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Postby nazgul » Sat Sep 23, 2006 10:44 pm

Oh, jeez, it's been a while since I've posted, but anyway, here goes-

Kal- Oh, joy, here we are in one of the larger trading citys in Ardaesia when we've been trying to keep a low profile and avoid questions, they'll ask all sorts of questions, megablock, I'm doomed...
Jake- I said I was sorry, what more do you want? Besides, if we're trying to keep a low profile, why do you find it in your nature to continue shouting at me?
Kal- You know what, let's just go, alright? Let's leave this disgusting inn, ask for some directions, and take off, alright?
Jake (mockingly)- Oh, good, you're finally talking some sense.
Kal- Tycho you, let's just go.

5 minutes later...

Jake- It's about time we knew where we were going; so, Mount Oraynol it is then.
Kal- Come on, we gotta go.
Jake- Oh wait, we should go by the market, there's all sorts of things that we need to get there, I'd prefer to at least have some meat to eat and something softer than dirt and rocks.
Kal- You're like a wife, always wanting to go sight-seeing and shopping.
Jake- And where would it be that you found your vast array of the female intellect?
Kal(in a 5-year-old tone)- Nowhere. Besides, why are you asking?
Jake- Curiosity, among other things.
Kal- Listen, I take back what I said, can we just go?
Jake- But you've gotten me interested.
Kal- I don't care weather you're interested or not, let's go.
Jake- Are you surrreee...?
Kal- If you don't shut up I'll drag you out of the city limits and kill you without a second thought.
Jake(in a mocking tone)- Fine, fine, whatever, let's go...
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Postby nazgul » Sun Sep 24, 2006 7:11 am

Location: Feet of Mount Oraynol

Jake(to traveler on road)- I was informed that I could find a farm upon this mountain that grows the herb ninae.
Farmer- Oh, ye' mean the Aelfredsens. Nice group'a folks but stingy wi' a' 'erb a-there's.
Jake(after translating through the farmer's thick accent)- Oh, good, you can tell us where to find them?
Farmer- Sure a' could, but if ye wants to find tha 'erb e'en 'aster ye should be goin' nort, sa' 'im an' a couple 'a others 'eaded a' way (he said as he waved his hand vaguely north).
Kal- We don't care about him and the others goin' nort or whatever, we just want to find the farm.
Jake- Let, the man speak, besides who were these "others" you spoke of?
Farmer- Strange folks, but ma' sheep always seem to like 'em when they come 'round an' they're nice enough me an' the other farmers so we pay 'em no mind.
Kal- Alright, fine, so they're the patron saints of the sheep, will you just tell us where to find the farm?
Jake- Forgive my acquaintence's, bruskness, but he is in a rather hurry to find the ninae.
Farmer- S'alrigh', but I wouln'n take that tone wi' som a' the other farmers, a lo'a 'em 'ink they're wizards or wize men or the like. But findin' the village is easy enough, jus' follow the road 'eddin up the mountain an' ye'll find Aelfredsens' palce easy enough.

after Jake paid the man a few coppers...

Kal- Alright, let's get going. Tycho, that accent gave me a headache
Jake- Meh, but you're right, let's just find your herb and forget this whole ordeal.

That is all
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Postby Formendacil » Mon Sep 25, 2006 2:38 am

Location: Wellestowne, the Castle Alexandria

Sir Wilfred was slowly recovering his strength. At breakfast, Casi and that strange knight fellow, Jules, had come to visit him again.

For reasons unbeknownst to him, Wilfred simply didn't like the fellow. His best friend? Amnesia or no amnesia, he didn't register at all in Sir Wilfred's mind, where everyone and everything else around him seemed to.

"I simply can't picture him- at all- in my life before," Wilfred tried to explain to Casi later. "I remember you- I remember everything. Playing in your father's throne room that night before the New Year's ball- you know, the time we got caught, back when we were eight. I remember coming back from the army to find you'd grown up. I remember our first kiss. I remember everything about you, but I can't remember a single thing about this imposter."

"Dear, he's not an imposter," said Casi. "I remember him. Are you saying my memory's all wrong?"

"Well... no..." admitted Sir Wilfred after a sulky moment. "Tell me a funny story about him and me- jog my memory."

