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Classic castle roleplay!

PostPosted: Sat Jan 31, 2004 5:20 pm
by the_great_one
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PostPosted: Sat Jan 31, 2004 5:21 pm
by the_great_one
Reno took a light sip from his glass of ale, and scanned around. A brawl was going on in the corner of the small ale house. Reno took a last sip and exited the inn. Reno had travelled a lot and was in a small crusaders town, south of a forestmen forest. Reno began to walk down the street and heard a sharp scream, he imediatley gripped his sword and pulled it from its sheath, turned, and faced the direction of the scream. When he saw what was happening he calmly walked over to the source of the scream, a pirate was holding on to a young women "come on darlin', i aint gonna hu't ya, am i", Reno pushed the pirate off the young lady, the lady had plate armour on, which was VERY uncommon for a lady to wear. "watcha doin'" the pirate screamed at Reno "leave her alone!" Reno shouted sword in his hand, "whata gonna do,!" and the pirate took his cutlass out and swung at Reno, the pirate was clearly drunk. Reno parried the swing and battered down on the pirates sword untill the sword fell out of the pirates hand, the pirate stood and ran off. "why thank you young sir" the lady was saying she was a young lady and talked very well. "dont mention it" Reno began to turn around, "my names Rosa, do you have a name" the lady was asking Reno "Reno, Renos my name, but i have to go now, Rosa" and Reno bagan to walk down the street "nice meeting you, Reno" Rosa called out after Reno "you too" Reno muttered under his breath, "you too"

PostPosted: Sat Jan 31, 2004 7:34 pm
by Barbapple
Lord Barbod contenued to walk the plains in the land of the black falcons. He was walking on a path, muddering to himself as he did so. He fianaly came upon it. The land his fortress used to stand on.Anyman could still see a war was fought here, for the broken sheilds and spears still lie there.
He heard the clapping of a horses feet passing behind him.
"Sir, are you lost?" The voice said, a caring voice.
"Bloody Black Falcon Knight...Be gone with you, or your hoarse will leave here alone!" Barbod responded, his voice like a whip.
"Excuse me sir?" The young knight persisted.
"Kid, wern't 'cha there?" Barbod began, "All those years ago? you are a Black Falcon are you not?"
"aye.." The young man stated
Barbod whirled around to see the knight's shocked face when he recognised the Bull Crest upon his chest."Bloody Knight! your people took my people's land! Took my people's lives! And you took my pride! Be gone with you!"
"y-your..." The knight slowly pulled his finger up and pointed to Barbon, "L-l-lord....Lord Barbod.."
"The same." Barbod began to grin.
"well then, on behalf of my kingdom, I apologize!" The knight smiled.
"Bloody knight! I Need no apologie!" Barbod whipped around and began to walk away. A large grin ame to his face as he turned. "Bloody knight..." He said happily to himself.

PostPosted: Sat Jan 31, 2004 7:49 pm
by the_great_one
Reno wandered down the street without a care in the world until he came to the docks. "Oh" Reno looked arounfd and realized he had ventured too close to the pirates docking area, as around him were at least 10 pirates with their usual cutlass's in there hands, "YEAH, him, yeah boss it was him, boss it was him!" the pirate who Reno had scared away, not twenty minutes ag was there. "well sorry lads, i'll just be going then." Reno said turning around to walk away "You threatened my brother did you not" the pirate who looked like the leader was noiw adressing Reno. "well i am sorry, but he was threatening a women!" Reno said now feircly holdind his sword grip. "be off with you!!" and the leader and his men turned and boarded their ship, it was the biggest in the dock. Reno turned around once more and began to walk away until CRACK!!! A sharp pain shot through Renos head and and Reno turned around hazily to find a pirate with a broken barrel in his hands. Reno collapsed and the last thing he felt was him been dragged along the floor.

PostPosted: Sat Jan 31, 2004 8:22 pm
by jimjo
Aros climbed to the top of the mountain, being carful as not to slip. He was on Dragon Master land so he had to be carful as not to get seen by any nearby. He was traveling through Dragon Master land beacause he needed to get to Royal Knight land and did not want to travel all the way around Dragon Master land. His father had always told him that Dragon Masters were ruffians and to never croos swords with them, and that they would never let any one in their land, unlike factions such as Knights Kingdom, classic lego, and royal factions. Aros continued up the mountain, stepping carfully as to not leave any clues that he had been here. He came to the top of the mountain, and noticed a small campsite with Dragon Masters camped with their Dragons. " Malkia Yunmosio" the person who looked like there boss was talking to a young, but feirce Dragon Master. "you will be leading the attack upon the crusaders land" the leader was saying, now all the Dragon Masters were gathered around. "as you know, their nearest land is east of classic lego, so you will have to ride you dragons over this, now, when you get their make you attack swift but deadly, they will have there royal navy docked as they are close to water. Take your regiment and destroy all you can!make it quick and do not leave any foolish clues as to who we are as they will destroy us!!" At least 200 Dragon Masters jumped upon there Dragons and took to the sky. The rest of the Dragon Masters got back to their usual chores. Aros sat down against a rock and mutteted "Royal Knights can wait, i need to go warn the crusaders...."

