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Postby Lord_Of_The_LEGO » Wed Jan 18, 2006 8:54 pm

Lord_Of_The_LEGO wrote:Santis, Viktor and Solesstorn eased around the still-deadly poisoned tail and rushed to Storm, Jaythus and Mikelen. Storm was already stirring -- shoving back her visor and blinking rapidly, fumbling for her sword. Jaythus was breathing deeply, his eyes opened. He was stunned, not unconscious. As for Mikelen…
Viktor was cursing rapidly. He removed his hand from Mikelen’s wrist and shut the man’s blankly staring eyes. Storm pulled off her helmet, then stared at Mikelen. Her breath came in shuddering breaths. She stared at Viktor, as if saying, “No!”

“Well, wizard,” said Viktor, biting off his words, “Looks like you're going to get your first expendable. Happy?”

Storm let out a wailing banshee shriek. She lunged at Mikelen and embraced the body that was beginning to bloat from poison. Her sobs wracked her body, echoing in the cave.

Jaythus sucked in a long breath.

"Is he dead?"

"No." snapped Viktor, "But he should be. He was shot with enough venom to take down a dragon."

"He's in a coma?" asked Santis.

Viktor nodded sharply. Solesstorn looked into the burning eyes of Viktor and said, “I didn’t mean it to be like this.”

“I bet.” snapped Viktor, “I just bet. Why didn’t you use your megabloks magic! Why suddenly go all physical! You forget to bring your favorite toad?”

Solesstorn waved his hand about almost helplessly.

“Look around you. Those crystals block magic. I can’t perform magic down here.”

“Absol-tyco-lutly wonderful!” Viktor kicked the scorpion, the exoskeleton crunching, “Then please explain to me, mister useless wizard, how the bloody buildit are we going to get up there!”

Viktor pointed sharply with Santis’ blade, to the hole twenty feet about their heads.

“We don’t.” said Solesstorn calmly, “That scorpion was here for a reason. It was guarding something. And entrance.”

“Wonderful!” said Viktor, “And I betcha there’s more of those where this son of a tyco came from!”

Viktor kicked the scorpion again.

Solesstorn flared up.

“I am not a god!" he shouted, "I'm not all powerful! I can't prevent all the ills that befall us!"

"Then you should have taken greater care so that we didn't befall such ills." retorted Viktor.

Solesstorn brandished his staff.


"SHUT UP!" bellowed Santis, smashing his warhammer into the ground, "SHUT UP BOTH OF YOU!"

Viktor and Solesstorn quieted, chests heaving.

"This is not the place nor the time to argue!" said Santis, "We've got to get out of here, and the only way I see possible is through there!"

Everyone looked. A large opening in the far wall of the cave beckoned ominously.

"The scorpion was guarding something." continuing Santis, "Perhaps it can get us out of this hellhole. Viktor."

Santis tossed Viktor his warhammer.

"Take that. I'll carry Mikelen. Let's go."

Grid: S-1
Location: Solitaire Island

Without waiting for anyone to say anything, Santis, stumped forward and hoisted the limp Mikelen onto his broad back. Storm, eyes red, resolutely brushed crimson hair out of her face and snapped down her visor. She yanked her sword from Solesstorn’s grip and turned away. Viktor virtually threw Santis’ sword at Solesstorn and, toting the war hammer, took the lead. The passageway was dark, but a strange phosphorous growth covered the walls, giving them just enough light to walk by. They walked in silence, each wrapped in their own thoughts. They were searching for a way to the surface. They had no way of knowing they were actually traveling deeper and deeper into the heart of Solitaire Island.
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Postby Lord_Of_The_LEGO » Wed Jan 18, 2006 10:52 pm

Formendacil wrote:"I'll leave the floorboards where they are," said Rosa, "but if it takes you more than a day, I'm nailing them down, whether I know you're out of there or not."

Hans and Adrian looked at each other and grimaced. Fun.

Grid: N-10
Location: Denderham

Awkwardly, Hans and Adrian clambered down. Rosa handed them torches and then left dismissively.

“Nice lady, isn’t she?” said Hans through a sarcastic smirk.

“Indeed.” said Adrian. He looked around. “Now what?”

“Find anything, Cate?” Hans asked.

Cate was a few paces away, her torch held high.

“This must be the passage Bjarn told us about. I can hear dripping and it looks pretty straight.”

“Well, we don’t want to go that way if we don't have to.” said Adrian, grimacing, “I don’t want to get lost underneath the Fell Sea and end up somewhere on Fell Isle.”

Hans ran his free hand over the slimy wall.

“Hey,” he said, “Check this out. The wall fells like stone, until right here.” Hans tapped a portion of the wall.

“Sounds hollow.” said Cate, “Might be a door.”

“I don’t see a handle.” said Adrian.

“Stand aside.” said Hans grandly.

They did so, and Hans kicked the door sharply. It hurt like the dickens, but the door crumbled.

“Good work Hans.” said Cate.

