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Anyone planning on going to Bricks Cascade?

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Re: Anyone planning on going to Bricks Cascade?

Postby JoshWedin » Wed Mar 13, 2013 3:11 pm

Nicely done, Castle Peeps! Way to represent.

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Re: Anyone planning on going to Bricks Cascade?

Postby ffilz » Wed Mar 13, 2013 4:16 pm

SEdmison wrote:
ffilz wrote:I want to thank Sean for coordinating the Castle theme at Bricks Cascade. We had a rocking theme, occupying the largest table island with 8 large displays and many smaller creations. We even had two Helms Deeps. And of course Oz which won best Castle Story and overall People's Choice.

You're too modest; you're leaving out the fact that your display won for Best Unit. And then there was Chris Wunz's various Reformation-themed MOCs, one of which won Best Character. Plus, don't forget Hogwarts, which won Best Castle Building and Best Castle Overall (meaning that Alice took won the 2013 Castle set collection from Lego!).

Didn't want to toot my own horn :-) Thanks for the recognition from the castle community. I have always wanted to be able to set up a castle "world" not just a few isolated MOCs, and that is becoming more and more of a reality as I build. I figured I have been working for at least 12 years on this display (the foundation of the pink castle was laid in 2001 I think, though it was not completed until 2011).

SEdmison wrote:
ffilz wrote:I really enjoyed the opportunity to display all four of my castles in a 15'x5' display.

Your stuff was quite a sight to see, especially when I got the up-close tour of the various building interiors, a view that the public doesn't often get!

Sometimes I think about doing something so everyone can see the interiors, but then I go back to liking my building style. So folks get special tours... I often show off some of the interiors during public hours. Outside of public hours, anyone who wants a tour should talk to me.

SEdmison wrote:
ffilz wrote:The bummer is I'm not sure what I can do to top it. It took about 10 hours to set up which was pushing the limits. I was still setting up as the public streamed in (of course I've always done this no matter the size of my display). I even set up more on Sunday morning (after realizing I had forgotten to populate a small outpost).

Minions. You, sir, need minions. Got any passably nimble kids or nephews? Flying monkeys? Hirelings or henchmen?

Yes, will have to recruit minions... Would be nice to have a minion who drives a vehicle with reasonable load capacity since I also pretty much filled the Honda CRV (though somehow I had more space going back despite bringing two more bins on Thursday, I racked my brain making sure I didn't leave anything behind, so I must have packed more efficiently going home).

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