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change format

Postby erikut » Mon Jul 19, 2004 10:57 am

how do i change the BMP pics into jpg,jpeg or gif

i just wonder
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Re: change format

Postby Jojo » Mon Jul 19, 2004 11:31 am


erikut wrote:how do i change the BMP pics into jpg,jpeg or gif
i just wonder

It's good you wonder because BMP format is not the best for the internet.

To change it open the BMP-file with a picture programm and save it as "*.jpg". If you are running a Windows system you should have photoed.exe onboard for example. This program is able to do the trick. Of course every more elaborate picture editing programm can do it, too.

When saving a pic as *.jpg you are able to compress it for the purpose of saving bits and bytes. Set the compression ratio at 80% (That's 80% the size of an BMP. Byte-wise, not the dimensions). Dimensions should be at the most 1024×768 pixels, because not everybody has a wall-filling screen :-) Better is 800×600 pixels, so most people can see the pic in the whole on their screen without annoying scroll bars.

I suggest the programm irfanview for picture editing. It's able to set the dimensions of a picture to any standard size without making the picture blurry. Some programms (photed included) can't scale down a pic without making it blurry if you choose a scale-down-factor that's not 50%., 25%, 75%...


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