"Um.... well..." Casi chewed on her lip, thinking. "I can't thin of anything... Jules has just sort of always 'been there'."

Wilfred didn't say so, but he was thinking, "aha!"
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Postby smcginnis » Mon Sep 25, 2006 5:51 pm

Location: Lord Wylde's Manor, north of Wellestowne

___Starcloak awoke with a terrific headache. He looked around him, dazed, and wondered where he was. It was dark, and the little he could see wasn't cheerful. "What happened to me?" he wondered aloud.
___"You were captured, same as me. Four days ago, they threw you down here just as it was getting dark. I was beginning to think you weren't going to wake up," a voice said, and Starcloak blinked, trying to find out where it was coming from.
___"Where am I?" he croaked, and realized he needed some water, and soon.
___"In the dungeons of Lord Xavier Wylde's manor house," the voice answered. Starcloak saw the speaker now, a tall man who looked like he'd be strong, if he wasn't starving. "And you need water. Here, take this," he slid a flask across the floor to Starcloak. "It's not much, but it's clean. Wylde's children bring me and the other prisoners decent food, but they can't risk getting us out. Their father would put them down here too, if he knew."
___"Thank you," taking a gulp of the water, Starcloak found his head clearing and his voice returning. "So Wylde's gone bad? The king sent me to see if there was a vampire or something haunting the manor, since Lord Wylde had seemed 'jumpy' lately. I wonder how he captured me?"
___"I don't know, but he also captured whomever was sent to rescue you," he gestured at an unconscious form on some straw. "She called out 'Starcloak' when she saw you, and then they hit her on the back of the head and threw her down the stairs," the voice said. "I don't know how well she's doing."
___"She'll live," said a new voice. "But she'll have a worse headache than you when she finally awakens." Out of the shadows and into the single ray of light, an old man crawled. "The name's Bavril Kepr, Bav for short. And this is my wife, Poza," a woman waved to Starcloak from next to the man. "That giant lump you're talking to is Wedkam Nazeriwskov, Wed for short. He's been here the longest of any of us—three years."
___"Starcloak, that's my name. Or at least what I go by in most places," he said, and then he recognized the unconscious woman. "Sparrow!" he cried, and hobbled over to her. "Sparrow, please wake up!" he said, too worried to even cry.
___"She will wake up, in two days, probably. Whatever those guards knock you on the head with, it takes at least three days to wake up from it. And from this size of the lump on her head, it'll take her five days," the old man, Bav, said.
___"So she came here the day after I did?" he asked, cradling Sparrow's injured head.
___"Yes, she did," said Wed. "And when she wakes up, and recovers, I think there'll be enough of us. Wylde's boys and girl can steal the keys and let us out, and then we'll leave, along with their mother. Apparantly, only Wylde's been corrupted."
___"Yes, that's what I gathered too," Poza said. "The poor dear, having to live with an evil husband like that.... At least her children are still good."
___"So are we agreed? We'll try to break out when—Sparrow, did you call her?" Wed asked, and Starcloak nodded miserably, "Alright. Whe Sparrow is recovered, we'll escape, along with Wylde's wife and children. Agreed?" they all nodded their agreement. "Good, now lets see..." they gathered around Wed, and he began outlining their plan.
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Postby Remyth » Tue Sep 26, 2006 2:46 am

Remyth wrote:The Silver-Hawks bore down on them. Theyrus and Astor prepared to defend themselves as best they could. They knew that they would die, but they weren't going down without a fight. The Silver-Hawks were only ten yards away. Closer...

The Silver-Hawks were about to reach them. Suddenly, out of the woods, came a number of centaurs, all clad in silver mail, and bearing spears, lances, or swords. They clobbered the Silver-Hawks in about 30 seconds. Theyrus and Astor were to astounded to even move.

The leader of the centaurs, who was clad in a fancy coat of mithril and weilded a sword and a plain grey shield, turned towards the travelers. When he saw the look on Theyrus' face, he burst out laughing. "So," he started. "You have not seen a centaur before, perhaps? Well, we are quite real."

"I can see that," was Theyrus' reply. "Why have you not been out and about recently? I have not seen your kind before." Theyrus was partially stammering, because of the beauty of the beasts.

