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Postby TheOrk » Mon Jun 20, 2005 2:11 am

L-12 Castle Dracul

Belzzar was making the final preperations for his departure. The two windships with the Count’s two dragons were in perfect flying condition. As he gazed out across the courtyard, lessers and slaves scurried about tending to the dragons.

One incompotent slave tramped on the tail of one dragon. The slave's fellows were put to work cleaning up the ensuing mess.

Belzzar had found only one other to give an invitation to. The hateful Captian Radu Von Delrak. He had been a loyal servant of the Dracul family for most of his life. He was the only real supporter Belzzar had, that he didn’t earn through brutality.

Radu was seeing to things in the courtyard. Belzzar was slowly making his way there. As he turned a corner he bumped into Pythos. “Oh, you” Belzzar muttered he tried to walk past him but Pythos stepped in his way.

“Ah dear nephew! I think you’ve been avoiding me for the past weeks. Nevermind that, I heard you were attending a ball in Legoland…”

“So I was” Replied Belzzar.

“Good for you. I myself will be leaving you quite soon.”

“How tragic” Whimpered Belzzar sarcasticly.

“Yes, before I leave Dametreos for an extended period of time I’m tieing up all my lose ends.”

Belzzar noticed another man standing in the shadows, a sick, dangerous looking fellow with one bley coloured eye. The strangest thing of all was he carried a shield with the Bull insignia.

“As I was saying nephew, this is Kale, a good servant of mine for quite some time. The Batland roads aren’t safe. I’m ordering him to accompany you to Orion. We still have buisness to discuss and I’ll not let a bandit’s arrow get in the way.”

Before Belzzar could say anything Pythos strutted past him. Kale just stared half interested. Belzzar muttered a curse under his breath. He would like someone as dangerous looking as Kale as a bodyguard, but not from Pythos.

Kale stared at him blankly with his single bley eye for several moments. Belzzar muttered something under his breath. “Very well, you can be my bodyguard…” Kale didn’t look interested. “…if your master commands…”

“He’s not my master!” Sneered Kale. “I just did alittle “buisness” with him. I am as glad to be rid of the crazed fool as much you look”

Belzzar was taken back by that comment. Pythos would kill any of his servants who spoke ill of him. Maybe he had given him an ally…
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Postby Formendacil » Mon Jun 20, 2005 8:29 pm

Location: Talistrand

Formendacil wrote:Oris Del Grakken drew breath in sharply.

"Let's take it," he said. Elbadar frowned.

"I'm sorry, but I don't think that we will be accepting. Thank you for approaching us. What we have said here will remain confidential." And he showed Drazzuil to the door.

Del Grakken turned on Elbadar.

"What are you thinking?" he said. "We've just been offered the commission of a lifetime."

"Hardly," said Elbadar. "The pay isn't worth that. If we go in and brutally hack up a province, the Shogun is going to hear about it, and semi-autonamous or not, Houshii is going to be appealing to the Shogun for aid. We most definitely do not want to be getting legitimate governments with armies far, far larger than our own mad at us."

"That's not the reason you refused it, and you know it," hissed Del Grakken. "The thought of all those civies getting hurt makes you squeamish."

"I won't deny that I am not going to hurt innocents, if possible," said Elbadar. "A soldier's duty is to fight, not to slaughter, murder, pillage, rape, or otherwise disrupt the people."

"A soldier's duty!" scoffed Captain Del Grakken. "Maybe a Cavalier's duty, but not a Dragon Master's. I think that you have forgotten what we did for Lord Void. Remember when he rose to power? There were bloody reprisals in Grolling province, with us taking part in them. Don't you remember burning, sacking, and raping? A soldier's duty, indeed. A soldier does his duty for the extras. And it has been far too long since we had any extras."

"Maybe YOU participated in the raping and other such extras, but I never did more than I was ordered," said Elbadar. "But we are no longer under the command of Lord Void, in any case. I am our leader now."

"The Sorceror-king is our leader," said Del Grakken, "you are merely the ranking officer. Action against you is not treason."

"Are you intimating something, Captain?" asked Elbadar, in a quiet voice belying the steel behind it.

"Just that it is a very precarious thing to remain inactive for too long," said Del Grakken, smoothly. "The men spoil for a fight."

"We'll have a commission soon enough," said Elbadar. "There will be plenty of people to offer our services to in Orion."

"Orion?" said Del Grakken, dumbfounded. "You just returned from that blasted city. What on earth do you intend to return their for?"

"For this," said Elbadar, deftly handing Del Grakken one of the invitations to the ball. "Don't lose it- you won't be getting another."

And he strode away, having temporarily proven the victor.
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Postby Formendacil » Mon Jun 20, 2005 9:33 pm

Grid: J-10
Location: Orion

Formendacil wrote:"While I'm gone, you'll be in charge of Envika Sorgodh, and I want to you to pass on all messages to me in Orion. The bats will know where to find me. Also, select me a retinue of a valet, five guards, and four servants."

"Yes, milord," replied Bartavlo. "When do you plan to leave?"

