty of beating Nathan to the creation of the January 2005 Classic-Castle Roleplay Thread!*

Additions to the CCRP should be posted in this thread. Questions or commments regarding the continuing epic should be posted in this thread.

Let the adventure continue!

*Please note, this is not a takeover. Our old dictator remains our dictator in the new year. :wink:
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Postby Lord_Of_The_LEGO » Fri Jan 07, 2005 6:44 am

Grid: O-13
Location: The city of Bjornskoff, outside Castle Banteras

Viktor Okzskcarouldghf looked at the scroll in front of him, not sure what he felt. He had just been informed that he was no longer part of the Eastern Knight’s Kingdom army. He had been discharged honorably, of course.

On the one hand, Viktor was saddened that his King no longer had any need for him. However, he had served his country long and loyally, fighting in any battle that plagued the often-abused Kingdom. Pirates often preyed upon the Easterners, whom the incorrectly considered weak. The rest of Dametreos, not even the Classic Emperor, bothered to send aid when the pirate Violess had invaded Barleyburg. They all considered the Easterners somewhat of a joke.

Viktor grinned as he rolled up the parchment. Yes, he’d taught those megablok pirates a lesson. After the fool Jayko, the so-called governor of Talonjay Castle, had fled, Viktor had been sent with a battalion of King Matthias’s own elite guard and had promptly sent Violess and his scurvy band back to their rotten hulks and away from the great Spiral Bay. That had been the last battle before the notice had arrived.

His whole life he had spent on the mainland Eastern territory, only traveling to the provincial island once, and that had been a miserable experience.

Yes, it was time to be out of the army, it is time to go out on my own. thought Vikor.

It took a few days to pack up and leave his small tudor house in the hands of a close friend, but at last, on the seventh day of the first month of the year two thousand and five, Viktor Okzskcarouldghf, former captain in His Majesty’s Royal Army, withdrew an arrow from the quiver strapped to his back, nocked it, and shot it into the sky. He did this as a he spun in a circle, using the age-old technique of simply letting the fates decide his path. Appearently the fates were against him. After the vertigo has ceased, Viktor’s face fell when he saw the arrow land open see with a plop. Viktor Okzskcarouldghf’s stomach, like many Easterners, didn’t agree with the sea.
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Postby Formendacil » Fri Jan 07, 2005 10:57 pm

Grid: F-5
Location: Troubled waters north of the Black Falcon coast.

Jayko had no idea how long they had been at sea anymore. There was little to do during their days at cages, below-decks, at sea. Night and day were barely distinguishable. They were fed, watered, and had their cages cleaned.

The ship HAD been swaying rather violently, Jayko had noticed, and the temperature had dropped harshly. It was very cold. Elwen thought that they were passing through some sort of blizzard or storm.

Jayko supposed that she was probably right, but the slaver vessel continued onwards, relentlessly, towards Anka Dolour.
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Postby Lord_Of_The_LEGO » Mon Jan 10, 2005 8:55 pm

NOTE: Whew! This could possibly the longest post ever added to the Classic Castle Roleplay! While reading the Archives, I discovered tiny hints to Reno’s past, simple things like his parent’s names and what they did. I then realized that Reno and Aros never went to the Temple of the Lost Stars, which Nik probably planned to do but never had a chance to actually execute. I hope this to become another new plot that could involve many of my characters and possibly other persons if they wish. I will leave my introduction post of Viktor in place, but don’t expect him to develop at all until later, if ever. I mean, it’s hard to create a new character to from scratch that I like as much as the old gang like Bjarn. Rest assured that all events, names and dates are as accurate as they can be, because I double-checked everything in the roleplay and all the character descriptions so not to get anything wrong. If, by chance, I did screw up, please let me know.

Drullen Bell Keep

Bjarn, dozing in his chamber, licked his lips. Tyco, he was thirsty. The old Forestman sat up and reached for a goblet, then nearly had a heart attack. A person, clad in folds of cloth, was sitting next to his bed.

“Who the bloody-!” Bjarn gasped, clutching at his chest. He wondered if he really was having a heart attack. Did heart attacks cause hallucinations? The door to his room was secured and locked, the windows tightly shuttered and barred against the raging snow. There was no way the person could have gotten inside.

“Forgive me, Lord Bjarn.”

The voice was cool, but warm at the same time. It was the voice of one who had seen much, suffered much, done much.

“I am truly sorry I startled you like that…but I do not think there was any other way.”

“Bloody…tyco…” Bjarn gasped, still panting, “I’m not as young…as I used to be…”

“A logical statement.” chuckled the figure. Something moved under the robe, a protrusion that couldn’t have been any human limb.