“Yeah.” smirked Adrian, “Good work. Are you able to walk, king of kicks, or shall we carry you?”

“I can walk.” snapped Hans, clutching his leg.

The trio entered the new passage.

Above ground, Rosa was distracted, trying to oversee twenty yelling kids at once. She didn’t see the cloaked stranger enter the orphanage and slip into the exposed hole.
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Postby Formendacil » Wed Jan 18, 2006 11:18 pm

Grid: H-11
Location: A Ninjarian village.

The Green Knight wrote:Nine days later the governor of Boranis Dracis found himself staying at a upper scale inn in the middle of Mainland Ninjara with the three officers he’d chosen to accompany him. On the table before him was a map of the region and the instructions from Lord Void. By his calculations, he would reach the village in another days march. Right on schedule.

Right on schedule is where Caimlin was, and right on schedule is where Elbadar was waiting. Having been sent out by Lord Void from Dracis Ini, he and his two guards were waiting in the village square, being eyed suspiciously when Caimlin arrived.

"Governor Caimlin?" said Elbadar, as they met. "Good to see you!"

"I know you..." said Caimlin, reaching into his memory. "It's Marshal Elbadar, is it not?"

"Correct," nodded Elbadar.

"How do you come to be in on this?" asked Caimlin. "I though you were going mercenary..."

"I was," said Elbadar. "But things... well, anyway, it's a long enough story that I can tell you on the way. Lord Void is waiting a few leagues away, right on the border, at a fortress called Dracis Ini.

"I don't mind saying that I'm glad you've shown up," said Elbadar. "I've had enough of being cooped up in that bloody fortress, and Lord Void's plan calls for you, apparently."

"What is the plan?" asked Caimlin.

"Tyco me if I know!" said Elbadar. "He's playing his cards close to the chest. He'll tell you what you need to know, I'm sure, but he'll keep the rest back until the time to play them comes."

"He hasn't changed then," said Caimlin.

"No, not a bit," replied Elbadar.

They trudged on.

"Oh, I ought to warn you that one of our fellow conspirators is Japheth Dragonsbane," said Elbadar. "Apparently Ajaxx's righthand man is in love with a witch. Which is how I got mixed up in all this."

Caimlin's eyebrows rose.

"I'm ready to hear the story about all this..."
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Postby Robin Hood » Thu Jan 19, 2006 4:05 am

Robin Hood wrote:This was second concern to him right now though. At the moment he just wanted to tell her that he hadn’t been trying to get her to say anything that she didn’t want to. And that what ever it was she was trying to hide, she didn’t need get mad at him. He would respect her wishes. Wouldn’t he? As he walked back to the castle, Aiden privately wondered just how long he would go without asking her what she knew. He didn’t want to pry, but it seemed that whatever it was she knew, it was rather important.

“I hate tough choices.” Thought Aiden as he trudged through the snow.

Grid: G-8
Location: Castleton

Nina tried desperately to hold back tears as she ran through the castle to her room. Aiden knew something. No much, but enough for her to need to leave the castle. Tomorrow.

Oh why had she even come in the first place? She should have just walk off when Aiden asked her to come to the castle. It wasn't that she disliked Aiden. On the contrary, he had been one of the few people to ever be kind to her. That was why she had to go. At least Aiden would be safe as long she was free, or until "he" got impatient.

She should at least tell him. Warn him about them. But what good would that do? He probably would not even listen after her outburst at him. And if he did, he would probably throw her in jail, and for good reason. "I said no, but won't clear up the fact that was my job. Plus he would hate me for lying to him like that" Thought Nina as she began to take various items from her room and pack them in her old traveling sack. Technically, none of these things were hers but she needed them and she doubted she would be refused if she asked.

"That's that." she silently mused as she tied the strap to her pack. "I'll leave tomorrow morning." With that she settled into what might well be her last bed for a while.


The fight between Kae-Os the elf and the twenty top castle soldiers was extremely one-sided. At least it appeared to be so to a viewer. Kae-Os fought the men as though it was nothing more than a way to prevent boredom. The twenty soldiers could fairly call themselves the elite of the army, yet against the elf they seemed to be brand new recruits. Kae-Os leapt and spun, catching or dodging every blow that came his way. Once in a while he would speed up enough to place a deathblow on one of the soldiers. But he never actually cut his opponents skin, not did he let them cut his. When one spars, it is usual that small cuts come, but in this fight not a drop was shed.

If Aiden had been watching though, he would have seen that the elf was fighting on the limits of his abilities. What seemed to viewers as a carefully planned fall to avoid a cut, was in actuality a mistake of the elf's that he managed to use. Though he breathed normal, he was in fact tiring. To anyone but those who knew him well he would seem to be unbeatable, but in fact, Kae-Os was winning by the skin of his teeth.

Finally, the elf placed his katana on the neck of the last man. He then let himself relax, and nearly fell over as his exhaustion caught up with him. To the watchers he appeared to slump slightly and breathe harder.

