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A Rough Draft for a Movie

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A Rough Draft for a Movie

Postby menono » Fri Jul 06, 2007 4:49 pm

I made up a rough draft of a Vikings/Castle LEGO movie I was going to try to make maybe next year or so.

I haven't written much this past year so I'm a bit rusty but please give opinions and critisism.

Beginning: A beast guarding a cave full of creatures is sleeping. It then opens it's eyes and vision swivels around it and you see two armies coming toward the cave, one VIKING, one CASTLE. Runs into cave and warns other beasts. Fight between the creatures and the two armies takes place. The VIKINGS and CASTLE win. There is a celebration with both kingdoms. Then you see a meeting with one of the VIKING king's son and a council of dark figures. They discuss a plot of killing the prince's father and waging war on the opposite kingdom. It goes back to the party where it's all cheerful...for now. Late at night, you see the prince walking towards the king who is walking down the hall to his bedroom. He takes out a knife. You see a view of the castle/fortress and you hear a shriek of terror. You can see guards and doctors rushing to the king through windows. Son doubles back around and tells guards/doctors saw the assailant run in the opposite direction he came in and some chase after the “assailant” and the rest tend to the dying king. They try desperately to save him, but he is already dead and they all cry out in despair- fade to the next morning. Everyone hears of the king's death and is invited to attend his funeral and burning. At the burning, you see a dark smile on the prince's face. The king from the opposite kingdom catches that smile and starts to get a suspicion of the would-be-king. A procession follows and some royal guards have the king on a slab of stone. They put him down on a table and bring fire. They burn him. Everyone watches mournfully. Goes to the crowning of the newly appointed king. At the end of his speech about his father and his appointment, the prince takes out a head of a baby dragon and says an incantation. Blue flames come out of the decapitated head and “burn” everybody. OPTION 1: They all feel funny and go home. At night, you hear agonizing screams of pain, and the people story out of their homes with evil in their eyes AND/OR are SKELETONS to report to the evil king and say they are obliged to serve him as their evil army. From the other kingdom, people wake up to an evil roar from the entire evil kingdom miles away. OPTION 2: All their flesh melts away to reveal only bone. They have an evil look in their eyes and start worshiping the prince. The prince laughs maniacally and later changes into EVIL WIZARD garb.

Early Middle: You see the evil kingdom preparing for WAR. The other kingdom is unaware of what has happened. Goes back to the preparing and the evil king gives a chilling speech to his ruthless army and they give a battle cry so loud that the good kingdom could hear it. The king from the good kingdom has way too much suspicion and sends a scout party to the opposing kingdom. This starts the attack on the good kingdom's fortress. The evil kingdom spots the scout party and dooms them. At the fortress you see guards walking around. One on the battlements hears an odd noise and turns around to see huge boulders flying at him. They strike the fortress and crack open to reveal the corpses of the scout party. All the soldiers look to where they came from and see a unimaginably huge army marching towards them. Immediate news gets to the good kingdom of an attack on their fortress. Backup is sent to help defend the fortress as soon as possible. Not soon enough though. OPTION 1: A huge battering ram/artillery vehicle is striking down the gates of the fortress. The gates fall and viking warriors come storming in slaying every living thing in sight. The troops easily hold them back. The evil king sends a dragon to kill all of the good kingdom's soldiers.
It then spots a cage holding a baby dragon in there. It then realizes that it is it's baby. It rips open the cage and takes it's baby out. It starts killing everyone including the evil kingdom's men. The evil king then sends out another dragon which is more ruthless. The two dragons have a fight ending up that the dragon mother gets killed. The steel dragon then tries to eat the little baby but one of the good kingdom's men who is dying hurls a spear with the last of his strength at the eye. With a pierced eye, the dragon shrieks in agonizing pain and is flailing around destroying everything. The little baby dragon flies away to safety at the good kingdom. The evil kingdom retreats back home after making a last mark on the fortress. OPTION 2: Skip the Battle but add in another battle later on. The good kingdom's army finally reaches the fortress just to find it burning uncontrollably. The scene ends with the camera looking in a closeup of a cherished item in the fortress burning. The camera pans up to the sky, following a spark from the inferno. The spark fades and we are left with a starry sky. FADE TO BLACK.

