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Classic-Castle Roleplay: May 2005

PostPosted: Sun May 01, 2005 4:25 pm
by Formendacil
Greetings Roleplayers!

Additions to the continuing epic should be posted here. Questions and comments regarding the CCRP should be posted in this thread.

Let the adventure continue!

PostPosted: Mon May 02, 2005 2:09 am
by Formendacil
Grid: N-24
Location: Talistrand

It was only about a month after they had left that Bernard Quorandis and his men returned to the city of Talistrand, but it felt like a fair bit longer.

When they arrived in the city, he sent the Cavaliers off the to the barracks, with instructions to take a few weeks' leave. He asked Elbadar what he planned.

"I'm not really sure," replied the Dragon Master. "The Sorceror-king is gone, and Sir Dractor and Lady Elwen seem fairly certain that he won't return, so it seems I have my own private army."

"You won't return to the service of Lord Void, then?" asked Quorandis.

"No," said Elbadar. "I don't think that is the way I want to go. I think we'll rest here in Talistrand for a few days or weeks, and then I want to rebuild the regiment. Between the last few weeks as well as losses in the War, and even before then, we're down to 156 men from 201. I'd like to rebuild the regiment back up to 200, plus myself and Captain Del Grakken."

"I don't trust Oris Del Grakken," said Quorandis, "not after what happened in the Ruins."

"Del Grakken was merely doing his loyal duty, as he saw it," said Elbadar. "I'm the one who failed my trust, as far as it went. I did what was might have been right, but I did not do a soldier's duty."

Quorandis shook his head.

"Well, whatever. If you trust him, fine with me. You're welcome to stay in the barracks until your men are rested up. And if you're looking for replacement Dragon Masters, I'd go back to Orion. Quite a few of your countrymen stayed behind after being demobbed, or else deserted there. If you don't want to go back to Lord Void's sphere of influence, that's the place to look."

"I'm not sure what I'm doing," said Elbadar, "but I'll keep that in mind. Thanks."

As Quorandis replied "your welcome", Elbadar and his men headed into the barracks, and found some empty bunks. Elbadar had a lot of morale-boosting to do. His men had not taken well to Sir Dractor beating them 125 to 2.

As the Dragon Masters marched off, Quorandis turned to Elwen, Sir Dractor, and Jayko.

"What of you three?" he asked. "I hope you'll stay in the palace and rest, at least for a few days. You need a break."

"I think I'd like to stay here for quite a while," said Elwen. "I don't really have anything to do, and this seems like a very, attractive place to me."

"I would be most honoured- and most pleased- if you would stay," said Quorandis. The two of them started walking off towards the palace. Sir Dractor turned to Jayko.

"What about you, kid?"

"I'm probably going to leave pretty quick," said Jayko. "There's not really anything for me here, and it's been a long time since I've been in Barleyburg. I should go home and be the baron I'm supposed to be."

"A good decision," said Sir Dractor, clapping him heartily on the back. "I'm going to head north myself. I need a new suit of armour, and I left some friends rather abruptly, and I should probably go see them again. Elbadar gave me a lead on who I might go look into for armour. We can probably travel together as far as Barleyburg.

"Meanwhile, we had may as well travel together to the palace, since those two seem to have no need of our company. I've never been here before, so I hope you know where you're going."

PostPosted: Mon May 02, 2005 6:47 pm
by Formendacil
Grid: N-24
Location: Talistrand

Formendacil wrote:"Meanwhile, we had may as well travel together to the palace, since those two seem to have no need of our company. I've never been here before, so I hope you know where you're going."

Sir Dractor and Jayko were alone in their quarters. Elwen was out with Quorandis. Again. They had hardly seen her since they had returned to the city.

They had done little since arriving in the city. Sir Dractor had purchased himself a new shield, and painted it with his prince's bear-on-red emblem. He had also found himself a battle-axe use until he had acquired himself a new sword.

Other than that, he and Jayko had really done nothing more than watch the paint dry on the shield (the last layer of black was now in the "tacky" stage).

