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Schmidts "for sell" thread

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Schmidts "for sell" thread

Postby SSchmidt » Fri Oct 09, 2015 5:21 am

Hey all,

I am looking to build up my Warhammer 40k tabletop army and rather than cause my wife to stroke out over spending a few hundred dollars, I figured I would sell off some of my LEGO collection that I do not use. I am committed to matching the cheapest US seller (and in some cases, sell cheaper!) on BL.

-I am only looking to sell, I am not interested in trading.
-I will ship either priority or first class depending on which is cheaper.
-If you buy more than $25.00 I will only charge for half of the shipping. I will pay the other half.
-If you buy more than $50.00 I will take care of the shipping for you.
-What I have on the list is what I have, nothing else at the moment. If I add new things, I will post on here and bump the page.
-I have 20+ positive transactions on, and a plethora on merlons-beard. I also have 100+ ebay feedbacks that are positive as well.

All of the figs I have are opened and have been put away in zip-lock baggies. They are in great shape.
All figures come exactly with what bricklink has pictured unless I state otherwise.

Gimli x 2 - $2.75
Legoloas - $6.75
Elrond - $3.50
Arwen - $5.25
Frodo - $1.50
Beorn - $2.50 ... &colorID=0

POTC Cannibal 1 - $3.00
POTC Cannibal 2 - $3.00

Monster Fighters Ann Lee - $1.50
Monster Fighters Ghost x3 - $3.75{%22ii%22:1}

CMFS Complete unless otherwise noted
CMF Cave Woman (no club) - $1.50{%22ii%22:1}
CMF Gladiator (no weapon or shield) x 3 -$3.75{%22ii%22:1}
CMF judge - $3.50 -
CMF Battle Mech -$3.00 -
CMF Alien Avenger - $2.50 ... archSort=P
CMF Waiter - $13.00
CMF Mr. Good and Evil - $3.50
CMF Derby Girl - $4.75
CMF boy Cyclops - $3.00
CMF Patrolman - $2.75

Lego Pirates Chess Set -{%22ii%22:1}
I have all 20 minifigures for sell (except the Pirate Queen) for $1.50 each.

Ninjago Red Ninja - $2.50
Ninjago Snake Warrior - $2.25{%22ii%22:1}
Ninjago Black Ninja - $3.75{%22ii%22:1}
Ninjago Evil Warrior - $1.75{%22ii%22:1}

City Crook - $1.00{%22ii%22:1}
City Crook - $1.00{%22ii%22:1}
City Swamp Policeman - $1.50{%22ii%22:1}
City Swamp Police woman - $1.50{%22ii%22:1}

Chima Lavertus - $2.50{%22ii%22:1}
Chima Scutter - $4.00{%22ii%22:1}

Superheroes Spiderman - $2.00{%22ii%22:1}
Superheroes Mary Jane - $5.00{%22ii%22:1}
Superheroes Power Man - $5.00{%22ii%22:1}
Superheroes Green Goblin - $7.50{%22ii%22:1}

Kingdoms Green Princess - $3.50

Read more: ... z3o2nsrJXI
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