“Who…are you?” Bjarn managed to say.

“We haven’t met…but we do have a mutual friend. My name is Daner Pluto.”

Bjarn stopped gasping. In fact, he stopped breathing at all.

“Don’t do that, Bjarn. Breath.”

Bjarn did so. “Daner? Reno’s mentioned you…a while back” he stated.

“Yes. I have been keeping a keen eye on that one. His brothers too.”

Bjarn did a double take as he was about to sip some water.

“Brothers? You are mistaken. Reno only has one brother, Aros.”

“I’m afraid you are one who is mistaken, Lord Bjarn. Reno has two brothers, Aros and -- oh Yonkey!”

The hood of Daner flew back and a brown monkey, chattering and wheezing, leapt onto Bjarn’s bedpost. It began grooming while eying Daner huffily.

“I am most sorry…Yonkey is getting most aged and senile…he can’t stand being cooped up anymore.”

Nothing would really surprise Bjarn now, after discovering a wizard in his supposedly secure room. He offered Yonkey a biscuit and turned to Daner.

“About Reno…” he prompted.

“Ah yes…you see, Reno truly has two brothers…Aros…and Luxus.”

Bjarn gaped.

“You are surprised?” queried Daner, his eyes twinkling, “I wasn’t when I found out. Let me explain. Months ago, the power-crazed Breck Silandro lusted after Ninjaria and nearly managed to overrun it with the undead army of Adamapolis. However, I stopped him, and Breck was dealt with by a traitorous blade in the dark. During the battle in Morcia, I rescued Luxus from the burning rubble, receiving instructions from someone I assumed was his mother to take Luxus to Reno. However, later when I had indeed brought the young lad to Reno, I realized something was amiss. How would this woman know of Reno, and why would she want Luxus to go to him? The woman was dead, so I could not ask her, so I did a little research. Do you know much about Reno’s past?”

Bjarn thought for a moment, then realized that he hadn’t. He didn’t even know when and why Reno had lost his eye. In fact, Reno’s past, and Aros’s for that matter, was shrouded.

“No, I don’t.” he said simply.

Daner took a breath and then continued, “Reno was the first child of Krask and Lacrecia Regga. Krask was a great war hero, and was in many battles. Lacrecia was a poor Crusader peasant girl, and everyone was shocked when the famous warrior Krask married her. Soon they had Reno, and they spent the next seven years very happily.”
“Then relations between the Crusaders and the Dragon Masters crumbled, and a bloody war commenced. During the final assault on the great Crusader city of Kaladon, the Dragon Master king Lord Deruldoth was killed, and so was Krask. Crippled and leaderless, the Dragon Masters retreated and nearly collapsed into civil war until an obscure wizard who called himself Void claimed the throne and slew anyone who disputed it. Meanwhile, Lacrecia, in her grief, gave birth to her second son Aros a month early. She and the baby nearly died, but they did survive.”
“At this time I was contacted by another wizard and instructed to recreate the Twin Pendants Of King Kris so that the spirit of the evil Lord Inion could at last be destroyed. Once the Pendants had be made, I was to deliver them to the sons of the great warrior Krask. I sent a young knight called Repsac Neverroads on a quest to gather the ingredients I needed, and he served me proudly, returning with everything required even though his own life was near spent. After an intense year of spellbinding and smelting, I had at last recreated the only two objects that could rid Dametreos of Inion’s evil forever.”

“But why give them to Reno and Aros?” Bjarn interrupted.

“Because,” Daner’s eyes twinkled again, “King Kris’s blood, the man vanquished by Lord Inion, runs in the Regga family line.”

Bjarn motioned Daner to continue, as enthralled in this revelation as a child listens to ghostly Fright Knight tales.