"Please," said Astor. "Good sirs, and, and madams," he added this as he saw a few female centaurs in among them. "Could you possibly help us on our way?"

The centaurs all laughed at this. This time it was a centaur wielding a lance with a flag bearing a unicorn's head that spoke in a high, pleading voice, "You mean, 'Please come with us and protect us from whateva lies ahead.'"

"be quite," commanded the leader. "I am Keman, ruler of the kingdom that you are in presently. We watch the stars, and they told us of two travelers that would need rescuing here presently. We only got this message last night, but we came as fast as we could. It is very hard to travel fast in the dense forest. Now, to answer both of your questions, we have been hiding from inquisitive for all this time. We are now ready to arise and fight the evil that has come upon the land."

"Evil?" gasped both travelers.

"Yes," replied Keman sorrowfully. "There is a great evil that has arisen. We will join with those who fight it, and be a fierce enemy to those who help it. The stars have told us about this, and of the coming of a boy that can help us in our plight. We have learned that this young man is residing in the forests around Mt. Oraynol. But, enough talk for now. We shall help you, but first you shall come and eat a merry meal with us tonight!"
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Postby smcginnis » Tue Sep 26, 2006 5:27 am

Location: The western foothills of the T'Ork Mountains, at the south end of Berger Pass.

___Majhad and Sir Doric had just set up camp for the night. The Ibixian was kindling a fire, and the knight was tending to his horse. Majhad had just set up a few rocks to put a frying pan over when he thought he smelled something strange. Doric apparently smelt it as well, for he straightened up and sniffed the air. "What is that?" Majhad asked. "It smells like..."
___"Like rain," the knight replied. "Like rain, but with something different.... And look, there are no clouds." This was true, for the two could see hundreds and hundreds of stars, and the crescent moon was shining brightly. Soon, a light drizzle began to fall, but they could see no where for it to have come from. It smelled sweet, but not cloyingly so, and it was refreshing just breathing the air.
___"Look," said Majhad. Out of the hills lights were approaching them. As they drew nearer, the fire, which had not been harmed by the rain, went out with a *puff*, and the rain increased slightly.
___"Look well, young ones, for this is a sight you will not likely see again in this lifetime," an old man with long grey beard and hair, clad in black robes and a wide brimmed hat, and carrying a staff of grey wood, appeared suddenly next to them. The two travelers quickly reached for their axes, but the man spoke again. "Do not be afraid. I am Alcbk, and I am a traveler as well. I only wish to share your fire. The fairies will not harm you either. And if they wished too, there would be very little you could do to stop them."
___"Fairies?" the knight said softly, gazing about him. "Is that what these are? I thought they only existed in children's stories..."
___"Until recently, they very nearly did. But they've begun to return to this world, and other beings are multiplying and revealing themselves as well. In fact, I'm headed for a meeting to discuss their reason—among other things. That which you seek is related to those matters," Alcbk said, looking up quickly at the adventurers and smiling beneath his beard.
___"What do you know of our journey, grandfather?" asked Majhad, using a common term of respect, but still being wary.
___"First off, I'm old enough to be your great-grandfather multiplied by one thousand, and then some. And to your question, I know all about your journey, but do not worry, I will not tell anyone," the old wanderer replied. Meanwhile, the rain had slacked off a bit, and the lights—the fairies—were moving back. "Oh, by the way, Majhad. Your arm shall be healed, though not for a while yet. Sir Doric, you shall find what you desire most," turning away from them, he spread himself out on the damp grass. "Goodnight," he said, and soon began softly snoring.
___Majhad and Sir Doric looked at eachother, bewildered. "How did he know our names?" Majhad asked.
___"And what I was thinking about?"
___"My thoughts, too, he guessed," the Ibixian said. "Those fairies, they were amazing, weren't they?"
___"Yes, they were," Doric answered. "Well, goodnight, Majhad. I'm tired." They both rolled out their cloaks, and were soon nodding off to sleep.
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Postby smcginnis » Tue Sep 26, 2006 4:48 pm

Location: An ancient glade of trees, in the forests south of Mt. Oraynol.

