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NWBrickCon 2005 Castle Area

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NWBrickCon 2005 Castle Area

Postby Thomas » Wed Aug 31, 2005 8:15 pm

NWBrickCon is coming up fast, and the Castle layout will be great this year. If you’re planning on attending please e-mail me. Let me know what you’re planning on bringing so we can get a general idea of how much area we’re going to need. If you’re not sure you can attend but you’d like to have your MOCs there please e-mail me and we’ll see if we can figure something out.

Castles, Fortresses, Cathedrals, Villages, entire displays or small vignettes all are welcome. If you have fantasy Castle/Medieval creations to be displayed we will have room for those too.

We've never really had The CCC standard at NWBrickCon and I'd love to see it here. So I’m planning on a CCC display, with many shops and houses, and castle walls & towers. I would also love for people to bring lots of detailed scenes/vignettes for the city, any details that depict the day to day medieval life.

Something else that can be done with enough interest is the new proposed landscape/terrain. I plan on bringing several landscape sections based on this new standard.

Pre-registration ends this next Wednesday September 7th so be sure to register before then to get your badge and the rest of the goodies.

Looking forward to seeing you at NWBrickCon 2005!

Thomas Rafert

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