So it was the high point of the day when a herald with the shamrock emblem of the Talistrani people knocked on their quarters with a message from the king.

"Sir Aethelred Dractor and Baron Jayko Falconensis are cordially invited to attend a ball to be held this evening in honour of Viscount Bernard Quorandis, and his role in the restoration of the Empire."

The herald bowed, and departed. Jayko looked rather uneasy.

"Problem?" asked Sir Dractor.

"I, uh, haven't had any good ballroom experiences in this city," said Jayko, shamefully remembering the last one.

"I'm not big on fancy stuff like balls either," said Sir Dractor with a frown. "You know, maybe this is my hint to head out of here, get back on the road. No point hanging around, really. Do you want to go?"

"Sure," said Jayko, a bit despondently. "There's no point hanging around, I guess."

"Then you hunt down Elwen, and if you have to, pry her out of Quorandis' arms so that we can say good-bye. I'll look into passage to Barleyburg."

So a couple of hours later, just before the Ball was supposed to start, Elwen came down to Sir Dractor's room to say good-bye. She was decked out in a beautiful blue ballroom gown, and her crown had been polished to a brilliant lustre. It seemed that the crown was permanently affixed to her head, as it had shown no signs of coming off since leaving the Old Ruins.

It was a bit of a tearful good-bye (at least where Sir Dractor was concerned. It didn't seem that Elwen had fully forgiven Jayko), but it was soon over, and the two knights were making their way down to the harbour, while Elwen made her way down to the ballroom, where her escort waited.

PostPosted: Mon May 02, 2005 11:42 pm
by Lord_Of_The_LEGO
Japheth turned away and entered Ajaxx’s tent. The Commander-General was already rolling up parchments and placing them in a chest. He looked over his shoulder and allowed himself a smiled.

“This be a grand day, Japheth, a grand day indeed.”

Grid: B-18
Location: Camp Maurdord

It also turned out to be a very hectic day. Though the men of the Dragonsbane Brigade were strong and well-organized, no one could avoid the little (and sometimes big) delays and accidents that plagued any group of persons attempting to pack up all they owned. Boxes were mislabeled. A wagon lost a wheel. A soldier broke both legs when he fell from a tree platform. Despite all the mishaps, Ajaxx was feeling energized. He did not growl and swear at his men when they fumbled, he encouraged them with shouts and once jumped in himself to aid them.

At sundown, giant accordion-type lanterns bought from the Ninjas were lit and the disassembly of most of Camp Maurdord continued through the dark. Anything nailed down such as the platforms in the trees and the rope ladders and bridges connecting them were left in place, but everything else; the tents, the bedding, the weapons, and all the other miscellaneous supplies was packed up and loaded onto fourteen wagons. The packing and loading continued throughout the night, and it seemed it would never get done. But the Dragon Masters did not let their commander down. As the sky grew light with pre-dawn, the last tent was folded and the last pot stowed away.

Ajaxx Dragonsbane greeted his men.

“Men of the Dragonsbane Brigade!” he called, “I know ye be tired, but, I ask of ye, bear with me a bit longer. We be marching to the north, to Port Gordlan-Gordule. This be a journey of some days, and it will be tiring. But, once we reach Port Gordlan-Gordule, we be waiting three days to recoup.”

The men cheered. Three days holiday in Port Gordlan-Gordule meant beer and saucy wenches. They knew Ajaxx’s custom; beer for the first day, wenches for the second day, and tea and coffee to curb the hangovers on the third day. It always went that way. Then, on the forth day, satisfied and sober, the men of the Dragonsbane Brigade would loyally follow Ajaxx Dragonsbane to wherever he deemed fit.

Ajaxx continued, “Men of the Dragonsbane Brigade! The dawn is upon us! MOVE OUT!”

There was another cheer, and then the recruits quickly formed themselves into ranks, save those assigned to the wagons. Captains Darvack and Jeckel, along with several others of higher and equal ranks, began shouting further orders. The Dragonsbane Brigade, with all it’s soldiers, officers, supply wagons and domestic animals, turned it’s steps toward the coast.