___Roëd awoke to the smell of pancakes and honey. As the warm sun rose, he stretched and stood up. He dressed himself and went downstairs. Now, besides Lewley, Loftnosus, and Gleid there were another wizard, a sorceress, Teviol, Roagen, and two more students. "We're only waiting on Alcbk," Reyg said. "He should be here soon."
___"Ok," turning to the newcomers, Roëd said, "Hello, nice to meet you. My name's Roëd, but I'm sure you already knew that."
___"Yes, we did," said Teviol. "And hello," she and the wizard had arrived late last night. The others had come over the past few days, and Roëd had met them previously.
___"Hello Roëd, my name's Mananijfri," the wizard said. "It's nice to meet you too."

___After eating a hearty breakfast and talking for a while, Roëd went outside to exercise. The tree house seemed to have grown extra rooms again, like it had been doing for the past few days. The dining room had been extended too, and now the table was big enough for the sixteen people staying there.
___Jogging to the stream, Roëd turned southeast and followed the banks down a few miles until they joined a river. Leaping into a tall tree, he quickly climbed to the top. Surveying the land, he noticed a plume of smoke and a huge fire from the east-southeast. Jumping back down to the ground, he ran in the direction of the fire, and soon arrived near it.
___There was a small village burning, and some of the dry fields nearby had caught as well. The villagers were running around, screaming or yelling, trying to put out the fire, but Roëd could see that they wouldn't be successful. If only I was a wizard, I could summon rain to put this out, he thought. As he slowly walked forward to help, someone shoved a bucket in his hands and shouted to him to join the water line. That's it, he thought, excitedly. Throwing the bucket down, he turned around and headed back to the river.
___"Hey, where are you going?!" shouted a man, "We need all the help we can get!"
___"No time for talk!" Roëd yelled back. "I'll bring help!" He soon reached the river again. Looking around anxiously, he finally caught sight of what he was looking for. A large, bowl shaped boulder. Picking it up, ignoring the stares of the first villagers to arrive at the banks, he filled the boulder with water, and ran back to the village. Throwing the water on a burning house, he instantly doused it. He did this a few more times, drenching the other houses as well, and then turned to the fields. They were now burning too much to be put out with water, so Roëd took another course of action.
___"Get some shovels, dig around the burning part of the field! Make sure it's only dirt above ground for a length at least my height, and put out any sparks that make it past the barrier!" he shouted, hoarse from the smoke. Luckily, there wasn't much wind, or their task would've been impossible. Roëd helped to dig, using the boulder as a spoon-like tool, and shoveling extra dirt on the burning part of the field. Within a half hour, the barrier had been completed, and the fire in the wheat was dying down.
___"How can we repay you, sir? You've saved most of our livelihoods and homes just now," a village elder said.
___"No need to reward me. I'm sure you would've done the same for my village, if it was in trouble. I only wish to know: how did the fire start? It seemed deliberate, yet we're far from any mountains where bandits would raid from."
___"I fear it was deliberate. A man came to our village about a week ago. He was an unpleasant sort of fellow, not ugly, you understand, but it was his manner. He just seemed to hate everything. Well, he tried to court my daughter, and she naturally wouldn't have him, especially since she'd been spoken for. Well, he flew into a rage, and swore revenge. Then he left. That was three days ago, and today my house and my daughter's betrothed's house burst into flame. The fire spread from there, and then you come into the story. You see why I have reason to believe he lit the fires," the elder said. "By the way, my name's Yopqa. What's yours?"
___"Roëd. Now, if you'll excuse me, I must leave," Roëd said. He headed back to the river, and set the bowl-boulder back in its place. He walked back upriver until he reached the stream. Following that, he came after a while to the secret entrance to the Glade of Loé. Lifting the rock which hid it, he walked into the tunnel, to get some quiet, and to think.
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Postby Lamanda2 » Sat Sep 30, 2006 7:02 pm

There, now that my comic is finished, I have time to roleplay again.

Location: Faireslayde Inn

"..Say, we have not met.. My name is David. David Blockheart."
Decus turned to the young man and gave a smile.
"Decus Rodwil, pleased to meet you."

It was now morning, both Decus and David woke at about the same time.

“Well, I must go check on that boy now.”
Said Decus.

