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Re: Modern day castle builders

PostPosted: Sat Sep 28, 2013 9:12 am
by ForestFriend
Hi Middle Agers. I wonder about building a real castle and or medieval village. I don't believe you have to be mega rich to do it. If you could assemble the necessary team, find an attractive castle site, and inspire others to assist you might achieve this dream. A small fortified castle house is another possibility. Many people are interested in things medieval. Kids especially love attractive re creations if they can play and learn at the same time. Look what Walt Disney achieved. In Australia, we have Kryal Castle which is a commercial castle experience but looks reasonably authentic. Check out their web site.
Personally, I love the idea of an authentic castle/village creation. But it's not cheap and would need successful planning and great determination to succeed. Another idea would be to re construct a castle from an existing structure ?
Good luck to anyone making the attempt.