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Huge collections up for potential sale!

PostPosted: Wed Aug 05, 2015 5:05 pm
by Alcarin
Hello fellow Castle and medieval fans. As I came to point where I no longer can own such large collections (well i can but I would have to box them and keep them stashed since when i move from home to work I will live in smaller places) so I am putting uš for potential sale the fllowing stuff:

1. HUGE LOTR collection:

If I recap it for you there are:

- 25 Rohan soldiers (6 with Eomer armored legs) all with quivers, 15 mounted on horses with rohan shields and spears, the rest on foot with bows.
- 2 Eomer figures, 1 mounted with spear and shield, the other on foot with sword and shield
- 100 armored Uruk hai warriors (helmet + armor) half of them carry swords and shields the other half Halbeards.
- 1 Berserker with torch
- 1 unarmored Uruk with hair but with sword and shield
- Theoden
- Haldir
- Aragorn
- Gimli
- Gandalf the white on horse
- extra statue from Dol Guldur set (Hobbit)
- 6 extra spears
- 4 additional brown horses without saddles
- Helm's Deep complete(if we only look on the building, figures are written above)
- 2x Wall extensions (incomplete, lack both Ballistas and figures are accounted above)

--------- All 3 sets are without boxes but with instructions

- optional 2 green plates


I am from EU, and would prefer a buyer from inside EU however if you are willing to pay shipment costs I see no problem sending it worldwide. I am not willing to sell the figs seperately(sets + all figs only) unless you are willing to pay the same price and save on shipping (Since it will be harder for me to sell only bricks and display value is gone then)

Payment only in EURO currency and through paypal.
Shipping is only international priority with signature and all insurances

Reasonable offers, use bricklink as reference in similar quantities (figs etc)

Re: Huge collections up for potential sale!

PostPosted: Wed Aug 05, 2015 6:48 pm
by bronx
Very interested.

Private message sent!