"That, that was incredible!" exclaimed Theodore.

"Aye, I've never seen anybody fight like that in all my life." Agreed Valric. He grinned at his friend. "Except possibly me."

"It's hard to say." Said Theodore. "You've fought twenty and survived."

"True, but they weren't the best fighters, and they didn't all come at the same time."

"Even so, I think you could beat him."

"We won't know though."

Kae-Os overheard the two knights talking, and making his way through the congratulations of the on lookers, he approached them. "Excuse me, I heard your comments. I don't care to presume which of us is better, but if you would like to find out, I would be willing to spar with you."

Valric looked at the elf. "Now?"

Kae-Os shrugged. "I have nothing better to do."

"Wouldn't you at least like to rest first, make the match fair?" asked Theodore.

"It's fair now. A little fatigue will not change things. If Sir Valric here is capable of beating me, no amount of rest will change my stand. And if he can't, then I will beat him, tired or not."

The two knights looked at each other. Valric shrugged. "If you insist. I’ll be back in a second once I fetch my amour and weapons."

The elf nodded and took a drink offered to him. "I'll be here."

As Valric went to get his stuff, Theodore commented to another knight. "This will be the match of a lifetime."
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Postby E of Alshire » Thu Jan 19, 2006 1:18 pm

Fire Breathing Fortress

Lord_Of_The_Lego wrote:“Tell me,” said Ajaxx, “Who are you, and why are you here?”

Aethen slowly responded. “That would require a bit of doing-”

“And on an empty stomach.” continued Traver.

“Well then.” Ajaxx gestured curtly. “Eat.”

The food was exquisite, and more began to arrive. The table that before seemed so lifeless was now packed all around with Dragon Masters, soldiers and officers alike. Aethen saw only a few faces that were recognizable behind the thick beards and even thicker tankards. Oris Del Grakken was opposite Ajaxx at the other head of the table, surrounded by guards and consorts. In any argument or dispute, Aethen noticed, the officers deferred to him, and he seemed to be the most high-ranking at the table.

Everyone else was seemingly too busy to notice the extra guests, or perhaps they didn’t care, or perhaps they were sitting to close to Ajaxx to merit glares or even stares. In any case, the table soon cleared (despite the remaining abundance of food) and mounds of meat, beakers of beer, flasks and flagons were all replaced by a singularly massive chess set.

“White or Black?”

Aethen started. It was the first time Ajaxx had spoke. “Milord?”

“Chess, my friend. Chess. Do ye not know how to play?”

“Er, Aelain’s really more of a sport at that sort ‘o thing, yer lordship.” Aethen was still puzzling out the questions he had to ask and how he would ask them. “Will we be discussin’ present and past over this game, yer majesty?”


Aelain had moved to the white side of the board, nearly dwarfed by the foot-high pieces on the already too-tall table.

“So-” Traver began bluntly, “What’d ya do wi’ ‘is Voidness?”

Ajaxx stiffened as a black pawn found itself in the way of a blundering Knight. “Do you mean Lord-” -he spat the word contemptuously, as if it were as foul as Megablocks itself- “Void? He-Who-I-Ousted-From-His-Self-Proclaimed-Throne? He’s … taken care of.”

“Is ‘e now?”

“Aye. He is. It be ye move, Aelain.” Ajaxx smiled thinly.

Aelain was a talent at chess. “A couple of weeks on a sailing ship wi’ nothing’ to do but listen to you two fighting’ll do that for you,” she said as Traver applauded the newfound position of her queen.

Ajaxx changed the subject as his Bishop took a knight and left Aelain’s other pinned. “To be blunt, where have ye been as the Dragon Master throne has been left in the hands of that sorcerer?”

“That’s the thing, yer ‘highness.” Spoke Traver. “’Is Voidness-”

Aelain took another Knight.

“-had us’n go ‘n see what we could spy, If’n ye will. We’s ter go out and see if we could claim to any lands bein’ held.”

Aethen picked up. “Storms were bad, and we hadn’t had anything to drink ‘til we finally sighted land. T’was Lion ground, and there’s the problem, see, because they don’t like us very much. We had to abandon our armor and horses-” Aethen stroked his mustache “-and hide out ‘til we could get the ol’ Inkwell shipshape ‘gain.”

Traver quietly excused himself for a breath of fresh air just as Aelain took a pawn to the expense of her Queen.
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Postby Formendacil » Sun Jan 22, 2006 10:39 pm

Grid: J-10
Location: Orion

After several days of leisurely winter travel, Sir Dractor, Sir Yves, and Estella had finally come within sight of Orion. The Imperial city rose before them in the distance, dominating the landscape, the Yellow Castle rising high about the rest of the city from it's location on the highest hill of the city.

As they drew nearer to the great, yellowstone wall that surrounded the city, and to the northeast gate by which they would enter, Estella's mouth was hanging open at the sight, and Sir Yves' eyes darted to and fro in amazement.