PostPosted: Mon May 02, 2005 11:44 pm
by TheOrk
I-9 The Border Hills

The Border Hill’s weren’t safe again. It was at the point were a squad of cavaliers lead by Sir Rillian himself were investigating. The Emperor was a bit peeved at the reports that the Ghoul of Orion was leaving a trail of death and destruction across the length of Legoland.

Weigraf didn’t care. With a glance at his surroundings he knew he was in the place where this nightmare had began so many years ago. Animals shrieked in terror at his passing.

He ran over the fields and through the forest, only making his presence known to the outside world when it was time to eat.

He could sense Valric from the otherside of Dametreos. He must have him! Perhaps a hundred had fallen to him already. Valric was the only one to survive his attack. His blood would be worth a dozen normal minifigs!

The distance inbetween the two was rapidly shrinking. He didn’t care where he was, in the middle of the woods or in a mighty fortress. He would die soon. They would all die. This time Sir Weigraf would not fail…

PostPosted: Tue May 03, 2005 5:46 pm
by Lord_Of_The_LEGO
"Release her." Said Caimlin when he saw the state of things. It wasn’t his intention to make war and he didn’t want to alienate the locals.

“What’s your name miss?”

Name and rank that’s all you were supposed to give when taken captive. She knew it.

“Natali.” She said “seventh talon.”

Grid: L-13
Location: Port Ghastly

Caimlin looked around, pleased. It had been two weeks since he had met the Fright Knight recruit named Natali. Now he and his convoy were staying at the aptly-named Port Ghastly. After assured Natali that the Dragon Masters were not invading and after paying her a hefty sum, Caimlin was allowed across Fright Knight territory to the coast. Natali, it seemed had a great-uncle who was a shipwright. Now, at last, after a month into the journey and much poorer, Caimlin could actually see some progress. Three triremes, propped up near the shore, were partially complete. The shipwright said they would be done in another two weeks.

That was good, Caimlin thought, Lord Void is probably starting to get impatient.

Well, Caimlin couldn't really help it. He had gone as fast as he could, and now he was nearing the half-way point on his mission: buying three new triremes. After that, it was on to Anka Dolour.

PostPosted: Tue May 03, 2005 6:23 pm
by Formendacil
Grid: N-24
Location: Talistrand

Formendacil wrote:"Sir Aethelred Dractor and Baron Jayko Falconensis are cordially invited to attend a ball to be held this evening in honour of Viscount Bernard Quorandis, and his role in the restoration of the Empire."
So a couple of hours later, just before the Ball was supposed to start, Elwen came down to Sir Dractor's room to say good-bye. She was decked out in a beautiful blue ballroom gown, and her crown had been polished to a brilliant lustre. It seemed that the crown was permanently affixed to her head, as it had shown no signs of coming off since leaving the Old Ruins.
Elwen made her way down to the ballroom, where her escort waited.

"Your friends are departing?" asked Bernard, meeting her at the stairs to the ballroom.

"Yes," said Elwen. "Sir Dractor is heading towards Drullen Bell, and Jayko is going home to Barleyburg. How was supper?"

"Divine as always," replied Bernard, "but rather lonely without you. I fully intend to remedy that this evening."

"I look forward to it, Milord Viscount."

At that point, the herald at the entrance gestured them forward to enter and be announced.

"Her Grace, Elwen, Duchess dan Raleigh; and His Lordship, Viscount Bernard of Quoran, Commander-General of the Imperial Cavaliers."

Quite a few people applauded the Hero of Orion (as he was embarassingly known in Talistrand) into the ball being held in his honour. They headed to the dais at the far end of the ballroom, where King Valentius was welcoming his guests. Aftera few cordial words they bowed and curtseyed, and headed to the dance floor.

Elwen danced with no one but Bernard until the fourth dance in, when the Viscount felt a tap on his shoulder.

"Excuse me, my boy," came the polished voice of Count Ferdinand Quorandis, "but I think it's time you let someone else in. May I have the pleasure?"