“The Pendants are two complex pieces of magic. They entrance anyone who sees them, and they hold great power within. They were forged of dragon’s ore, and so have great power over dragons. The god-dragon Eroth Gamus’s life was particularly tied to the Pendants. You see, Lord Inion was a Dragon Master, and had great power over dragons…but I am getting side tracked. Anyway, once the Pendants were re-forged, I teleported to Lacrecia and instructed her to give them to Reno and Aros when she thought the time was right. I left them, thinking my job accomplished. However, I made a terrible mistake. Lord Void had learned of the Pendants, and the dormant egg of Eroth Games, and lusted after them greatly. He only knew that they were in the possession of the Crusaders, and so he started to send out dragon raiders to scour every Crusader city until he found what he was looking for.”
“During one of these attacks, Lacrecia was badly wounded and it was thought that she would die very soon. Fearing her life would soon snuff out, Lacrecia gave the Pendants to her two sons, now ages ten and three, and had them sent off to a safe place with an aunt. They never saw their mother again. Lacrecia vanished, and it was assumed she had died of her wounds. Worse yet, on their way to their aunt, Reno and Aros were separated, and never saw one another again until they met up on my ship the Shaldo, or as you know it, the Shadow.”
“Here I ran into a roadblock until I discovered something astonishing, Lacrecia had not died, at least not that night when she sent her sons away. I learned at last that she recovered and had moved away to the Ninjas, where she married a local Shogun and lived happily, almost forgetting her troubled past. Years went by, and they had a son, whom they called Luxus. When Luxus was seven, the undead army of Adamapolis overran Morcia and his father was killed by them. Later his mother Lacrecia was killed when her house was destroyed. Yes, that Ninja woman was Luxus’s mother, and she was also Reno’s and Aros’s mother. That is how she knew of Reno, that is why she bid me take her son to his half brother. The mystery, at last, was unraveled.”

Bjarn was gob smacked. For a while there was no sound in the room save the quiet chattering of Yonkey.

Then Bjarn asked at last, “Why do you tell me this? Why not Reno, Aros and Luxus, to whom is matters most?”

Daner nodded in understanding. “Bjarn, you were the father Reno never had. He loves and admires you deeply. I am merely an acquaintance. He will listen and believe you, his friend and mentor.”

“But why now? Why suddenly come out of the blue and tell me all this?”

“Because it is your destiny.”

“That’s the most mega blocks cliché thing I’ve ever heard.”

“True.” twinkled Daner, “But that’s the way it is. The duty of the Pendants has not yet been fulfilled. The spirit of Lord Inion still lurks through Dametreos. It is in part thanks to Lord Inion that this blizzard engulfs half of Dametreos.”

“Voolmark informed me that this snow is not normal, that it is saturated with dark magic and it cuts off the flow to the Mana.”

“That is true. BloodVaine, though dead, still can effect Dametreos with his evil. And Lord Inion helps. Before this storm completely deep freezes Dametreos it must be stopped, and to be stopped the Pendants must be used to accomplish what they were created to do.”

“But what must I do? The Pendants are Aros’s and Reno’s.”

“You must inform them of their fate, and their relation to Luxus. Then you must accompany them to the Temple Of Lost Stars.”

“The former I can do, Daner Pluto, but the latter, I’m afraid, is impossible.”

“How so?”

“Look at me!” snapped Bjarn. “My legs are broken, my shoulder shattered, my hand squashed and I am half deaf. I am unable to even walk, much less track though snow and sleet to some obscure temple.”

“Rise Bjarn.”

“Are you deaf as well?”

“You have suffered enough, Bjarn. Your bravery not just on the battlefield but in the sickbed had my admiration. You deserve a gift. Rise.”

Bjarn raised his mangled hand to shake it at Daner angrily when he stopped dead.


Daner smiled.

“Use your gift well, Bjarn, leader of the Forestmen. You are a great man, you will know what to do when the time is right. Farewell.”

Daner Pluto, wizard of old, wielder of a thousand spells and wisest among wise, vanished, along with his pet monkey Yonkey. Bjarn was left to stare at his hand, a hand, worn, weathered, rough, scarred and callused, but no longer crippled.
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Postby Lord_Of_The_LEGO » Mon Jan 10, 2005 11:30 pm

Drullen Bell Keep

Shainya knocked gently on Bjarn’s door, then said softly, “Bjarn?”

She shrugged, then unlocked the door. Why he had wanted himself bolted up was beyond her, but he had insisted. As she slipped the key back into a pocket, she hefted a large tea tray and nudge the door open, where she promptly dropped the tray with a gasp.

Bjarn was standing in the middle of the room in his white bed robe, bending his knees and flexing his hand that had once been horribly mangled. He turned to her, his face alight.

“Shainya…” his voice shook, “Look at me!”

“You’re…walking…” she managed to gasp out loudly.

“No need to shout now!” Bjarn grinned, faily bouncing over to her, “Look!”

Shainya reeled. She had always known Bjarn as the one-eared Forestman, his left ear a clogged mass of severed flesh, shot off by an Eastern Knight’s Kingdom arrow. Now there was an ear in place of the scarred tissue.

“How did this happen?” Shainya gasped out, sitting down on the now evacuated bed.

“Daner Pluto healed me!” beamed Bjarn, flexing his shoulder.


Bjarn turned, and then smiled warmly at Shainya.

“Please, go and fetch Reno, Aros and Luxus. I need to tell them something.”
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Postby Formendacil » Tue Jan 11, 2005 4:23 am

Grid: I-4
Location: Troubled waters north of the Black Falcon coast.