"Before the end of the month," replied Vækadær. "I have business to attend to ere the Ball begins."

Vækadær entered the eastern gate of Orion, where the great road came up from the main Classic port of Chevraport. It had been an easy journey from Envika Sorgodh.

Vækadær had business before the Ball. His plans were very extensive, and they included involvement in the politics of many nations. With his plans, it was necessary to have contacts in every major government. And Orion holding the most powerful government in Dametreos, he not only needed contacts, he needed some high, profile ones.

Under the auspices of working for Sorgodh, he had already purchased the services (one might even say the soul) of a very highly placed official. And it was with him that he would be staying in Orion.

Marquis Louis Vincentius, Commander-General of the Order of Knights Trident, was the commanding officer of the largest of Classic LEGOland's five armies. Not as skilled as the Cavaliers, nor as highly valued, they were still a major political and military force, drawn mainly from the vassal kingdom of Tridentia. As the commanding officer of the army, and one of the most influential men in Orion, his purchase was key to Vækadær's ability to work freely in Orion.

The Marquis had a very large, impressive mansion in Orion's northwest quarter. He could have had rooms in the Yellow Castle, or he could have taken the commander's quarters in the Tridentine Barracks by the west gate, but the Marquis had a taste for opulence, and one could display it far better in one's own manor.

It was, in fact, this very taste for opulence that had made it so easy for Vækadær to bribe him. The Marquis, as both a Marquis and a Classic Commander-General, was quite rich, but not so rich that a few healthy bribes went unnoticed.

So it was that Vækadær arrived on the Marquis' doorstep. He was quickly shown in, and accorded all the honour the Marquis could give him. But Vækadær shoved it aside for the moment.

"It has been a long journey," said he, "and I have things to attend to before we talk. Show me my rooms, and then leave me."

Minutes later, the Marquis exited Vækadær's room, and Vækadær unpacked a carefully-wrapped object from the travelling case his escort had carried.

It was a multi-faceted crystal ball, which allowed him to see what happened in far parts of Dametreos. It was one of the downfalls to Vækadær's special gift that he could not teleharm. At all. In spite of Sorgodh attempting, many, many times to teach him. Quite simply, he had NO way of doing so.

However, the crystal served him well enough, acting as a telaharm receptor, and allowing him a visual image as well. Although it was not without it's limitations...

"Milord," came Bartavlo's voice, even as the batlord's image appeared in the misty depths of the crystal. "Captain Drazzuil has made his report."


"Lord Marshal Elbadar has rejected your request. Apparently he had qualms about slaughtering the common folk."

"A pity," said Vækadær. "I wish to have his services specifically. What of his deputy? My reports said that Captain Del Grakken was amenable."

"According to Drazzuil, he was," replied Bartavlo, "but Elbadar overrode him. It appears there has been some disagreements between them in the past."

"Thank you, Bartavlo," said Vækadær, moving to end the conversation. "I will keep that in mind." He moved away from the crystal, and it went dark.

Vækadær then took the crystal out to the garden, to let it soak up the sunlight. The crystal needed the sun's rays to keep going. Another little inconvenience.
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Postby Sir Dillon » Mon Jun 20, 2005 10:58 pm


Kor and Cynan walked on for some time, not saying much, and not really knowing where they were going. They had found out from a passing peasant that they were almost in Fright Knight land.

Kor knew something was wrong with Cynan, he wasn’t sure what, but he knew it was getting serious. Cynan flared out at anything he said, and got so mad once, that he almost attacked him. Whatever was wrong, Kor knew that it would not be safe to travel with him for much longer.


When they finally reached a town, Kor turned to Cynan and said

“Well, it’s time our paths part, goodbye.”

“Yeah, great” Cynan said unenthusiastically. “Now I think I’ll get a new sword, I hear there’s a smith here who knows how to make almost any kind of sword.” With that, Cynan turned and started to walk away down the street.

“But you don’t have any money!” Kor called after him.

When Cynan seemingly didn’t hear, Kor shrugged and walked toward the nearest pub, wondering if he could work for some food and drink.
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Postby Robin Hood » Tue Jun 21, 2005 6:46 pm

Grid: G-8
Location: (You'll never guess, yes that’s right) Castleton

The particular pub that Aiden and Kae-Os chose was not high quality. The building itself was in rather decent condition, but the frequenters of the place were not thought of well. The pub was in fact the meeting place of all magical people in the city, The Waving Wand. Though most of the customers had either a small amount of magic, or none at all and just pretended.

It was, in Aiden's opinion, the most interesting pub, inn, tavern, bar, saloon, or watering hole that he had been in for quite some time.

In one corner of the place, two very inept magic users were playing chess, using their fledgling powers to move the pieces. The game was not going well for either involved.

On one of the center tables, two slightly more experienced mages were arm wrestling, their heads sweating with the magical effort to keep their hands up. Finally, with a burst of magic that completely drained him, one of the men forced the other's hand to the table.

Aiden laughed as he walked to the bar. "Told you we’d find an interesting place here."

