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Blogs you wished existed

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Blogs you wished existed

Postby Bruce N H » Thu May 03, 2012 5:16 pm


As you probably know, I'm a fan of niche blogs, that is, blogs that specialize in a particular slice of the Legoverse. There are lots of great ideas out there, but I'm not going to start any additional blogs. So this thread is for things that you wish existed. Maybe this will inspire someone to start their own blog, or maybe someone will know of an existing blog that already covers one of these ideas. Please add your own blog ideas.

Anyway, some that I wish existed:

LEGO Contests - There is a constant ebb and flow of contests in the LEGO community spread across all different sites. Of course we hold the big CCC and then a few smaller ones during the year, Eurobricks has at least one new contest a month, various Flickr groups are always sponsoring different contests (e.g. the monthly challenge at Lugnuts, the annual Military multi-category contest (the 2012 one was just announced), FBTB just announce a Super Hero contest, etc etc etc. All kinds of smaller contests on MOCpages, and then the big ones like MOCathalon and the MOC Olympics. This hypothetical new blog would share announcements of new contests and then feature the winners. You could include a 'contact me' button so that people could inform you of new contests, so after you became known you wouldn't have to read a million different sites each day to find new ones. There actually was already a blog along these lines but it only lasted a few months.

Collectible Figs - This hypothetical blog would feature news and reviews of each wave of the Collectible Figs, including things like images of upcoming lines and announcements when the bags start appearing. It would also cover contests (Eurobricks has had a contest for each Collectible wave) and MOCs that use the new figs (there are tons of these).

Friends - I know, this is a little outside our normal wheelhouse, but after the Friends line came out there have been several great MOCs and customized Friends. Set news, reviews, and also coverage of the ongoing controversy among some activists. This blog wouldn't have daily content, but it would easily have new content a couple of times a week.

Cartoons - I've got the Disney blog, but there are lots of other great cartoon MOCs out there. For instance, check out the amazing Kung Fu Panda set that madLEGOman has been building, or things from Shrek, or Scooby Doo, etc etc, not to mention the ton of Disney creations. You name a cartoon, I'll bet you can find someone who's built it in LEGO.

Trains - MOCs, set news, news about LTC displays. Yes, there is a Railbricks blog, but it doesn't have a lot of ongoing content, and this is certainly a rich enough area of LEGO fandom that it can fit more than one blog. (Or maybe there are others out there already? I don't travel in LEGO train circles.)

Anyway, those are a few ideas. I'd love it if someone would start any of those. What are your ideas?

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Re: Blogs you wished existed

Postby krzyzak » Sun May 27, 2012 12:29 am

Maybe a Fantasy era thread. Yeah I know there is only so much you can talk about crown knights, but it would be cool if it existed. I've always liked crown knights. They brought me my first Lego set. :D
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