Formendacil wrote:Elwen thought that they were passing through some sort of blizzard or storm.

Jayko supposed that she was probably right, but the slaver vessel continued onwards, relentlessly, towards Anka Dolour.

It was still cold, but the ship had stopped rocking in the storm, and it seemed apparent that the blizzard, or whatever outside the ship, had passed.

Jayko was starting to despair. Try as he might, he could think of no way to save them, and it was HIS fault. It was so stupid, he thought, that in trying to save Elwen from harm at Quorandis' hands, he had only led her to a situation where the harm would be much, much worse.

Anka Dolour was the most place in Dametreos. At least that was Jayko's current opinion on the subject, and there were many who agreed with him, even those who were not on their way to near-certain death in its markets.

There was no one to save them, and no way to escape. Jayko was certain they were going to die.
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Postby The Green Knight » Tue Jan 11, 2005 8:26 pm

As the party emerged from the neverwood they were greeted by a blast of cold wind, filled with sleet and snow. The ground was already covered in a thick layer of snow and the only tracks visible were hoofprints behind them. The moon was full, but the sky was cloudy and the stars gave only enough light to travel by.

Gib shuddered, pulling his cloak tight around him. It was definately cold. Still, the company pressed on and each weary moment passsed and piled up like the snow, until it was hours that had passed under the hooves of the two mounted steeds.

The blizzard wasn't getting any better either. It wasn't long before Elbadar pulled his mount along side of Bernard's to take council.

Close as he was, Gib couldn't make out what they were saying. The cold wind whipped the words away, filling gib's ears with a shrill whistle and spraying his facewith icy flecks. Still, Gib could just about imagine what they were saying. They were debating, no doubt on whether or not they aught to move forward in this storm. Gib strained hard and managed to make out a little of what they were saying...

"Well, at least we don't have to deal with those Werewolves."

At that moment the horses stopped. Three faces stared blankly over the horses heads and into the blurry darkness beyond.

Then came a growl. Elbadar's horse shighed. Bernard's turned to run. "A werewolf!" Bernard whispered. "Wait!" cried Gib.

"I know that growl." Gib slipped off the horse, onto his good leg. "Jackal?" he spoke into the dark. Slowly a form emerged from the swirling snow. It was Jackal. The wolf was quite a sight. With hard packed snow glistening like icicles on it's shaggy coat. Bernard watched from his mount as the two sharred a warm-- well Maybe I should say caring- embrace.

"What's this?" said Gib to the wolf. Jackal was carrying something inside it's mouth. Bernard could make out what it was, but Gib could. "Oh no. Griffin..." The hermit silently tucked the hawk into the folds of his cloak before whispering something inaudible to the wolf.
In a minnute Bernard was helping Gib back onto the horse. Leaning forward, Gib relayed his message.

"Jackal says there's a villige not far from here. He's going to lead us to it."

Bernard nodded and the party moved forward. To their left a light was growing. The sun was rising on Royal Knight land. The night was over.
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Postby Robin Hood » Wed Jan 12, 2005 3:43 am

Grid: G-8
Location: Kings quarters in Castleton

The door to Kjeld's sitting room was flung open. In staggered Prince Lego XIII. The king stood up and supported the near frozen prince to a chair by the fire and sat him down.

"Tyco Lego, what happened to you?" asked Kjeld.

The prince acepted a warm drink and took a sip before answering. "I was scouting north sire."

"Tyco! What the megablocks for?" asked the King. "You could have died out there. The Falcons aren't going to try anything at least until this storm stops."

"I know but I figured that we needed to see what the land ahead was like. A third of the country is still under Falcon rule, and we must help them."

The king walked over to a window and stared out into the white sky. "Tyco, tyco, tyco Lego, I know, but at the moment we can help them best by leaving them alone and not attacking their towns while a blizzard is going on."

Kjeld went to a cuboard and pulled out a bottle of Black Knight wine. He poured himself and Lego a glass each. "Here," he said, "Some wine left over from the Yuletide."

They drank in silence for a moment, then Kjeld asked, "do you think this storm will last long?"

"I think this is but a prelude."


"From what some old people have been saying, they feel that a huge storm is brewing a bit farther north."

Kjeld swore yet again, "Megablocks!!!! I hope they are wrong. If this is just a prelude............If it does happen I hope it lands on the Falcons. That would be a blessing."

"Maybe," commented the prince. "Any news from Sir Theodore?"

"The last messagenger said he was bunked down in Orlan and that he had a small army read for our next battle." answered Kjeld.