"You did say that I will admit," Answered Kae-Os, "but I would like this place better if you were looking for a job instead of just looking for a drink."

"Ba, who needs jobs, work is dull." Aiden turned from his companion and ordered two of the local ales. He then fumbled in his pocket for money, and found none. Kae-Os handed over some coins to him.

"One good reason would be to pay for our drinks. That was the last of my money, and you are already out."

"Hmm, well maybe, but I doubt any of these rats here have a job available." The two sat at a table and watched their surroundings. They had barely taken a sip when a man sauntered up to them and clapped Aiden on the back.

"Aiden, you old scoundrel, I ain't seen you fer years!" said the man.

"Lice? You old rouge, good to see ya," laughed Aiden, returning the clap.

Lice sat down beside them. "Say," asked Aiden, "I thought you still owned a pub down in Knights Kingdom. What are you doing in this neck of the woods?"

"Got bored there," answered the other man, "knew everybody and everything. I thought it was time for a change of scenery so I bought this old place." Lice glanced at Kae-Os. "Who's your friend?"

"Kae-Os, met him a way back. Been with me for a fair few years. Pulled me out of a fair few scrapes. Oh, and he's an elf."

"An elf you say," mused Lice. "Well you sure didn't meet him in Dametreos. Only got pointy ear ones here, and not a lot of them." He turned back to Aiden. "So what brings you here? Last I heard you left Dametreos for good."

"Got bored where we were," answered Aiden, "So we thought we check out how things were going here. Nothing much I see."

"Nothing much? Where have you been?" started Lice.

"Mostly in mug of ale," Kae-Os quietly said.

"The whole country is in an uproar." Continued Lice, "the king was murdered and the prince was crowned just a few days ago. I heard a rumor that the killer had magical abilities. Though he sure weren't from this pub. Heck, most of the guys here ain't got the brains to kill a king an get clean away with it."

As if to emphasize his point, a chess rook went sailing through the air right over their heads.

Lice continued in a more subdued tone. "In fact, there is a large reward for the capture and execution of the killer." The bar owner nodded his head toward a dark corner, where a lone figure sat. "That fellow there represents the new king. He is looking to hire someone. If you guys know anybody who would be willing to track down and kill a killer, you might get a small reward."

Aiden scratched his chin. "Well I don't know of anybody, but Kae-Os and I need a good paying job, we might be willing to do it."

Lice replied, "Can’t harm in asking him," and left them.


Robert sat at his table, idly taping his finger against his mug. Lice had promised a man by the end of the day. It was now 8:00 and still nobody had come. He had just about made up his mind to talk to Lice, when a man sat himself down in front of him.

The man did not look at all what Robert was expecting. The man was dressed a bit to nicely. He look more ready for a date than fight. Still, Robert trusted that Lice wouldn't send an idiot to him.

"I take it you are here for the job?" asked Robert.

"You bet your tin hat I am," relied Aiden.

Looking skeptically at him, the guard asked, "and how do I know that you will be worth anything?"

"Well I suppose that I can't really convince you. But maybe my companion can." Aiden gestured, and Kae-Os walked over.

Robert started. This was a real fighter. His guard training let him recognize a fighter when he saw he one, and this person was defiantly a fighter. From the way he walked, to the way the people subconsciously moved out of his way, Robert could tell that Kae-Os was exactly what he wanted.

As Kae-Os came to stand behind Aiden, Robert said, "you’re hired."
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Postby Sir Drake » Tue Jun 21, 2005 7:45 pm

Grid: M-7
Loc.: Border of the Dark Forest, Forestmen and Wolfpack

It had been already five days since Lhorn and Aaylah stood atop of the peak. They had rode as fast as their horses could take them and now, they stood on the border of the Forestdwellers.

"Well, then, what are you going to do? Are you going back to Hemlock or shall you go to the Forestmen, to see your father?"
"I would love to see my brother and Voolmark again, but what about you?"
"Me, I don't know, I'll probably go back to my home, to the Dark Forest"
"Oh,..., I see..." Aaylah said somewhat dissapointed.
"Would you like me to come with you?"
"Uhm, I don't know, maybe, maybe not" she said.
"I'll better get going, then. Hopefully we meet again" Lhorn said and rode of.
Aaylah wanted to ride too, but suddenly she yelled:
"Yes Lhorn! I want you to come with me!"

Lhorn could just hear it and returned.

"Now then, where is your father located?" he asked.
"Drullen Bell, I think, he's probably with Bjarn, his old mate"

As they wanted to ride of, Lhorn noticed something shining in the mud, he dismounted and picked it up.

"What is it?" Aaylah asked.
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Postby TheBohrok » Tue Jun 21, 2005 8:04 pm


As Bishkar trotted along uncharted parts of the Dark Forest, he whistled an ancient tune to himself in spite of the gloom all round him. "There is truly nothing better than a walk in the woods, no matter how inhospitable," he said to himself as he admired the trees.

Aside from himself, Bishkar could hear nothing. From what he could tell, he might have been the only living being in the whole Forest; his surprise at running into his friend Hernius as he turned round a large tree was therefore quite great.

