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Postby Formendacil » Thu Jan 26, 2006 6:14 am

Grid: P-10
Location: Hemmerington

Formendacil wrote:Down the road from Hemmerington to Allan's Hollow, the Fright Knight force was heading in their direction. In the woods to the west of Hemmerington, Captain Drazzuil and four men waited for Thomas Valt and his "war party" to leave the village.

Thomas and his companions, fourteen in total, waiting in the thicket off the road, waiting for the Fright Knights to come past them.

"Remember," said Thomas, "as soon as we get them to pursue us, we take to flight. I don't want to bring any dead bodies home."

The villagers nodded.

"Nock your arrows," said Thomas, "but wait on drawing your bows."


The boy was gone. Drazzuil allowed himself a moment of victory. The boy might only be a squire, but he the only warrior the village could muster- as well as a potential figure for the villagers to rally around, and with him out of the way, it should be as easy as going it, demanding the papers, and leaving.

As night closed in, Drazzuil and his four men quietly entered the village, making straight for the home of Healer Melkan, where the Healer, Merina, and William stonily sat waiting for Thomas and his warparty to return.

Drazzuil boldly walked up to Melkan's home, and flung the door open.

"Don't move, Fright Knight," came a voice from right beside him. "Or I'll gut your throat."

With a knife pricking his neck, Drazzuil turned slightly to see William Jorgenson standing almost beside him, knife to his throat.

"Now back off," said William. "Out of the house, out of the village!"

Drazzuil raised his hands, and started to back away, only to dive downwards as soon as he did, kicking at William's legs. William fell to the ground.

"I think we'd better be going," Melkan said to Merina.

"Take the papers," said Merina, "I'll hold them off."

"My dear girl, I don't think that's really going to be possible..."

But Melkan was interrupted as Drazzuil's four soldiers pushed their way in, and grabbed William, pulling him away from their captain.

"Shall we kill him?" asked one.

"No," said Drazzuil. "On the Lord's orders." He turned, and saw Merina and Melkan.

"Hand over Brakespear's papers."

"Never," said Merina, even as Melkan was about to agree. She held her brother's sword in her hand, having carried it since Iadoraz. Drazzuil laughed.

"A little slip of a woman like you would try and stop me?" he said, and drew his own blade. "This I'd like to see!"

"Knock his tyco studs off, Merina!" cried William. One of his guards cuffed him.

"Leave him be," said Drazzuil. "He'll be singing a different tune after this little wench is lying submissive and defeated on the floor."

"I'm ready anytime you are," said Merina, and advanced on him.

Lazily, Drazzuil crossed his blade against hers, noting with a bit of surprise that she knew what she was doing with a sword, even the force behind her blows seemed week. Merina more than adequately defended herself against him, and he began to speed things up, as she started to strike back at him.

Merina continued to block his blows, but the strength in her arms was weak, and she seemed to be tiring even more. She began to cough slightly.

Drazzuil backed off, seeing his opponent weaken.

"Ready to quit, wench?" he asked. Merina merely shook at her coughing gained in intensity and frequency. Her brother's sword slipping from her hand, she fell to the floor, coughing hard. Melkan started towards her, concerned.

"Stop!" ordered Drazzuil.

"She needs help!" said Melkan. "I don't care what you do to me!"

"Not you, her," said Drazzuil. "Take another step, and I'll slit her throat. Now hand over Brakespear's papers, and I'll be going."

Melkan gestured at a trunk by his armchair. "There. Take them."

"I'm glad to see that you are not entirely unreasonable," said Drazzuil. One of his soldiers fetched the trunk. "Now, I think I must be going. I'll leave this fool to your care as well."

At a gesture from Drazzuil, the Fright Knights shoved William away from them, and departed from the house. Drazzuil was the last to leave, chuckling softly.

"William," Melkan said immediately. "Find me Merina's Essence of Lipton tea- and quickly!"

On the floor, Merina was still coughing violently, even as Melkan tried to hold her still.
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Postby TheOrk » Sun Jan 29, 2006 1:39 am

K-19 Hidden Caves

Throg spent what must have been an hour shuffling on his hands and knees in complete darkness. He couldn’t have taken a wrong turn, the path between him and the robed men was clear at all times. That didn’t matter now, or ever again, he wanted out now. There must have been sorcery involved in this. Why did he always have to throw his lot in with tyco wizards? Th’eork was always the better
businessman. Perhaps it was best not to dwell on the past…

Eventually Throg was able to find a dim torch, that at first, seemed to be a a single flicking flame in and ocean of darkness. Tearing it off the wall, he quickened his pace of getting far, far away from there. Even with light, he no longer doubted that he had wandered into a maze. By the time the second hour passed and he was close to screaming, he find a staircase. Leading down.

Cursing everything from his sock to the gods, Throg descended. He was not going to retrace his steps. To lighten his bright mood, he stumbled upon a minifig’s corpse. The poor fellow was half dust, he was dressed in travellers clothes. He must have gotten lost in here before Vermicus’s moved in. No doubt looking for treasure. A search of his dusty rags revealed a map of the area, a broken compass and various other things required of an adventurer. All the coins he had on him, were classic, the newest of them was minted in 1984.

