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Brikwars - The Coastal Town

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Brikwars - The Coastal Town

Postby Fry_slayer » Tue Aug 01, 2006 3:52 pm


After the great second brikwars. Me and my pals started trying canons and catapult to add further mayhem into our brickshed. We sort of underestimated their power.... this war was waged long long ago and until recently only i finish editing them to honor my oath of putting them up.

:!: WARNING:!:
Long battle scenes and contain mild plastic violence

Gallery when modded:
Brikwar: The Coastal Town

Battle Highlight:
Image ... 03-000.jpg
Frame from 000-046. fram 32 is not there because of a mistake.

Questions, comments, and thoughts are welcome, have fun ! 8)
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Postby E of Alshire » Tue Aug 01, 2006 5:34 pm

That was enjoyable, Fry. I liked the sheep.

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Postby Sibley » Tue Aug 01, 2006 9:56 pm

Great work on the captions, and bubbles. The last panel made me laugh. This should motivate me to get my battle report up, from like a month ago.
~Dan Sibley
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Postby Remyth » Tue Aug 01, 2006 10:03 pm

Great work Fry! I liked the second one better than the first because you remembered to take pictures all of the way through.

I was just wondering if you would be willing to post the rules for all is kind of a mystery, and I would like to try this out with some of my borthers.

Curious, did you lose (technically) both times?

Great idea, please post the rest of the battles you have.
Thomas Wunz <><

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Postby Sibley » Wed Aug 02, 2006 1:22 am

Remyth, the rules for Brikwars are at
~Dan Sibley
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Postby Fry_slayer » Wed Aug 02, 2006 2:07 am

Curious, did you lose (technically) both times?

I was the attacker on the 2nd game but a defender on the third :) ... so one win and one lose, technically.

Yes, u can try the brikwar rules. But there are certain issues which made it less appeal to avid war gamers, but the appeal and concept of it is amazing and spawn countless sub systems. Mine is an more war gaming centered system inspired from it.

This was posted before but i know not all have the time to searh around so..

Fryslayer's medieval
war gaming system


What can you expect from this gaming rules?
This is actually a distilled version of already established war gaming system like war hammer but stripped to its bare for fast learning and quick fun. Though after i wrote it I realise it look like a lot of text but trust me, this is the bare minimum a rule set can go without ignoring all necessary details.

What you will need:
1) Medieval looking, preferably, Minifigs and their weapons and gear
2) An opponent (if you are desperate enough or want to try out, you can go solo)
3) A nice big flat table or area somewhere between 4 feet by 6 feet
4) Six sided dice
5) A nice and quiet period of time

Optional but highly recommended:

>Dices, lots of them, recommended to have 3 colors and about 5 each
Why? You can save time by resolving multiple attacks.
Say your lord and 4 guys try to bash up a yeti and all together you are dishing out 2x(1d6+1) and 4x(1d6) damage, simply roll six dices of using 2 colors to determine the out come rather then rolling 6 times, war gaming basic.

>Building props and landscaping of appropriate theme

>Snacks, might be a long fight a head...


Game objective: Total annihilation of your opponent or the free time you guys have while in the mean time have fun, show off your cool creations and brand dash your digital camera.

Army size:
Army size can determined by either
a) agreed number of man,
b) follow the point system or
C) by brikwars tradition, size of ego.

A standard game will have around 150~200pts, more and you might have to fight all day.

Characters involved:
Lord: Boss / one per army
Champion : Mini Boss / one per army
Troopers : Melee Grunts
Archers : Range Shooters

Unit details:
Points are for point base army system, ignore if not playing by points.

Lord: He is the Boss
Points: 40pts/One per army comes with a melee weapon, armor & a shield
Attack: Melee 2 x 1d6+1 to either 1 or 2 targets
Hitpoints : 3
Armor Save : D4 & up

Champion: When boss is not around he is the Boss
Points: 20pts/One per army comes with a melee weapon, armor & a shield
Attack: Melee 2 x 1d6 to either 1 or 2 targets
Hitpoints : 2
Armor Save : D4 & up

Troopers: Grunts to bash
Points: 4pts comes with a single melee weapon
Options :
+2pts for shield (increase to be hit roll by 1)
+2pts for another hand weapon (Dual wield! Add +1 to attack roll) May not use shield with this option on
+ 4pts for body armor (Upgraded to knight! Adjust saving roll to D4 & up)
Attack: Melee 1d6
Hitpoints : 1
Armor Save : D5 & up

Archers: Grunts to Shoot
Points: 8pts comes with a single range weapon
Options :
+2pts for shield (increase to be hit roll by 1)
Attack: Range 1d6
Hitpoints : 1
Armor Save : D5 & up

Horse : Trusted steeds
Points: 8pts
+2 points for barding (increase to be hit roll by 1)
Decrease movement by 1 inch
+2 points for head armor (modify Armor save to D4+)
Decrease movement by 1 inch
Attack: NA
Hitpoints : 1
Armor Save : D5 & up

Special rule: Flanking
if a rider moves more than half the max movement range before coming to melee attack a target add +1 attack to the attack roll, if the rider can attack more than once, modify only the first attack. So a rider on a fully upgraded steed needs only 4+ inch distance to benefit from the charge where as a rider on a light horse need 5+ inch.
Note: a Lord on a flanking horse can do a 1d6+2 and a 1d6+1 damage in a turn, ouch!