"Certainly," said Elwen, and laughingly sailed off in the Count's arms. Not seeing anyone else he wanted to dance with, Bernard headed off the dance floor, towards the refreshments. Elbadar, clad in the black, red, and gold uniform of the Lord Marshal, was standing there, slowly sipping a goblet of Guardendia Innis.

"My favourite vinyard, you know," he said. "Although this 2001 vintage is not quite as good as the 1986 stuff."

"I prefer a drier wine," said Quorandis. "Maybe a Triquartine from east of Orion. It's pretty hard to come by down here, but if you're ever in Orion, bring back a bottle. It's good stuff. I developed a taste while training on the Classic coast as a novice Cavalier."

"I might be in Orion in the next month or so," said Elbadar. "I've thought about what you said, and I think I'll go there to look for recruits. I want to avoid Dragonar at the moment, and I'll only accept Dragon Masters into the regiment."

"Why avoid Dragonar?" asked Quorandis. "Things are more peaceful there than they've been in ages."

"Well, that's a bad sign where Dragonar is concerned," said Elbadar. "Lord Void is a decent ruler, but he's been on the throne longer than most. I get the feeling that it might well be the time for another coup. Lord Void must be feeling it as well. I heard that he cracked down on my uncle, that harmless nut Hadadar, and that he's decided to rebuild the Fire-breathing Fortress rather than settle in the Dark Dragon's Den. He always had more support in the north by the Fortress than down south around the Den. Also, I've heard rumours that Governor Jarvick has quit his post- which looks bad. And there are rumours of the Dragonsbane Brigade getting restless again."

"Well, surely none of that would have much to do with you," said Quorandis.

"Quite a bit, actually," said Elbadar. "If the regiment returned home right now, I'd be caught right up in the politics and such. Everyone would want to have their hands on an experienced and disciplined regiments- a lot of the army has had to be rebuilt from scratch since Del Grakken's depradations. I'd just as soon stay away for a year or two."

"Well, good luck in Orion then," said Quorandis. "You'll take all your men?"

"No, actually," said Elbadar. "I'll probably take a few: the men in charge of training, and a couple of the new corporals, to help me pick the men, but I'll leave the bulk of the men here with Oris Del Grakken, assuming that King Valentius doesn't mind."

"He won't if I say so," said Quorandis. "I've got carte blanc where the military is concerned. If I want to put them up in the barracks, he won't mind. Just make sure to leave orders to keep them busy- and away from the people. Let's not have any incidents."

"I'll do that. Thanks, Quorandis, that's a big help."

"No more than you deserve," said Quorandis. "I was wrong when I said you were a cruel, stereotypical, Dragon Master."

Both of them fell silent as neither could think of anything to say. Then Elbadar cleared his throat.

"You, ah, might want to go hunt Elwen down. It looks like the dance is over."

PostPosted: Tue May 03, 2005 6:34 pm
by Sir Dillon
Location: shadow knight fortress

Kor put his hands in front of his face and closed his eyes

This is the end. He thought as he waited for the sword to come down. But the blow never came.

There was a shriek, and the torch suddenly flickered and went out, leaving them all in darkness.

Kor felt something fall on his lap with a jingle. Than heard a voice say; “Here is the keys, free yourself! Than follow me!


Cynan swore out loud as he groped around in the darkness. What had happened? The torch had suddenly gone out, right when he was going to kill some boy. Plus, he had dropped his sword in the confusion.

He was still searching for it when he felt two strong hands reach around his neck, then start to squeeze.

He grabbed at the hands, but couldn’t free himself. He collapsed, the stranger toppling on to him. He could feel himself dieing.

“No, I won’t die now, you fiend!” Cynan screamed as he struck out at the unseen person with his elbow, hitting something hard.
His attacker let go for an instant, and Cynan quickly rolled over and pushed the man off with his feet.

Cynan felt around once more, only this time he found his sword. He stood up and started swinging it around wildly.

Another light came rushing down the passage. A guard had heard the commotion and had come to see what was happening.

“What ‘appened ‘ere?” He demanded.

