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Tips on how to make a great Castle: The Science of MOCology

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Tips on how to make a great Castle: The Science of MOCology

Postby Sleepy Hollow » Mon Dec 07, 2009 4:36 am

Hello all! The greatest thing to building a great castle would be the new technique.

If you can pull one of like these guys, you'll be sure to build a great MOC!:
Despite other Techniques for slanting wood, ShadowViking has managed to pull another great one off!
Despite this scene not being Castle, it is very useful for trees. Look how you used that rope piece to form the tree.
This man used a similar technique for the Ash tree.
Take a look at that expertly smooth stone.
Too many things used to name! ... 2481917991
The use of cylinders to make a round tower or wall is genius!
The trick to making a great technique, is to take a piece. Simply stare it down, think of a way you can use it, that is unexpected.
With the brick creativity is inevitable. Remember, to jump the brick you must be the brick!

The Grey wall syndrome:

Trust me, we all get it. Including myself, why not an hour ago I had it. It'll be easy to cure though. But only if you have the guts and pieces!

The Solution: ... 2597952351
Take a look at how that wall is made, even that small adjustment can uplift the whole MOC!
Here despite only a bit Dark Grey being added, the MOC has a even smoother feel.
Yet again...
The Great Stone carving:
Parts that will make your Castle a lot more genuine!

Look how smooth the whole thing looks.

One of the finest Stone workers, JD Luse!
Another great piece.
Just look at the many shapes this person incorporated.
So there we have it. More to come soon!
Dad, they come through the doors!

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