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PostPosted: Fri Jun 09, 2006 11:30 pm
by Mike Viper
If anyone wants chest decals for this game, I'm available. You know, like factions, or whatever you have in mind. I can make sheild decals...the works. Anyway, sounds cool. 8) Is it for medieval too? If to, include archer range, and how thier hieght off ground level effect thier range.

EDIT: If you are stuck, or want Ideas, PM me. I make TT games all the time, but never post them, it's realy just for my cousins, butI've gotten good at it, and have made many.

PostPosted: Sat Jun 10, 2006 12:58 am
by Peppermint Pig
I just bought 6 pounds of vintage space sets, so I'm ready to go with Brick-at-Arms space.

Nice Score. I'm trying my hand at space artwork, but the castle content will come out first. :P

I take it this is to be skirmish level gaming. Really, what comes to mind is how will it differ from Rayhawk's system? I'd suggest cleaner and simpler, but reading your description it doesn't seem that's the way you are going.

Yes, I am trying to allow for skirmish/army scale flexibility while avoiding slowdown by-products. I know the pains of overcomplicated systems and appreciate what Brikwars has gone through to become what it is. I can't guarantee that I will create a better system, but I will try to keep it simple while advancing enjoyable strategy gaming for those who want it. I'm in complete agreement with many of the points Rayhawk has made.

A great excerpt from Brikwars:
BrikWars provides chapters and chapters full of rules to calculate events down to the tiniest detail. If a player tries to follow all of them to the letter, their turns will take hours, everyone will lose interest, and no one will want to play a second time. This is for the best. Those people should stop trying to play with construction bricks and instead give them to someone with an imagination.

Just because you can caluclate the exact odds of success for every minor gesture and determine the exact landing trajectory for every blown-off body part, doesn't mean you should. Except where your opponents insist otherwise, you should resolve the bulk of your actions with fudging, rough estimates, arbitrary decisions, and an abundance of vague hand-waving.

Don't waste time on stuff nobody cares about. Following the rules and winning are the two lowest priorities on your list. Getting some good laughs during the battle and having a lot of good stories to tell afterwards are your primary goals.

The sketches look great, but as TwoTonic said, how will this differ from Rayhawk's work? Also, unless this is simply an abbreviation of BrikWars, I'd try to avoid iconic BrikWars minifigs, such as Timmy and Jaw-Jaw.

Understood. It's difficult to do a Lego inspired gaming system and not illustrate similar characters, but I'll try to be 'original' about it. :)

I wouldn't call this a reduction of BrikWars. There are many places where systems differ. I wouldn't put my energy into this if I didn't think I could at least provide a fresh perspective, or some worthwhile play options, or some fun illustrations. Even if the entire system is not embraced, at least someone might find something useful, and I'll at least have something enjoyable at my household.

One minor variance with Brikwars is static weapon attributes for most equipment. Units themselves would have the die roll values.

Thanks Mark Viper, I'll keep that in mind. Feel free to critique or share ideas/art.

PostPosted: Sat Jun 10, 2006 2:05 am
by Lord Nev
Y'(know), I really want to (know) sumthin. Are brickwars and Brick At Arms on a seperate website? Are they CG or just another forum game? This sounds cool, I just wanna (know) the stuff about it.

Also, where can I play Brikwars?

PostPosted: Sat Jun 10, 2006 2:19 am
by amadeus
Yeah, twas a very nice score. I bought it for 42 bucks. And has alot of great pieces in the picture. I love Ebay.

So I am new to the space/castle gaming thing, what are the exact formal rules of it? Is there something on the site that could help me.

PostPosted: Sat Jun 10, 2006 2:31 am
by Peppermint Pig
Y'(know), I really want to (know) sumthin. Are brickwars and Brick At Arms on a seperate website? Are they CG or just another forum game? This sounds cool, I just wanna (know) the stuff about it.

Brikwars is a table-top style game. Brick-At-Arms is a work in progress to create one.

There's no site for my brick-at-arms stuff yet, but please check out the Brikwars site:

Hopefully it will answer some of your questions.