"Well if you have nothing else that you want I will retire," said the prince and he rose from his chair and headed for the door.

"Wait," said Kjeld, "do you think that you will be up to the coronation tomorrow?"

"I will," answered Lego.

"Good, then goodnight."


Sir Theodore sat in his room in Orlan. He had had a boring Yuletide. His family had been in the islands and with the weather would not be able to see him. The prince and most of the high ranking officers had left to various places and he was left alone to command Orlan.

There was nothing wrong with that he supposed. But he was so bored. He craved for action, and with the storm he was trapped in the city.

The knight/general turned away from the fire and walked down to the main hall. Perhaps there might be some company here he thought vaguely.
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Postby lemon_squeezer2 » Wed Jan 12, 2005 3:54 am

Grid: D-7
Location: At Sea

It was his second day at sea, and the high confidence that Girard had possessed a day earlier was gone from him. To the south, there were thick, black looking clouds and to further compound matters, the temperature had taken an abrupt drop.

Girard knew that his only choices were to sail right through the approaching storm or attempt to sail to the west. Not much was known about the western sea. There were rumors that there were more lands beyond, inhabited by civilized people, but the common belief was that the sea marked a definite boundary, one that was pointless and foolish to go beyond.

At any rate, Girard reasoned that such a venture would be futile. He only carried supplies for two weeks, and there was no telling how long the storm front might be. He would ride this one out. He had seen worse in his lifetime and this was no different…

Or so he thought…

The snowstorm that had hit the Northern Isle three days before had continued its southerly course until it collided into the warm front that had come from the east. This made a weather system that in a freak incident, formed up to be a weak hurricane. Hungry for warmer waters, it continued south leaving the Black Falcon fleet in a pincher between two tempests.

That night, Girard was plagued by a terrible nightmare. He dreamt he was on a small boat on a perfectly calm sea. There was an eerie silence around him, and he could feel himself locked up in a sense of dread, as if something bad or uncanny of sorts was going to happen. Then his thought suddenly shifted. It was a man – or what seemed to be a maniacally laughing. His body was being ripped apart by what seemed to be a swarming mass of green lights, circling him and eating at his very flesh.

Then the scene shifted again to the boat. This time however, he was in a stormy sea and he knew this was somehow caused by the figure he had seen before. Suddenly a huge wave rose up before him and all went black.

Girard awoke in a sweat. Placing his hand on his forehead he closed his eyes.

“[i]It was a dream. Only a dream.[i]”

The Admiral flung of his blanket and sat on the side of his bed. It was dark – unusually dark. Turning his head to the left, he looked out the stern window – a masterpiece made up of dozens of carefully placed glass panes, handcrafted in Mintz. The sky was dark, blocking out the sun’s life-giving rays.

Getting up, Girard pulled on his military issue jacket, pinned with the awards and honors that he had gained over the years, the most prominent being a simple iron cross clasped at his throat.

On deck, a cool mist had gathered. Only four men stood on deck, keeping watch at their posts and a multitude of sails on every quarter from the massive Falcon armada greeted his eyes. Yesterday had been somewhat warm, but this morning brought in cold air and more clouds. Girard walked up to Henry, the quartermaster of the watch at that hour.
“What is the evening report midshipman?”
“No event worthy of notice sir. Dawn broke out just a few minutes ‘go. We seem to be greeted by more clouds.” Leaning closer to the sea captain, the man whispered. “There’s foul weather ‘abrewing sir. Them clouds there have been move’n faster then I’d like to see them.”
Girard nodded. “Thank you. We will ride this one out though. Nothing more than a winter storm. Never quite as bad as what goes on in typhoon season.”

At that moment seven sharp peals from the ship’s bell rang out. The midshipman spoke again.
“Well, with your leave cap’in I’ll be heading below. My watch is over.”
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Postby Formendacil » Mon Jan 17, 2005 7:23 pm

Grid: E-10
Location: Reaching Port Jozef

The Green Knight wrote:"Jackal says there's a villige not far from here. He's going to lead us to it."

Bernard nodded and the party moved forward. To their left a light was growing. The sun was rising on Royal Knight land. The night was over.

There had indeed been a village. Quorandis, Elbadar, and Gib had stayed there a day, thawing out their frozen limbs, and resting a bit in the comfort of a real building.

They had also heard news of Jayko and Elwen.

"Aye," said one of the locals. "One o' them funny-looking foreign knights came through with a noble-looking lady a while back. They were heading for the coast, it seemed. Mebbe to Port Jozef."

