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Chicago House of Brick is Coming!

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Chicago House of Brick is Coming!

Postby Felix » Tue Feb 15, 2005 11:24 pm


Chicago House of Bricks will be an AFOL event held May 6-8, 2005, in Schaumburg, Illinois (Chicago Suburbs). Fans are invited to display, attend seminars, watch animation, and participate in LEGO gaming.

This event will be held as part of 2BeCONtinued4: The Musical, a Science Fiction and Fantasy Convention. Attendees will be welcome to take part in all aspects of the convention.

We have plenty of excitement planned for you, so you'd better bring a big bag of smiles! Here's just a smidgen of the fun:

Classic Castle City Layout!
The Great Ball Contraption!
Themed Animation Contest!
Buy/Sell/Trade Area!
Themed Room Parties!
And Much More!

It's going to be a blast! Come have fun with us. Posts will soon
follow to give instructions regarding registration and programming.

Questions? Comments? Want to help plan the event? The event staff can
be reached at

By The Way: Someone IS looking out for your best interests in the LEGO Ambassador Program :wink:

Felix Greco
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Postby lar » Sun Mar 27, 2005 4:01 pm

Ha ha, he tells the spacers he's spacer to the core.

CHoB will rock, hope lots of you can make it!
Larry Pieniazek

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