Luckily, his luck eventually improved. He passed dozens of torches and it soon became clear he no longer needed his. Waddling up in his direction came four Ankorian orcs, the filthy, shameless creatures bore the body of a Morcian knight between them.

“Eh wot wos da reasin we wos carrying dis baggage?” Grumbled one.

“I thought I’s told ya’s to be shuttin’ it!” Growled another.

“Don’t you eva’ listen Splagort? Da big boss wantses all da minifig flesh he can get’s.”


“Ow should I know?”

With no other turn offs, Throg had to face them. The four stopped their bickering at the sight of him. Two of them instinctively gripped rusty daggers, but all four of them had thoughts of reaching for their swords.

“Ou you?” Grunted one.

“I’m Throg.” He grunted back.

The one orc who asked the question grunted in response. As the four and their dead cargo passed by, three more figures emerged from around the corner. Two more were filthy orcs, indistinguishable from the four he just talked to. But the third figure was one of the robed Shadow Knights. He seemed taken aback by the sight of him specifically but instantly regained his composure.

“That orc!? I knew we were being followed, kill him!”
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Postby Formendacil » Sun Jan 29, 2006 5:04 am

Grid: J-10
Location: Orion

Formendacil wrote:"Certainly, certainly," said Sir Rillian. "If I may ask, what's your business with Falconensis."

"The arrangement of a marriage," replied Sir Dractor.

"Fun stuff," said Sir Rillian.

Sir Dractor and his companions made their way to the gate which Lieutenant of the Imperial Cavaliers, Sir Jayko Falconensis was charged with the command of. Arriving there, Sir Dractor asked one of the soldiers on duty if they could see his commander.

"Lieutenant Jayko?" said the Cavalier. "Right this way." He led them into a small guardhouse adjoining the wall. Jayko and another Cavalier lieutenant, of about the same age, were enjoying a late afternoon game of darts.

"Tyco, Jayko!" said the other Cadet, "how do you bloomin' do it? I swear that you aren't half so good over at my office!"

"There's nothing there that I'm worried about breaking," said Jayko.

"That would explain my great-grandfather's portrait," said the other lieutenant. The Cavalier leading Sir Dractor, Estella, and Sir Yves in cleared his throat.

"Three visitors to see you, sir," he announced. Jayko and the other Cavalier turned.

"Sir Dractor!" said Jayko. "What a surprise! What brings you here?"

"Jayko," nodded Sir Dractor, "I'm here because of you."

"Er... what do you mean?" asked Jayko. But before Sir Dractor could answer, the other lieutenant butted in.

"Jayko, any explanation, mate?"

"Oh, sorry," said Jayko. "Sir Dractor, this is Lieutenant Arthur Vitore, one of my old classmates. Arthur, this is Sir Aethelred Dractor. And I... uh... don't know the others."

"I'm Sir Yves D'Auron," said he, introducing himself. Arthur and Sir Yves shook hands.

"And this is Lady Estella Tendarl, of Emberlain Castle," said Sir Dractor. "Estella, I believe you now know Sir Jayko Falconensis."

"Charmed," said Jayko, with his usual sincerity and energy, and kissed Estella's hand.

"Funny..." said Estella, "I thought you'd be taller..."

"You thought?" said Jayko, a little taken aback. "And how would you know about me, milady? I'm not really famous or anything... That little bit of business with the Fright Knights... well, I didn't think anyone would have heard about it or anything..."

"Sir Dractor told me all about you," said Estella, earnestly.

"Er... he did," said Jayko, not particularly proud of the parts of his lifestory that Sir Dractor would be familiar with.

"Yes, and he spoke most highly of you," said Estella.

"Did he now..."

Jayko turned to Sir Dractor, who was listening to Arthur and Sir Yves.

"Um, Sir Dractor, why ARE you here? You didn't say..."

"Yes, well..." Sir Dractor grabbed about for the right words. "I'm here as Estella's escort, having brought her from Emberlain Castle, with the mandate of arranging her marriage to a certain young nobleman."

"And who's the lucky fellow?" asked Jayko.


"Me??" said Jayko. "But I'm not... I mean, I'm just... that is to say..."

"You're perfect," said Estella.

"Yes," said Jayko. "Wait!! Perfect?" His face went beet red. "Do you really think so?"

"Of course," said Estella. "Why else would I say it?"

"Well, there are some people who say things they don't mean," said Jayko.

"You're not one, are you?" asked Estella.

"Erm... no," said Jayko.

"Good," said Estella. "Tell me, then: what do you think of me?"

"But... but I've barely met you!" said Jayko.

"You think I'm ugly!" said Estella.

"Megablox! No!" said Jayko, so honestly that Arthur winced. "You're beautiful! No, what I mean is, I don't know you as a person..."

"That's why people get betrothed," said Estella.

"Be... betrothed!" said Jayko.

"That IS what people do when arranging a marriage, isn't it?" said Estella.