Quorandis didn't say anything about Jayko being a 'funny-looking foreigner'. Technically speaking, he and his two companions were foreigners as well. Gib looked like a commoner that could have come from any country, though, and although Elbadar was quite clearly a Dragon Master, Dragon Masters were close neighbours to Royal Knights in these parts. As for Quorandis himself... well, a Classic Knight was a familiar sight internationally, and the Royal Knights were on especially good terms with the Classics.

They set out the next morning for Port Jozef. The weather was still cold, but it was warmer than it had been, and the falling snow was gentler, and not being stirred by gusts of wind.

Several days later, they were reaching Port Jozef.

"Keep an eye on your backs," warned Elbadar. "This town's not as safe as it once was."
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Postby Lord_Of_The_LEGO » Mon Jan 17, 2005 7:43 pm

Bjarn turned, and then smiled warmly at Shainya.

“Please, go and fetch Reno, Aros and Luxus. I need to tell them something.”

Drullen Bell Keep

Still confused and curious, Shainya did as Bjarn bid and left the room. While she was gone, Bjarn slipped out of his white linens that he had worn when he was ill and changed into tan tunic and brown baggy pantaloons. He held these up with a wide belt, and then slipped on some thick-soled boots. Lastly, he hung a simple three-tubed flute around his neck and donned a worn, brown cap. He was ready.

Reno entered, followed by Aros, Luxus and Shainya. Reno stopped dead, gaping, while Aros’s eye grew very wide.


“Please, all of you, sit. There is much to tell.” insisted Bjarn, smiling.

They all literally collapsed onto the bed and Bjarn sat in the chair used by Daner Pluto only a few minutes before. Bjarn stared at the three brothers and the girl, gathering his thoughts. At last he began.


The tale took ten minutes to tell. By the time Bjarn was done, everyone on the bed, even the usually-fidgety Luxus, was silent and wide eyed.

Bjarn continued, “Daner has granted me a wonderful gift, as gift only the likes of him could give. It is my duty to repay him, and I am certain you will do the same.”

Reno squeezed the tiny hand of Luxus. “Of course Bjarn, it is our duty.”

“’Tis our destiny!” piped Luxus.

Shainya smiled, but her glance at Bjarn was worried.

“Bjarn,” she said, “Are you sure about this? How could anyone travel through a storm like this? And how in Dametreos will we find the Temple Of Lost Stars?”

“We?” queried Aros, raising an eyebrow, “Daner didn’t mention you.”

Shainya firmly clasped Reno’s hand. “I’m going.” she replied firmly.

Reno smiled and kissed her. Both Aros and Luxus turned away, rolling their eyes and pretending to vomit.

Bjarn said, “We can’t wait until the storm clears up, because it won’t clear up until we go and complete the quest.”

Bjarn grimaced, looking at his old Misfits clothes. “I did wish to go adventuring in my old garbs, but we’ll all need something warmer than this lot.”

“You make it sound as if we need to go this moment.” said Shainya.

“We do.” urged Bjarn, “Time is essential. We must neutralize Lord Inion’s and BloodVaine’s evil spirits before all of Dametreos freezes over. The sooner we leave, the better.”

Bjarn stood and began to pace.

“I can handle all the administrative duties for the Forestmen. Gonderin will govern in my place and all that. I hate to wander off and leave my kingdom to fend for themselves like Radjar Kath seems to like to do, but who can turn down the word of a wizard? I need to alert the Council of my plans too. Daner didn’t mention about bringing any troops along, but I’ll ask some persons to see if they want to come. The more help we get is good, but we don’t want too many to slow us down. Six or seven people total, like the Misfits.”

“I can oversee the arrangement of cold weather gear.” offered Aros, “A few years ago I was part of a fur camp in upper Dametreos during the winter.”

“What about carts, horses?” queried Reno.

“I don’t think we will be able to travel any way except on foot.” replied Bjarn.

“I will pack food for a party of seven.” said Shainya.

“I’ll help!” smiled Luxus.

“Then I’ll see if I can find the Temple.” said Reno, “There’s got to be records of them somewhere…”

“Right.” affirmed Bjarn, “Let’s go.”
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Postby Formendacil » Mon Jan 17, 2005 8:22 pm

Grid: O-8
Location: In the strait between the mainland and the Fell Isle.

Formendacil wrote:There was no one to save them, and no way to escape. Jayko was certain they were going to die.

Not even the weather was bad enough to deliver them. The slaver vessel continued around the continent, now passing south again, between the separated portions of the Forestdweller kingdoms.

"They'll have to put in for supplies somewhere, sometime soon," said Jayko, in an effort to try and find a bright side to something. In this case, any delay in reaching Anka Dolour was a bright side.