“Ok then, I suppose I will continue on my travels.”
“Perhaps we will meet again one day, David.”

Decus then left the Inn and headed towards the Doctor’s home to check on the boy.
To his surprise, the boy was doing quite well, he was conscious now, but still in bed.

“Are you ok now?”
Asked Decus.

“Yes, I am fine. But who might you be?”
“I am the one who found you and brought you here.”

The boy looked a bit surprised, he never thought a noble knight would ever take the time to help a commoner.

“Thank you Sir.”
“Don’t mention it.”

Decus then paused, then looked around the room a bit.
“Say, mustn’t your parents be worried?”

The boy’s happy face suddenly turned pale.
“..My parents were dealt with like I-Cut and beaten, but the bandits took them away.”

Decus looked down for a moment, he knew he probably shouldn’t have broken the boy’s spirit like that, but how was he to know what fate his parents had suffered.

“Don’t worry. We will find them, but for now you must get your rest. I shall be visiting the Tavern for a moment now, when you feel better, you may find me there."
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Postby Lord Felix » Sat Sep 30, 2006 8:30 pm

The three approached the gates.

Sir Korben hailed one of the guards standing next to the busy gate. Before he could say anything, a heavy deep bell tolled 4 times. Lloyd looked around. It was dusk. He didn't even realize how long it had been since that morning while he was walking along. So much had happened. Olive sighed in disapprovel.
"What type of walls are these anyway? This gatehouse is small compared to the one I lived by."
Lloyd, who had been impressed by the 100 foot high outer curtain walls was amazed by her comment.
"Keep the gate open! Hey!" Shouted Sir Korben.

As the bell was tolled, the guards smartly began closing the gates, and ignored the call of the approaching knight followed by two children.
"Wonderful.." Lloyd muttered.
"Hush! It is later then I thought it was. The gates are closed for the night." Sir Korben explained.

"I knew that!" Exclaimed Olive. "But how could they close a door on a knight?"

"Rules are rules." Jested Lloyd.
Sir Korben looked a little worried as he viewed the surroundings.
"Maybe we should travel to the South?" Olive suggested.
"I have my gear. We should stay here and go into Wellestowne tomarrow morning." Lloyd said.

"I'm not sure it is a good idea. Those highway men were brave enough to attack you during the day. What should stop other robbers to attack us during the night?" Asked Sir Korben.

"Because when we were attacked, it looked like two young people traveling alone. You are with us, so it looks a little more threatening." Suggested Olive.

"I wouldn't count on that. Highway men rob lots of peasants and merchants that airn't children."

"Let's stop debating and set up camp before it gets much darker." Lloyd ordered.

They quickly set up camp under the shade of a large oak, and started a small, smokeless fire. The night was cold, but Olive was so tired, she went to sleep quickly. Lloyd also went to sleep, leaving Sir Korben to stare at the dying fire.
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Postby smcginnis » Sun Oct 01, 2006 2:49 am

Location: The Robbers' Woods

___Starcloak sighed. It had been a long week. Sparrow had recovered in two days, just as Bav had predicted, and the next day they tried to escape. They got as far as the gardens, and then Wylde's men-at-arms captured them. Apparently, he'd found out about their plan; however, he did know his wife and children were involved, as they were going to meet the prisoners in the woods, evading or capturing their guards. So they were thrown back into the dungeon. The next day, they again made it out of the manor. This time, they met Lady Wylde and her three children. They'd gone a few miles, when Xavier Wylde himself rode up on a horse, with three soldiers. Thinking they were found out, the escapees made ready to fight. Lord Wylde held up a hand however, and told the soldiers to throw down their weapons. Then he spoke.
___"I wish to leave with you. With me are Hume, my loyal captain, young Mecpa, and his bride, Seva," the lord had said. The soldiers took off their helmets, revealing a rugged-faced middle aged man; a younger one; and a young woman. "All the other soldiers are corrupted by that horrible man, Asmordre. I'm not sure he's entirely human," Wylde explained. "Asmordre ordered me to act normally at court, or my family would be harmed. Now that you've escaped, I shall tell the King about him. But we must fly. We have brought enough horses for all of you."
___Then they saw that there were seven more horses, standing behind the ridden ones. The girl rode with her mother, the two boys together, and the five prisoners on a horse each.

