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The "SkyGate" AFOL community project

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The "SkyGate" AFOL community project

Postby JPinoy » Wed Mar 29, 2006 10:40 pm

I just had an idea to expand the StarGate concept I borrowed and modified for my own themes, and adapt it into a community project that any AFOL can do. Think of CastleWorld but with a more efficient means of "travel" for the characters.

However, unlike CastleWorld this is not theme specific. It can link Town to Castle to Space to Pirates to whatever else. And anyone who wishes to participate in the community project has to have built their own SkyGate and must conform to the standardized design.

The SkyGate itself, unlike the TV show's StarGate, is shaped more like a stone-arch instead of a metal ring for several reasons:
1) It's supposed to be the basis of inspiration for younger cultures like Japan, Celts/Druids and Rome to build their Shinto Gates, Stone megaliths, and Triumphal Arches.
2) The simple design will enable just about any Lego fan to construct their own SkyGate.
3) It's meant to look simple and unassuming. It is an advanced piece of technology, guised in a primitive design.

The parts used for the SkyGate are the following:
1x2 (a lot)
1x4 (a lot)
2x3 (32)
2x12 (4)
6x8 (2)
Or you can use any parts that have the same effect as the ones listed above. The colors can vary as long as it looks like its made from somekind of stone.

And although I haven't placed it with the 3 initial pics as of yet, it has a control device with 13 tiles, 12 are 1x1tiles, and 1 is 1x2 which works as the activator. The reason for this is that the Kahilawayans use base-12 math. These pieces are also important as your Knights, Space-Marines, City government, or whatever else... will need a way to activate the SkyGate and connect to the system/network.

Anyway, here's the pics and the gate is guarded by Kahilawayan super-soldiers. ... bakud1.jpg ... bakud2.jpg ... bakud3.jpg
These pics has the control device on the right side of the SkyGate arch. ... bakud4.jpg ... bakud5.jpg ... bakud6.jpg

Gallery whem modified:

Anyhow, I plan to get some trans-lightblue, trans-clear, and trans-blue 1x2 bricks so I can make that "wormwhole" or "puddle" effect like in StarGate. The MOC its itself is still a WIP and is under some redesign to expand the archway as well as add the staple "black & gray" Kahilawayan colors. I want larger things to fit through... like small fighters. I just wanted to let everyone hear about my new Community Project idea.

PS: The Malayan (Filipino) words "Langit Bakud" translates as "Sky Gate". Although Langit also means Heavens, I used Sky instead as it has no religious connotation. But if your medieval villagers wants to call the Kahilawayan built device as "Heaven's Portal"... thats ok too. :)
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Postby eNiGMa » Wed Mar 29, 2006 11:53 pm

This is a really cool concept. I'm still deciding if I'll join in on the community part, but I'll probably be using one of these decoratively or something.

Good idea! :D
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Postby Brickboy » Sat Apr 01, 2006 12:25 am

I have already joined!!! (hope thats alright :roll: ) I will post some pics of my modified world with its skygate. Thanks again for the inspiration!
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