"Hernius, you gave me such a scare! Please don't do that again!", he said in a half annoyed but also half delighted voice. "I'm sorry", said Hernius, "but I had to find you. And you know how easily it is for me to use stealth."
A smile crept apon Bishkar's face. "Ah yes", he said. "I must always remember to know that you can arrive whenever I least expect it and without my knowledge. What is it?"

"I have recieved word that a celebration is being planned as of this moment at the Yellow Castle. The Emperor has invited delegates from all the factions of Dametreos there", said Hernius. "Indeed?", said Bishkar quite amused. "Six invitations have been sent to the Dark Forest", continued Hernius, "and you have been chosen to attend." For a moment Bishkar was silent. Never before had he traveled so far, and he had not been prepared for such news. Finally he asked, "When will it be held?"

"Here is a copy of one of the document", Hernius said as he handed it to his friend. After looking it over for a few minutes, Bishkar said, "I want you to come with me." "I?!" shouted Hernius in amazement. "But nowhere does it say that someone like me may att-" Here he was cut short. "Nowhere does it say that the invited guests may not be accompanied by escorts", replied Bishkar. "Besides, I would be a stranger there and would not be at my ease. I
expect you to come with me." "If you put it that way, then I will", said Hernius.
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Postby Sir Kohran » Tue Jun 21, 2005 9:21 pm

"All good Santis, and I'm glad to see you've got Jaythus along without loosing his limbs. You too, Jayson, you seem to have done a good job of keeping this place together since Jayko's absence. Now, we've got business to discuss in Talonjay Castle. I want to see you all there in half an hour." Mathias ordered, as he returned to his men.

"Well, we'd best get ready, lad." Santis muttered.

Grid: N-14
Location: Castle Talonjay

Jaythus stared around himself at the figures sitting around the huge, dark oaken table. Most of the high-ranking elite of the Eastern Knights' Kingdom had gathered in the great hall of Castle Talonjay, to discuss the meeting at hand. King Roi Mathias, lord of all Morcia, sat at the end of the table, overlooking the other men. There was also Sir Santis Rufusclaw, Sir Danju Violess, Jayson DeTalon, and many others from across the Kingdom that the young ambassador didn't know a thing about. In fact, Jaythus felt quite small and insignificant, surrounded by all these tall and proud Knights and wisemen and advisors. The group was waiting for the last person to join. Presently, the Queen of Morcia, Lady Marrial, glided in, followed by three servants, all fussing over his her dress ends. She shooed them off as she sat down beside her husband, King Mathias. The King stood up, addressing his men.

"Good men of Morcia, I have summoned you here on a purpose of relative importance to our land. Recently, we received this message from Orion, in the Classic realm of Legoland. Hear it now!"

The whole crowd looked up, as a young pageboy walked up with a parchment, which appeared to be a letter. Jaythus remembered doing that sort of thing himself, not so long ago.

The boy started to speak, reading out the letter's text. His voice was high and clear.

"To whom it may concern,

The Court of Constantius VII, Emperor of Legoland and Overlord of Dametreos, is pleased to invite you to an Imperial Ball, to be held at the Yellow Castle in Orion on July 11th, 2005, C.C.

With the end of the Wolfpack Civil War, and the end of the Royal-Falcon Conflict (2004-5), Dametreos now enjoys near-total peace, with no nations possessing formal stances of aggression towards any of its neighbours, a state which has not occurred, according to Imperial staticians, since 1723 C.C.

It is therefore in honour of this most momentous occasion that His Imperial Majesty is hosting a Ball, for all the invited dignitaries of the Empire and of Dametreos.

The festivities will open with a parade for the edification of Orion's citizens, in which as many guests as desire may partake in. A formal feast will be held for the guests immediately prior to the Ball. Both will be held in the Yellow Castle.

At midnight between the 12th and the 13th of July, a fireworks display will be provided, ending the official festivities.

In the days leading up the ball, and ending the day after, Orion will be hosting an international trade fair, open to merchants from across Dametreos. All guests of the Emperor are invited to visit this, and promote the trade of their nations.

All guests will receive food and lodging free from the Imperial bounty, and will be lodged in the Yellow Castle or in the great estates of Orion.

Trusting that the guest, or his or her delegated representative will be able to attend, I remain,

Julius Hadrianica,
Imperial Steward of the Yellow Castle,

on behalf of His Imperial Majesty,
Constantius VII,
Emperor of Legoland,
King of Orion,
Lord of the House Legonis,
Overlord of Dametreos

There was a brief pause as each member of the Kingdom council digested this new information. Even some of the more senior members of the group, like Danju and Santis, seemed slightly surprised.

"That is our message. Now, to business!" Mathias roared.
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Postby Formendacil » Wed Jun 22, 2005 1:33 am

Grid: J-10
Location: Orion

"What do you think about this?" Arthur Vitore asked Jayko as they headed back towards their dorms. It was evening in the Yellow Castle, and the Cadets had finished their training for the day. Jayko was looking forward to a good, long, night's rest.