"Whatever," said Elwen, tonelessly. Jayko was worried about Elwen. She had withdrawn into her mind, and was scarcely talking or moving any more. The slavers seemed a little concerned as well, not wanting to have "damaged goods", but they were unable to think of anything to liven her up, so they just left her alone.

Jayko had no better luck. Elwen, quite simply, was withdrawing from life.
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Postby Commander Redbeard » Tue Jan 18, 2005 1:29 am

Drullen Bell Keep

Anardan rode into the Keep early one morning, the frigid air keeping him awake after the long ride. He met Reno with an armful of scrolls in one of the inner corridors, and stopped to enquire what he was looking for. He had an idea, from what he had heard from the Dark Forestman who had been outside the Temple when his main group was slain. Reno did not want tell him, but Anardan thought he knew, when he read the titles of the scrolls he was holding.

"If you're looking for information on the Temple of Stars, did you meet with the Dark Forestman who rode in a few days ago?"

Reno looked puzzled, but interested by the query.

"He's the one who was rumured to have escaped from the band of Dark Foresters who had also gone looking for the Temple- He is still here?"

Anardan immediately answered, trying to recall his conversation with the man.

"He was pretty bad, frozen stiff and half mad. I didn't learn much from him, but he did tell me something of what happened. He's in one of the rooms here, I believe, still recovering."

Reno thought over the new information for several moments, then asked;

"Can you take me to him?"

Anardan led Reno around several corners, then down a corridor and pointed to a door.

"I think he's in there..."

Reno looked at the door, then turned.

"I'll be right back"

Bjarn might want to talk to this Dark Forester; Reno thought. He may have the information we need.
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Postby Lord_Of_The_LEGO » Tue Jan 18, 2005 10:52 pm

Commander Redbeard wrote:Reno looked at the door, then turned.

"I'll be right back"

Bjarn might want to talk to this Dark Forester; Reno thought. He may have the information we need.

Reno entered and looked down at the pitiful form that had once been a human. The man a shrunken and pale, and where he wasn't white he was blue and gray from frostbite. Reno, as a healer, knew the Dark Forester was minutes from death. Leaning close, Reno said, "Sir?"

The man stirred.

"How did you become like this?"

"Urmf..." Blood curled down the man's cheek.

Suddenly, he died.

Reno left, his brow furrowed. He had been too late. He would have to get information elsewhere. The Temple Of Lost Stars was precisely that, lost. It had been hidden for thousands of years. It wasn't about to reveal it's secrets now.


The day after Reno had unsuccessfully tried to interrogate the Dark Forester, Bjarn called a council of all the residents of Drullen Bell Keep to be held in the Drullen Bell Council Dome, which had been the site of the historic trial of Radjar Kath.

Indeed, many of the persons who had been at that trial were also present tonight, but many others were new. Radjar Kath, Rosa, and the rest of the refugee Dark Foresters were in their designated section of the rounded stone seats. The Council Dome seating area was divided into four sections; Forestmen, Wolfpack, Dark Forest and all other factions, but with so few of Wolfpack members and excess of Dark Foresters the guidelines were ignored and everyone sat where they wished.

When at last all were settled, Bjarn rose and gave everyone the traditional Sign Of The Elk. Everyone, even non-Forestmen, returned the greeted and then waited for Bjarn to speak.

"Fellow Forestmen and women, honored Wolfpack and Dark Forest guests, and all other persons equally honored, I have an announcement of large importance to make. I was visited by a wizard last night, a wizard by the name of Daner Pluto."

A few who recognized the name, Voolmark one of them, sat up urgently and murmured. Others simply waited for Bjarn to continue.

"He granted me a great gift, a gift I will show to you all."

Bjarn, who had been sitting in a mobile chair apparently still invalid suddenly stood and threw off the white sheet. He was once again garbed in flowing green, unadorned save for the original Elk Crest.

Gasps issued ouch from everyone save a select few, the few who were already aware of Bjarn's healing.

"Behold!" bellow Bjarn, "I am afflicted no more! Daner has honored me greatly, for only the most powerful wielders of magic can repair something as complex as the human body. I am truly blessed."

The populace of the Dome, particularly the Forestmen upon seeing their leader well and strong, began to cheer, but with a wave of Bjarn's hand they quieted down.

"Thank you for your support." Bjarn said warmly, "But we have other pressing matters. Daner has laid it upon me and several of my companions to fulfill a quest that should have been completed months ago, a quest that could have prevented the BloodVaine War."

The audience was now hushed, listening intently.