___Starcloak sighed again. They'd been fleeing for a day, and it was proving hard to cover up their tracks and evade scouts. It would've been easy enough to capture the scouts, but then Asmordre would have known he was on the right trail. Last night they had not built a fire, but the weather was getting colder, and they would need heat tonight. Why didn't we go south? Starcloak thought, We'd have made it to Wellestowne by now.
___"Starcloak! They're coming," Sparrow said. "They didn't stop for the night, we must go!"
___"All right. I'll tell Wylde." Picking up the few things he'd unpacked, Starcloak climbed back onto his horse, and rode over to Wylde. "My lord, our pursuers haven't stopped for the night. We must continue to ride. I think we could make it past them, heading south, for our horses are somewhat rested, and theirs aren't. However, we must leave now if we are to do so."
___"Yes, we shall. But what about my children? They need sleep."
___"I suggest that one of your sons rides with you, your daughter with your wife, and your other son with me. The only other person you could choose would be your captain, but there's something —well, odd— about him. I don't trust him," Starcloak said.
___"Well, if you don't trust my captain, what about Mecpa? Is he safe?"
___Starcloak answered yes, and then called out to the rest of the group. "We have to go, Asmordre didn't stop." Everyone climbed onto their horses, and they all began riding south-west, to pass by their pursuers.
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Postby ZIGGY! » Sun Oct 01, 2006 3:34 pm

ZIGGY! wrote:
Nesher made his way to the next table, feeling a loss of money in the near future...

Nesher approached the two minifigs, a dwarf sat across from a young man who was loaded with knives and pouches of Nesher-could-only-guess-what.

“Hail friends” Nesher began.

“Howdy knight, you be needing somethin?” The younger man replied.

“I most certainly do, there is a minotaur near here and I need it tamed, also for an extra fee I need you to bring it with me for a short time.”

“Sounds about good, Sturm you up to it?”

“Aye,” replied the dwarf “but it’ll cost big.”

“Cost is not a problem, will you do it? I’d like to head out tomorrow.”

“Fine I will go at sunrise, you follow say two hours later, Grit are you gonna come?”

“Depends what we’re a`doin .”

“We shall pursue a group of knights, I will pay you if you aid in the tracking and the battle.”

“It’s a done deal, I’ll come.”

Nesher turned to leave but the Dwarf wasn’t finished. “One more thing knight, I take half my pay in advance.”

Nesher huffed, dropping a heavy bag of coins in front of the dwarf. “Fine then I shall see you on the morrow.” He walked swiftly, glad that the Dragons would soon be gone.
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Postby smcginnis » Tue Oct 03, 2006 2:19 am

Location: The T'Ork Mountains, a few days north of Berger Pass.

___A week ago, they never would've thought they could get this cold. Even yesterday, they'd not have guessed it. It was as if someone—or something—didn't want them there.

___In the morning, Majhad awoke to find himself under a foot of snow. Digging himself out, he sat up and blinked. What only last night had been a rocky plateau rising out of a grassy slope was now a white wasteland. Though he could tell where the plateau ended, from the lower snow, it was unnerving seeing all white, everywhere around you. It hurt his eyes as well. Then, Sir Doric's horse had snorted. He suddenly remembered his friend, and started digging about in the snow for him. Doric doesn't have fur, he could easily freeze to death!, he thought. He soon found the knight though, and woke him with a shake.
___"Mmm-hwha? Where..." Doric yawned, as he awakened slowly. "Where are we?"
___"I think we're in the same spot as last night, but there's so much snow that I can't be sure. We should pack up and get a move on as soon as we can," Majhad said.
___"Yes, we should," the knight replied. As he sat warming himself, Majhad cast about for some dry wood, but there was none to be found.
___"I'm afraid we can't have a hot breakfast, Doric. All the wood's soaked through, and even if we could find some dry fuel, my tinderbox is damp. We'll have to make do with soggy bread and cheese."
___"Wait a moment," Sir Doric stood up and walked over to his horse. "I put these under the spare blanket, in case of nasty weather, like this." He lifted said blanket off of the saddle and saddlebags, and fishing in the packs, produced another tinderbox and some kindling. "If we can get these hot enough, we can dry out a few logs. It'll be a bit smoky, but better than cold."
___They soon had the kindling burning brightly, and were trying to light the driest log they'd found. After about fifteen minutes, it finally caught, and with much popping and hissing, the flame was large enough to cook over. Majhad made acorn pancakes, and then Doric took the frying pan and cooked some bacon. After breakfast, they dried a few more logs, and then packed up.