"They aren't kidding when they call it the greatest city in Dametreos, are they," said Sir Yves. "I mean, I've been to Leidenheim and Castleton, and those are both pretty big, but this...."

Estella, who had never been anywhere larger than Fendor's Field ere her departure with Sir Dractor and his company, could only nod.

"Not at all," said Sir Dractor. "And although the traces of it are no longer clear to the visitor, this was the site of the greatest battle of the century, little more than a year ago. You'll see more evidence, once we're in the city. Some of the neighbourhoods still haven't been properly repaired since then."

"How will we find Sir Jayko in such a large place?" asked Estella.

"Easy," said Sir Dractor. "He'll be in the Cadets' wing of the Yellow Castle."

"The Yellow Castle," breathed Estella.

They made their way into the city, Sir Yves covertly checking things out, and Estella openly gawking at all the new sights and sounds of the greatest metropolis in Dametreos. A sampling of all nations could be seen along its major streets, from soldiers to merchants, and even the ordinary Classics who inhabited the city and nearby country were strange and exotic to Lion Island native Estella.

Finally, they came to Weetabix Hill, on which the Yellow Castle had been built, and journeyed up the wide boulevard that led to it's great gates, guarded by Cavaliers in silver ceremonial armour.

There, Sir Dractor proclaimed his credentials as Admiral of the Forestman Fleet, and requested an appointment with the Novice-Master.

"Captain-Colonel E'terriole went missing in the line of duty," he was told, "Captain-Major Rillian has taken on his duties in addition to his own, for the moment."

"Could I speak with Captain-Major Rillian, then," said Sir Dractor. The Cavalier nodded, and they were permitted to stable their horses, before being led practically all the way across the Yellow Castle, to the Cavalier barracks, where the Captain-Major had his office.

Sir Rillian, Captain-Major of the Imperial Cavaliers, was a large, solidly built man, whose desk seemed slightly too small for him.

"Sir Aethelred Dractor," he rose to shake Sir Dractor's hand. "I don't believe we've met, although I've heard about you. Pleased to make your acquiantance. What can I do for you?"

"I'm looking for one of the Cadets," replied Sir Dractor. "Sir Jayko Falconensis, a native of Barleyburg."

"Hmm..." said Sir Rillian. "I don't know the fellow. Since taking on E'terriole's job, I've mainly done the administrative bits. Tierre's the one you want."

Sir Rillian summoned an attache, and sent him in search of Lieutenant-Commander Tierre, the chief officer in command of the training of the Cadets.

"Falconensis," he said, recalling the name. "Ah, yes, I remember. The Easterner. He's the one who held the Cadets together in the Dracul debacle. I'm afraid you won't find him here. He was promoted to the ranks of the Cavaliers, as a Lieutenant. I believe he's in command of the detachment at the Southeast Gate of the city."

"I remember the fellow now," said Sir Rillian. "Young fellow, kind of naive. Tyco, it's bad how I don't even know my own officers any more. Holding two posts isn't easy..."

"Well, I thank you for your kindness," said Sir Dractor. "We'll go and seek him out now."

"Certainly, certainly," said Sir Rillian. "If I may ask, what's your business with Falconensis."

"The arrangement of a marriage," replied Sir Dractor.

"Fun stuff," said Sir Rillian.
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Postby Formendacil » Mon Jan 23, 2006 6:15 am

Grid: P-10
Location: Hemmerington

"Thomas, it's been five days. I'm beginning to wonder if those Fright Knights really are going to do anything."

Thomas Valt looked up from the papers he was looking over. William Jorgenson was standing in front of him.

"Why else would they be out there?" said Thomas. "It's not exactly a pleasant place to be sitting."

"Exactly!" said William. "Why wait there any longer before striking?"

"They could be preparing something that will help them," said Merina, who was sitting by the fire. "A weapon or something."

"Neither Arvey or myself has seen anything," replied William, "and we've been checking daily."

"You haven't been right in their camp, though," said Thomas. "So it's still possible."

"I suppose," said William. "Anyways... Have you had any luck finding what it is they want?"

"We're not sure," said Thomas, shifting in his seat. "We've gone through the papers, and they seem to belong to three basic categories. A number are personal letters of Grandfather's- ones that other people wrote him, and a number of drafts of ones that he wrote to others. Melkan's got those, and he's looking for one that might contain evidence that might be used for blackmailing, or might contain a secret.

"Then there's a number of business records- receipts of purchase and sale from Grandfather's years as an Armsmith. It's dry stuff, and we've sorted all that out, and set it aside. We don't think there's anything in there that they would want."

"But it's possible," said Merina. "Really, we don't know."

"Right," nodded Thomas. "The last pile, which is probably the largest, comes from Grandfather's years as the Head of the Smiths' Guild. I didn't realise just how important a job that was. He had some influence over just about every smith in Dametreos. In any case, there's a whole jumble of official minutes and records of meetings and decisions in there, one of which may have something important that the Fright Knights want. There's also copies of smithying techniques, and other strange papers that seem to have been acquired by Grandfather while he was the leader of the Guild. None of it means anything to me, but I always was a failure at smithing."

