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My latest/greatest want list/haves list

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My latest/greatest want list/haves list

Postby timber_wolf899 » Sun Feb 27, 2011 3:23 am

Here are some Items I am looking for. Will do trades or strait purchases.
Re the stuff i list as for trade, I will also sell if you wish.


Shuttle from 7690 mars mission base.
Atlantis Guardian of the Deep
Gammorean guards<sp?>
Indians <native americans>
Conquistador helmets
Euroarmor without printing, in any color
Technic tread links and sprockets such as those found in Crystal Reaper
Trans DK blue or green quarter domes such as those found in the unitron monorail
A brickarms chromed claymore
Tan suspension bridge
Any of the rare color castle elements

MISB 7699 armored drilling unit
Many ship hulls, viking and otherwise
Pirates II pirate figs from the smaller sets
Pirates II soldiers
atlantis fig from angler attack
doors, windows of all sorts
Lion knights
Unsorted lego by the pound

if interested, let me know
Domino Gloria!
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