Training to be an officer was even more grueling than to be an ordinary Cavalier. On top of the physical training, there was a great amount of academic study, and one went to bed aching both physically and mentally.

Arthur was referring to a letter which had been distributed to various Cadets, generally the ones who were doing the best in their respective studies. It read:

As all cadets must now be aware, His Imperial Majesty the Emperor will be hosting an interfactional ball at the Yellow Castle this coming July 11th. As a result, Orion will be accomodating many honoured guests, attending the ball, as well as hundreds of merchants, servants, and escorts arriving for the trade fair or to accompany the guests.

This will be placing a heavy strain on security during the weeks leading up to and following the festivities. All military forces in the city: the City Guard, the Imperial Cavaliers, and members of the four provincial orders, will be on active duty patrolling the streets, Castle, and fairgrounds to keep the peace.

Under normal circumstances, this would be an easy task, as Orion is at the centre of Legoland's mighty military. However, as circumstances relating to the BloodVaine War of the previous year have left the Imperial forces somewhat understrength, even at the current time, and with all available forces being allocated to the more crucial border and extra-territorial posts, the Cadets training for service in the Cavalier forces are being mobilized to assist during this time.

The Cadets receiving this notice are assigned to the Emperor's Guard. This will include mainly ceremonial duties. You will be required to escort His Imperial Majesty during the Opening Parade, to guard the Banquetting Hall and the Great Ballroom during their usage. You will be supplied with dress uniforms and dress armour for this event from the Imperial Armoury.

Any questions or requests for exemptions may be given to either Captain-Colonel E'terriole, the Novice-Master; or to Captain-Major Rillian, commander of the Orion detachment of Cavaliers.

"It'll be better than training, I suppose," said Jayko. "And being right in there for the banquet and ball- wow!"

"Quite right, there," said Arthur. "My parents are pretty important here, I'd say, but they didn't even get an invitation. This ball is going to be something big."
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Postby Sir Drake » Wed Jun 22, 2005 11:38 am

Grid: M-7
Loc.: Border of the Dark Forest, Forestmen and Wolfpack

Sir Drake wrote:As they wanted to ride of, Lhorn noticed something shining in the mud, he dismounted and picked it up.

"What is it?" Aaylah asked.

"I don't know" Lhorn replied, scanning the thing "it seems like it's some kind of amulet or so"
"How does it look like?" Aaylah asked from atop of her horse.

Lhorn scanned the amulet around in his hand and then gave a description:

"It looks like an eight-pointed star, with a sand glass on it and some red triangles, all of this is molten on a grey background"
Aaylah's eyes widened.
"Give me that, please"
"Sure, here you go"
"That's the Wheel of Time"
"The what?"
"The Wheel of Time, how does such a precious artifact get's here in the mud?"
"I don't know, don't ask me. I didn't even knew that there was such a thing as the wheel of time" Lhorn said, puzzled.
"Here you go, keep it somewhere safe" Aaylah said when she returned the amulet "let's go to my father, he'll know more about this"
"I hope you're right" Lhorn said and jumped on his horse.
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Postby Sir Kohran » Wed Jun 22, 2005 9:20 pm

There was a brief pause as each member of the Kingdom council digested this new information. Even some of the more senior members of the group, like Danju and Santis, seemed slightly surprised.

"That is our message. Now, to business!" Mathias roared.

Grid: N-14
Location: Castle Talonjay

After the announcement of the letter, Jaythus had been full of excitement, at the thought of seeing Yellow Castles, Cavaliers, faction leaders, and more, but then King Mathias and the others dived into a mind-boggling debate on routes to take, how many supplies would be needed, weapons, trading to establish, who to meet up with on the way, someone to caretake the throne, things to be discussed at the Dinner and Ball...

Soon, Jaythus began to slump into his chair, the words and questions overwhelming his senses. Nobody bothered shaking him. Finally, his eyes clouded over, and he drifted into a soft dream.

He was floating in an endless black abyss, stretching all about him. No, not an abyss, he decided, but space. Below him was a precariously revolving planet, covered by a sweeping dark sea, dotted with continents and islands.

Suddenly, he was falling, down, into the clouds, powerless to stop. Instead of hitting the ground, however, he was swept across the world by some unseen force.

Vast, thick forests loomed below him. Snow-topped mountains towered above him. Flying creatures flew all about him.

Then visions appeared in front of him, seemingly all there at once, but neither there nor not.

A figure in black armour, with a silver beard, followed buy a colossal beast...A proud, dark figure, with a flaming green sword, battling some giant warrior...A frenzied man, carrying a massive bull-shield, dueling with some awful rogue...A one-eyed man and his wife leading a pig into their ranch...A young boy, bearing a ring to a happy couple...

Locations also appeared, merging and welding with people.

The majestic towers of the Castle of Morcia rose into the clowds, flags fluttering...Like some underground leaviathan, the Fire Breathing Fortress loomed high...The Yellow Castle, Orion, the shining jewel of the Cavaliers...

Hope leapt in Jaythus's heart, at seeing so many different places and people.