William nodded. There was a loud series of knocks from Melkan's front door. Thomas rose to investigate. It was Erik Korvalt.

"Thomas! Come quick! Arvey's got bad news!"

"Why isn't he here?" said Thomas, grabbing his cloak.

"He collapsed!" said Erik. "Must have been running too hard!"

"Where is he?"

"At Felix's," said Erik. "Paul and Matt are getting some of the others. He said something about the Fright Knights coming."

"William!" said Thomas, "Stay with Merina!"

"What the tyco!" said William. "I'm the only fighter you've got!"

"Someone's got to stay with the papers, anyway!" replied Thomas. "I'll take the others and try and head them off, but if they get here..."

"I can handle a blade on my own, Thomas," said Merina.

"Not in your current condition!" Thomas replied. "Enough discussion! William, stay here, please. Someone has to."

"Discussion?" said William. "What discussion. All right, Thomas, I'll do it. But I don't like it."

"We are going to have a talk about this, Thomas Valt," said Merina, darkly.

"Later," said Thomas, and he followed Erik out the door.
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Postby Sir Kohran » Mon Jan 23, 2006 1:25 pm

They were searching for a way to the surface. They had no way of knowing they were actually traveling deeper and deeper into the heart of Solitaire Island.

Grid: S-1
Location: Solitaire Island

The group went silently; never daring to make any noise. The corridors were almost pitch black; only the pale light of the phosphorous in the walls helped them along. The group walked in a line, with Solesstorn leading them down the pathways, and a suspicious Viktor bringing up the rear. Storm seemed apart; she stayed behind Santis, keeping her eyes on the unconscious Mikelen, silently willing him to awaken.

Hours passed, and still the quiet travellers seemed to be making no progress. For one tyco small island, the passageways are very tyco big, Santis thought, glancing at Viktor, who was limping slightly, but stoically continuing, just like the rest of them.

Jaythus felt tired, sick and cold. The attack with the scorpion had shaken him badly; he had never seen anything so terrible before in his life. But he couldn't complain. Who would listen? Solesstorn, the stone-hearted sorcerer who'd be willing to sacrifice them all to reach his goals? Storm, the fiery, insecure young woman with the sword? Viktor, the bad-tempered, cranky old soldier? Silently, the young Easterner wished he'd never become an ambassador. He wished he could still be back writing out manuscripts in the Castle of Morcia, not getting attacked by gargoyles or poisoned by scorpions. He wished he'd never heard of Vermicus, or Shadow Knights, or Vlad-Masks, or Solitaire. He even began to wish he'd never met Solesstorn. The wizard would lead and then leave them all to some horrible death in the depths of the earth, where they would all be left to rot, beyond the sunlight or knowledge of the normal world.

But who was he compalin? He was just a small person amongst wizards and warriors. He was the least important, despite what Solesstorn and Santis had said. He carried on walking.
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Postby TheOrk » Mon Jan 23, 2006 4:39 pm

P-19 Karond Kar, Tower of Dispair, Former Kingdom of Ankoria

Shrugging off any chance of being followed, Throg continued to follow the trio. The three abruptly stopped at a solid rock wall. The one minifig with a shaved head drew what appeared to be a medallion, from the folds of his robes. Throg didn’t know for sure, the one man’s two companions turned around to make sure one last time to make sure they weren’t followed. Throg would have sworn but that might have given him away. Why did he tag along in the first place?

He raised his head again at the sound of a strange grinding noise. A section of the rock wall slid away, revealing a hidden passage. One more hooded figure in a different style of robe emerged. After a brief minute of muffled conversation, he let the three pass.

Seeing his moment come at last, Throg slinked after them. Once the man he identified as a “door man” saw the other three leave. He pulled out a hidden bottle of rum from a boot. While he was still busy taking a good gulp, Throg came behind him and gave him a crack with the butt of his axe. The neophyte, spluttered and collapsed with the a lump the size of a head stud. Smirking Throg dashed after the others.

They had moved along down a winding corridor, cut out of the rock itself. The tunnel snaked downwards for what seemed like miles. The darkness was only broken occasionally by a dim torch. Once, another neophyte, walked by with a deep bow and some sort of prayer. It was a good thing he was staring at his feet. He never noticed the huge orc, emerge from the darkness and crack him on the head. Smirking, Throg stepped over the body.

It was not long afterwards that Throg began to grow suspicious. The darkness seemed to be growing thicker. He almost caught glimpses of things in the darkness. Soon all the light vanished, but he could still hear his prey shuffling up ahead.

Then he hit a wall. Grumbling, Throg threw up his arms to feel for his surroundings, on three sides there was a solid wall. Cursing, he attempted to turn around and retrace his steps. He couldn’t see through the darkness. If an enemy was in here somewhere, it would be too late for him to see it...
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Postby Lord_Of_The_LEGO » Tue Jan 24, 2006 12:35 am

Lord_Of_The_LEGO wrote:Above ground, Rosa was distracted, trying to oversee twenty yelling kids at once. She didn’t see the cloaked stranger enter the orphanage and slip into the exposed hole.