PostPosted: Sat Jan 31, 2004 8:56 pm
by Barbapple
Barbod contenued walking westword after the insodent with the young knight. He was nothing like the Black Falcons who tore his land through. mabie the falcons have changed He thought to himself.
He sat upon the summer grass to enjoy a nice lunchtime meal. He slowly unpacked some barries he'd picked earlyer, and started to pop them into his mouth.
"a glorious day" Barbod said to himself, setting his spear and sheild to the side.
"Indeed!" A rough voice said from behind him, "a glorious day to kill a traitor!"
Barbod swong around to see a scruffy-looking man behind him. He bore a longsword and a black Falcon sheild. Barbon quickly lept up and instictivly away, for the man was now standing between him and his means of protection. Barbod prepared himself for a fight. even if he were to be killed in the process. The man swung his sword at Barbon, but it was weak and inaccurate. He realized the man was very old.
Barbon spat on the floor. The old man couldn't be very fast. He dove for his weapon and successfuly obtained it. He blunt-ended the man with his spear, then knocked him to the floor with his sheild.
"Bloody Falcons!" Barbod began, and picked up the man's blade. He ripped off the leather from the man's sword and scribbled somthing upon it. "Give this to your king!" Barbon screamed to the man, "And tell him..." Barbon went into thought for a moment, "Tell him that a bull is always charging."
The man stumbled up and ran off in a frenzy. He left his sheild. Barbon thought, throwing it into the bush. He ventured onward, leaving behind his un-eaten spoiles. He walked upon the hard-beaten path until he reached the coastal city of Assumah.
"A butiful day for sailing!" He said to hmself, and wandered his way to the docks. "I belive my ship is here, good man." Said barbod to the ship keeper.
"Name?" The man asked.
"Lord Barbod, of the bulls crest." Barbod stated.
"B...b...b-BARBOD?!?!" The man stumbled backword..."A demon sent back from the farthest reaches of the underworld, no doubt."
"I never have died sir. Now to my ship..."
"Oh-oh oh yes, yes sir. The king ordered it sunk, sir! Please have mercy! I have childern!" The man covered his head and ducked down.
Barbod turned and walked off of the docks. He headed for the pub. It had been a long day.

PostPosted: Sat Jan 31, 2004 9:02 pm
by kook
Alex slowly paced up and down the city walls, now and again glancing over the wall just in case there was any sign of an enemy. "Alex, come here my boy," Conel Calkony was calling to Alex. He steadily ran to the general "yes sir" Alex asked "we have just received a Teloharm from an adventurer called Aros, he said that Dragon Masters were coming to attack us and to get ready for an air assault," Calkony rubbed his gray beard and told Alex the rest of Aros's story "now we have sent our fastest 'airflier to pick him up it should get there and back before even the dragons are here, when he gets here i want you to bring him up to the captain." Calkony was saying "Yes Sir," and Alex saluted to his conel and marched back to the walls and waited for the new arrival.

(Jimjo has allowed me to use his charachters name)

PostPosted: Sat Jan 31, 2004 10:09 pm
by the_great_one
Reno woke up, and focused his eyes, he rubbed his head and stood up he immediatley fell back down. He stood up and used the wall for support. From what he saw he was in some sort of prison. He made his way up towards the gates and rattled them, they were securly locked. He took his shoe off, in the heel, like it always was, was his trusty lockpick. He realized he was on the pirate ship, and that it had stopped. He began to pick the lock. After a couple of minutes the door swung open and Reno hurried out up to the deck from what he could see he was on Black falcon mainland, in the port, he could tell beacause there was plenty of Black falcon soilders unloading the boat. Reno looked around to find everybody busy so he picked up a box and took it off the boat and scurried off towards town.

PostPosted: Sat Jan 31, 2004 10:32 pm
by Barbapple
Barbod paid the barkeep for his brew. He chugged it down, and bid the keep fairwell. The pub was not a freindly place, due to being former Lord of the greatest enemy of the Black Falcons. As he strode out of the pub, he saw a great pirate ship. perhaps they would grant he a trip if he paid enough. One man, however, caught Barbods attention. He was not dressed like the Black Falcon soldiers or the pirates unloading the boat, and moving much faster. Curious why this man was where he was Barbod approched him.

