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Medieval lego RP

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Medieval lego RP

Postby Mike Viper » Mon Jun 05, 2006 2:01 am

Well I'm new, but I had this idea that I thought would be cool:
A lego RP!

What you do is make a little mini comic per post to make your story unfold. If you include a creature, try to make instructions of some sort, and some info on it so it can be an official creature of the land. Post the instructions anywhere from mocpages to whatever.

Rules: you may not ressurect your character, but likewise, you cannot make him invincible.
No extreme magics, or god-like powers.

Map: I will make a map soon, for now though, it takes place in the kingdom Ahr, the kingdom is abundant in forests, mountains, water and castles/ towns.

This is the sign-up, all you need is:


The rest will be revealed in the RP. I hope this takes hold.
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