Grid: N-10
Location: Under Denderham

The passage Hans had discovered continued onward in a semi-straight line. As the trio walked further, the walls became drier, and the sound of dripping ceased.

“Well, we’re at least not under the Fell Sea.” said Cate.

“Yeah,” said Hans, “We’re probably actually going inland.”

Adrian was examining the walls as they walked.

“See anything?” asked Cate.

“There’s some markings here.” said Adrian, squinting, “But I can’t read it.”

“Hey,” said Hans, “Check it out. The passage is widening.”

And so it was. Several steps further and the they entered chamber. A stone pedestal stood at the far wall, and on the wall itself was inscribed strange runes.

“What does it say?” asked Cate.

“I…don’t know.” said Hans slowly.

Adrian squinted in the darkness.

“It says something…I dunno…about the One Brick….”

“Sweetness!” cried Hans.

“Wait,” said Cate, “Where’s the One Brick?”

“It’s gotta be in here somewhere.” said Hans.

“Wait,” said Adrian, “It also says something about a danger.”

Hans laughed and was about to step forward when black shape suddenly emerged from the darkness. A black hand grabbed Hans on the shoulder and jerked him back, away from the chamber. Cate screamed and Adrian jumped.

“Stop, señor.” the voice was heavily accented.

“Who the tyco are you?” demanded Hans. He pushed away the hand on his shoulder.

“I am no one of consequence.” said the man. A mask that covered his eyes, and curly black hair spilled out from underneath a black, wide-brimmed hat.

“But for your safety, señors and señora, you must go no farther.”

“Why not?” demanded Cate, hands on hips.

El bobo atrapa.” said the man, “Booby traps.”

“Booby traps?” repeated Hans.


The man picked up a stone from the ground and tossed it past the threshold. At once a cloud of dust billowed out and a spear shot out of the wall. Cate shrieked and Adrian paled visibly.

“How did you know about that?” asked Hans.

“I am…el protector del un ladrillo para gobernarlos todo.” said the man awkwardly.


“A protector of the One Brick To Rule Them All.” said the man quickly, “But is ningún asunto -- no matter. You niños should not be here. It is a dangerous place. Not for niños.”

“You know about the One Brick?” said Hans.

.” said the man quickly, “Now -- be off!”

“Wait!” said Hans, “Where’d you take the One Brick?”

“It is not for you to know.” said the man in black, “You are foolish to seek the One Brick. You should not.”

“But we are!” said Cate hotly, “And what are niños!?”

“Children.” said the man in black.

“We are not children!” cried all three of the teenagers.

“Hand and Adrian are old enough to have a job!” said Cate.

“And Cate is old enough to get married!” said Hans.

Cate looked at Hans, her expression unreadable. The man in black might have chuckled. Certainly his lips and thin moustache turned up in a smile.

“You are still young.” said the man in black, “And when you are older you will wish you didn’t spend your life searching for the impossible.”

“Finding the One Brick isn’t impossible!” said Hans.

.” said the man in black, “We have. My clan. We have hidden the One Brick away so no one can misuse it.”

“We wouldn’t misuse it!” said Cate.

The man in black smiled.

“As you say, señora.”

“Well,” said Hans suborning, “There’s nothing you can do to stop us from searching.”

“No.” said the man in black, “But you will never find it. The clues we have laid are muchos. You would never find them.”

“Try us!” said Hans.

The man in black stared at them coolly.

“Go home, niños.”

The man in black vanished into the black.

The trio stared at one another.

“Oookaaay.” said Adrian.
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Postby Formendacil » Tue Jan 24, 2006 6:44 am

Grid: N-10
Location: Under Denderham

Lord_Of_The_LEGO wrote:“Go home, niños.”

The man in black vanished into the black.

The trio stared at one another.

“Oookaaay.” said Adrian.

"Go home, indeed," muttered Hans. "We'll show him. We'll find his precious brick. It isn't even his anyway. It's mine. I'm Nathaniel's heir."

"You may be his descendent, but you're not his heir," said Adrian.

"Right, well... I'm closer than he is..." said Hans, grumbling. "Who does he think he is anyway..."

"Presumeably some sort of guardian of the One Brick," said Cate. "Meanwhile, what do we do? It's clearly not here anymore."

"Maybe," said Adrian, "but that doesn't mean it's gone far. Let's take a closer look at things here. It's not everyday you get to read old inscriptions like this."

"And it's not like I'd want to everyday either," said Cate.

"Hush... this bit looks interesting," said Adrian. Hans stopped his grumbling mumbling and peered at the block of inscription that Adrian was pointing at.

"It's in old Orionese," said Hans. "What does it say?"

"I don't know for sure," said Adrian, peering at it. "I don't speak it."