___It was slow going through the snow, and dark approached after only a few hours. It began snowing again as the sun set. They looked around for a cave to shelter in, but the best they could find was a rock overhang with only two walls—one of them in the back. They lit a small fire, and gathered more logs, drying them as they cooked dinner. Then they settled down to wait out the long, cold night ahead of them.
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Location: The Gaija River

___Four days ago, it had been decided. The council had agreed unanimously that Roëd was the one in the prophecy, and that further training should be commenced immediately. Loftnosus, the other wizard, and the sorceress had left the next day. The day after that, Gleid and the other two former students had departed. Then yesterday, the Wanderers, with the exception of Alcbk, had also left. Today, Alcbk and Reyg are training Roëd in more advanced forms of non-magic.

___Roëd leaped into the air. He flew up twenty-five feet or so, then turned over and dived into the river. He was trying to learn how to breathe underwater, but it was harder then he'd expected. Every time he tried to take a breath, his lungs would fill up with water and he'd surface coughing and spluttering. "I can't do it, Reyg," he said. "I just can't. The water just comes in too fast to separate the air from it."
___"Try breathing slower, Roëd. And remember this: Once you can breathe underwater, you will be able to learn how to control it. And once you can control it, you can learn to control fire as well. And after that, you can learn to manipulate the soil to your very will, building towers and cities from it. But none of this you will learn, if you cannot breathe underwater." Reyg sighed. "And until you can do those things, the evil which is returning to this world will grow stronger and stronger. Countries will fall, wars will ravage the land, and dark wizards will control hordes of poor slaves, who were once farmers like your father, or blacksmiths, like Hloan, or even lords, and kings. Already this is beginning to happen. The people to the north of us, the Silfirhayk, who most people call the Silver-Hawks, have begun terrorizing the land. Their king was corrupted by the evil when it first was here, and he hasn't healed from its influence. Now, please try again."
___Roëd took all of this in, and tried with renewed patience to breathe while submerged. It took him a few hours, but he finally was able to breathe enough to keep himself alive. It wasn't very comfortable, but at least he knew he would get better at it. He surfaced once more, and looked at Alcbk and Reyg. They were watching the land across the river. Roëd climbed onto the bank and sat next to them, after shaking most of the water off of himself. On the opposite bank, there were many people, dark haired and dark eyed, tall and strong-looking. They seemed to be trying to cross the river, but the current was too strong for them. One of them, taller still then the rest, looked across and saw Roëd. "Roëd! I did what you said. My people are freed from the will of that old sorcerer! We have him here, and we're taking him to Glintown, like you told us. But we're having trouble crossing the river."
___Roëd looked at Alcbk and Reyg, and they nodded. "I can help you," Roëd said. "Wait there." He stood up and walked over to some tall trees by the riverside. He spoke to them in the ancient language that all things understand, and they bent down over the water, forming half a bridge. Roëd took a running leap off of them, and landed near the men, women, and children on the other side of the Gaija. He walked over to some more trees, and they too bent down, completing the bridge. Then he walked over to the people. "You can cross on these trees, but try not to harm their branches. When the last of you has crossed, they will stand up straight again. If you head almost due east, you will reach Glintown in a a day or two."
___"Thank you, Roëd Aelfredsen. Twice now you have helped us. What can we do to repay you?" asked the tallest man.
___"You needn't do that. Only this: When you reach Glintown, please let this message be known, 'Though a dark time looms, hope will come out of it. And with that hope, strength to make the world better,'" Roëd said. As before when he spoke to these people, the words seemed not to come from his mind, but a deeper part of himself. He knew not how, but he felt that he was becoming stronger.
___The dark haired man smiled and thanked him, then signaled his followers to cross the tree-bridge. Roëd watched them go, and when the last person had stepped off, the trees sprang back to their original positions. Roëd jumped back across the Gaija, and began speaking with Reyg and Alcbk. "And they didn't seem to see you," he finished.
___Alcbk laughed. "They didn't see us. I'm sure you'll want to learn how to become invisible yourself, but first let's head home. I'm sure Rowbn's cooked up something delicious for us." The three began walking north-east through the forest, talking lightly about what they'd like most for lunch.
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Location: The Great Ocean, three days east of Wellestowne.