“Someone attacked us.” Said Cynan, as he looked around the room; the torch barer lay in a pool of blood on the ground. The prisoner and the so called “attacker”, if the were different people, had vanished.

PostPosted: Tue May 03, 2005 11:24 pm
by Formendacil
Grid: N-24
Location: Talistrand

Formendacil wrote:Both of them fell silent as neither could think of anything to say. Then Elbadar cleared his throat.

"You, ah, might want to go hunt Elwen down. It looks like the dance is over."

Quorandis was about to do just that, but Elwen seemed to have been snatched up by one of the local courtiers, and indeed, Elwen seemed pretty much to be taken for the rest of the knight as handsome young courtier after handsome young soldier vied for her attentions.

The pretty young ladies of the court were equally willing to dance with the handsome Viscount, but Commander-General Quorandis paid them no heed, his mind totally on other matters.

"You look moody," noted Elbadar as Quorandis slumped back to the refreshments table, after unsuccessfully trying to slip in on Elwen's dance.

"I kind of need to talk to Elwen, about some, well... private," said Quorandis after a moment. Elbadar arched an eyebrow.

"Indeed?" he said. "Well, let me see what I can do. The reason you can't break in might be that she feels she ought to socialise with somebody other than you. She has, after all, done nothing but that for the last few days."

Quorandis scowled, but slapped Elbadar on the back and thanked him profusely.

"Try to get her to the terrace on the right," he said. "I'll be waiting by the fountain."

So while Quorandis made his way across the ballroom towards the three great archways opening onto terraces in the garden, Elbadar slipped across the dance floor, waiting for the song to end and the next to begin.

As the next song was starting, the Lord Marshal deftly cut in front of the waiting men, and asked Elwen for the dance.

"Well, I'm getting a little tired," admitted Elwen, "but I suppose I can do one more."

"I'm honoured, milady," said Elbadar with a bow.

They waltzed out onto the floor, Elbadar leading. The Dragon Master was a less-than-proficient dancer, but he was better company than many of the Talistrani nobles had been, and he had a natural sense of rhythm, if not of how the dance worked. Elwen was having a good time, but then she noticed something.

"Um, Lord Marshal," she said, "we're waltzing out of the ballroom."

"Yes, I know," said Elbadar. The dance was ending, and Elbadar relinquished Elwen's hand with a bow.'

"That was delightful. Thank you, milady. Now, if you will excuse me, there is someone who has something pretty important to say to you." And with a grin, Elbadar slipped back into the ballroom.

"Bernard?" asked Elwen, as the Commander-General walked over from the fountain. "What is going on?"

"Elwen," said Bernard, "there's, ah, something I wanted to ask you."

Taking Elwen's hands in his, he got down onto his knee, and said most sincerely:

"Would you consent to marry me?"

Elwen was knocked over. Or lightened to the point of floating. To be exact, she didn't know how she felt at that moment.

"Yes!" she said, pulling him upwards into her embrace. Bernard stepped back a bit, and took her hand, removing the glove, and putting a fine gold and sapphire ring on it.

"Thank you," he said tenderly.

Well, it wasn't that long before everybody in Talistrand knew that the "Hero of Orion" had married the dashing foreign duchess with the strange crown. The fact that Elbadar, watching closely as they re-entered the ballroom, had sought out the herald and had it announced to the entire nobility of the city probably helped matters. But the first person Bernard and Elwen had told was Lady Quorandis, and even as the Herald was making the announcement, and sending the ballroom into applause (and Ferdinand Quorandis into near-shock), Margaret Quorandis was tearfully hugging both her rather bashful son and daughter-in-law to be.

"When's the wedding?" she asked, eagerly.

"I haven't a clue," said Bernard. "June? July?" He looked at Elwen for confirmation.

"Whatever works for you," she said. "I haven't got anything better to do."

"Oh that's so romantic," sniffed Margaret Quorandis. "Let me go find Ferdy!" Wiping her eyes, Lady Quorandis disappeared into the crowd.

