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Discussion: trades, and other activity for this forum

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Discussion: trades, and other activity for this forum

Postby Bluesecrets » Mon Aug 18, 2014 5:25 pm

While the staff of Classic Castle does not want to have to make a long drawn out process in which to say that each member is "cleared" to trade, sell, draft sets, participate in jambalaya's and other exchanges (Christmas fig, Harold..etc), there are some clarifications and discussion that need to be had.

1) When you signed up to be a member of Classic Castle, you became subject to the United States Federal COPPA Law. Our server is in the United States and therefore subject to the laws of the United States. This is why when you signed up, we asked if you were 13 or under. Part of the Federal COPPA law states that a person under the age of 13 does not provide their address or personal information to adults online.

Be aware that if you are underage, the staff may periodically check to that information. If you are aware of a member who is underage, you may want to discuss that with a member of staff, for the protection of you, that member, and Classic Castle.

2) When it comes to selling, trading, exchanges, etc...if you are not comfortable trading with someone, don't. It is that simple.

3) If you are going to arrange a trade, draft, jambalaya, etc, it is up to the member who is running that activity about their rules for the activity. Some people pick age limits, others pick length of membership, still others pick number of is their decision, for they are running the activity. If you do not like it, you do not have to participate. Do not complain. Do not go posting off topic comments in the thread about how you are underage. Respect the person who is running the activity, for they have reasons for what they have chosen to be their rules.

3a) If you are one arranging these, a suggestion is to ask the members signing up to send you a private message about if they are comfortable trading with minors or not.

4) Privacy...people value their privacy. If you have been involved in an activity with someone and have their personal information DO NOT SHARE THAT INFORMATION! Respect and personal privacy is important. Someone trusted you with their personal information, please do not misuse it and violate trust.

5) Feedback, we have a thread for that. Use it, don't use it. But be aware that if you are a person who doesn't follow through, others will give you negative feedback.

6) TFOL's you need to be aware that some adults are very leery of trading, exchanging, etc with you. You are underage to them, which may make them VERY uncomfortable. Please be aware of that.

7) AFOL's if you are uncomfortable trading with minors and you are participating in trades, drafts,etc...please make sure the person in charge is aware to see if they can arrange for you to trade with another AFOL.

8) (I HATE that smilie) If you are international from your trade partner, you need to consider that they may not want to incur the cost of international shipping. Please keep that in mind.
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