PostPosted: Sat Jan 31, 2004 10:39 pm
by jimjo
The Airflier landed, when all the Dragon Masters were gone "Aros!? ist hat you old boy!?" a middle aged ninja man was shouting from the cockpit "Shing-shokon!" Aros was running over to the airflier and sat in the cockpit, he closed the door "what brings you to these lands, shing?" Aros questioned "i working for crusaders now, flying people around and stuff, ya" shing said, pressing a number of buttons, in reply the Airflier lifted off the ground "look! Dragons" shing was gesturing towards a group of 200 dragons with riders "shoot em down!" Reno shouted "i cant we are outnumbered!" and shing drove his airflier out of sight of the dragons.

An hour later the airflier docked in at Crusaders land. "i take it your Aros then,sir" A young man with red trousers and a red shirt on with mail was standing there "Yes and who might you be?" aros spat "i am Alex, sir" i am to take you to the general, follow me" Aros and Alex slowly walked up to the Generals quarters.

PostPosted: Sat Jan 31, 2004 10:52 pm
by the_great_one
Reno hurried off, but a strange man with a bull insignia was coming towards Reno, Reno noticed that the Bulls were destroyed by the Black falcons years ago "hello" the bull soilder was talking to Reno, the bull soilder had a deep, gruff voice "where might you be hurrying off too" Reno answered "exuse me i dont know who you are so leave me alone, im in a bit of a hurry." Reno heard a familiar voice "boss that guys escaping, booss hes going!!" Reno turned around to see 7 pirates and 5 black falcons coming towards him and the bull soilder "what shall we do now soilder!" reno asked the soilder "soilder! i am no soilder i am a king! and what to do... RUN!" the two misfits ran for at least ten minutes untill they came upon an old wearhouse "in here, i would of fought but 12 of them 2 of us, get the point" the bull king gestured to the door and the 2 men entered.

PostPosted: Sat Jan 31, 2004 11:18 pm
by Barbapple
Barbon looked to the strange man, to whom he had just met.
"Bloody Falcons!" Barbod said, spitting on the floor, "And sir, I'm afreid we havn't been formaly introduced! I am Lord Barbod, King of the bull crest knights. And you are?"
"I am Reno, Sir." The young man said, not taking his eyes off of the door.
"Oh, young Reno, and what querrl do you have with the Falcons?" Barbod questioned, looking to the young man.
"Be quiet! I hear them coming!" Reno said, as he prepared himself for combat. There was a crack against the door, but it didn't give.
"young Reno, no need to worry, you have the bull-king on your side!"
A flicker of red came onto the door, and then a spark. A small fire broke upon the door and the wood began to crackle.
"A small need for worry now, they are barbicuing us alive!" The young man said, begining to search for a way out.

PostPosted: Sat Jan 31, 2004 11:28 pm
by the_great_one
"theres gotta be a way out sir!" Reno was shaking
"its ok theres a way out! over there!" Barbon shouted the whole of the door was burning now... " my father and mother... they..they got burnt alive!" Reno was rooted to the spot."well lets make sure it does not happen to you! come on!" Barbon was screaming, and he pulled on Renos arm "come on!" Barbon smashed the weak point in the wearhouse with his spoear it broke the wall. the whole of the wearhouse was on fire now and reno seemed to have recovered Reno saw a group of Dragons flying off towards Crusaders land, but thought nothing of it. "well sir, i beleive thanks are in order" and Reno pushed out his hand, Barbon shook it firmly. "well, king, where too now..."

PostPosted: Sun Feb 01, 2004 12:28 am
by Lord_Of_The_LEGO
Grid: J7
Location: Edge of Warblewood Forest, near the Forestmen/Black Falcon border

Bjarn stopped and stared out at the vast plains of the Falcon Territory, bare and sparce compared to the Forestmen Woods. I need a change from woods, he thought, I'm tired of wandering from camp to camp.. Ajusting his pack that contained everything he owned, Bjairn withdrew an arrow from it's quiver at his side. After tying a scrap of brightly colored yarn to the arrow, he spun around in a circle and released the arrow random with his eyes closed. Regaining his balance, Bjarn scaned the horizon until his spotted the tiny colored shaft buried in a hillock. He smiled. The arrow had landed northwest, an area he had not explored. With one last look at the Warblewood Forest, Bjarn set out to retrive his distant arrow.

PostPosted: Sun Feb 01, 2004 2:39 am
by Barbapple
Lord Barbod smiled at the young man, "I still have much buisness to attend to in the northeast of this land, so, young man, I suppose this is where we part ways."
"Nonsense, I will be joining you!" Reno said
"Counld be dangerous," Barbod protested,
"Even better!" Reno smiled, and the two blissfully walked threw the feilds of the black falcons.