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Postby Charlie » Tue Feb 24, 2004 2:02 am

I put in an order on Bricklink for parts to make my version of that neat new Portcullis.

I knew that it wouldn't be as simple as using those prefab pieces, but I don't have room in what I'm building to secure this style of Portcullis. I had been using those 1x1 bricks with the studs on the side, with a 1x1 plate on the side stud, and then tiles on top of that to get rid of the side-to-side movement of the Portcullis, but with what I'm building there just isn't room, so I decided to sell it off.

I'm NOT selling this and trying to make a profit off another persons idea, I thought it might come across this way to some people, so I figured it would be a good idea to put this in here. I just have no use for it, and thought someone might like one already put together.

I paid right around $10 for the parts, and I'm only asking $7 shipped.

Pics: ... cullis.jpg

Thanks for taking a look!
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