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Kay...Embarasing thumbnail question

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Kay...Embarasing thumbnail question

Postby Luís » Wed Dec 07, 2005 9:51 pm

Well, simply put, how do I do a thumbnail?
And can I use a thumbnail as an Avatar?
Shelved bricks(???)
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Postby Dunechaser » Wed Dec 07, 2005 10:34 pm

Hi Luis,

I assume you're asking about linking to thumbnails in your posts here on C-C.

First of all, the way I learned was by looking at the way other people did it. :) Just click the Image quote icon next to somebody's post, and you'll be able to see the BBCode they used in their post.

But to actually answer your question, you have to link to the thumbnail image generated by Brickshelf. When you upload an image, Brickshelf automatically creates thumbnails for you and places those images in a hidden directory within your gallery. Read all about it in the "Linking to Brickshelf Images" section of the Brickshelf article on BrickWiki.

If you want to make your thumbnail image a link to the bigger picture, you just wrap the link to the bigger picture around the code for the thumbnail.

For example, the following BBCode:

Code: Select all

...creates this thumbnail link:


In general, you won't be able to use Brickshelf thumbnails for your avatar, since they're 128x96 pixels, and C-C avatars can only be 120x120 pixels (128 is wider than 120, obviously).
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