"Well... er... yes," said Jayko.

"I hate to interrupt," said Sir Dractor, "but I think we should find ourselves lodgings. Good to see you again, Jayko. We'll be back, or we'll send word, once we've found ourselves some rooms."

Jayko managed to gather his scattered wits long enough to bow handsomely to the departing Estella, before crashing behind his desk.

"What... just... happened?" he asked Arthur.

"It looked to me like you just got betrothed," said Arthur.

"What a woman!" said Jayko, heartfeltly.
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Postby Formendacil » Sun Jan 29, 2006 5:12 am

Grid: H-11
Location: Dracis Ini

Formendacil wrote:Caimlin's eyebrows rose.

"I'm ready to hear the story about all this..."

Elbadar's telling of the story of how he, Japheth Dragonsbane, Opal, and Lord Void had managed to fall in together took up the better part of their journey up to Dracis Ini. Caimlin seemed to absorb it fairly well, although the whole business of the muddled alliances was somewhat confusing.

Once they reached the fortress, Elbadar led Caimlin to the room that Lord Void had appointed as his study. Opal and Japheth were also waiting for them.

"Caimlin," Lord Void acknowledged him with a nod. "It is most excellent to see you. Now I can start things moving."

"It's good to see you again, as well, my lord," said Caimlin. "But, if I may ask, what are these 'things' that you want to start moving?"

"My plans to humiliate 'King' Ajaxx and force him to compromise on his strict, and foolish, anti-magic stance, of course," said Lord Void. "Tell me, Caimlin, how would you like to be a War Hero?"

Caimlin's jaw dropped.
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Postby Formendacil » Mon Jan 30, 2006 12:10 am

Grid: P-10
Location: Hemmerington

Formendacil wrote:"William," Melkan said immediately. "Find me Merina's Essence of Lipton tea- and quickly!"

On the floor, Merina was still coughing violently, even as Melkan tried to hold her still.

Thomas and the Hemmeringtoner "War Party" returned to the village in exuberant spirits.

"Man, they didn't know what hit them!" said Paul Korvalt. "Did you see how they scattered? It's like they were totally confused."

"Yeah," said Matthew. "I think we scared them good. What do you think, Thomas?"

"It was too easy," said Thomas. "Like... I don't know... like they were a diversion."

"A diversion for what?" asked Clyde Whetton.

"I wish I knew..." said Thomas.

It was long after it had gotten dark when they headed for their respective homes. Thomas left the Korvalt boys at their own doorstep, and headed over to Healer Melkan's to see how Merina and William were faring.

"Thomas!" said William, opening the door for him. "Thank goodness! You'd better come in..."

"What happened?" asked Thomas, William's voice sounded troubled.

"Five Fright Knights came up to the house after sundown. Nobody saw them. They took the papers. Merina tried to stop them, and she's quite the swordswoman, I must say, but the strain..."

"No!" breathed Thomas. "She's all right, isn't she?"

"Well, she's stable," said William. "We've got her on that tea of hers again. Melkan put her in his guest room. She's still coughing lightly, and he doesn't want her to move until that subsides, lest it develop back into those awful loud coughs."

"Is she still awake?"

"I've no idea. She was a while ago. Melkan's in with her, anyway."

Thomas went to the guestroom, where Melkan was sitting, looking tired, beside the door.

"How is she?" he asked.

"Weaker," said Melkan. "That Drullen Bell druid was right, of course, in saying that every bad cough worsens her condition irreversibly. And she had a bad spell there..."

Thomas nodded.

"She'll stabilise over the next couple days," said Melkan reassuringly, "and be much the same. But every episode weakens her overall stamina, and makes her that much more susceptible to the next one. She needs to be very careful, or it will snowball, and she'll be snuffed right out."

Thomas bit his lip.

"If she can keep the coughing at a minimum, is there any serious risk?" he asked.

"Just a very, very slow decline," said Melkan. "But that's no different from anyone. But anything strenuous could set her coughing... And what kind of a life is that, to never be able to do anything? She'll never be a mother... the bearing of children would kill her for sure. Even something as relatively easy as a wedding would probably set her coughing."

"And you have no more idea than the Drullen Bell druid of what you can do?" said Thomas.

"None," agreed Melkan. "If I were you, I'd seriously consider taking the advice that elf lady gave Sir Dractor, and take her to the elven healers in Acklarion."

"If I can get here there," agreed Thomas. Melkan stood up, and opened the door to Merina's room.

"She sleeps fitfully," he said. "And I don't think it has to do with her ailment. Tell me, does the name 'Brandan' mean anything to you?"

"That was her brother's name," said Thomas. "He and Merina were fairly close, I think. He died, with her parents, of this same illness, just after I met her."

Melkan closed the door, and they were back in the hall.

"Well, I'm a physical healer, not a healer of the mind, but it seems to me that she still bears the scars of her family's sudden death. Keep an eye on her- she'll need the support."
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Postby Lord_Of_The_LEGO » Wed Feb 01, 2006 7:49 pm

The adventure continues in this thread: ... php?t=6911
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