But suddenly, a scourge appeared at the edges of his mind, some maddening beast bent on consuming all that differed from it. It tore through the visions in his mind, leaving a desolate blackness.

Jaythus was helpless. He stared about himself, unsure.

Then a man walked out of nowhere.

He had shining bronze hair, streaming about his face. He was clad in a grey robe, and had a black cloak flowing from his neck. An iron staff was in his hand. But it was his other hand that made Jaythus gasp.

The man's left hand was not proper flesh, but a throbbing, bony, claw, slime green, festering with pests. Jaythus felt his stomach going queasy.

He spoke.

"Who are you?"

"I-" Jaythus began.

"You are the one who has seen...the darkness. You have seen...the Master. You have seen...the foe. You have seen...


Suddenly, Jaythus was on a hard stone floor, his face awash with sweat. He felt dizzy and sick. Pain arched down his back. There was inaudible shouting and noise evrywhere. Danju, Santis, even Jayson, and many other Knights crowded around him.

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Postby Sir Dillon » Thu Jun 23, 2005 7:11 pm

Location: an inn

Kor stood up and stretched, it was another morning. Which meant another day of this pitiful work he was doing, yes, he was grateful he had a job, but this was almost unbearable. He was treated almost as bad as a slave, but he needed the money, and at least he got free meals.

As he walked down the flight of stairs to lower story, the smell of food met his nostrils, and made his mouth water; there were already a few early customers who sat round silent eating or drinking.

He nonchalantly walked behind the counter and back into the kitchen, where the mistress of the house was making honey cakes, and picked up a piece of bread, he was just about to put it in his mouth when he heard the innkeeper calling him.

Kor reluctantly put down the bread and walked back through the kitchen to the cellar, where the innkeeper was standing. “You wanted me, sir?”

“Yeah,” replied the innkeeper “We’s a going ta be getting’ in some class t’night, an I want evathing in perfect orda, you undastand? So do that now, ya cen eat when ya’re done.”

“Yes sir.” Kor sighed. Today was going to be a long day.
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Grid: J-8
Location: Cate’s family mansion, the Classic city of Orion, Dametreos

A few days after the trio had visited the southern gatehouse, Hans and Adrian were forced to confront their greatest trial yet: dancing lessons.

“I feel like an idiot in these tights.” moaned Adrian from the side of his mouth as the two adolescents hurried down the cobbled streets of Orion.

“Tights are nothing. Trade ya them for this hat.” muttered Hans from beneath a wide-brimmed, lavishly feathered behemoth of a hat.

“Deal.” Adrian snorted, “at least you can hide your face under that monster! I have to return the looks I’m getting…”

And they were certainly getting looks from the local populace. Some were incredulous, others admiring. Adrian gritted his teeth and looked about. He also saw in the faces of the bakers and gong farmers, coachmen and scullery maids everything from jealously to amusement to outright hilarity. He also saw -- and this discomforted him the most -- lustful looks from some of the females -- young and old alike.

“Tyco these tights.” he swore, “Can’t see why’d they’re allowed… tipping toward indecent exposure, they are…”

“The ladies seem to like it.” smirked Hans from underneath his hat.

Adrian mumbled something.

“What you say?” asked Hans.

“I said,” Adrian spoke up a little, “I don’t know why Cate insisted we dress up in our Ball finery come to her place today…”

“Dunno.” shrugged Hans, adjust his white gloves, “She said something about lessons…”

“As long as they’re not dancing lessons.” muttered Adrian, “I hate dancing.”

“I say, old fellow, you look none to pleased, wot?” said Hans suddenly, imitating a northern Classic accent.

“How I ever got talked into this, I’ll never know.” sighed Adrian.

“Jolly good, rather.” quipped Hans.

“Will you cut that out?” snapped Adrian as they turned a corner onto 49th Boulevard.

Hans shrugged and tipped his hat graciously to a passing group of giggling girls.

“Cate said that to get a girl, one must have a good accent.” said Hans.

“Maybe I don’t want to get a girl.” said Adrian. He looked at Hans suspiciously.

“You aren’t actually going to try to pick one up, are you, at the ball?”

Hans shrugged.

“Doubt I’ll have a chance. Girls’ nowadays don’t dig scholars.”

“Did they ever?” asked Adrian coyly.

Hans laughed.

“Prob’ly not. Knights-in-shining-armor always get an unfair advantage.”

“Fine with me. I don’t plan on making an idiot of myself in front of a girl in the middle of Dametreos’ biggest interfactional ball ever.”

They were at last at Slacsentius Manor. Adrian reached forward and yanked on the bell-cord. A tolling of bells could be heard, and the door soon opened. The butler’s face brightened, and both Hans and Adrian could have sworn to one another that the butler had a hard time not breaking out in a laugh.

“Masters Lentawl and Seotjon,” greeted the butler, “Lady Slacs-Sicl has been eagerly awaiting your arrival. Do come in sirs…”

With a slight look of trepidation at one another, Hans and Adrian entered.

“May I take you hat, Master Lentawl?” asked the butler as he shut the ornate door.