"Having second thoughts?" asked Bernard, as Elwen silently watched her future mother-in-law stride away.


PostPosted: Wed May 04, 2005 2:27 am
by Robin Hood
Robin Hood wrote:The elf just shook his head and walked down the wharf. Aiden immediately followed and the two were soon swallowed up by the fog.

Grid: N-10
Location: The Inn in the Small Crusader fishing port.

As Aiden and Kae-Os walked through the small port, Aiden happened to notice the town's name on a sign. Porte Poisson*.

"You know Kae-Os, these towns have the most stupid of names. Porte Poisson. I mean really, you think they would have a better name that Port Fish."

"Aye, but this is a fishing town." Replied the elf.

"But that’s no excuse," said Aiden. "I have heard some stupid names, but Port Fish takes the cake."

The two friends had arrived at the town's only inn. To Aiden's eternal dislike, the inn was called The Swimming Fish.

Kae-Os went to the bar, ordered a Dragon's Milk for himself, and “A Fish Ale” for Aiden. The ale was a local concoction.

Still mumbling about towns and fish, Aiden looked up as his drink was set down. "What did I get?" he asked.

"A Fish Ale," replied Kae-Os, trying, without much success to stifle a smile.

"A what?!" cried Aiden. "Tyco, these guys need better names."

"Oh, hush up and drink."

Aiden did just that, but he was quite sure that the drink had a bland and fishy taste. Kae-Os said that he was just prejudiced.

They had not even gotten halfway into their cups, when a drunk fell onto the table.

“Hey now, man. Steady there.” Said Aiden, “you have had one to many drinks.” He took the man, who was mumbling unintelligibly, swung an arm around his shoulder and help the drunk out the door. He then dumped the drunk into a barrel of water and left him there.

Aiden returned to his table and sat down. “He could drown you know,” remarked Kae-Os.

“He won’t,” replied Aiden. “He wasn’t that drunk. As soon as he gets wet enough, he will wake up and go home.” He then took a deep drought of his ale and nearly choked. “Disgusting stuff!” and gasped.

“Hmm, indeed,” remarked Kae-Os. “Did you happen to notice that the man stole your purse?”

“What!” cried Aiden. He reached into his pocket and found it empty. “You could have told me!”

“What? And miss this lovely performance?”

“Ya, ya. Pity it didn’t have anything in it of value. Still, I think I want it back.” He stood up and looked at the elf. “But I will get you back for this.”

The two friends stood up and walked outside to the water barrel. As they expected, the man was gone, but being soaking wet, his footprints were easy to follow.

The prints led into a side street. In the middle of it was the purse; the man apparently didn’t want it. As Aiden reached to pick it up, a voice spoke from the shadows.

“Stand up and gimme your valuables or I’ll kill yer.

*French (I think) for Port Fish.

PostPosted: Wed May 04, 2005 5:49 pm
by Formendacil
Grid: N-14
Location: Barleyburg

Formendacil wrote:It was a bit of a tearful good-bye (at least where Sir Dractor was concerned. It didn't seem that Elwen had fully forgiven Jayko), but it was soon over, and the two knights were making their way down to the harbour, while Elwen made her way down to the ballroom, where her escort waited.

The ship from Talistrand had made good time. Not Sea Serpent time, but pretty reasonable considering that it had only taken about two weeks or so.

Barleyburg looked pretty much the same as ever, Jayko thought. The busiest port on the mainland part of the Eastern Knight's Kingdom, it bustled with ships from all over Dametreos, but especially ones from Classic LEGOland, the Knights' Kingdoms, and Crusader lands. The stopping of trade initiated by the squabble with the army of Danner Violess was long over, and blue-clad soldiers once again patroled the city streets.

"Well," said Sir Dractor. "Take care. The captain knows a trader that's going up to Port Crowne. I'll sail up to there and then walk to Drullen Bell, since there don't seem to be any Forestmen ships in port."

"No, the Forestmen aren't really a trading nation," said Jayko. "And what trade they do conduct is pretty much local, with the other Forestdwellers. You're not staying the night?"

