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Chicago House of Bricks 2005 - Castle Area

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Chicago House of Bricks 2005 - Castle Area

Postby JasonSpears » Tue Mar 29, 2005 7:56 pm

Hello all,

I’ll be organizing the castle area for this year’s House of Bricks. I’m hoping to create a fun and interesting experience for all. I’m planning to separate our area into a few sections.

Classic Castle City Standard
The CCC standard is very popular and many builders have creations that fit this standard. I’m planning a CCC display, with castle walls & towers, many shops and houses. I would also love for people to bring lots of carts, carriages, etc. Other details like wells, fruit vendors and a stockade are always appreciated as they add that next level of detail to a layout.

These great little creations have really taken off of late and I’d be remiss not to make sure they have their space in the castle area.

Large Castles/Creations/Misc
I’ll do my best to work most creations into the CCC layout, but this may not be possible. (Or you might prefer yours to be on their own.) So we will have room for those to be displayed separately. Also, creations don’t have to fit the “European” norm. Fantasy, Asian, Arabic, Nordic, Mayan, etc. all are welcome.

As you register for the Chicago House of Bricks, there is room for you to detail what creations you intend to bring, so that’s the easiest way to make sure I know what you are bringing and plan for it. However, if you want to update me, if you’ve built something new, or tore apart something old to reuse the pieces, you can just drop me a note.

I’ll be keeping track of what castle themed creations people are bringing on this page.

Borrowing from the great work Marc Nelson Jr. did for DC BrickFest 04, I’ll be keeping track of flag colors for everyone’s creations. Preferably, we will stick to just a two color combination for each person and not worry about which is on top.

I have a few other things in the works, but nothing I’m quite ready to announce. If you have some cool ideas, please feel free to share, I’m always open to suggestions.

Thats it for now, but I’m looking forward to meeting everyone that can make it and all the great creations that will be coming.

Jason Spears
Chicago House of Bricks 2005
Castle Coordinator
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