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How do you post a picture?

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How do you post a picture?

Postby TheOrk » Wed Sep 22, 2004 8:52 pm

I was wondering if it was possible to post a pic from MSpaint? If not is there a program or somthing that I can copy it to?
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Re: How do you post a picture?

Postby Jojo » Wed Sep 22, 2004 10:50 pm


TheOrk wrote:I was wondering if it was possible to post a pic from MSpaint? If not is there a program or somthing that I can copy it to?

Every picture/data-file that is to be linked to any place in the World Wide Web has also to be stored somewhere in the World Wide Web. It's not possible to link anything from your own hard drive (in your computer at home), because as soon as you shut down your computer there would not be any connection between the place where the pic/data-file is supposed to show up and the place where this pic/data-file is stored (your computer in this case).

Furthermore most (if not all) places where you possibly would like to see any pics or data-files (like this forum) are not even able to access your own hard drive in your computer at home which very fact makes linking to folders and files on your own hard drive simply impossible.

Well, BrickShelf is able to access your hard drive, but only for "downloading" pics from your hard drive to its own "hard drive" in the World Wide Web. So now those pics can be linked to any place in the World Wide Web.

If you have some own storage space in the World Wide Web (your own homepage or something like that) you can also upload pics to this storage space by using an FTP-server. In this case you need to put in a pass word (that you will get when applying for your webspace) to allow this FTP-server programm to access your hard drive. When you have uploaded pics to your webspace you are also able to link those to this forum, it serves the same purpose as BrickShelf then.

In order to upload pics to BrickShelf you need to create an account. It's totally free and everybody is allowed to do that. Just follow the guidance here:

Oh, and you should definitely edit your pictures before uploading them to your storage space (BrickShelf or own homapage). For basic usage MS PhotoEditor be the program of your choice, it should be on your computer by default (photoed.exe).

Pictures should always be in Jpeg format (*.jpg usually), never Bitmaps (*.bmp) for the use in the internet! If you got them in high resolution from your camera resize them down to 800×600 pixels or at the most to 1024×768 pixels because that's the resolution of most people's screens....

If a picture turns out to be blurred: Take a new one! It is NOT a good option to show a blurred picture as big as possible, quite the contrary is the case. A blurred picture shows up the clearer the smaller it is.

In order to post a pic to this forum (or elsewhere, like Lugnet or your own homepage) it is indispensable that you put in the correct URL of the picture! Some galleries create a single page for each pic they show, that's not necessarily the correct URL of the actual picture. The easiest way to get the correct URL of a picture is: Right click on the picture -> Properties -> URL -> mark the whole long tapeworm (That's an example, replace "homepage" with "brickshelf" and "picture.jpg" with the name of your actual file etc.). Be sure to mark the whole URL! If it is a long tapeworm it might not be shown completely but it is there nevertheless! Copy the whole marked tapeworm. Paste the whole tapeworm into your post at Classic-Castle. Mark again what you just have pasted. Click "img" in the blue row above the white input box.

Use the "Preview" button below the white input box!! Everything that's NOT appearing properly in the preview will not be appearing properly in the actual post, either. So you have a chance to search the error and eliminate it.

If you are in need of any form of help just ask!


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