"No, the ship sails with the evening tide. Good luck, Sir Jayko. It's been a pleasure meeting you."

"You too, sir," said Jayko. The knights shook hands, and Sir Dractor headed for another ship while Jayko headed up into the city. It was good to be home!

Note: Yes, I know I only made Sir Dractor and Jayko leave Talistrand a couple days ago. And yes, I know that the Roleplay is supposed to take as much time as real life. But since it took me about two weeks or more to write a day or so at the climax of my quest, I think I have some leeway here. :P So there!

PostPosted: Wed May 04, 2005 6:37 pm
by Dragoman
grid: S-1

“Land ho!!!” Said a shadow knight perched on the crows nest.

It had been close to two months since the counsel meeting ended and the departure of Theron from Willensstark. Huor had stayed behind by the Vindicator’s urging because of prior arrangement. Theron however had nothing holding him back and had now been traveling secretly over seas with a company of a hundred and twenty shadow knights. The Vindicator had given Theron command of three special kinds of small galleys known as Scorpions (because of the ships appearances) and was now close to arriving to the small isolated island of Solitaire .

Theron was eagerly awaiting this moment. He knew there would be many dangers on this back water island but that didn’t seem to phase him, what was most important to him was he was now reaching the next phase in his mission and would be one more step to achieving his goal.

“Men take up the ores!” he began “it’s time to take a walk on the beach”

With that 20 well muscled men then went to take their places and began to row.

“Hugh!” Theron then bellowed again.

“Yes commander?” Said the crewman

“Give a horn call to the other two Scorpions so they will know to fallow us to shore”

“Yes commander” replied Hugh, and with that he took hold of the horn that was tied to his waist and gave a long blow. Its loud sound traveled in the wind and the captains of the two other Scorpions received its call and began to head to shore.

Moving now with great speed the three galleys couldn’t have been no more 90 feet from the shore line. It would only be a few minutes now.

So close thought Theron so close to that which I seek

Now only 60 feet away, the anticipation rising even more for the huge armored clad warrier. Even closer to this mystery island, 40 feet still before being able to take good footing on something that had not been walked on for many sentries...

and for good reason too...

PostPosted: Wed May 04, 2005 10:38 pm
by The Green Knight

It was the middle of the night on board the Mantis. Below in the crew’s quarters a pirate moved in his hammock. Reaching below he lifted a lose floor board and took out the small box inside. Then, reaching into his pocket he pulled out a bright emerald broach on a golden chain. It was beautiful. The pirate turned it over in his hand, letting the green light glint off his eyes before placing it into the box. “You’ll have a good home now.” He whispered. “In with all my other precious things.” He had stolen the trinket only that morning and what a steal! The pirate returned the box to its nook and lowered the board. But before he had quite set it down…


The sudden, deep voice from behind him made the pirate jump, startling him almost right out of his hammock.

“What do you want?” Slitcherd hissed creeping out of his swinging bed.

“Smythe wants to see ye.” The big pirate sneered at him. “Up in Cap’in's quarters.”

Slitcherd grunted and started to leave, but the burly pirate grabbed his arm as he passed. “Hold it Rat! Pretty strange to be called up there in the middle o’ the night. This when you get paid fer yer peachin?”

“Don't you even touch me!” Slitcherd hissed. “Smythe will have your head if you lay a hand me.”

“Arr. Really? Well how will he know it’s me if there’s no one left to snitch to him.”

“Who else would it be? He already knows you’re behind all the complaints. Now – let - go.”

The muscled pirate looked like he would rip the smaller Slitcherd’s head off for a moment, but his rational side won out and he released the greasy sea rat with a jerk.

Slitcherd grinned as he made his way up onto the deck. “Treachery beats strength every time.” He was a peach of course. A snitch in every sense of the word. He specialized in discovering the little treasures his mates hid from the captain. All the pretty things go to the captain. That was his motto. Well…not quite. Slitcherd felt that some of the pretty things ought to go to him. And in payment for Slicherd’s snitching on his mates, Smythe turned a blind eye to Slitcherd’s snitching from his mates. After all, why give something to the captain when you can steal it for yourself? Slitcherd was an excellent pick-pocket and thief. And when he stole something, he did it so stealthily that you couldn’t prove he had done it.

