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CCRP Recap: April 2005

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CCRP Recap: April 2005

Postby Lord_Of_The_LEGO » Sat May 14, 2005 5:44 am

The Sorcerer-King, Bernard Quorandis, and the other Dragon Masters, arrive at the Old Ruins.

After a two days of rest, the Old Man, Elwen, and Jayko continue on toward the Old Ruins.

Sir Dractor arrives in the Black Knight port city of Glondur and hires Helga Bernice von Blunderhaussen of the ship Sea Serpent to take him to the Old Ruins. While at sea, he is contacted by the Old Man, who tells him to meet them at a place called Smuggler's Bane. Sir Dractor sails to Smuggler’s Bane and rejoins with the Old Man’s company. As they continue traveling to the Old Ruins, some Dragon Masters attack, wounding the Old Man. Sir Dractor, Jayko and Elwen fight them off. As they continue on toward the Old Ruins, the Old Man explains the back story behind the ruins and their quest. When they reach the Old Ruins, the Sorcerer-King and the Old Man duel, while Elbadar and Bernard converse hotly. After a duel, the Sorcerer-King manages to knock out the Old Man. Bernard, outnumbered, submits to Elbadar, and Elwen is taken captive. The Sorcerer-King orders Elbadar to tie Elwen to a stone table so he (the Sorcerer-King) can kill her. Elbadar refuses. Oris Del Grakken does it instead, though Elbadar orders him to stop. Some of the Dragon Master soldiers join with Elbadar, while the others join with Del Grakken, and
They battle. Elbadar and his comrades are defeated. The Sorcerer-King aims to kill Elwen, but is stopped by Sir Dractor. The Sorcerer-King and Sir Dractor duel while Jayko secretly frees Elwen. When the Sorcerer-King attempts to kill Sir Dractor with magic, Elwen prevents him from doing so. Surrounded and outnumbered and weakened, the Sorcerer-King flees. After making sure everyone is alright, Elwen destroys the Wizardsbane.

Anardan writes down his account of the Lost Stars Chronicle.

Strider is cremated and later that night Swift is contacted by an angel, his father Silverback. Silverback informs Swift that he is the Chosen One and orders him to go to the Heights of Layah-Mih for aid. At Daggerfall Spire, while Swift is gone, Varras orders the kidnapping of Aaylah. Aaylah is enslaved and beaten. Meanwhile, Swift has a vision of her suffering. He then kills some guys and then is captured. He later escapes.

Pythos and Belzzar talk about the tome they found and Valric’s sword. Later, Belzzar receives a message from Durak Maquez. While learning new spells from the tome he discovered, Pythos accidentally blows up his laboratory, blasting Weigraf over a cliff and into a river. Weigraf uses this chance and escapes from Pythos.

Caimlin, with his band of Dragon Masters, reaches the Fright Knight border. His company is then attacked by Weigraf. Weigraf kills a few Dragon Masters, but then escapes. Caimlin then meets a Fright Knight soldier named Natali.

Moff D’Florda, with a band of Shadow Knights, lands on the Crusader main and is confronted by soldiers. He surrenders, but vows not to fail in his mission. He attacks the Crusader captain, then arrives in Denderham, where he tells them of his mission. They all go then to Dragonar, where the Shadow Knights and Crusaders battle, both loosing many men Moff disappears.

Lord Void bites the bullet (so to speak) and allows Elsa Byrd to stay in his quarters while she designs the Fire Breathing Fortress. Later, while beating up Hadadar, experienced an intense and mysterious pain.

Arabella Louise Fornsir is crowned Queen of the Dark Foresters.

Viktor explores Port Crowne, learns of the coronation of the Crusader king-to-be, and decides to stay and watch.

Rosa leaves Westwater and travels to Port Crowne to watch the coronation of King Robert.

Targon, upon learning that the coronation is happened a month early, rushes his plans to kidnap a Crusader royal. Using a teleharm, Targon riles up the crowd to attack the royals and in the confusion, kidnaps the princess. Rosa sees Targon and follows a distance before running smack into Viktor. After threatening Viktor, Rosa heads towards the docks while Viktor goes to a pub. Rosa finds Targon with the princess and slashes his throat open. Targon somehow survives, and knocks Rosa out. When she wakes, she’s onboard the Mantis with the Crusader princess, Anastasia. Burtrand Storm-Rider talks with Targon, and becomes suspicious when he discovers Targon somehow lived through having his entire throat cut. Rosa beats up a pirate named Marble Eye, but is stopped by Burtrand. Burtrand orders that no one is to feed the prisoners. Later, Burtrand contemplates Targons “indestructibleness”. As a test, Targon is fed glove cleaner, a supposedly fatal dose. Targon survives, and Burtrand’s suspicions are confirmed.