___The escape party had reached Wellestowne twelve hours after they'd turned south. Asmordre's pursuing force had followed them and been captured by the militia from the city. When the soldiers reached Wylde Manor, however, Asmordre himself and his remaining men had fled to a ship concealed in a nearby cove. Starcloak had then set out in pursuit with two ships. He'd been seasick the first day, but was feeling better now. Asmordre's ship was now within boarding distance

___The captain of the ship Starcloak was on had given three warnings to Asmordre, the on-board spell-caster amplifying his voice. Now they were drawing alongside the ship. "Standby for boarding!" the first mate called, but there was no reply. "Standby!" the mate called again. This time there was weak answer.
___"St-standing by," a man slowly raised himself by holding onto the ship's rail, and swung the boarding gate open. He had several cuts on his body, and a large lump on the back of his head. As the ramp was lowered, he tried to fasten it to his ship, but his fingers fumbled, and he fell. Sailors from Starcloak's ship sprang across and finished the task, then lifted the injured man and took him to the sickbay. The second mate and a party of sailors searched Asmordre's ship, but found no sign of anyone else. When this was reported to Starcloak, he asked to look over the ship himself, and finding nothing, headed for his own ship's sickbay. The injured sailor's cuts had been bandaged, and his head was being tended to.
___"Can you tell me what happened? Did Asmordre even truly board the ship?" Starcloak asked.
___"Yes, he did, he—" the sailor broke off, coughing. "He was on board, along with everyone else, until this morning. When your ships got within fifteen miles of us, he announced that we would be leaving the ship. I foolishly protested, and he warned me. Then I did a stupid thing. I questioned his authority. He had me taken below and beaten, then they knocked me on the head. When I woke up, everyone was gone. Then, an hour later, you began calling," he said. This seemed to be too much talking for him, and he began coughing again. The fit continued, and when he finally stopped, he fell into an uneasy sleep.
___"How much longer will he last?" Starcloak asked the ship's doctor.
___"It will be soon, I think. Internal bleeding. Please don't ask him any more questions, let him die in his sleep," the doctor said.
___"I will." Starcloak walked up the stairs to the deck, and then entered the captains cabin to discuss the information.

___In the morning, they buried the sailor at sea, then turned the ships around and headed back towards Wellestowne.
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The Wilderness

Sir Gelb and his knights halted after a long day of traveling. “We shall camp here.”

“Do you ever get the feeling we are being followed master?” Sir Zeileg asked after a small meal.

“Not really why do you ask?”

“It just seems unreal that the enemy has no clue of our mission.”

“No one said they did not, but if we are quick enough, and they found out late then it shouldn’t matter.”

“I guess you’re right, I’ll take first watch tonight, I have a feeling something is going to happen.”

“All right wake a soldier for second shift, I‘ll take third.”

“Sounds good, good night master.”

Sir Gelb and the soldiers laid down under their cloaks while Zeileg made himself comfortable on a nearby stone, alert and ready.

It was a few hours later when Zeileg was jolted awake by an odd noise in the bushes nearby.

“Huh, what was that?” He thought. The noise could be heard from the other side of the small camp as well. Zeileg grabbed his axes and started towards the bushes. “Oof!” He tripped over his pack falling toward the bushes and landed with a thump. “Hisss” an odd noise emitted from around the clearing then Zeileg heard a faint padding of feet heading away from camp. “Phew, that was to close!”

The next morning Zeileg told his adventure to Sir Gelb.

“Yes I have heard these noises as well but any stamping noise scares them away.”

“What do you reckon they are master?”

“Probably some sort of beast that can’t put up with a troop of soldiers, I would not worry… at least for now.”

The group packed camp and headed onwards towards Wellestowne.
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