Ending Middle: The good kingdom decides to ambush the army of skeletons at Viking rock, a known campsite for the Vikings. They send ships full of warriors to disembark at a harbor near Viking Rock while another army is sent by land. The King also gathers a huge army of men from all around the country-side. The Prince/wizard expects an impending attack and so sends out several of his most trusted advisers out on dragon-back to find out where the King will strike next. The land-bound army trudges on. After a while they hear something in the distance. A dragon's roar. They quickly find somewhere to hide but it is too late. The dragon fies over-head and lets out another howl, enough to cause great pain to the soldiers below. The ships sail onward. Another dragon flies overhead. The enemy knows they are coming. They land ambush team decides whether or not they should still go through with the mission. They figure, they've gotten this far, why stop now? Later on large storm clouds are spotted on the horizon and they hoist canvas, batten down the hatches yadda yadda. As the storm approaches you hear a faint, distant voice chanting. It is the Prince/wizard. Suddenly, out of nowhere a giant sea-serpent rushes out of the water and lets out a terrifying screech, bearing it's long fangs. The men are rushing everywhere, frantically trying to find any sort of weapon. Canons fire but the snake is unphased. It reaches in, grabs two of the men in its mouth and slithers back beneath the waves. The men think they have won but the battle is far from over, as they hear the snapping of wood and are thrown violently back by the vile beat. It has broken up through the center of the ship. The men attack it desperately but it is no good. After killing dozens more the serpent starts wrapping around the ship. The men stab it with swords and spears but they only splinter on contact. The snake stops wrapping and tightens its coils, splintering the ship slowly until it finally cracks in two huge pieces. The men are thrown down, slide towards the middle and into the ocean, and are gobbled up by the monstrosity. The other ship, during this battle, sails back to the good kingdom. Off in he distance you see a viking longship approaching. The camera goes the the captain of the Viking ship using a spyglass. He brings it down and declares the job done. OPTION 1: The camera pans over to some water which sneakily transitions into bog-water. A soldier's foot splashes into it. They are marching through a marshland to get to Vikings Rock. They continue to complain about the poor conditions when someone spots a corpse in the water, suddenly they all rise and are the un-dead vikings! They attack and slaughter the soldiers on foot but some on horseback race back to the kingdom.

Ending: The good kingdom is at a loss of what to do about the evil Vikings. They need a plan. They gather all good people from around the land and have a meeting. They decide to distract the evil army by sending all their men over to one fortress by the evil kingdom and will later make a huge attack on one of their castles. This will draw out all the forces of evil from the main castle/base. While both armies are fighting, a team of the best fighters/assassins will infiltrate the evil base and kill the prince, who is now the wizard, and gain control of his magical items that turned the Vikings into skeletons. They will proceed to go to the battle-site and turn the skeletons back into Vikings, but they still need to defeat the evil beasts. It takes both the Vikings and the Castle men combined strength to kill them all, and in the end they succeed. Many are killed, including the king of the CASTLE, and one of the team that killed the evil Prince/Wizard. There is another, shorter funeral scene and another coronation. I'm not sure how it will end.
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Postby Donut » Fri Jul 06, 2007 5:24 pm

Wow that is a very comprehensive synopsis for your film. Maybe you don't have to end it just yet. How about the assasin who wasted the wizard/prince soon became enslaved to evil. The wizard/prince before death cursed the hero and made him his minion, forcing him to serve the prince/wizard even in death. The purpose of this monster is to find the source of power that can resurrect his new master. He incorporates the help from goblins, orcs, and savage trolls to do his bidding. They spread terror across the land, only a few bold men now rise to defend.

Anyway thats my take on where you can go off! Good luck and looking forward to see your movie!

BTW, option 2 is not avaliable for the "Ending Middle" section.
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