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The view from Phoenix Rune

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The view from Phoenix Rune

Postby RichardAM » Sun Jun 29, 2008 7:16 pm

Just a little something to accompany the MOC. Experimental really, might be developed further or expanded upon, but i've had the figures/characters made for a while. Let me know what you think.

(looks better on the site- bigger picture etc)



He proceeded slowly, looking around him though he knew all too well already, that everything was still. Grass blades blew in the breeze, and despite being nowhere to be seen, the cries and singing of birds could be heard all around him. This was understandable- Phoenix Rune was one of the highest points above land without venturing entirely into the mountains, and being a clear day he could see the entire landscape. To the south lay the kingdom of Gilley, while in front of him lay Renauld. By no means his true destination, but all the same, from this point both his future and next destination would surely be decided. Again looking, he glanced behind him apprehensively. His travelling partner was still there, looking as equally impatient as she did when they arrived. She would though- magic was completely beyond her interests. Even she could surely appreciate what was before them, but again, it seemed as if this was not the case.

Phoenix Rune and it's history were things usually never discussed, lest documented, but it's significance for mages and followers of magic was always understood. Everyone had heard the rumours of course, the stories had been told, but the plausability of a stone emitting magicite was still relatively laughed off. After all, what was different from this dark grey rock to any of the others. That aside he approached it slowly, rubbing his good hand across it slowly. It was warm, hot even, and it was evident this was more than just the sun's doing. Worringly, this heat increased though, and the rock, as uncanny as it sounded, began to vibrate. He turned round worringly to his partner, she was staring at the rock, engrossed in what was appearing on it's surface- if it had been a better situation he would've been glad finally of her attention. He turned back, and where the heated vibration had been was now markings. Glowing patterns and trails of red. The rumours were true. With his staff supported at his side he felt strangley rejuvinated, an unexplaible feling of heat and warmth flowing through him. He turned back to her smiling, nodding, her smiling back, enthusiastically, neither noticing the bird that had landed nearby, and so suspiciously close.

In it's arrival the cold day on top of the hill suddenly felt a lot warmer. The Phoenix had came, and as stories and legends had foretold, the rock was a source or fire magicite. The bird remained sat nearby, still radiating the intense warmth from it's rested wings. It turned it's head towards the man, and dipped it's head ever so slowly, as if bowing. Seeing this the man turned once again to his partner.

"It's time to catch up with the others".
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Postby Muskey15 » Mon Jul 28, 2008 8:17 pm

Nice job! The story sounds good so far- can't wait to see more.

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