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Conceptial Shoots

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Conceptial Shoots

Postby Fry_slayer » Sat Jul 22, 2006 4:17 am

What are these?
Simply put, these are a mixture of photography shoots from conceptial design point of view and a story to tell. Much like the "stock images" in advertising world but only in LEGO. The presentation of the images and the story they tell are more prioritised than creations and building skills.

Why are you doing this?
Well, i have a camera now and quite a collection of LEGO. What is a guy who dont build much gonna do? So I present to you the result of a small self exercise, in anycase should the image(s) proved useful in your assigments or what not, feel free to use them.

But mostly they are here to give you a simple smirk.

Wrong Boat
All of us made mistakes, some more obvious than others

Dead Minifig's Chest
Skeleton pirate minifig, chest full of gold, enough said.

Knight to the Rescue
A knight, a dragon and a damsel in distress. What more do you need for a great story?

Hopefully the collection will grow over the time, enjoy!
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