Hans was about to eagerly wrench the cumbersome monstrosity off his head with a bundle of gold and crimson burst into the hall.

“No, Hans, keep it on! Thank you, Daniels, that will be all!”

Daniels the butler bowed and slipped away, leaving Hans and Adrian to fend for themselves. Cate, decked out his her ballroom finery, confronted them with a flush grin.

“So you did come in you suits!” she beamed, “Splendid!”

She hopped forward, looking very much like a bird of the jungles of Western Knight’s Kingdom, clucking over their suits up close.

“Adrian, how finely those stockings suit you! Red was always your color…and Hans! You look simply dashing in that hat! All you need is a sword at your side and you’d look like an elite Cavalier!”

“You look…good, too.” said Hans, going beat red. When Cate had leaned forward to inspect Hans’ hat, he had had an ample view of her bust, which had certainly been more than he had been used to seeing, due to the extremely low neckline of her dress.

“I see you decided to go for that gold dress…” Hans continued to fumble, while Adrian stuffed his fist into his mouth to keep himself from cackling out loud.

“Yes!” smiled Cate, stepped back twirling about for them both to see. Both teenagers noted in addition to the low neckline in the front, a good deal of Cate’s back was visible as well.

“The Master Tailor was very adamant -- he said gold complimented my red hair -- looked like a June dawn, he said.”

Adrian and Hans -- especially Hans -- mumbled something in the affirmative. Satisfied, Cate swished around and beckoned, saying, “C’mon! Now that you’ve got the clothes, it’s time you learned how to move in them!”

As they followed the fleeing golden figure, Adrian punched Hans in the arm.

“What you did is exactly what I intend not to do at the ball!” he chortled.

Hans glared and dramatically rubbed his arm.

“Says you. With those tights, you won’t be able to keep the princesses off you.”

As Adrian mulled over that comment they both entered the sitting room, where usually tea was drunk and gossip exchanged. But the room obviously wasn’t going to be used for afternoon tea today. All the plush sofas and loveseats had been pushed up against the walls, leaving a wide, empty space in the middle of the room. Hans and Adrian continued onward uncertainly.

“You might want to consult with your interior designer.” commented Adrian, “I liked the previous setup better.”

Cate wrinkled her nose in a cute mock-glare.

“Adrian, you silly, I did this for this after noon. We need somewhere to dance.”

Both teenagers took a noticeable step back.

“Dancing?” they both exclaimed.

Cate nodded vigorously, her cheeks flushed.

“I don’t dance.” Adrian objected immediately.

Cate sighed dramatically. She turned her attention to Hans.

“Right, then, Hans, then us Classics’ll show Adrian the barbarian Crusader how it’s done.”

“Er,” Hans scratched at his hat, “Er, okay…”

“Jolly good.” smirked Adrian. Hans sent a glare Adrian’s way before stepped forward to Cate.

“Now,” Cate said commandingly, “First, when you approach a girl, you say…”

Cate looked at Hans expectantly, her expression obviously saying, Surely, you know this part. Luckily, for Hans, he did. All his reading had aided him in that. With a dramatic sweep, Hans took the mammoth of a hat from his head and bowed.

“Milady, may I have this dance?” he intoned dramatically, like an actor onstage.

Cate giggled and clapped her hands while Adrian rolled his eyes at the theatrical display.

“Goody!” cried Cate, “That’s very good, Hans!”

Hans stood upright, a grin on his red face, and replaced the weighty hat on his head. Cate curtsied prettily and then advanced upon Hans. Awkwardly, Hans took Cate’s left hand with his right and put his left hand on her waist.

“And, once the music begins…” Cate said, then bent her knees slightly to indicate the beginning of the music, “One, two, three, one, two, three…”

Hans was now out of his element. He could talk the talk, but not walk the walk. At least not very well. As they waltzed around the small confines of the sitting room, Hans was hard pressed not to step on Cate’s toes with his sharply-pointed boots.

“One, two, thee, one, two, three -- keep up, Hans! -- one, two, three…”

After a few minutes of elegant dancing on Cate’s part and awkward dancing on Hans’ part, Cate said, “And when the music ends…”

She broke away from Hans and curtsied again. Hans returned it with another flamboyant bow. They turned, both faces flushed, to see Adrian laughed upon one of the jumbled sofas.

“You’re next.” said Cate slyly. Adrian stopped laughing.

“Now it’s my turn to watch.” Hans grinned, and settled himself on the couch Adrian reluctantly vacated.

While Hans helped himself generously to crumpets, Cate patiently coached the fumbling Adrian in the fine art of ballroom dancing. After many bruised toes and a lucky escape at falling, Adrian slowly but surely improved. Later, Hans was called back up to the ‘dance floor’, and his mediocre skills were honed somewhat. Then, when it was later afternoon, Cate instructed them in finer points of dance etiquette. Around seven o’ clock, as tolled by Orion’s legendary bells, Cate finally released the two tired and hot intellects-turned-dancers, with a jolly, “See you guys tomorrow!”