What is Armor save?
When a target is hit he/she/it is not immediately dead by can try his/her/its luck by rolling a "saving roll" so see if the blow can be deflected or stop by armor. The lower the roll needed the better the armor. A standard trooper wearing standard armor in this game needs a roll of 5 & above to be saved from the fatal attack, where as a Lord needs only 4


Each player roll a dice and decide whose turn go first.

A turn is divided into 3 phases.

For balancing issue all shooting must be done in the shooting (which is the first) phase of the turn, follow by movement and melee.

1)Shooting phase
All shooting are done by shooters, arrow in this system has a range of 12 inch. Target within 6 inch are consider within short range, target at a distance more than 6 inch are considered at long range.Shooter must have line of sight to the intended target. A shooter engaged in a melee fight (being bashed at) may not use his range weapon for he is busy fending himself. A shooter may not shot any target which is engaged in hand to hand combat with a friendly unit.

Now this is important:
Declaration of number of shooters. When you decide to launch arrows onto the unfortunate minifig/target you must declare how many shooters are shooting at the intended target. NO MORE additional shooting can be done to the target for the reminder of the turn.

For eg. Say PlayerA used 3 shooters to barraged a knight and the fig survived, then player A discovered he has another few shooters also capable of shooting the knight, but since the knight has already being shot at no other shooting may be done to the knight for the reminder of the turn, though the knight may still be bashed at on the melee phase.

To hit:
At short range (within 6 inch) a roll of 4 and above is needed to hit the target At long range (beyond 6 inch) a roll of 5 and above is needed to hit the target If the intended target is equipped with a shield add +1 to the roll needed to hit, a 6 is always a hit.

Shooting at a rider:
First roll like normal to determine if it is a hit, on a hit you will need to re roll to determine whether the arrow landed on the ride or the rider. On a roll of 1-4 the ride took the arrow, on 5-6 the rider gets it.

now this comes the a bit complicated part...
what do you do if lets say you are shooting knight with shield (to hit 5) on a horse without barding (to hit 4)? This is how you doing it: always takes the lowest to hit value (this case 4) then determine if the rider or the ride gets hit as normal. If the roll came as 4 (just barely to hit) and the determine roll come out 5 (rider to be hit), the rider is automatically save for it is a roll of 4 against a shielded knight (5 & 6 to hit).

2)Movement phase:
All minifigs, yetis and trolls alike can move a distance of 5 inch max across the battlefield. A player may move as many figs as he pleased in this phase. Any shooter who has shot during the shooting phase may not move. A minifig on horse can go 10 inch. Just to clarify: you may move less than the max distance.

All units engaged in melee can break off and move any time, however if you decide to run pass a hostile melee unit(s) within striking distance (say, to go tie up some archers behind), the enemy unit(s) is entitled to a free "attack of opportunity" of one melee attack.

3)Melee phase
The Melee phase is where the grand bashing happens, like shooting phase, the number of attackers of any target must be declared and may not be added later. Note that any shooter who have not shot at the shooting phase may do a melee attack at -1 on roll result.

Some goes for melee as range:
Declaration of number of melee attacks. When you decide to bash the unfortunate minifig/target you must declare how many melee attack(s) are thrown at the intended target. NO MORE additional attacks can be done to the target for the reminder of the turn.

In case you found yourself in a situation of not knowing what to do:

"Let the Dices speak!"
In case of grey area not cover by rules:
With all the figs and the chaos some issues are bound to happen which is not cover by rules, should this happen both players can resolve it by running "Let the Dices Speak!" ritual.

For eg. An archer is trying to shoot at a target which is partially covered by an object. It is arguable should the archer be able to fire at the target.

"Let the Dices speak then!"

Each player choose either odd or even then each roll a dice, add up the sum of rolls and see who the dice God favors.

End game occurs when either
1) None of your opponents' troop is left standing alive
2) Your parents are calling in and asking when are you going back
3) Snacks have run out, you are hungry and starts to doubt if you can clean up the mess before you


Now i will have to say again this is a very simplify version of war gaming and additional details are not wriiten here for beginners to get a quick start.
I am expecting this to be updated regularly.

Any questions, comments and discussion are welcome

Have Fun!

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Postby engineerio » Wed Aug 02, 2006 7:47 pm

Your style of telling the brikwar is very entertaining! Nice job...

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Postby Sir_Brick » Thu Apr 05, 2007 1:07 am

I tried your homebrew rules and I really like them, but what are the rules on catapults/cannons and trolls/yetis?
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