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TRU Price Check

Postby Redav » Mon May 20, 2013 11:14 pm

Just wanted to see if any of you think that TRU (US) would be likely to sell these sets any cheaper as they are currently reduced? The price in the brackets is the cheapest 'everyday price' (Aussie member's can probably guess the store :) ) for a store over here just to help you understand our crazy pricing here (they aren't RRP either).

79000 - Riddles for the Ring - $10 ($20)
79001 - Escape from Mirkwood Spiders - $28 ($48)
79002 - Attack of the Wargs - $46 ($98)
79003 - An Unexpected Gathering - $63 ($118)
79004 - Barrel Escape - $50
79010 - The Goblin King Battle - $90 ($148)

I'm tempted to hedge my bets and getting half of them but then I'd be paying shipping twice when I get to the rest. Last time shipping was $50 and that was for Helm's Deep and two other sets.
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