It was always the same. If a pirate lost some pretty trinket he would blame Slitcherd and call for justice. But of course they couldn’t prove it and because of Slitcherd’s understanding with Smythe, nothing would happen.

Still, Slitcherd was a little apprehensive as he knocked on the door to the captain’s cabin. The broach he’d stolen that morning was the captain’s and what was more, that wasn’t the first time he pilfered Burtrand’s trinkets. Still, hadn’t he been careful about it? There was no way that Storm-Rider could know.

There was a noise of someone fumbling with the latch and the door opened from the inside.

“Good evening, Slitcherd.” Said Burtrand as the pirate entered. “How are sticky fingers doing?”

Slitcherd froze. Had the captain found out about his thefts somehow? He didn’t know what to make of this. “Sir?” he responded.
“I believe we may a job for you, Slitcherd. That is, a pocket that needs picking.”

PostPosted: Wed May 04, 2005 11:53 pm
by Commander Redbeard
Location: Bjarn's Chamber, Drullen Bell Keep

Anardan knocked on the heavy wooden door, the sound echoing in the chamber behind it. The pacing footeps beyond halted, turned, and then the lock clicked and the door swung inward. Anardan stood to attention and saluted.

"Lord Bjarn, sir."

"Yes, Anardan?"

"If you have time, there's a prisoner we have in the dungeons I would like you to interrogate. We apprehended him several miles past the border, and he told that he was sent by a wizard, his task he seems unwilling to reveal. I do not know what to make of him, so I thought you should come hear his story."

"I have nothing to do right now in particular;" said Bjarn, fingering the hilt of his sword. "I'll come down to the dungeons and hear what he has to say."

The two Forestmen standing guard stood to attention and saluted, then swung open the barred gate to the dungeons, letting Lord Bjarn and Captain Anardan pass through.

PostPosted: Thu May 05, 2005 2:27 am
by Dragoman
Dragoman wrote:grid: S-1

Even closer to this mystery island, 40 feet still before being able to take good footing on something that had not been walked on for many sentries...

and for good reason too...

For the island of Solitaire was known (if known at all) for its legends of people mysteriously disappearing when coming to close to the island. Not to mention all the stories of all kinds of devilish creators and some mystical force that hand been said to dwell on the accursed land. And though some have tried to uncover its secrets, none have ever came back to say what they found.

Theron was thinking about those legends when he noticed that something was wrong. Other then the sounds of oarsmen rowing and the faint gust of wind, things hand become much to still.

Suddenly a great sound came from Theron’s left where the scorpion ship Mortem had been. Theron looked sharply in it direction and to his horror he saw his warriors being poled under with the remains of the Mortem.

Theron felt no remorse for the pour souls who were being swallowed beneath the waters surface just only a few minutes from dry land. He had no time to, his only thoughts were on getting to land before what ever got the Mortem turned its attention on his ship the Mauler and the Courtest on his right

“Row you fools!” Theron said now seeing that out of horror them selves his men had stopped moving. ”Row if you value your life’s!”

At once they all began to row again and at greater pace as well.

They were almost there, just a few feet further until reaching land.

30 feet.
Then 20 feet.

They were just about there when Theron heard yet another loud noise which came from his right. He didn’t have to guest what had happened but when he looked to see the damage he saw that nothing was there, not even ship debris or men in the water screaming for their lives. Then suddenly he began to hear cries like he had he expected but instead of coming form the water it seemed to be coming from above. Then a dark shadow covered the Mauler. Theron didn’t have guest what had happened and soon all the crew saw it. The entire Courtest had somehow been tossed trough the air and was seemingly frying in to the beach where it crashed.
All of Theron's crew was shocked but this time they did not stop and rowed even faster.

But before they knew it the Mauler hit the sandy ground. And they were safe… or so they thought.