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Open IndyLUG Invitation!

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Open IndyLUG Invitation!

Postby Paladin » Thu Apr 13, 2006 12:49 pm

Greetings All!

It's been a bit since I've posted here but,
I'd like to offer an invitation to anyone who may be interested.

This July IndyLUG (The Indiana Lego Users Group -- has been asked to participate in the Fortville, IN (click for map) By Air, By Rail Festival. Which takes place in and around a local Middle School. The show runs a Fri-Sat, July 21st, 22nd & 23rd, 2006. We're looking for people or other clubs or interested in doing this show with us!

We participated for the first time last year and the people of fortville and northeastern Indy loved our layouts. When they asked us back again this year they are alloting us the entire "Cafetorium" (the school's cafe and auditorium space) which is quite large (6500 sq.ft.) plus a band room I'm told if we need more room! Which means the show is indoors (no rain worries and it's Air Conditioned which if you know anything about Indiana summers...that's a good thing). The venue is also secured and locked up at night. AND Floorspace is FREE. The venue is FREE (anyone can come and see the displays for bring the Wife and Kids and extended applicable). We are looking into arranging some discounted hotel space...but haven't come up with much yet...although some IndyLUG members MAY be able to host some people in their homes. However the cost involved to you would only be gas, room and board, and some meals.

While the theme of this event is rail and flight...we had Space and Train themed layouts last year. This year we are including ALL lego themes since we have so much room. Our club is very excited about this since virtually everyone in the club can bring whatever they want. We are going to have a Train/Town layout of course, A Space layout and most relavant to all of you is a Castle/Midevil/Fantasy Layout.

We've already reached out to our contacts in the train community and ILTCO for people interested in participating with us and we are excited to say that we did recieve some positive responses! We've also reached out to the spacers at being a castle fan I wanted to get you guys in on the action...'s the deal:

If you live near to this area of Indiana (or even if you don't :) ) and would like to take a weekend to participate with us, we'd be glad to have you!

Our club members into castle stuff are already gearing up. We've got one guy already working on a 4bp by 8bp castle (or larger)...We do have CC standard-built mocs and modules for a CC-standard lots of other great stuff (I am the coordinator for our castle layout). If you've seen the thread posted by CrazyLegoMan about our most recent castle layout you can get an Idea about what we normally do at these shows.

If you are interested please contact me at legoman[at] The sooner the better (like before next weekend) as we need to give an approximate participation count to the event organizers.

If you are a LUG or other AFOL club and have your own layout or modules that you'd like to set up please let me know about those details.

If you would just like to bring a few mocs to display either on our layout or just to set up on a table that's cool too. There will be plenty of tables for static mocs that either don't go in any layout or are very large or beyond minifig scale.

If you live anywhere in Indiana, and you're an AFOL (18 or older)...and you haven't heard of IndyLUG and would be interested in joining our Lego User's Group this would be a great time to come by and see what we're about! You can also contact me at the above address if you'd like information on joining the club.

Otherwise...if you live nearby you might come out and see us this summer in July!


-Matthew B. (aka "Paladin")
President, IndyLUG
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