"This snowstorm is no normal storm, as some of you more magically-endowed persons already know. This storm has been created by evil, and powered by evil. Two great forces of evil, in fact, the life-forces of BloodVaine, and his predecessor Lord Inion. If there spirits are not stopped, this storm will consume all of Dametreos and turn it into a frozen wasteland by June. Daner Pluto informed me of a way to defeat this evil, and I feel it is my duty to do as this wizard bids and accompany Reno, Aros, and Luxus Regga to fulfill their destiny and reunite the Twin Pendants of King Kris in the Temple of Lost Stars!"

All at once half the assembly stood, offering their services in the quest. Again, Bjarn raised his hand and they quieted.

"I thank you, all of you, but I cannot have everyone come along. You must stay and rebuild, rebuild the Forestdweller Kingdoms to their former glory. It aches me to leave you like this, if only for a while, but I must. I only seek a few persons to accompany me, persons with unique skills. I don't want an army, for that would only slow the quest down. Please, consider carefully before rising. This mission will be dangerous."

Bjarn remained standing, eying the crowd. Not two seconds passed by when Sir Dractor, sans his armor and instead clad in a snug tan tunic, stood and said, "Milord Bjarn, for months I have known you, and we have become fast friends. Though I am not a native of Dametreos, I have grown to love this land. I feel it is my duty to accompany you on your quest."

Dractor paused for a moment, then said, his face twisting into a grin, "Plus, and no offence meant to the Forestfolk for they have treated me wonderfully, I have gotten quite bored here at Drullen Bell Keep. I want to move on!"

Bjarn smiled, then said, "You are welcome, my friend. Your warrior skills will aid us wonderfully."

After a moment, the wizard Voolmark stood and harrumphed.

"Lord Bjarn, I offer my services to you as well. I might just come in handy with my magic skills, though this megablocks weather seems to have zapped my touch with the Mana."

"Thank you, Voolmark, my former teacher. Your wisdom will be equally be helpful."

Bjarn saw Fraun Jerlock, sitting next to Voolmark, glance slowly from Frayla and back to Voolmark, seemingly torn. Before he could do anything, however, if he was going to do anything at all, someone else spoke.

"Lord Bjarn, sir!"

Bjarn turned and nodded at Captain Anardan, who had risen and saluted.

"I'm am always proud to protect my leader!" continued Anardan, "I also am an expect tracker and have some experience traveling in winter conditions. Permission to join the quest?"

"Granted." replied Bjarn, "Your services will be much appreciated, Captain Anardan."

Bjarn turned and counted out loud, "That makes...five, six, seven, eight...eight persons, for Shainya is going as well. Very good, our fellowship has been formed. Thank you, again."

Bjarn gave the Sign of the Elk and departed, as did everyone else.
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Postby Robin Hood » Wed Jan 19, 2005 3:30 am

Grid: G-8
Location: Great Hall, Castleton

The coronation was a short yet grand affair. It took place in the Great Hall of the castle. While somewhat bland, the hall being grey stone, and very few amounts of tapestries or coloured glass, the hall was a grand place. It was in fact bigger than any other hall in Dametros, even bigger than the hall in Orian, though not nearly as splendid.

The hall was filled with people to witness the coronation, though a great many of them were peasents. Due to the storm, not a lot of important people had managed to make it.

The trumpets sounded once and then everything went quiet. The king strode into the hall dresses in his finest. He was followed by his son, three knights, and twelve honor guards.

They walked slowly and with great ceremony toward the dais. Kjeld climbed the steps and turned to face the crowd.

It was traditional for the new king to be crowned by one of his parents if either still lived, if not a high ranking person of the king's choice would do it. Kjeld would have had Sir Theodore do it, but he had not made it due to the storm. So instead Earl Sroft, an earl of the northern area, lowered the crown onto the new king's head.

It was traditional for the Royal Knights not to say anything during the coronation. Though afterward, the king usually gave a speech.

The crown was placed on Kjeld's head and everybody stood still. Then the king bent forward and knelt to his subjects. Signifiying that he was theirs.

Kjeld then rose and the coronation was over, Kjeld was king. Though he was yet to be sanctioned by the Emporer, and that was not going to happen until spring came and the roads were cleared.

The king turned to his son, "well, thats that."

"Aye," returned Lego, "going to say anything?"

"I have one thing." said Kjeld, who then turned back to the crowd and spoke up, "My fellow countrymen. Though half our country is still under Falcon rule, I am afraid that until the weather lightens, I can do nothing to help them, but I promise you, I will not rest until all the coutry is back under its rightful ruler!"

He raised his hands and shook them, and the crowd cryed out.


On a side note, my 1000th post!!!!!!!! FOUR DIGETS!!!! OH yeah!!!! Bring it on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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