Meanwhile, Viktor returns to the scene of the failed coronation and is arrested for allegedly causing the mob. He awakes in a cell and is informed of his impending hanging. During his execution, his friend Tim E. squashes the executioner with a hollow rock Tim E. calls a BURP, and Viktor manages to escape into the harbor. He discovers a knife, and then boards the Bombardier. He convinces Captain Broadside that he’s chasing the Mantis, and is able to escape the Crusaders.

Captain Horatio Johnson spots the Bombardier fleeing and orders his ship -- the Aterops -- to pursue.

Cyclonis, Kayfir and Qual-Ren land on the shore of Western Knight’s Kingdom.

The Black Falcons and the Royals continued to battle.

The slaver ship infected by the plague is attacked by Guterviz and his men. Later, Guterviz gets the plague, inadvertently spreading it to the mainland, where it decimates the population.

Martin Humboldt meets Karl and sentences him to death. Later, Martin agonizes over the results of the plague.

Sir Theodore and Valric learn of the Black Falcon plague when the constant bombardment stops. Risking infection, Sir Theodore orders an advance and retakes the Royal land, burning all to rid the land of the plague.

The Lone Falcon and the rest of the Rebel Resistance hide underground under the plague dissipates and then attacks Falconis City. The Bulls, lead by Lord Barbod, take the main gate, and the Rebels infiltrate the city. Before they can capture Martin, he escapes, but is hotly pursued by Chayefky and his men. Martin and Chayefky duel, and Martin kills Chayefky, and this is shot dead by another Rebel Black Falcon. The Rebels take control of the capital city, and the Lone Falcon sends word out to the Classic Emperor and all the other factions declaring victory. Later, Vanderdious holds a conference and discusses the Black Falcon’s new constitution.

The Classic Emperor writes up a notice declaring, among other things, the Black Falcons a legitimate faction again.

Randolph, searching for the heir to the Black Falcon thrown, runs by accident into the very man he is looking for: Graygon, and his two companions Willem Blackcloak and Katheryn.

Cynan, now a knight of King Matthias, meets with a mysterious man, who hires him to kidnap someone.

Kor is attacked, and then later wakes in a dark room. He then is interrogated.

Jos apprentices Walf while Dale stays in Orion and Logon, Alex Funt and Keavur Stormspear depart.

Kale enters the epic and departs from Garbite after receiving a message from Pythos. He enters Forestmen lands and battles with many Forestmen before being taken prisoner. He’s taken to Drullen Bell Keep, where he is interrogated by Captain Anardan.

Hindrich works on a clock.

King Sirion of the Black Knights returns to his homeland and begins to clean up the damage left over by the BloodVaine Epic. He receives a package of wine and a note inviting him to the Black Knight islands. He accepts and leaves for the islands.

Ajaxx Dragonsbane enters the epic. After hearing of recent news, he decides to enact his plan. He rallies the Dragonsbane Brigade and sets out toward the coast.

Jarvicks sails off in search of the Depe’ceala, leaving Drock in charge of Monilious Dracis.

Thenais reenters the epic, on a ship with Iirick and Hullin. He learns why his companions are invisible and why he can see them.

Khane enters the epic and kills some men.

Aiden and Kael-Os enter the epic.
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Postby TheOrk » Sat May 14, 2005 12:31 pm

Good job Nate I got mixed up recording that 1/4 way through.
Two problems though :?
1) Weigraf attacked the DM's not Pythos
2) Kale went peacefully and didn't kill and Forestmen
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Postby Lord_Of_The_LEGO » Sat May 14, 2005 3:02 pm

TheOrk wrote:Two problems though
1) Weigraf attacked the DM's not Pythos

Whoops! Fixed now! I stayed up 'till nearly eleven working on this, so I had a feeling I'd screw up somewhere...

TheOrk wrote:2) Kale went peacefully and didn't kill and Forestmen

I never says he kills any Forestmen. I merely note that he battles and then is taken captive.
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Postby lemon_squeezer2 » Sat May 14, 2005 3:53 pm

Nate, I can't tell you how thankful I am for you doing this. This month's recap should go better - I only have 2 more courses to go.

Awsome job, and thank you very, very much for doing this.

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Postby Formendacil » Sat May 14, 2005 4:46 pm

Congratulations, Nathan, and good job.

I have to say though, that some of those one-liners are pretty funny.

Hindrich works on a clock.

That really tickled my funnybone!
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Postby Robin Hood » Sat May 14, 2005 8:19 pm

Great job Boss. Some how it seems a long way off already.

Dan :wink:
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