As Hans and Adrian descended the steps of the Slacs-Sicl manor, Adrian remarked to Hans, “I pity the girl who opts to dance with us.”

“C’mon,” Hans grinned, “We aren’t so bad…with our decent dance skills, your tights and my hat, we might just get a girl each!”

Adrian rolled his eyes. “You and your hat.”
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K-12 The Fright Knight Skies

It was a cloudy sky as usual, but there was no trace of an upcoming storm. Flying low amongst the rocky terrain were the two windships. The two black dragons glided along roughly, ocasionally flapping their wings to avoid some craggy hills. The sudden jolt made Count Belzzar bite his tongue, drawing blood.

“Tyco dragon!” He hissed, “Soldier! Do that again and I’ll have you whipped until your bones break!”

“Yes master….” Replied the despondent soldier who was directing the dragon.

Kale never showed emotion, but was laughing his guts out on the inside. Belzzar and his bodyguard Kale were in one windship along with two Fright Knight Elites. In the second windship bobbing about up ahead, held Belzzar’s Captian of the Guard Radu Von Delrak as well as three other Elite warriors.

All the Fright Knights including Radu wore their standard Elite armour. The Bat Helm’s looked more like leering demons then bats. All had wicked scimitars and halberds, their armour was very similar to that of the Dragon Masters but have far higher quality and detail.

When they arrived in “Foppish” Legoland, Belzzar wanted to show off his toy soldiers. He wore his BatLord armour, him and Radu were to attend the Imperial Ball and had some more “Legolandish” clothes in a chest in one of the windships.

Kale wasn’t given an invitation and Belzzar doubted his sort would attend something like this. Under his finally kept amour were just a few dirty rags. He’d most likely head straight for the sleeziest tavern in town.

Belzzar grumbled to himself, his delightful thoughts of torturing the windship Pilot were interupted as an a crudly made arrow flew past his head.
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K-12 The Fright Knight Skies

Kale’s megablox enchanced senses picked up something vile almost immediately. He looked down at the rocky, twisting maze of crags down below. His single bley scanned it up and down. He leaned back casually as several more crude arrows flew where his face had been seconds earlier.

“There are shifty bricking orcs down there!”

Belzzar looked down himself. “Megablocks and intellibrixing tyco bestlockers!!! No matter how many times I hunt them down they just keep on multiplying.” Hissed Belzzar.

Down below a dozen hill orcs milled about, firing arrow after arrow at the two windships. None of the Fright Knight Elites carried bows, they were sitting ducks.

As Belzzar’s frantic pilot steered the windship away, it drifted close to the jagged ground. One large imposing orc hefted his spear at them. It struck the dragon in the wing. It shrieked and the windship came tumbling down.

Belzzar nearly lost his lunch in the short fall, it wasn’t enough to kill a minifig but it did look “sharp” he swung his batstaff and shouted a wind spell. Landing gently on his two feet, he dived behind the overturned basket.

Kale growled as he stumbled to his feet. His armour bore the brunt of the fall but their was nothing stopping the armour digging into him. He drew his sword just in time as an orc appeared on top of the overturned basket.

The dragon stumbled off caught up in the rigging. Kale buried his sword in the things gut. A quick glance around told him the other two Fright Knights were just clambering to their feet. A mob of the blood thirsty green things were upon them then.

Belzzar overcame his shock and recited the correct words to a spell. “FLAREIO!” A blast of fire leapt from his staff ingulfing the closest three. Kale picked up his Bull shield and launched himself at them. They weren’t expecting a mere minifig to be as strong as them.

Kale swung his shield cracking one across the face, it stumbled and fell. Kale moved to block and parry the axes of two others.

“Go on you fools! Protect your master!”

Shrieked Belzzar to the two soldiers. They lowered their halberds and charged. Kale seemed to be doing well on his own.

Captian Radu looked on helplessly as the Count’s windship tumbled down amidst the mob of hill orcs. Not that he really cared for the lose of lives, but Belzzar’s deaths would complicate matters.

He shoved the pilot away from the “controls” and steered the thing down himself.

He and most of the Elites had hunted the hill orcs for sport, fighting them was almost routine. Drawing his scimitar he leapt out to join the battle.

It wasn’t much. Kale and Radu bowled through them with the rest of the Elites providing support. Count Belzzar hanged back and occasionally proved himself by shooting a fireball at an orc.

Once it was clear they were beaten they ran for their lives. “I’ll finish them, I’m a good enough tracker to kill ‘em before they get help.” Growled Kale. Without waiting for a reply he leapt into the jagged maze of rocks.

Grumbling, Belzzar turned to Radu “report!” He hissed menacingly.

Radu looked around warrily “the damages to your windship aren’t to bad but will take time to repair. These bloody trees” he motioned to the stunted withered dead things around him. “don’t have a lot of fine quality wood in them. That and I think your dragon needs to be healed.”

Belzzar cursed every diety he knew. It looked like they be spending the night there. They were too few and too deep into the hills to separate and good windships were hard to come by. That and he’d have to heal the dragon. Filthy habbit that healing. The Fright Knight Wizard only learned it out of necessity.
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