"Well, you're better than either of us," said Cate.

"True," smirked Adrian. "I think that Ikrius mattonius singularis is probably the Ikrosian One Brick. It says something about Caesar Dacillus II- must be a Classic Emperor, and then something something mobilus- which means to move, I think."

"So this Classic Emperor moved the One Brick?" said Hans. "Why?"

"I can't tell for sure," said Adrian. "I don't recognise any of the words- but this whole block is different from the rest, so I'm assuming that this notice was posted later, after the One Brick was moved- so it must have been here for a while."

"Any idea where it went?" asked Cate.

"I wish it wasn't all uppercase lettering," said Adrian, "then I could find the capitalized words..." He scanned down the block of inscriptions.

"Castel Taurus," he said after a moment. "That's the only thing that I noticed."

"Castle? Castle, what?" said Cate.

"Taurus is bull," said Hans. "I know that from Taurus, the constellation. And- hey!- the Bull capital is at Taurus Stronghold. Right, Adrian?"

"So that means that we have to go to the Bulls," said Cate.

"They were a pretty small faction back then," said Adrian. "Not even a real faction, almost. Just one castle- the original foundation of Taurus Stronghold, and a bit of the surrouding countryside. I wonder why Earl Nathaniel would have hid the One Brick there- or a Classic Emperor."

"Well, you said that it was out-of-way," Cate began, "and maybe that was something that-"

"Guys," Hans interrupted, "I don't think that we're going to find the One Brick in Bull Land."

"What, are you giving up?" said Cate.

"No," said Hans, "but think about it: we heard about the One Brick in Orion, and traced it to Drullen Bell. Then we crisscrossed the Forestdweller kingdoms looking for records of it- only to learn that it was in Crusader territory. Now we learn that we have to go to the Bulls. Anyone else sensing a pattern?"

"The One Brick got moved a lot?" said Cate.

"A treasure hunt," breathed Adrian, with a whistle.

"Hopefully with the One Brick at the end," said Hans.

"And with that funny guy in black guarding it," said Cate.

"Well, we'll deal with them when the time comes," said Hans. "Right now we need to find our way out of the tunnels, and get to Taurus Stronghold."

"Erm..." said Adrian. "Yeah. Let's work on getting out of here. Anyone remember the way we came?"
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Postby Formendacil » Tue Jan 24, 2006 6:57 am

Grid: P-10
Location: Hemmerington

Formendacil wrote:"Discussion?" said William. "What discussion. All right, Thomas, I'll do it. But I don't like it."

"We are going to have a talk about this, Thomas Valt," said Merina, darkly.

"Later," said Thomas, and he followed Erik out the door.

They dashed down the slushy, snowy streets of Hemmerington, cloaks flapping behind them, until they reached Felix Ffluffingar's home on the edge of the village. The bard was waiting for them inside, with Arvey, who had come around, and was sitting by the fire.

"Loads o' them, it seemed to me," said Arvey. "Headin' fer the main road what leads to Allan's Hollow. From there, they musta been headin' in our direction. I 'ad to run all the way ter beat 'em 'ere."

"We've still got time then," said Thomas. "If Arvey's right, and all or most of them are on the march, we've got to stop them before they reach the village. There'll be no bloodshed here, if I can help it."

"If they're all marching, there'll be forty or more of them," said Felix. "How are you going to match that?"

"We don't need to fight them man on man," said Thomas. "If we can harry them, draw them away from the village, pick them off one or two, that'll be enough. We know the land about far better than they do."

"Don't forget that they've been checking it out for a while," said Felix. "Over a month."

At about that time, Paul and Matthew Korvalt returned with all the men they had been about to rouse. Clyde Whetton, Enrie Gillivie, McGregor, and a half dozen other young men, used to work in the field stood waiting with an assortment of hunting bows, long knives, staves, and cudgels.

"Lots of arrows, good," said Thomas, approvingly. "Let me fetch my quiver from the Korvalts', and we'll be off."

"Already got it, Tom," said Matthew, holding out Thomas' quiver. Thomas took it gratefully, strung his bow, and turned to the others.

"Follow me, and be as silent as the grave."

Down the road from Hemmerington to Allan's Hollow, the Fright Knight force was heading in their direction. In the woods to the west of Hemmerington, Captain Drazzuil and four men waited for Thomas Valt and his "war party" to leave the village.
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Postby TheOrk » Tue Jan 24, 2006 11:50 pm

Dryna crumpled the parchment in her hand. “Tyco fool!” She threw the ball into the dying embers of her small fireplace.

H-7 Doufwuden Castle

Gunther smoothed his golden curls one last time and knocked on the Countess’s study doors. “Who is it?” Came a sweet honey like voice, laced with seething anger.

“It is me, Gunther milady.”

Gunther thought he heard an “about bloody time” coming from the other side of the doors. He stood there for a moment, looking around. He noticed a fruit fly buzzing around, a brick in one corner didn’t seem to be pressed down enough. After another moment, he cleared his voice.
“Can I come in, milady?”

“Why haven’t you?”

Dryna had her back turned to him as he walked in. Her full attention was focused on a black falcon in a cage, the bird appeared to have been roughed up somewhere. “Milady?”

Dryna slowly turned to face him, she was not like the painted damsels he was accustomed to being around. She seemed to rule half of Doufwuden uncontested. Gunther knew it would be best not to cross her, she wouldn't hesitate to strap on a suit of armour and ride after him, a sword in hand. It was common knowledge to the people that the fair Countess was more ruthless then the good Count. Her blue eyes seemed to piece his soul like a hot brand, causing him to fidget nervously.

“I trust you were successful?”

Gunther rose to his full height “Of course milady, I hunted down the vile orc warband myself.”

Dryna must have found the tale of his glorious exploits quite amusing, for she poured him a glass of wine. Both rulers of the castle were very territorial when it came to their wine stores. Once Gunther had finished a lavishly done narration of his mission to hunt down the orcs, Dryna turned back to her falcon.

“It seems you had quite the adventure…” She laughed at her own private joke. She adored the incompetent knight, he was an excellent entertainer, that and despite the odds, he never failed a mission to date.

“That is all then. You may go now, I have other matters to attend to.”

Gunther bowed and left. His suit of creaky euro armour was starting to smell.
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Postby Robin Hood » Wed Jan 25, 2006 7:39 am

Robin Hood wrote:The elf nodded and took a drink offered to him. "I'll be here."

As Valric went to get his stuff, Theodore commented to another knight. "This will be the match of a lifetime."

Grid: G-8
Location: Castleton

And indeed it was.

The match started when Valric re-entered the courtyard, with his armour on and his magic sword drawn.

Kae-Os had again decided to forgo the use of his spear in order to use his katana to fullest. The two men were now facing each other three steps apart. It was then that Aiden showed up. He sat down to watch the match, not even seeing who was fighting who. His mind still on Nina and their interesting conversation.

Kae-Os bowed. Valric slowly did the same, a bit unsure as to the proper procedure. The two then slowly circled each other. Valric made a slow step toward Kae-Os and did an experimental swing at the elf. At once the battle was on.

The two figures danced around the area as though they had spent months practicing a complex dance. Their swords moved so fast it seemed impossible that they could be blocked. Yet blocked they were. Each and every one of them was stopped in its tracks. Around and around the two went, neither of them seemed to tire the slightest. Until about four minutes into the fight.

Though Valric was the equal of Kae-Os in swordplay. He did not have the endurance of elves. Ever so slowly, Kae-Os wore the knight down.

It wasn't easy. The elf had already fought twenty well-trained men and not taken a rest. Also, Valric seemed to be able drain him some how. The elf had heard a rumour about the sword being magical. Perhaps it was true. It was a taking a long time to wear the knight out, that was certain.

Finally though, Valric was a second too slow in retaliating a blow from Kae-Os that the elf managed to get his foot under the knight's guard and landed a large kick on his chest. Valric went crashing onto his back, and before he could get back up, he saw the elf's sword on his neck.

"I give." panted Valric.

Kae-Os unsteadily stepped back and help the knight up. "You.........I have (pant) never fought anybody like you (pant)." Said Valric.

"Nor I you," returned the elf. Kae-Os had more breath, but his body shook with exhaustion.

Theodore ran over and clapped them both on the back. "That was.....indescribable. Never have I even heard of such skills. You two are undoubtedly the best fighters ever to live."

The combatants leaned on Theodore and made their way inside for a mug of ale. Most of the spectators followed. Soon, Aiden was the only one left in the courtyard, staring alone into space. He stayed there for an hour before going to bed.
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Postby Lord_Of_The_LEGO » Thu Jan 26, 2006 5:02 am

Formendacil wrote:"Well, we'll deal with them when the time comes," said Hans. "Right now we need to find our way out of the tunnels, and get to Taurus Stronghold."

"Erm..." said Adrian. "Yeah. Let's work on getting out of here. Anyone remember the way we came?"

Grid: N-10
Location: Under Denderham

There was a momentary scare, but since they had traveled down only one passage to get to the chamber, there was only one passage to follow back. The orphanage mistress Rosa greeted them with a dry, “Lucky for you. I was just getting a hammer.” She apparently had had no idea the trio had not been alone down there, and they didn’t bother asking. Hans, Adrian and Cate quickly left the orphanage, but didn’t leave Denderham immediately. Ignoring Cate’s complaints, they stopped at one of the high-class inns (which wasn’t saying much) and had lunch.

“Well,” said Hans as they left, “That was…truly awful. No wonder Crusaders are so weird.”

Adrian sniffed.

“As a disclaimer, I would like to point out not all Crusader food tasted like…”

“Dirt.” said Hans, “Good ol’ Crusader dirt.”

Adrian clamped his mouth shut and spend the rest of the day glaring at Hans.
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